Island Discipline


She was just reaching for the bottle of Corvoisier when a commotion sounded at the door to the suite. Suddenly there were police everywhere and in short order Kristy found herself lined up against the back wall and handcuffed, along with everyone else in the room. What she hadn't realised was that she had been standing right next to several bags of cocaine and was being regarded as the major supplier to Carlos, whom they had under surveillance for quite some time!

When everyone had been arrested Detective Maddox entered the room. She spoke quietly to the officer in charge before walking up to Carlos, who was standing half naked near the bedroom door.

"Well Carlos, it seems you've been caught with your pants down!" she smirked.

Carlos glowered at her.

She moved on to stand in front of Kristy.

"Well, well," she said, "what have we here?"

Kristy stared down her nose at the detective.

"You're making a big mistake, detective," she sneered. "I happen to be a junior partner in the prestigious firm of Malinson & Partners in Miami!"

Maddox looked her up and down, taking in the barely opaque top, extremely short skirt and high heeled sandals.

"A likely story!" she replied. "I hardly think a well respected lawyer would be dressed like you!"

She turned to the officer in charge.

"Take them all to the station, Johnson, but put this one in a separate cell. I think we may have bagged ourselves Carlos' main supplier!" she said.

Kristy couldn't believe her ears! This small-time detective had the front to imply she was a drug dealer!

"Just you wait!" she snarled, "I'll have your badge for this!"

Completely ignoring her, Maddox turned and left the room, leaving the officers to bring along the room's occupants.

Down at the station, Kristy was beginning to realise she was in a situation that was likely to become embarrassing in the very least! She had not taken her bag down to the bar that evening and therefore had no means of identification on her. The police obviously regarded this as yet more evidence that she was a drug dealer. As the evening progressed she first demanded and then eventually begged to see Detective Maddox. Finally the detective appeared and stood outside the cell with her arms crossed.

"Well?" she said. "I understand you wanted to talk to me!"

Kristy opened her mouth to start issuing yet another ultimatum, then suddenly realised that maybe it would be better to try politeness.

"Please Detective Maddox, I need you to believe me. I really am a junior partner with Malinson & Partners. My bag is in my room at the hotel and has my ID in it."

Maddox looked at her for a long time before nodding curtly.

"Very well," she agreed, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check out your story. But I warn you that if I find you're lying, it will go badly for you!"

Kristy forced herself to say thank you, silently reminding herself that she needed to stay on the good side of the detective for the time being.

Back at her desk, Maddox gave orders for Kristy's room to be searched and the contents brought to the station. Within a short space of time she had both Kristy's handbag and suitcase in front of her. First inspecting the handbag, she did indeed find business cards that bore out Kristy's story. Something about the name rang a bell and she gave herself a few moments to track down the thought. Then it came to her! David Bourne, son of a well respected family on the island, was a partner at the same firm as this woman! As if the thought of him had sparked something within her, Maddox found herself considering Kristy McCall in a new light! A very interesting idea had suddenly occurred to her. Picking up the phone she placed a call, listened to the voice on the other end, agreed and replaced the handset. Then she called over 3 of the officers on duty and explained to them what she wanted.

Kristy had finally given in to exhaustion when 3 police officers entered the cell block, one of them carrying her suitcase . He proceeded to place it on a table and open it up.

"Well, well," he laughed. "Look what we have here!"

He started pawing through her clothes before selecting a G-string and displaying it for all to see.

"Looks like we have a high class hooker on our hands," he told his sniggering colleagues. "Wonder how much she charges. Or maybe..." he paused to leer suggestively at her, "she'll be nice to us, seeing as we are the police!"

Kristy bridled. After all she'd done to escape her tawdry beginnings, she was now being taken for the very type of person she had hated so much. She still vividly remembered the taunts and sneers aimed at her by hookers loitering on street corners as she made her way home from school. Sneering because her family didn't have enough money to buy her new clothes and she'd had to dress in cast-offs. There and then she had determined to make something of herself and leave the misery and humiliation as far behind her as she could. The conversation of the police officers brought it all crashing back to her.

Head bowed, her shoulders shaking slightly in reaction, she nevertheless refused to let the officers see how much their comments were affecting her. Closely watching her on the monitors, Maddox nodded to herself. Yes, she had been right about this one. She was a perfect candidate. She picked up the phone.

"You were right," she said to the person on the other end. "She should be perfect for your needs!"

"Very well," the voice said, "Go through the motions of charging her with supplying & distributing drugs. I'll post the bail and send it down by courier. Once you receive it, bring her up to the house."

"I get right onto it," Maddox assured her contact.

Without further ado, Maddox strode down to the cell block.

"Bring the prisoner to my desk," she told the officers. "She's to be charged with supplying Class A drugs."

"But I told you who I was!" Kristy protested.

"Listen lady," Maddox said, "just because you're carrying a business card doesn't mean you're not also a drug dealer. You were caught right next to several kilos of cocaine and in my book that makes you guilty! So shut up and get your ass up to my desk!"

Still sniggering, the officers unlocked the cell door, and cuffing Kristy's hands behind her back, shoved her up the stairs in front of them.

Kristy couldn't believe what was happening to her. In the space of one evening, she had gone from the peak of triumph to the humiliation of being arrested and jailed as a common criminal! In shock, she sat down at Maddox' desk and numbly answered the questions put to her. She didn't even have the energy to protest when her fingers were inked and her prints taken. Suddenly the phone on the desk rang. Maddox picked it up, listened for a moment, said "very well," and replaced the receiver.

"Well Ms McCall, it seems like you have a benefactor!" she informed Kristy. "They've just posted your bail, no small feat considering it was set at $250,000!"

Kristy felt faint with relief. Finally things were turning around. It had to be Carlos! Finally, the bastard was doing something right!

Maddox rose from her seat behind the desk and pulled Kristy to her feet.

"Come with me," she said, pushing Kristy ahead of her.

Caught momentarily off-guard, Kristy allowed herself to be steered out of the station and into a waiting car. An officer tapped Maddox on the shoulder. "We found this evidence in the hotel suite" he said, handing over a small package. Maddox thanked him and entered the car.

Finally becoming aware that the car was speeding through the dark, but not in the direction of her hotel, Kristy turned her head to Maddox, who was sitting next to her.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"You'll find out in due course" Maddox informed her impassively.

The car eventually drew up in front of a pair of finely wrought gates. Maddox rolled down the window and typed a code into the number pad set into the pillar. The gates smoothly and silently swung open, allowing the car to pass through.

Kristy was now starting to worry. She had left the relative safety of the police station without protesting, assuming that she was being taken home. Now she was handcuffed and at the mercy of Detective Maddox, being driven to an unknown house where the woman was obviously either expected or a regular visitor!

The car drew to a halt in front of an impressive mansion house and Maddox stepped out and then turned, obviously expecting Kristy to follow. However, she had had enough and stayed sitting firmly in her seat.

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on!" she told the detective.

Maddox didn't even bother to respond. She simply walked around to Kristy's side of the car, opened the door, reached in and with one hand grabbing her hair, the other taking hold of the cuffs, she yanked her out. Taken by surprise and with tears in her eyes from the painful pulling at her hair, Kristy staggered and fell to her knees. Showing no mercy, Maddox pulled her up by the wrists and pushed her towards the main doors, which swung open on their approach.

The detective pushed Kristy through the doors and whilst her momentum carried her forward, she picked up a discreet communication system, fitting the mic to her lapel and inserting the tiny earpiece. The mic didn't even show up against her dark jacket. Now she listened carefully to the voice on the other end.

"Take her through to the discipline room," it instructed. "She needs to be taught to be respectful."

Kristy had barely come to a halt before Maddox was again behind her, pushing her forwards.

"Well, it seems like you're quite the bitch at work!" she said conversationally. "Seems like you treat your colleagues like dirt! I can't imagine how your secretary puts up with you!"

Kristy stopped dead in shock. How on earth did the detective know all this?

"I get results, and that's what matters!" she snapped.

"Oh really?" Maddox replied. "Well that's not how many of your colleagues see it. They see you as a crass, obnoxious, overbearing ball breaker!"

"Where the hell is she getting this information?" Kristy thought to herself, stunned. This was information that nobody on this tin pot little island should be able to get hold of, and she was genuinely surprised to hear that some of her colleagues had such a dim view of her! Her secretary didn't count, of course. She was well beneath her contempt.

Maddox pushed her forwards again, marching her down the hallway and through a door at the end. They entered a beautifully appointed library and Kristy made as if to stop. Maddox, however, continued to push her forwards and as they passed an elegant reading table, she pushed a button that was concealed underneath its top. A section of panelling at the far side swung out from the wall and Kristy was roughly shoved through the revealed passageway and into the room beyond.

"Right you bitch," Maddox said. "I'm taking no chances with you! There's a good chance you have more drugs stashed and I'm going to make sure I find every last scrap!"

Kristy had no idea what the detective was talking about. Surely everything had been searched. She had certainly endured the humiliation of watching the officers pawing through her clothing back at the station. Then her eyes widened in shock as Maddox pulled a pair of surgical gloves out of her pocket.

Maddox marched her towards the centre of the room and before she knew what was happening, she was bent over a table.

"You can't do this to me!" she yelled. "I'll sue you for every penny you've got!"

Without a word, Maddox opened a draw in the side of the table, pulled out a gag and forced it between Kristy's lips as she drew breath for another tirade. Her vitriol now muffled by the gag, Kristy nevertheless continued to struggle until the detective kicked her legs apart. With the detective's hand pressing firmly down on her back and her feet spread wide, Kristy could no longer resist effectively, but she still tried to squirm away when she felt a finger pressing against her asshole. The finger was taken away but she immediately felt a burning sensation as the detective's hand came down hard across her ass. Again & again the blows rained down over her backside until the entire area was red and glowing.

"I take it you will behave yourself now!" Maddox growled.

Frantically, Kristy nodded. Anything to stop the abuse her ass was taking. This time she tried to stay still as she felt her G-String being pulled roughly to one side. Once again a finger probed at her asshole. Finally it penetrated, making it's way up her back passage, then she gasped as it was joined by another, pushing up inside her, sweeping around uncomfortably. Finally, to her relief, the fingers withdrew and she relaxed, sure the ordeal was over. However, Maddox simply changed into a new set of gloves and while one hand parted the lips of Kristy pussy, the fingers of the other pushed up deep inside, first one, then two and then to her horror, three, probing and exploring. After what seemed like an eternity, she felt the fingers being withdrawn. Limp with shock, she could do little but lie across the table and wait for some clue as to what would happen next.

"She's clean, but exceptionally tight!" she heard Maddox say, and wondered who she was talking to. She hadn't heard anyone come in!

"What do you want me to do next?" the detective continued.

She listened for a moment before pulling Kristy to her feet. Keeping hold of her with one hand, Maddox proceeded to unbutton the back of her blouse, pushing it off her shoulders until it pooled around her wrists and waist. Kristy tried to protest, but anything she said was muffled by the gag. Next she felt the detective's hands at her waist undoing her skirt, which was then pushed down over her hips to slide to the floor. Now she was standing wide-eyed and semi naked, dreading what might come next.

Maddox grabbed her by the hair and turned her around before backing her against the table. Kristy overbalanced and fell backwards until she was lying on the table. This was just what the detective had been aiming for. Swiftly, she touched a button and previously unseen straps appeared at various intervals along the table. She moved up until she was standing beside Kristy's head and taking the first strap drew it up and over until it fit snugly across her throat, effectively immobilising her. Next she took a key from her pocket and unlocked the handcuffs, slipping Kristy's blouse away from her body as she did so. Then she took 2 new straps and secured her wrists to the table by her side. A further strap was drawn up and over Kristy's waist and cinched down tight. Maddox then moved down to the base of the table and flipped a catch, splitting it into 2 pieces. Straps were then secured around Kristy's thighs and ankles before the table's separate sections were moved apart and locked into place.

Kristy was now left completely immobilised and exposed, but this was not to be the end of her humiliation. A screen descended from the ceiling above her filled with static whilst she could hear Maddox talking just out of visual range.

"Yes, she's in position now. Shall I remove the underwear?" she asked.

Receiving an affirmative answer, she removed a pair of sharp scissors from the table drawer and proceeded to cut through the straps of Kristy's bra. 2 seconds, and the filmy fabric fell away, leaving her breasts completely exposed. Then Maddox shifted her attention to the sheer G-String. She tugged sharply upwards, pulling the G-String hard against Kristy's ass crack before once again cutting through the filmy material. She made sure to pull the remnants through Kristy's ass crack and pussy lips as hard as she could, making her whimper against the gag, tears leaking down her face, partly from the shock and discomfort, partly from the wanton destruction of her beautiful underwear.

As the fabric was pulled away her pussy and pubic mound were laid bare, exposing the landing strip, which Kristy had kept for appearances sake. To be completely shaved was only for trashy lowlives, she believed.

Maddox listened as the voice in hear ear spoke.

"Yes," she agreed, "that will have to go. The rest of the body is ok but needs some work."

Kristy couldn't believe her ears. She worked very hard to maintain her body in excellent condition, as was evidenced by her slim shape. How dare this woman suggest she was less than perfect. Her eyes flashed angrily, but immobilised as she was there was little else she could do.

Suddenly the screen, which had been flickering with static steadied and cleared. The sound started first, and it was obvious that this was going to be some sort of pornographic episode. Kristy sneered inwardly. If they thought they could brainwash her by making her watch porn, they had another think coming. Then the video started and to her shock she found herself watching as her session with Carlos was replayed in full colour. Flushed and embarrassed, she couldn't even look away and could now see what she had been oblivious to earlier that evening -- the leers and salacious looks that she had received from Carlos' friends who were looking on. Such was her shock that it took her a moment to realise that Maddox was talking. When she did, she couldn't believe her ears. The woman was commenting on her performance, and not in a positive way either!

"Yes, I agree," she was saying. "Far too aggressive and only concerned for her own pleasure." She listened again. "Yes, this must be redressed. Do you wish to start the training now?" She listened once more. "Very well. I'll see to it straight away."

She moved across the room and retrieved some items before returning to Kristy's side.

"It has been decided that due to your appalling behaviour both here on the island and elsewhere, that you are to be taken in hand and taught how to behave properly." She informed her charge. "However, it is not only your behaviour that is unacceptable, but your body also. This will change starting from tonight."

With that Kristy felt searingly hot liquid being poured over her pubic mound and pussy. Strips of fabric were then smoothed over it as it cooled and were finally ripped away, causing her to cry out against her gag. Maddox pressed another switch embedded in the table and Kristy could feel her ass being raised until her hole was pointing towards the ceiling. Again, the scorching liquid was poured, this time over and around her asshole. Again, strips of fabric were laid over it and roughly ripped away. This time Kristy screamed in agony. She had never had to endure such pain or humiliation and her ass was virgin territory.

She became aware of Maddox pulling her pussy lips apart, impersonally inspecting the results of the waxing. Dissatisfied, this time she held her labia lips apart as she poured on the wax. This time when she ripped the fabric strips away she nodded in approval. Not a trace left. Next she moved to inspect the area around Kristy's ass. Again she frowned. It was not good enough yet. This time she held her ass cheeks apart and with a pair of tweezers, she made sure every last hair was pulled out. When the process had been completed, leaving Kristy sobbing and shaking, she was as bare and naked as the day she had been born.

"Right!" Maddox said. "At least you are presentable now. I can call in your benefactor. You will address him as Master and obey his every command. If you do not, you will go back to the station and I will file the papers charging you with drug dealing and distribution. Do you understand?"

Shocked, Kristy just looked at her. Maddox brought her hand down hard against Kristy's pussy, making her cry out into her gag.

"I said, do you understand?" Maddox repeated.

Frantically, Kristy tried to nod her head and managed to do so fractionally.

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