tagGroup SexIsland Fever Ch. 02

Island Fever Ch. 02



Waking up the next morning, I felt I hadn't slept this well in quite a long time. I showered and shaved, dressed in some casual clothes and went to the kitchen to get a bite to eat before breakfast. My first official meeting with the ladies was scheduled for 10:00am. It would be an opportunity to answer their questions honestly and hopefully quell any anxieties or trepidations they had concerning the following six weeks.

In the dining room, I put on some fresh coffee for everyone, then poured myself a tall glass of cold, delicious orange juice. Pamela and Devon eventually drifted in and helped themselves to the fruit and breads laid out on the trays which Louisa, the elderly housekeeper, had pulled from the walk-in cooler. Camille was sipping coffee and making idle chat with Amy when Trish and Lindsay, walking hand-in- hand, filed into the room. The ladies were wearing light attire; such as summer dresses or denim cut-offs and tank- tops. It seemed quite informal.

Once everyone had settled down and found something to drink or snack on, I called for their undivided attention.

"Ladies..." I said, then all of them looked over at me. "Hmmmmm, thank you. Now... did all of you sleep well?"

Heads nodded and lips smiled. I caught a glimpse of the incredible Amy; there was a dreamy look on her face as she nodded her head vigorously. After last evening, I figured, everything about Amy was quite vigorous. I still felt sore (and very satisfied) from our rip-roaring sexual encounter. The memories of last evening will remain with me forever.

"Great," I announced. "Now, please follow me through the door on the back wall. Inside, is the meeting room."

This would be the first time any of the women had been in this particular area. It was a 20x30 room with a small podium on one end. The side walls were mirrored and the other two walls were covered with soundproof padding. It seemed to be the perfect place to have a get-together.

We entered the room and I went to the podium, where there was a stool for me to sit on. There were seven padded chairs arranged in a curved line facing the podium. The girls milled around until I invited them to take a seat. Once they did, it was time for me to formally address them.

"It has been a very long trip here but I promise to do everything that I can to make it worth all your whiles. Before I begin, I want to point out to all of you that in addition to living on an island paradise, there is a huge library with books of all varieties, as well as hundreds of DVD discs of movies and other subjects of interest. The sound system is state-of-the-art and there are thousands of CD's and MP3's to listen to. The best place to listen to music, besides your own bedrooms, is the recreation room. Remember, it is downstairs and accessed via the elevator. I have video game systems and powerful computers with full web access located in the recreation room as well. There is also a fully- fledged OmniMAX movie theater located on the other side of the mansion. I have a few movies in the OmniMAX format and if any of you would like a list, all you have to do is ask. It's that simple."

"Do you have any PORN?"

"Amy!..." Pamela playfully chided her.

I laughed, thinking that Amy would fit well in porn. With her checkered past as an unfaithful wife and an appetite for sexual fulfillment that was second to none, Amy would most likely go far in the world of adult movies. She seemed quite capable of handling the fast and rigid lifestyle that went along with being an X-rated movie starlet as well.

On the other hand, however, I would never suggest and/or wish that type of career for her. In my opinion, at least, there are far better ways for women to make their money in life. Pornography was clearly at the bottom of the list. Still, it was an amusing thought nonetheless.

"My number one priority is your comfort. It is really my only priority. If there are any problems, complaints or if you would like to see something added that isn't here... please, speak up. You have access to everything here."

"Everything?" Trish giggled, looking at my crotch.

"Whatever is here, is for your use," I responded, not letting on that I meant that answer with the same double meaning that Trish had used in her question. Many of the girls giggled, though, easily picking up the hidden meaning. I wanted to come across as serious, yet approachable. Aside from yesterday, this meeting was going to be their first real impression of me. I wanted it to be a good one.

"Are there any more questions along those lines?" Nobody seemed to have one. "Great. Then we can get started." I settled into the stool and rested my feet on its low bars. I could have rehearsed this beforehand, but chose not to. I did not want to come across sounding contrived or insincere.

"All of you know that you were chosen to spend six weeks here from amongst thousands of applicants. The reason for the choices I made shall remain confidential. As you know, the next six weeks will be six weeks that we spend together. I want this to be the best six weeks of all your lives."

Camille raised her hand, so I acknowledged her with a friendly nod of the head. "I have a question." Her voice sounded a bit apprehensive. "Do we always have to obey you? No matter what?"

"Life is about choices," I replied, "and all of you are free to make your own." I paused and then added, "I will not ask any of you to do something that makes you uncomfortable. I do have set rules which we will go over, but none of them should be a problem for any of you. My rules are clear-cut, basic stuff. Common sense stuff. As for OBEYING me, you'll never once have a problem with what I ask of you. Trust me. OBEY is a really strong word and does not apply to me whatsoever. Or these six upcoming weeks."

"What happens if we do have a problem, though?"

"If you do, let me know," I told Camille. "If any of you have a problem with what I say to you, ask of you or do in your presence... let me know. I will stop immediately. I do not want you to have any reservations or bad thoughts or ideas about me whatsoever. I want your trust. I want you to be totally comfortable until you leave. I realize that being here - thousands and thousands of miles away from where you live with no one else in sight - is probably very awkward for most, if not all, of you. It may even be a bit scary. I do not want it to be awkward. I do not want you to feel scared, or even the slightest hint of nervousness. I want you to feel at ease. There is nothing to feel awkward or scared about. And, each and every one of you are free leave at any time - for any reason. Just say the word, and I'll have you home if not that day, then the next. Literally no questions asked."

Devon was smirking. "Our comfort is his only priority.

Camille nodded and surmised, "Sounds fair enough."

"Good," I returned. "Now, where were we? Ahhhhh, yes - we are here for the next six weeks. There will be meetings and required activities but most of the time, all of you will be free to explore the island as you please. Outdoor activity is encouraged, as staying in your bedrooms all day long will be frowned upon. Sure... some days, you may wish to stay inside. But doing so repeatedly will not be good."

"I didn't come here to stay cramped inside a room all summer," Lindsay (my yellow-duckie girl (her cute pajamas from last night)) offered. Many of the others nodded in total agreement in response to Lindsay's words.

"Whenever a meeting is called, everyone must attend. Can all of you agree with that? If so, please raise your hand in acknowledgment." They did; good. "Furthermore, you will find me to be a very easy-going sort of guy. I am quite lenient and for the most part, will let all of you do as you please. As I said, only a few meetings and daily activities will be required Be wary using social media and alerting random strangers about the island and where it is... the fact you are here. And that's about it... except, of course, the mansion, grounds and the island itself. Use them as you wish, but do not abuse them. That is really the only type of situation where I would have problems with any of you. This beautiful island is as much your home for the next six weeks as it is mine. Treat it as such. By that, I mean take care of it. Clean, pick up after yourselves when necessary. Are there any questions?"

"Can you explain the money payouts?" Lindsay asked, her voice timid and adorably shy.

"Certainly. Anyone else wondering about that?" Several of the ladies nodded. "Very well. Let me go over things so there won't be any confusion. As you were informed in the mail, at the end of these six weeks, each of you except one will receive a payment of $100,000 in U.S. funds. The one left out will get a payment of half a million dollars."

Pamela raised her hand. "But how will that decision be made? I mean, if I wanted to work for the big money... how would I go about it?" Everyone nodded at that question.

"That is confidential," I replied, much to their dismay. "None of you will know the criteria for it, which makes things interesting." I decided to add a little fuel to the fire. "Perhaps I don't even know the criteria yet, myself?"

All the girls seemed very confused with that comment. That, of course, was excellent. My (our) plan was in motion...

"How do we even work that OmniMAX theater if we want to watch a movie in there?" Trish asked, breaking the silence. "I LOVE watching movies. I'm a movie buff, actually. I have a whole wall of movies back home in Canada."

"Just come to me, Trish, and tell me what movie you want to watch," I answered. "I'll set everything up for you. Come to me with any questions, concerns or requests. I am here to make sure that all of you have the absolute best time of your lives. Anything less on my part is unacceptable."

Devon took a sip of her pineapple drink and swooned, "This island is turning out to be much better than I ever possibly imagined it would be." Wow, I said inwardly. Devon was so incredibly gorgeous. A hot, ravishing blonde with a full D-cup; I thought a body like hers only existed in fantasy worlds. Devon had the prettiest, most innocent blue eyes. Her smile was one part naive, one part playful.

What made Devon even more appealing was the fact that she was one of the nicest, most friendly people I ever had the pleasure of coming across in my entire life. Devon was a total sweetheart. She was easy-going and personable, and had a heart of pure, solid gold. From our short time together thus far, I already knew these things about her. Devon was, in fact, the type of woman whom I had been searching all these lonely years for. Could this angel, perhaps sent from up above, ultimately turn out to be my soul-mate and eventual bride in life? If so, then I would most definitely be a happy man.

Indeed, Amy had been first and foremost on my mind - for obvious reasons - throughout the past 10 to 12 hours. But I did not want to sell myself short. There were other women here on the island - other possibilities - and without a true, rock-solid commitment with Amy, I would be doing myself a great disservice by not exploring all of them. My life, my future happiness, was at stake and I had to make the right decision.

"I want to try all those arcade machines in the recreation room," Lindsay offered. "I just love playing video games."

"You do? Really?" Trish asked her young room-mate, her eyes glowing, as she looked Lindsay's way. "I love playing video games, too." Trish seemed to be absolutely glowing at the news. She and Lindsay had something unique in common. It was obvious that even though they had known each other for less than 24 hours, Trish had a major crush on Lindsay. Who could blame her for that?

"Let's go down later and check it out!" Lindsay chirped. "I will play video games with anyone!"

"Sounds like a plan!" Trish beamed.

Oh, man. Lindsay was such a doll. I had not been around a girl her age (outside of my nieces, and they obviously did not count) in what seemed like eons. It was refreshing. Dare I say it, but could Lindsay make me feel young again?

"Are there any further questions?" I waited, but there was only silence. I stole another glance of princess Lindsay before saying, "Thank you, ladies. That will be all for now."

"What about that hike you promised us?" Pamela wondered. "You said you were going to take us on a tour of the island."

"Indeed, I did," was my response. "In a couple of hours, perhaps at two o'clock... yes, two, I'll lead anyone who is interested on a hike to the most majestic waterfall on the island. It's a long, tiring hike, so wear some good boots. Trust me, though... the long hike is well worth it."

"We're all interested in going," Trish nodded.

"I don't have any hiking boots," Camille fretted, pouting. "I forgot to bring them with me."

I smiled at her and commented, "It's okay, Camille. There are plenty of extra boots and shoes - in all sizes - tucked away in the storage room. You'll find a pair in there. It is located behind the closed door in the recreation room."

"You really thought of everything, huh, Jeremy?" Devon grinned. "You even got us some extra boots and shoes. Wow."

"Of course I thought of everything," I told her. "I want everything on the island to be perfect for all of you. I really cannot stress that enough."

"We're off to an excellent start," Devon smirked, before stepping forward and planting another delicate kiss upon my cheek. This lovely, curvaceous creature had done me the same honor last evening at the opening reception. This time, however, her friendly kiss was not that big of a surprise to me. Still, I enjoyed it greatly. What normal man wouldn't enjoy a heartfelt kiss from a woman as enchanting as Devon?

I did throw a quick glance toward Amy, though. She was the first (and thus far, only) woman in the group who had gotten her clutches into me. Of course, that happened after the informal reception party last evening.

I was curious as to whether Amy would show even a hint of jealousy because Devon had planted that kiss on my face. Fortunately, she did not. Amy still had that far-out expression from earlier as she lovingly gazed my way. It was like she was in a different world. I must have done something right last evening during our encounter, huh? I still have quite vivid memories of her warm, amazing mouth wrapped around my cock, sucking and slurping away...

"If we're allowed to do pretty much what we want, this is going to be a GREAT summer!" Lindsay sparkled. The sweet teen-ager took a cue from Devon and grazed the side of my face with a whispery kiss of her own. She then stepped back and offered me a tender, sweet smile. I believe that Lindsay was surprised at her very own action of kissing me. It was quite a bold move on her part.

Trish grinned and placed a reassuring arm around Lindsay's shoulder, then whispered something into her ear. Lindsay nodded and smiled sheepishly in response, while looking at me. Her face also turned red in the process. I cannot stress it enough... Lindsay was a doll!

Her kiss was obviously nice and well appreciated, but the thought crossed my mind that Lindsay's soft, succulent lips looked downright perfect for oral sex. They seemed ripe, and ready. Very ready. I realized that it was terrible of me to think that way considering her virginal innocence, but I simply could not help myself. I wanted to slip my cock into that tiny mouth of Lindsay's and have her suck me off from now until the end of eternity. Yes... I was awful!

"Where's my kiss?" Pamela asked, her tone insistent, as she gazed my way with a playful expression.

I was about to invite Pamela to come and get one from me, but Amy leaned in front of her and said, "Here it is."

Along with the other ladies, I watched with interested eyes as Amy pressed her lips to Pamela's mouth for a deep, probing kiss. Amy held onto the back of Pamela's head as their velvety tongues then began to swipe away at each other between their pressed mouths. Pamela let out a gentle sigh and seemed to sag against Amy for a moment as the aggressive red-head placed a hand on her shapely backside and squeezed it rather harshly. Pamela really seemed to enjoy that.

I should also point out that Lindsay's reaction to this public display of affection was most amusing. She simply stood there and watched with wide eyes as the duo of Pamela and Amy literally assaulted each other's mouths with their lips and tongues. Obviously, this was the first time that Lindsay had ever witnessed two beautiful women kiss before her very eyes. She certainly seemed to enjoy it, however - as did everyone else (myself included).

Once the erotic kiss was broken, Amy leaned away from Pamela, then smiled at Lindsay and her absolutely bewildered, shell-shocked expression. Amy shook her head and let out a playful sigh, then swooned, "Lindsay, have you ever seen anything quite like that in Bible class?"

The little minx turned beet-red with embarrassment due to those words and shook her head in a diffident manner. "No... cannot say that I have. My church... it would frown... it would frown on the idea of two women kissing... like that."

"Then you need a new church," Camille quipped coldly.

"My dad... was a... minister there," Lindsay frowned. "I..."

Pamela nodded. "Churches are against the idea of same- sex relationships. Many of them even have programs to rehabilitate people who are either homo-sexual or bi-sexual." Pamela smirked and added, "When I was 20, I had a friend who was heavily involved in the church. He tried his best to get me to stop stripping. But I never listened to him. I was already living on my own and the money was too good. What was I supposed to do, really? Go back to working fast-food?"

"Have you ever thought about being a stripper?" Amy asked Lindsay in a teasing voice, obviously wanting to get another reaction or two out of her. Her face still flushed red, Lindsay shook her head several times in succession. It seemed as if she could not believe that Amy had just asked her such a horrible, raunchy question. Poor girl; I almost spoke up and told Amy to stop, but held back. For now.

"I bet that you would make a really good stripper," Amy continued, pestering her. "I'd pay really good money for you to grind that little ass of yours all over my lap. I'd even wager that it'd make you feel really HOT to have someone pay you in exchange for pleasing them with your body.

Now, Lindsay was fidgeting about in what was obviously a very uncomfortable state. Amy had gone too far.

"Amy..." Trish murmured, wanting her to stop the teasing.

But Amy was not finished. "I would pay even MORE money if you opened your legs and let me taste that sweet pussy. I'd happily spend all of my money on a girl like..."

"AMY!" Trish snapped at her, suddenly angry. "STOP IT!"

"MY GOD!" Pamela complained. "Will you STOP?"

Needless to say, the young and fertile-minded blonde was incredibly embarrassed and flustered now. No one had ever spoken to Lindsay in such a manner before. That was obvious. The girl looked ashamed as she cast her eyes downward. Her body was trembling, too! Obviously, Amy had accomplished her goal. She wanted this type of reaction from Lindsay. She wanted to rile the others up, too. This was the side of Amy that I did not care for one bit.

"Put a sock in it, Amy!" Devon snapped, also quite miffed. Devon tried to reach out and place a reassuring hand on Lindsay's shoulder, but Trish pulled her away at the last possible instant and held her with both arms. At the same time, Trish shot Amy quite the evil, displeased look.

"You have quite a mouth on you, Amy!"

Camille giggled at their exchange. "I think Amy's funny. But I also tend to agree with her on this one. I would pay money to see Lindsay as a stripper. And honey, you could make a LOT of money stripping. It'd solve all of those... financial problems of yours. You know, the ones you were telling me and Devon about last night at the party."

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