tagGroup SexIsland Fever Ch. 03

Island Fever Ch. 03



After our sizzling, red-hot sexual encounter had reached its conclusion, I stayed (and cuddled) with Pamela for a long period of time upon the carpeted floor of the library. It was a quiet, relaxing series of moments which I still look back on and cherish to this very day.

If I did not know it before, I was most definitely aware of it now - Pamela was the woman that I had been searching my entire life for. There was absolutely, positively no doubt about that within my mind. I was totally in love with Pamela.

Some people may suggest that I sit back and evaluate all the women before coming to such a conclusion, but the way I felt now, there was no need. Pamela was the one for me. Guaranteed. All the other ladies here were beautiful and desirable, indeed, but Pamela was my chosen one. I realized that when she was lying in my arms upon the library floor. I had never felt as... content, and happy as I did then.

As the time went by, Pamela commented that she wanted to wash up and take a shower. She also said it would not be a good situation if the other five ladies showed up and found the two of us together like this - not only cuddling as one, but totally naked as well. They would all want me at once, Pamela predicted, and she wondered if I had the capabilities to physically (and mentally) withstand that.

I did not respond to her speculation (even though it was quite the riveting idea), but instead gave Pamela a friendly reminder about the 7:00pm dinner tonight. All the ladies were required to be there. Pamela asked me what the penalty would be if one of them were to skip dinner and I playfully replied by telling her that it would most assuredly be a harsh spanking. Pamela's perfect lips blossomed into a radiant smile and, of course, she threatened to be elsewhere at dinner-time tonight.

After a long and tender kiss, the two of us finally parted ways. I decided to go back to my private bedroom and take a shower. It was needed. I took an extra-long shower, reliving the earlier experience with Pamela in my mind repeatedly. Her nasty words and demeanor when I was penetrating her had a profound effect on me. I seriously have a bona-fide weakness for attractive women who are friendly and respectful in general circles, yet harsh and aggressive during sex. Ones not afraid to let loose. Pamela had turned me on...

The mahogany library was not out of the voyeuristic view of my hidden cameras, so I also had my first-ever sexual encounter with Pamela archived on the computer. You can bet that it will be forever saved - and cherished. It may turn out to be my most-watched encounter of all. I already had visions of watching it on the 152-inch big screen in front of my bed...

After stepping out of the shower and drying off, I threw on some light clothing and decided to lay down for a while. It was early in the afternoon and since dinner-time was not for several more hours, I figured that it would be best to catch up on a little rest. I wanted to take a nap, but...

I then remembered I'd promised all the ladies that I would guide them on a hike to the island's most picturesque waterfall. I did not have a whole lot of time to prepare for it, either. We agreed to begin our trek at 2:00pm - and that was only ten minutes from now. I had to get ready!

I changed into a pair of sturdy shorts, an old t-shirt and my best hiking boots. I loaded my backpack up with plenty of water bottles and snacks, and a first aid kit (just in case it was needed). I also retrieved several cans and tubes of insect repellant from the storage room, so the ladies and yours truly would be properly protected from Mother Nature. Shortly thereafter, it was time for the journey to commence.

* * *

Our hike began at the north end of the mansion, where I guided the entire group - Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, Devon and Camille - up a very steep trail into the woods and then along a winding cliff. We eventually got back down to sea level, then took a different trail which veered off to the west. I informed everyone that the waterfall we were visiting today was only a mile up this pathway. However, most of it was along a steady incline that would prove troublesome.

There were plenty of large rocks and muddy spots to deal with as we drew closer toward the waterfall. Soon, we had to be careful with tree roots and fallen branches as well. I had to stop and allow several of the girls to rest and catch their collective breaths while they eagerly downed the energy snacks and bottles of water. Most (if not all) of them did not realize beforehand what a demanding, strenuous workout this hike was going to be. I tried to warn them...

Pamela and Trish, both of whom were very physically fit, did not seem to be having much of a problem with the trail. They adapted well. Lindsay and Amy, however, were often having to stop and pant for breath. Lindsay, in fact, was holding hands with Trish so she would not slip and fall on the treacherous terrain. Still, despite the physical exertion they had to put forth to continue, Lindsay and Amy insisted that we move on. They proved to be quite the troopers.

Fortunately, the steady incline eventually flattened out and the latter portion of the hike became much easier to navigate. All the ladies were very intrigued once we came across a lava cave just a few hundred feet from the waterfall. There, we took another sit-down break and listened to the ocean's heavy waves crash into the rocky shoreline off in the distance while enjoying another quick snack. Everyone was so talkative and jovial; they genuinely seemed to be having the time of their lives thus far on the island. I could not be any happier because of this!

After exiting the cave, I offered to take the group on a side trip into the clearing where a series of petroglyphs (drawings by ancient natives from 2,000 years ago) could be seen on the collection of lava rocks. These petroglyphs were everywhere. To me, the aboriginal writings had always been utterly fascinating.

The meaning of the drawings will most likely forever remain a mystery, but one could make out figures representing men and women, family units, goats, pets, canoes and even a possible surfer (back in those days, surfboards were called _Caballitos de Totora_ ("Straw SeaHorses")). Petroglyphs are made by pounding a pointed rock with a larger, dull rock into the boulder, thus carving out the figures. Considering that these drawings were created by a pre-Incan civilization, they were priceless to me, a true treasure.

"What is this?" Pamela wondered, pointing toward a boulder with the phrase Kristanna vilje elsker deg for evig, Jeremy carved out across it. "It has your name on it."

I laughed at the mention of the one rock which had given me the most fits over the past two years. "Remember when I told you about my friend from Norway, Pamela? Kristanna? The one who will hopefully be here by the end of the week? Well, at times, she will start talking in her own language right in the middle of a conversation. It drives me insane, but that is why she does it. Kristanna enjoys pestering me, but does so in a comical way. A fun way. Unfortunately, Kristanna came across an empty rock here one day two years ago and decided to carve out a cryptic message for me. Leave her calling card."

"What does it say?" Devon inquired.

I shrugged my shoulders and answered, "I have no idea. But one of these days, I am finally going to break down and find a way to translate it. You will see what I mean when Kristanna arrives here later in the week. She is quite a character. You'll see what I mean. Trust me."

"At least the rock she left that message on was otherwise bare," Pamela observed. "It would be a shame if someone messed up a rock that had some of these writings on it. I should have brought my phone along with me." Pamela looked my way and literally begged, "Will you bring us back here in the future, Jeremy? Please? I would LOVE to photograph the writings... be able to study and research them."

I chuckled, thinking to myself that Pamela was anything but the prototypical stripper. How many exotic dancers would even be remotely interested in a series of petroglyphs like this? Not only was Pamela interested, but she wanted to study them. She wanted to research them. Incredible...

"I'll bring you back here as often as you like, sweetheart," I promised her. "Just tell me when, and we'll be off."

After getting back onto the path, it only took a minute or two before we reached our destination. Once there, several of the ladies stood and stared in silent awe at the grand beauty of the island's biggest waterfall. A thick, steady stream of water cascaded down the steep mountain face and into a shimmering pond, which emptied out into the ocean further below. The mountain itself was rich with green vegetation, giving it a tropical appearance. In a word, it was majestic.

Now, Lindsay and Trish both claimed that they wished they had brought their respective cell phones along to capture the moment as well. I promised them that we would come back here sometime soon so they could do just that. Devon and Camille were aptly prepared, though, having brought their phones with them and were busy snapping photographs of the beautiful, stunning landscape.

"Text those pictures to my phone, please," Pamela told Devon. "I want to start researching them once we get back to the house."


All the ladies wore swimsuits or bikinis underneath their clothing, so they soon stripped down and jumped into the beautiful, chest-deep pond. The water was obviously therapeutic and relaxing to them after such a long hike to get here. Devon made an immediate move toward the heavy falls, where she allowed herself to bask in the cascading rush of water. Lindsay and Camille soon got the same idea and joined the 27-year-old there as well.

As for myself, I sat on the rocky ledge and smiled as Pamela, Trish and Amy all got into a water-fight with one another. It sure was a sight to watch them squeal and giggle as they blindly splashed water on each other. Soon, Lindsay waded over and joined the playful fight as well. She centered most of her splashing efforts on Trish.

Trish grabbed Lindsay's bare shoulders and dunked her head underwater several times in succession. Each time she came up for a breath, Lindsay would grunt and squeal that revenge would soon be exacted upon Trish for this. The Canadian did not seem to take her seriously, however, as she continually dunked Lindsay's head underwater. Of course, all of this was done in a very fun and safe kind of way. I got the sense from watching them together thus far that Trish would never do anything to harm Lindsay in the slightest way possible. She was far too precious to Trish.

In an unexpected move, Pamela laughed as she literally jumped on the back of Trish's shoulders. This caused Trish to fall underwater as well, so Lindsay used the golden opportunity to relentlessly splash away once Pamela allowed her to re-surface. Amy stood back and smiled warmly at the exchange while Devon and Camille were still underneath the constant sheet of oncoming water on the other side.

Soon, Devon tore herself away from that prime location and made her way over to me. She was joined at her side by Amy and the two ladies suggested that I take a dip in the water with them. I politely declined, however, saying I had left my swimming trunks back at the mansion. I even said that I was happy to simply sit back and watch all the girls enjoy their time in the water. I just loved seeing them happy like this...

Amy and Devon glanced at each other for a quick moment and smiled, then both reached out and grabbed my wrists, and promptly pulled me into the basin with them. I was surprised, but really should not have been. Both ladies giggled with pure delight as I flopped about in the water. I was not angry at them, mind you, but I was a bit worried about my hiking boots. I had worn my best pair, but now they were soaked and most likely ruined. Ahhhhh... the price(?) I had to pay for being the only man amongst six gorgeous ladies.

Undaunted, I returned their splashes with some of my own. Pamela snuck up from behind me and jumped on my back as well, but I did not allow her to submerge me underneath the water. "Get him!" Pamela then screamed, and soon all the ladies were tugging at various portions of my body. I was no match for the entire group. Thus, I was dunked (cruelly, too). Several times, in fact...

We stayed at the splendid waterfall location for another hour or so - just frolicking and playing around with one another. The hike back to the mansion was much less taxing, since most of it was downhill. I was somewhat surprised that everyone had gone through my vast assortment of chocolate power bars and snacks, and was now feeling a tad hungry myself. But oh well... I would rather be hungry instead of having one of the girls feel that way. Their needs, their comfort, were far more important to me than my own.

Upon our return to the mansion, I agreed to convene with the ladies yet again at 7:00pm for dinner. I reminded them that our nightly meal would always take place at this exact time. Then, I ventured off to my private suite, knowing it was time for a long and relaxing whirlpool bath. I had been through a lot over the past 24 hours and it felt quite refreshing to have the opportunity to rest my tired, aching muscles in the hot, steamy water. I have a long history of back problems and constantly need to remind myself not to overdo things.

* * *

After I was done with my hour-long dip in the whirlpool bathtub, I stepped out and dried off, then returned to my adjacent bedroom. Curious about the others and what they were up to (as I always was), I strolled over to the voyeur room and took a seat at its control panel. Much to my delight, only one of the surveillance monitors in front of me was currently active. Meaning, of course, that all the girls were together in the same place since the system was triggered with the use of motion detectors.

That place was none other than the indoor pool-house, which was found underneath the glassed-in portion of the roof. The swimming pool there - 82x164 in dimension - featured an underwater music system and a black bottom floor with 2,250 fiber optic lights installed, giving the illusion of a clear, brilliant evening sky. Swimmers could also dive underneath a glass wall and emerge outdoors by the terrace. The view from there, overlooking the untamed forest and the picturesque beach further beyond, was simply astonishing.

I rarely had to do anything with this pool or the one located outdoors in terms of maintenance since both were equipped with automated cleaning systems. In fact, the automated cleaning systems for both pools were the best that money could buy. It sure was a nice luxury to have. All I had to do was flip a switch and the pools would be totally clean and crystal-clear about 45 minutes later.

Getting back to the topic at hand, all the ladies - Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, Devon and Camille - were currently enjoying one of the many features that the indoor pool offered. Specifically, they were playing volleyball.

With a heavy-duty nylon net installed on the shallow end of the pool, I reclined back within my chair here inside the voyeur room as I watched the ladies play what seemed to be a carefree and jovial game of water volleyball. Trish, Lindsay and Devon were on one team, with the trio of Pamela, Amy and Camille comprising the other. All the ladies were still wearing the same bikinis they had on during our earlier adventure up at the waterfall.

It was most definitely a wondrous sight to witness the likes of Pamela and Camille with their massive 38d-sized breasts bouncing and flopping about underneath their bikini tops as they exerted themselves in the volleyball game. The same could be said for Devon, Trish and Amy, all of whom sported proud D-cups of their own (although none were quite as large and majestic as were Pamela and Camille's).

But the most amazing vision of all was undoubtedly the young and docile Lindsay, with her humble and modest figure (at least compared to the others here) in a simple red bikini swimsuit. With her tight, little body on display, the 18-year-old princess looked even MORE youthful and freshly scrubbed than she usually did. Of course, the aura that constantly surrounded Lindsay - that of still being an untouched virgin - was a big attraction for me. It would be for any man who was lucky enough to be in my position.

But I was not alone. I witnessed several of the other girls stealing quick peeks of her as she frolicked about during the game of water volleyball. Most (if not all) of them were attracted to her. It would also be easy for me to anoint Lindsay as the most beautiful woman of the entire group, but I was not quite ready to do that just yet (not with Pamela and Devon around). I had not made up my mind on that just yet. Still, Lindsay was a gorgeous little thing. Imagine that sweet, toothy smile of hers wrapped around my hard, willing shaft, sucking and slurping it to the very root. Oh my... a series of wicked chills just went down my spine!

I had the sudden urge to whip my cock out of my trousers and begin stroking as my wide, lecherous eyes soon became solely focused on Lindsay. I stroked hard, even harder. The pressure nearly became too much to handle. How many people in Lindsay's life had the privilege of seeing her in a tiny bikini like the one she was wearing right now? How many people had seen Lindsay this close to being totally nude? It got to the point where I used my hidden cameras to zoom in and totally concentrate on Lindsay and whatever movements she made in the pool. Cute, little nipples were protruding outward upon her bikini top. Could I be developing an obsession here?

Oh, dear God... the sight of Lindsay in her little swimsuit and the vivid thoughts it conjured up within my mind sent me to the very brink of erotic madness. I soon fell over that proverbial ledge, as my cock exploded and left a thick, heavy helping of sperm on my wrist in the aftermath. What a mess I had made here in the voyeur room! Too bad those juices weren't blazing a trail down Lindsay's throat instead...

Now feeling light-headed and mentally exhausted, I settled even further into the chair and took a deep, ragged breath. Oh... I would give anything to be the one who is blessed with taking that girl's virginity. Anything at all!

"But Trish is the one who deserves her," I said out loud, needing to remind myself of that.

In a way, at least, I kind of hoped Trish would be the one who got to take Lindsay's virginity. Oh, I wanted the opportunity - yes, indeed. It would be the chance of a lifetime for me. This scenario would assuredly never present itself to me again. A 39-year-old man (or even older, as the years go by) hooking up with an 18-year-old virgin? How often does that happen in our current society?

Truth be told, though, Trish was the proper choice here. She clearly had Lindsay's best interests at heart and looked at her as a person (and possible long-term companion) the same way I did Pamela. Trish was head-over-heels in love with Lindsay and, as a result, deserved to be the one more than any other. Not only that, but Lindsay seemed to be most comfortable and at ease when Trish was with her. It was a truly perfect fit, a natural fit; a match made in Heaven.

Although I was fine in admitting that (and even wanting it to happen), it did not stop me from continuing to dream and fantasize about getting my clutches into Lindsay before anyone else could. Ultimately, the choice was up to her. It was not my place to pressure or coerce her into anything.

Once it was time for dinner, all the ladies met up with me in the formal dining room and purred with hungry delight as Louisa, the housekeeper, wheeled out the cart of steaming food and prepared to serve it to all of us. She had fixed two different casseroles - one chicken and the other turkey, with sides of oven-baked garlic bread and pumpkin muffins. Trish, Lindsay, Devon and Camille chose the chicken casserole, while Pamela, Amy and yours truly opted for the turkey. The food smelled delicious!

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