tagGroup SexIsland Fever Ch. 04

Island Fever Ch. 04



Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in Project: Island Fever. My name is Jeremy and, as the overseer of this program, I am pleased that you would like more information on spending six weeks of your life with me on the island that I call home in the South Pacific. To begin the application process, I respectfully request that you fill out the basic information sheet that you see below and mail it back to me by no later than December 31, 2017. If there are any questions that you prefer not to answer (or do not know the answer to), you may simply leave them blank.

Once your basic information sheet is received, it will be evaluated and reviewed and, if it meets certain criteria, you will receive a more detailed application and accompanying questionnaire in the mail by no later than January 31, 2018.

If you are one of the (only) six women who are ultimately chosen to take part in Project: Island Fever, you will be compensated for your time and effort at no less than $100,000 USD. Much more information concerning compensation and what will be expected of you is available in the 19 page booklet that was also included in this mailing.

If, for whatever reason, you are no longer interested in taking part in this project, simply discard this letter and do not respond. You will not be contacted/bothered again. I hope that you are interested, though, and that you take the time to fill out the following information sheet and send it back to me at the return address listed on the previous page. Remember, the deadline date is December 31, 2017!

Thank you, Jeremy M. Morris


Please answer the following questions in your own words.

FULL NAME: Devon Marie Weaver

ADDRESS: *** **** Ct. Cromer, PA


CELL TELEPHONE: (xxx)xxx-xxxx

E-MAIL ADDRESS: [Username]@gmail


WHERE BORN: Allentown, PA



BROTHERS AND SISTERS, NAMES AND AGES: Denise - 30, Seth - 24, Michael - 22

PETS - WHAT KINDS AND NAMES: Three cats (Gizmo, Sassy and Jasmine) And a baby kitten - named BOO



IF YES, WHERE?: Kutztown University (Kutztown, PA)



COLLEGE DEGREE?: Yes - in Project Management

EMPLOYED AS: Project Manager

EMPLOYED WHERE: Candor & Wolfe in Madeira, PA


MOST PREVIOUS JOB (IF ANY): Department store clerk







SHOE SIZE: 6-1/2




ACTOR: Dwayne Johnson

ACTRESS: Zoe Saldana

SINGER: Katy Perry

FOOD: French fries and burritos

CITY: New York



FLOWER: Ginger

CAR: Porsche 911 Cabriolet Carrera convertible

TV SHOW: Killing Eve

MOVIE: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

PERFUME: Giorgio COLOR: Hot Pink

STYLE OF CLOTHES: Tight, cute, sexy

FAVORITE EVENING ON THE TOWN (DESCRIBE IN DETAIL): I like to get dressed up and have dinner at a nice restaurant that takes a long time. Curling up with my man on the sofa and watching an old horror movie would be the perfect capper for the evening.

WHAT QUALITIES DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A MALE/FEMALE?: Honesty, responsibility, good looks, nice build and very loving.

DESCRIBE YOUR CURRENT FANTASY IN DETAIL: I want to be a Playboy centerfold or a Penthouse Pet! j/k! Honestly, my fantasy is to meet the perfect man, fall madly in love with him and get married and eventually have a big, happy family.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Accidentally losing my bikini top while swimming at a public beach... OOOPS!

LIST SOME PREFERRED HOBBIES: Dancing, jet and snow skiing, swimming, bicycling, rollerblading, listening to music

PLEASE GIVE A SUMMARY OF YOURSELF AS A PERSON: I am a very friendly and outgoing person. I enjoy meeting new people and I treat anyone who is good to me like pure gold. I love life in general and want the world to be a very happy and peaceful place. My ultimate dream is to always be happy and have a wonderful family of my own someday soon!


Ever since the time I had spent with her last evening at the cliffs overlooking the ocean, Devon was front and center on my mind. The mere thought of her - and the many, wondrous possibilities that may lie ahead for us if we indeed chose to pursue a relationship - had overtaken my senses. And why not? Everything about Devon seemed so very special.

The time was 8:39am on this luxurious Wednesday morning when I found myself seated at the computer terminal here within the sanctuary of my private bedroom. I could not stop thinking about Devon. I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to know everything there was to know about Devon.

Thus, I had brought up a scanned image of the initial questionnaire Devon had filled out when inquiring about the island last year. Her cursive handwriting and its letters were big, round and bubbled, and very appealing to my eyes. I had read not only Devon's, but the questionnaires for all six of the ladies here on the island hundreds of times over the past five to six months. I never grew tired of them.

I still found it difficult to believe that a woman so very heavenly and radiant - like Devon most certainly was - could have such a sudden interest in a normal, ordinary man like me. Even more surprising was the simple fact that Devon seemed to be extremely straightforward and direct with those feelings. She was not afraid to pull any punches.

Never once had I thought of myself as a very desirable man in any sense of the imagination. Why would a woman such as Devon - who could literally have her choice of anyone - want to be with me? It did not make sense to me.

Or perhaps I should give myself a little more credit? Maybe, but the many years of solitude here on the island had dulled and jaded my senses - as well as my confidence - beyond all reasonable proportions. No one could spend 16 years on a remote island with minimal contact from the rest of civilization - like I have - and not feel the way I do. Trust me, I have my reasons for shielding myself from others.

Still, it was time for me to accept the fact that Devon did harbor some very true and bona-fide feelings for me. I still may not understand why, but maybe I should not even concern myself with such negative thoughts anymore. Too much of my life had been filled with negativity already. The fact of the matter was that Devon already loved me.

Isn't that what I have wanted throughout my entire life? Ever since Victoria, my ex-fiancée, left me standing at the altar some 20 years ago (and shattered the person that I am inside as a result), I have yearned for someone to share my life with. Could that someone turn out to be Devon?

Telling someone (or blatantly insinuating, as Devon had) that you love them just a day or two after meeting for the first time probably would not be the smartest thing to do. However, I saw nothing wrong with having such feelings, even at an early relationship stage. I have certainly felt that way about others in the past. That is strictly my opinion, of course. Others may feel differently.

The flip-side of Devon, of course, was Pamela. Did Pamela have those same type of feelings for me? Was Pamela in love with me, too? Certainly, Pamela was the one woman of the entire group whom I had focused the most amount of energy and attention on thus far. Pamela was still my favorite (if I allowed myself to have one), but Devon was a close second.

Of course, I was not discounting Amy, either. Perhaps she had feelings for me as well? Going by what Devon said last night, Amy most definitely did. I certainly had feelings for her two nights ago when she showed up at my door in her little blouse and miniskirt, and those awesome high-heels, and proceeded to tease me into bed like no woman ever had before. There were certainly good vibrations between Amy and yours truly yesterday morning when I was holding hands with her as we made our way to the breakfast table. At that moment, at least, we could have continued walking right to a wedding chapel and I would have been forever happy.

Lindsay? The emotion and the sheer, physical desire I felt for Lindsay was quickly careening out of control. Though I was well more than twice her age (what a pain it is for me to admit that), could I envision myself one day settling down with Lindsay and having a family with her?

What about Trish? Trish had been my favorite even before I met any of the ladies face-to-face. The conversations we shared together through various forms of chat (telephone, video, even texting) always seemed to brighten my day in the time leading up to the ladies' arrival here on the island. Trish always seemed so peppy and lively, and nothing but raw, positive energy literally oozed from her.

Perhaps the best way for me to describe Trish would be to say that she was more than a woman. She was beyond woman. Trish was, very simply, a chick. A very cool and likable chick who, if she so desired, could have the whole, wide world at her fingertips. But Trish was not selfish. The 30-year-old was very kind and giving; generally, the type of sincere, genuine individual who typically only came around once in a lifetime. Could I allow Trish to slip through my grasp and thus lose any possible chance of a relationship with her? Even more importantly, was Trish even interested in me?

She was, for all intents and purposes, the exact opposite of me. Or, in other terms, this Maple Leaf beauty from Toronto was the type of person that I wanted to be. Others naturally gravitated toward Trish, even if they did not have the privilege of knowing her first. Her amicable, friendly demeanor drew others to her like a magnet. What better way for me to improve my general outlook on life than by aligning myself with the pure definition of zest and spirit? Trish seemed like the ideal match for me in every sense of the imagination, though our time together thus far been limited.

Yes, there is a point I am trying to make with all this rambling. This was just the ladies' third day on the island. They would be here for a total of 42 days. Thus, there was a voice inside my head asking me if I had jumped the gun, so to speak, a little too soon. Was it smart to anoint any of these women as my hopeful bride just yet?

My so-called favorite?

All of them (Camille included) had traits and qualities that were near and dear to my heart. Devon even stated last evening that each of them (sans Camille) was attracted to me in some form or another. And who knows? As strange and as unpredictable as my life has been thus far, perhaps Camille would ultimately turn out to be the one for me?

So, I came to the sudden conclusion that I was going to try and harness my emotions toward these girls - if just for a week or two. Oh, I would still get excited and rambunctious in their presence. I may even make myself look like a fool with the things I say or do in front of them. I would most certainly come across as too straightforward and rigid in certain circumstances.

However, I was going to try my absolute best to refrain from hearing the wedding bells jingle in my head every single time after I had sex with one of these ladies. Or simply spoke to them. It was not healthy for me and, of much greater importance, it was not fair for me to give them any false pretenses.

I had to start acting like an adult.

* * *

My thoughts of over-analyzation were interrupted as a gentle knock came to the front door of my private bedroom. My shaft began to rustle about within my shorts as I wondered which of the ladies had decided to pay me an early morning visit. Could it be Amy? Perhaps a repeat of Monday night was in order? Did Amy require some more hard loving? If so, I was more than willing to lend a helping hand.

As things turned out, it was not Amy. That was not a bad thing, mind you, considering the person standing on the opposite side of the entranceway once I opened the door was none other than the vivacious and alluring Devon.

Adorned in a classy, loose-fitting summer dress that went all the way down to mid-calf, Devon's blue eyes flashed as she offered me a friendly smile. The dress that she wore was a predominantly dark color, but had decorative, flower-print designs all over it. Devon looked beautiful.

"Hi stranger!"

"Why, hi Devon," I said in response. "What do I owe the pleasure of your company to this morning?" I looked at my wristwatch and noticed that it was 8:46am. Less than eight hours ago, Devon and I finally made our way back to the mansion after the bicycle ride that eventually turned into an after-hours hike. Of course, I could not forget the rip-roaring sexual encounter we shared in-between.

Devon clutched both hands together at her stomach and looked down for an instant while twirling a sandal-clad foot about upon the carpet. She then made eye contact with me and offered a shy smile. "I had a really fun time with you last night, Jeremy. I just... I just wanted you to know that. I haven't had so much fun in a long, long time."

I grinned at her as well. "It sure was an incredible evening. I had a wonderful time with you as well."

Devon stepped closer and ran her hands down my sides and hugged me to her, soon holding onto the lower portion of my back as if I belonged strictly to her. She placed the side of her face upon my chest and kept it there for several seconds, perhaps listening to the sound of my heartbeat. "I should have taken you up on your offer last night, too."

"Oh?" I countered, my own hands now on her shoulders.

Devon retreated a step and raked her eyes up and down my body. "I should have spent the night with you here, in your room."

"There will be other nights," I assured her, my throat dry.

She shook her head and murmured, "I was thinking Camille would have been awake, waiting for me, in our guest room. She knew that I wanted to go out and do something with you last night. I was positive that she would have been there waiting... wanting to know what happened between us." Devon paused for a moment, then continued, "That wasn't the case at all. Instead of Camille, I found Pamela in my room."

"Pamela?" I said, confused. "What was she doing there?" Did Pamela have a disagreement or squabble with Amy?

Devon giggled. "Apparently, the story goes that Amy and Camille began drinking last night and got really, really tipsy and light-headed. They started making out with each other and were soon having wild, passionate sex. Because they were drunk, Pamela wanted no part of it. She left them in her and Amy's room, then snuck into the room I share with Camille and tried to get some sleep." Devon snickered again and added, "Pamela claimed that the sounds and screams each of them made kept her awake for more than an hour. In fact, Pamela said, things had just settled down between Amy and Camille about ten minutes before I showed up. So... long story short, I shared a room with Pamela last evening."

"Did you two... talk... at all?"

Devon nodded her head. "For a bit, yes. I told her that you and I wound up going on a date, among other things."

"Oh? What did she have to say about that?" The possible answer to that question worried me, and for good reason. Early that afternoon, Pamela and I had sex together in the library. We were making promises and insinuations of true commitment to each other all throughout. Hours later, Pamela learned, I was having sex with Devon underneath the brilliant fusion of the setting sun at dusk. Indeed, what was Pamela's response to that little tidbit of information?

"She really didn't have anything to say," Devon replied, shrugging her shoulders innocently. "I told her that we went on a bike ride. One thing led to another, I told her, and you and I wound up having sex." Devon snickered in a playful manner and added, "She did seem a bit jealous. I bet Pamela wishes that that it was her with you, instead of me."

"Jealous, huh?" Hmmmmm. I wondered if Pamela would be angry at me. Would there be any sort of resentment? This was exactly why I had to curb my emotions in relation to the ladies somewhat. I could not start envisioning my future bride every single time I sunk my cock into one of them. Nor could I talk and strongly hint at the possibilities with them. It was not fair. I had, in essence, led Pamela on.

"What about Trish and Lindsay?" Ahhhhh yes, Lindsay... my sweet, little, wholesome, virgin girl. I was curious what her and her room-mate, Trish, had been up to. "Do you know if they did anything... special... last night?"

Devon shrugged her shoulders again. "I don't think so. Pamela told me that Lindsay was still feeling jet-lag from the airline flight here. She said that Lindsay went to bed around 9:45 or so. I guess Trish called it a night shortly thereafter. Both were fast asleep when I peeked in on them around two o'clock in the morning."

Concerned, I found myself lost in thought for a moment or two. "If Lindsay isn't feeling better today, I am going to talk to a doctor friend of mine over in Peru and get her some specialized medication express delivered here."

"I think she will be fine," Devon offered. "It was her first time ever on an airplane. All she needs is time. I bet Lindsay will feel a million times better today."

"Let's hope so," I sighed.

"How was your night?" Devon inquired, her blue eyes again flashing. My God, they were so pretty, so luminous...

"It'd been much better if you were here to spend it with me, sweetheart." I tried to play the pity card, but it came out sounding wrong. "Instead, I had to spend it all alone."

Devon reached out and placed her right hand upon my chest and even offered a tiny pout to boot. "Oh, you poor baby."

I chuckled at her response. "Heh... I was all right. I was so tired that I probably fell asleep 30 seconds after lying down on the mattress. I woke up... 20 minutes ago?"

Her hand still upon my chest, I grasped it with one of my own and brought it to my lips for a gentle, whispery kiss. Those amazing eyes of hers were just beaming with delight. Devon looked so much at peace, so at ease, right now.

"Mind if I hang out with you for a bit before breakfast?" was her simple request. "It's not even nine o'clock yet and breakfast isn't until ten. We can just chill and talk."

"It would be my pleasure," I answered, stepping aside and motioning with my free hand for her to come into the suite.

Devon strolled into the room and took a seat in a wicker chair near the big bed. "You told me a little about your past and your family last night, Jeremy. Tell me more?"

"Ask me a specific question, and I will answer it." I sat down next to her and mused, "What do you want to know?"

Devon thought things over for a moment, then nodded her head. "Talk to me about your dad, your mom..."

"My father is age 75 and lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend," I began. "He is in really good shape and wants to keep working, even though I wish he would have retired a couple of years ago so he could relax for a bit. He says he will keep working until his employer forces him to retire. He is the inventory manager for an automobile parts depot in California. He and my mother, who lives in Ohio, have been separated for 15 years. They got married in 1964. My mom was with him for so long that she does not want anyone new in her life. You cannot blame her for that. She is 72 and unlike my father, has a lot of physical problems."

"Like what?"

"Nothing life-threatening, thank God," I answered. "Just the wear and tear of 72 years. And the fact that she never had a job, never got any exercise. I know she takes like eight or nine different types of medicine every single day. But she seems to be doing good."

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