tagGroup SexIsland Fever Ch. 05

Island Fever Ch. 05



Once I stepped out of the elevator and made my way into the underground recreation room on this bright and colorful Thursday afternoon, I was momentarily stunned by the sight of Lindsay. The image of wholesome, sweet innocence, Lindsay was wearing a fluorescent orange halter-top which hugged and clutched her nubile young form in an exotic manner. Her taut, B-cup breasts were jutting outward upon the stretchy fabric. The young woman also wore a pair of denim shorts, along with white socks and matching sneakers. Those legs were so very sleek, so toned... so perfect. Her exquisite, free-flowing blonde hair looked fabulous tied into a girlish pony-tail, with her slender, delicate neck also on display.

After swimming several laps in the pool and then taking a shower, I decided to come down here to the recreation room to play another hour of Final Fantasy XV - the incredibly fun and addictive role-playing video game for the PlayStation 4 console. As it was, I had 46 hours of FF XV game-play logged on the hard drive for the system. The game was released late last year, but I had only just begun to play it recently and was determined to conquer it. But all thoughts of playing games quickly vanished once I saw Lindsay in the recreation room.

The precious angel was splayed out across a leather floor comforter, her sneaker-clad feet upon the carpet and knees raised, with a pair of wireless earphones around her head. Although she had the volume of the home music theater turned high - I could hear loud, blaring music from the earphones all the way across the room - I could not make out exactly what artist and/or song Lindsay was listening to. I figured that it was one of those boy bands which everyone (except for teen-age girls like Lindsay) seemed to despise. Or maybe Lindsay was into country music? Perhaps modern rock? Even rap? Hmmmmm, perhaps I should not have made any assumptions at all?

Whatever the case, Lindsay offered me a glittering smile and quickly turned the stereo off once she realized that I was in the recreation room with her. She removed the pair of earphones from her head and greeted, "Hi there, sir."

"Sir?" was my immediate, stunned reaction. "SIR?" Did she really just call me sir?

"The Bible says submit to the authorities placed above you," Lindsay, who was quite the religious type, informed me. I remember she mentioned the other day that her father was a minister. "You are the authority of this island. Me calling you SIR is a way of treating you with the proper respect." She punctuated her statement with a shy, adorable blush.

I chuckled inwardly. "I may be a lot of things, Lindsay, but I am DEFINITELY not a sir. Please... call me Jeremy. I am not an authority figure here, either. I'm just the host. Again, please... call me Jeremy. Please."

"If that is what you want, then so be it," she relented, flashing a smile. "I will start over again. Hi there, Jeremy."

I nodded my head at her. "Afternoon there, Miss Lindsay. May I ask what you were listening to with the earphones?"

"Saving Jane," Lindsay responded, to which my mind drew an absolute blank. "You probably have no idea who they are, Jeremy. It is a band originally from Ohio. Gotta support the local music, you know. I knew of the group well before it went big-time a decade or so ago." Lindsay paused, then asked, "What type of music do you listen to?"

I shrugged as she muted the volume. "To be honest, I like a little of everything. Variety. I think if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Richard Marx. I grew up in the late 1980's and early 1990's listening to his songs. He had a brand-new album come out in the spring of 2014, I believe. I bought and downloaded it as soon as I could. Also had a little Christmas album come out some time before that. But most of his stuff is from when I was a teen-ager."

"Richard Marx?" Lindsay asked, her blue eyes narrow. "I have never even heard of Richard Marx..."

I stifled a laugh and then shook my head, feeling embarrassingly silly. And old. A good sign that you are getting up there in age is when someone who is younger says that he or she has never heard of your favorite musical group or artist. Unfortunately, I was climbing that ladder fast. At times, it was difficult for me to accept.

"You're 39, right?" Lindsay said.

"Yes ma'am," I responded. "Some other types of music that I like are Van Halen, Poison, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams. But my favorite band of all is Guns n' Roses. I could listen to them all day; doesn't matter if it's the original group or the later version of it. Although, most of the original group is back together and they're currently touring. I saw them in Santiago last year." Wow... I was really dating myself in Lindsay's eyes. I needed to toss in a more current performer. "I also really like Eminem." But how current was he, actually?

"Eminem? YOU listen to Eminem, Jeremy? Wow." She gave a little twirl of the head. "Santiago? Where's that?"

"Chile," I answered. "It's the capital city. Very beautiful." Kind of like you, I said inwardly.

"I've heard of a few of those older groups you mentioned," Lindsay told me, grinning. "Some guy I know likes to blast Guns n' Roses in his car." She was such a doll. A darling, fresh-faced 18-year-old just six days removed from her high school graduation, Lindsay was one of my naughtiest fantasies come to life. What normal man hasn't dreamed of corrupting the sweet and untainted virgin in one way or another, and sending her along her rightful path in life? That being, of course, the path of sexual satisfaction and wanton fulfillment.

On the other hand, however, my more sensitive and caring side had its concerns. When I originally accepted Lindsay's application to come to the island, I did not know that she was still a virgin. Would I have brought Lindsay here if I knew that little fact about her beforehand? Not a chance.

My lone objective with these ladies, I must repeat, was to hopefully find my soul-mate in life and then marry her. Would an 18-year-old virgin be looking for that type of commitment? I had already overheard Lindsay say to Trish, Amy and Camille (with the help of the voyeur room) that she was, in no way, looking to settle down. Perhaps I should have chosen someone a little older to fill the final spot? After all, there was a reason why the other five ladies - Pamela, Trish, Amy, Devon and Camille - ranged in age from 25 to 30. Amy, in fact, would be turning 31 in less than three weeks. Trish's birthday was in December. They were all (typically speaking) at the point in their lives when single women are starting to settle down and get married. That was my endgame objective, remember.

Make no mistake about it, though - I was not complaining, or thinking that I had made an error in bringing Lindsay to the island. With her youthfulness and inexperience, she brought a very different, fresh element to the mix. Maybe I should have selected someone older and more experienced, but...

Who knows? Maybe Lindsay would change her mind about making a commitment at her age. Maybe I would fall in love with her? Maybe she would fall in love with me? Maybe the two of us would get married and spend the rest of our lives, and all of eternity, incredibly happy together? Or perhaps Lindsay and I would not click at all in a romantic sense? That was what these six weeks were about for me - evaluation. Although Pamela and Devon were at the head of the proverbial class right now, I really owed it to myself to evaluate all the women before making my decision on which of them appealed to me the most. I owed it to them, as well.

"What is a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" Lindsay blinked her eyes gulped her throat as I kept talking, "I already know that you are a virgin. You told me and Trish that during your first night here. Why did you agree to come to the island? Because of the money? It seems that you are a little... out of your element... here."

Lindsay frowned and nodded her head in response. "Yes... because of the money. My family really needs the money."

"Oh?" I inquired, closing the distance between us and taking a seat across from her on the floor. "Why is that?" You know, I had always been really big on helping others out...

"We need all the money we can get," Lindsay fretted in a hurt tone, momentarily tearing her gaze away from me.

I tilted my head and inspected the look on her face. Unfortunately, it appeared as if this little bundle of cheer and sweetness was about to cry. "What's wrong? Talk to me, honey. You can tell me anything."

"It's my father," Lindsay answered, her mouth twitching. Tears streaked her cheeks.

"What about him?"

She struggled to get her words out. "He... he p-passed away... N-N-No-November 4th, last year."

"Oh, my..." I grieved, totally unaware of that. There was no mention of that on any of the paperwork she had filled out prior to her arrival. Nor did Lindsay ever bring it up during any of our discussions. Just barely out of high school and the poor girl had already lost her father? He was dead? The horrid news blindsided me. "I'm so sorry, Lindsay. What... what happened to him?"

Lindsay sniffed her nose and sighed, "I came home from school one day with my sister, Alison. I was 17 then, and she was 16. We saw Dad l-lying on the s-s-sofa." Lindsay shook her head and added, "I thought he was sleeping, but then Alison noticed that his eyes were wide open." She grabbed a tissue to pat the tears from her face. "He had this totally blank, empty... emotionless stare."

"Oh God..."

"We thought he may have been playing with us at first," Lindsay continued, fighting with her emotions. "But then we realized that he wasn't breathing. There was no pulse." She took a deep breath and shook her head. "I got on the phone and called 9-1-1. They sent the paramedics, but they said there was nothing they could do. He was dead." Lindsay dipped her head low and now began to openly cry. "They... they said they would call the police and coroner, and then they left. They... they left me and Alison all alone... with our dead father on the sofa. Imagine what that was like for us! I thought... I thought that was so incredibly cruel of them."

I frowned and shook my head at the mere thought. "Must have been awful for you and your sister. Just awful..."

"He was only 46!" Lindsay exclaimed. "I nev-never once thought I would lose my father so... so very young!"

As I sat across from her upon the floor, Lindsay covered her eyes and sobbed like this was a funeral. Although seven months had elapsed since her father passed away, Lindsay was still experiencing a tremendous amount of grief and pain. I have not lost either of my parents yet (thank God), so I did my best to put myself in her situation and feel the anguish. It was quite a grim thought for me, indeed.

"What happened to him?" I asked. "If I may...?"

"Massive coronary," Lindsay interjected, now looking at me through her watery eyes. She snatched the entire box of tissues and put several of them to good use. "That is the one thing I never understood. Daddy was in great health. He was always exercising, always going out, always active. I went on a 16 mile bike ride with him a week earlier. I can't believe that his heart gave out on him. 46! HE WAS 46!" Lindsay began to cry harder as she added, "He w-w-won't be th-there to walk me down the aisle when I get m-m-married! He won't be there when I give b-birth to my first ch-child! He won't be there to be a grandpa for my kids!..."

I felt the urge to take Lindsay into my arms and comfort her, but did not have the courage to do so. I certainly did not want Lindsay to think that I was making a move on her in what was obviously a very weakened state. Furthermore, did I know Lindsay well enough to offer her a hug? I had no problem with the idea, of course, but she might. Still, I had to fight the urge. This girl needed a hug in the worst way possible. But somehow, I managed to keep my distance from her.

And, I am not above admitting that Lindsay was about to make me cry. "He will be there in spirit, I'm sure."

Lindsay took several seconds to compose herself before speaking in a steady voice, "After Dad passed away, money became really tight. He did not have any life insurance and it left me, my mom and Alison in a bad way. He did not have a lot of money saved up, either, unfortunately. I have two older sisters, too - Gina and Jennifer. Gina was living in Colorado, but she moved back to Ohio with us and helped with the expenses. Food, clothes, mortgage and car payments... me, my mom and my sisters, we all became a team. But none of us make a whole lot of money. I work at a supermarket and the best that I can do is $8.55 an hour."

"What do you do in the supermarket? Are you a cashier?"

"I work in cosmetics," she told me. Ahhhhh, that made a lot of sense, I said inwardly. Lindsay was perfect for that job. She was the beautiful teen-age girl standing behind the cosmetics counter at your typical supermarket on a busy night, smiling and being cheerful for every customer who came along. In addition, Lindsay was the female employee who was secretly lusted after and admired the most by her male co-workers. I bet every guy in the store endlessly fawned over her. Especially the ones in her age group.

And mine too, I am certain.

"So, the reason you came to the island was because of the money prospects?"

"I admit - it was the only reason," Lindsay sulked. She was glum, unhappy. "My family knew what I was getting myself into. They knew what was going to happen to me here. I was very straightforward and honest about it. My mom did not like me going to a sex resort, per se, but the allure of the money was too much. I cannot tell you how much $500,000 would help our family. Even if I get just $100,000, I would be so incredibly happy. I am going to give whatever I get to my mom. I hope... it will help us get back on our feet, for sure. It can be the life insurance policy that she never received."

More at ease, and in much better control of her emotions, Lindsay quickly added, "But now, I love the island. I came here for the money, yes. But everything that has happened to me thus far... I cannot think of a better place to be. I miss my family and would rather be with them, I guess. But if I must be away from them, I want to be on this island. I want to be here more than you would ever know. You have created a true dream atmosphere, Jeremy. This place is like a whole different world to me. Everyone is so nice." She giggled and added, "Even Amy is starting to grow on me..."

"Do your religious convictions make you want to save your virginity until your wedding night?" I asked, already knowing the answer. After all, Trish had asked Lindsay a very similar question during their first night together. I, of course, eavesdropped on that discussion.

"Yes, they do," she admitted. "But I think that I am giving my virginity up here - whenever that happens - for a good cause. I know it will happen here. I have accepted that as fact. I am doing this to help my family. If I am to be condemned for helping my family, then so be it. I don't care."

"You don't have to have sex here, you know," I reminded her. "You are not being forced into anything, Lindsay. I know that I am promoting a very open way of life, but you do not have to have sex if you do not want to. You could just hang out here for six weeks and bask in the sun. Become a beach bum. If you want to wait until your wedding night, then by all means... wait. The choice is up to you - and you alone. Do not feel obligated to surrender your virginity to anyone. It is certainly not a requirement of you being here. I want you to know that. I want you to understand it, too. You will receive your money regardless of the choice you make. Do not allow any of the others to force or talk you into anything."

Especially Amy and Camille.

Lindsay smiled. "You make me feel so much at ease about everything, Jeremy. Not just this, but everything since I arrived here. All the other girls would say the same, exact thing. You have made all of us feel at ease."

"That is my intention."

Lindsay massaged her forehead as if it was sore. "My religious side wants me to save myself for my wedding night, whenever that day comes. But I am a human being with desires. With or without this island, I seriously doubt that I would last until my wedding night." My eyes widened in curiosity as she added, "Alison, my younger sister, is still 16. Alison tells me ALL THE TIME that if God wanted everyone to wait until their wedding night, we as people would not be filled with lust and desires. I do not know if I agree with Alison, but that's the general attitude I am trying to adopt here."

"I have been curious about so many things for such a long time," Lindsay continued. I could not believe how open and straightforward she was being with me. "It is just what Trish told me the other night - she has never been married, but has had sex before. Trish said despite that, she will go to Heaven. I do not think that I will be scrutinized by God and go to Hell if I lose my virginity on this island. And do not worry... I will not have sex just to have sex. I still look at giving my virginity to someone else as a sacred thing. It will be with the right person."

Trish?, I asked inwardly. Trish and Lindsay had been close to inseparable the past few days.

"As I said, Jeremy, even though it won't be my wedding night, it will still be for a good cause. In being here, I am helping my family out. If we do not come across some money soon, Mom said that she may have to file for bankruptcy. I know that both of her credit cards are totally maxed-out. The funeral cost so much, then the casket... everything else, too." Lindsay sucked in air to apparently keep from crying any further. "My family is really tapped out, spread super thin." She brought both hands to her eyes and covered them.

I frowned. "They are missing out on your paycheck from the supermarket right now. Are they going to be okay for the next six weeks without your weekly income? I guess it is not much, but every little bit certainly helps."

Lindsay made eye contact with me. "Mom said she thinks they will make it. They know that I'll bring home $100,000, at least. That is the light at the end of the tunnel for us. Until now, the only thing at the end of the tunnel for us was ANOTHER tunnel." Lindsay shook her head. "It's been really rough."

I took a deep breath and came to an immediate, sudden decision. It was so easy. With the amount of financial resources that I had at my disposal, it was truly the only decision that I could make. It was the right thing to do.

"If your only intention with this money, sweetheart, is to give it to your family in order to help them out..." I paused, re-evaluating that decision for an instant or two. I then concluded that there was nothing for me to re-evaluate. My heart told me to make her this offer. "What would you say if I called my financial guru in Utah and had him forward $100,000 to your mom? Today? That way, your family would not have to wait six weeks for the money. They could have it right away, and start paying off bills."

Lindsay's eyes went wide and nearly exploded from their sockets. "ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU... YOU'D DO THAT FOR ME?"

"I see no reason why I shouldn't," I replied, shrugging my shoulders. "It's for a good cause - just as you said. Your mother could have the money in her bank account no more than five or ten minutes from now. I would need you to call her on the telephone and get her bank account number for me. Then I would call Harold, the financial guru from Utah, and instruct him to wire $100,000 to your mother's account. It would be a very easy, simple transaction."

"You... you'd do that for us?" Lindsay was shocked.

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