tagGroup SexIsland Fever Ch. 06

Island Fever Ch. 06



Looking over at Kristanna, I could not help but to smile at her. I mean, why not? Was there anything not to appreciate about this young woman and her overall physical appearance? Her outgoing, quirky demeanor? If so, I certainly had not been made aware of it yet.

Kristanna's graceful, tall frame, her glorious tumble of ore-gold hair and those eyes - blue as a cloudless winter sky - helped make her into a classic, timeless beauty. Her mascara and bright lipstick made her face glow in a truly exotic fashion. Even better, the mini-dress that Kristanna wore had a plunging neckline, which offered a nice, tantalizing view of her sexy, yet humble, cleavage.

Kristanna, of course, was my friend from Norway. Blessed with a slender and athletic body, her personality and infectious attitude matched flawlessly. She had been a ray of sunshine in my life ever since the day that I met her some four years ago. On top of that, she was perhaps the kindest and most warm-hearted person I had ever met. And finally, now at long last, Kristanna had made her return to the island. I must say, not a moment too soon, either!

As we en route from the helipad to the mansion in my trusty, old Jeep, I glanced over at Kristanna and smiled at her once again. "How was your trip? Everything okay?"

"It was long and tiring," she replied, her voice as soft and soothing as a summer's breeze. Her English wasn't always the best - especially her choice of certain words - but I had no complaints. "The weather was so cold and brisk in Oslo last night. But I shed my jacket when the plane reach Florida. It was like night and day. Florida be steaming hot!"

I grinned and shook my head quite vigorously. I simply loved to listen to this young woman talk. Kristanna (again, pronounced Kris-tawn-na) was the entire package - beauty and brains. The legendary Scandinavian deity of light hair, fair skin and flawless complexion perfectly complimented by inquisitive, curious eyes that seemed to look down to the depths of your soul. Above that she was impeccably smart, dignified, and as friendly as could be.

I was so glad that Kristanna had finally returned to the island after a three week hiatus. After all, Kristanna was the primary reason why all the other ladies were here on the island to begin with. Without her assistance, I would still be living on this tropic of Eros all by myself. She helped me select and recruit everyone!

Kristanna's travels started last evening in Oslo, Norway, where she boarded an airline flight to Frankfurt, Germany. The 23-year-old hooked up with a connector flight to Miami, Florida, and then finally made her way to Lima, Peru.

7,100 nautical miles.

From there, she was escorted to the island in a helicopter by a pilot friend of mine (whose name was Kevin). Her family lived outside of Oslo, but Kristanna had also spent a little time in California during recent years as a college student. She had been majoring in - of all things - Archeology, but ultimately decided to quit college and head back home to Norway.

I knew that the other ladies would grow to like Kristanna just as much as I did. There was no doubt. She was just so nice and friendly, and charismatic. How could anyone not like a woman this beautiful and funny? She had a heart of solid gold and was putting others - namely me - ahead of her own needs.

"Tell me about the girls, will you?" She gave me a curious glance. "Do you have a favorite amongst them yet?"

"I thought I did, but I'm not so sure anymore," was my response. "If you made me pick one right now, I think it would be... Trish. Yes, Trish. I have gone through so many of the girls this week, and flip-flopped between them so many times, that I'm going to hold off for a while before I finally decide who my favorite really, truly is. At various times I have liked Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy and Devon the most. Since yesterday, at least, I am becoming more and more attracted to Trish. Yesterday was... it was... INCREDIBLE. The most incredible experience of my entire life, bar none."

Kristanna smiled. "Oh? What happened yesterday?"

"Trish helped me take Lindsay's virginity. A three-some."

"Oh," Kristanna responded, looking a bit surprised. She took a moment or two to process that information. "So you wound up being Lindsay's first after all, hmmmmm? That had to be fun." Although she had not been here the prior four days, I kept Kristanna up to date as best I could with all the happenings and goings-on through telephone discussions and video chats. She literally knew everything that had transpired on the island up through and including yesterday morning.

"Trish and I together," I corrected her. "We were both Lindsay's first... not just me. I'm so happy that Trish was there to take part in it too, because she is in love with Lindsay herself. Just... absolutely in love. But... I still cannot believe that we brought a virgin to the island with us, Krissy. Lindsay is so sweet and innocent, and so young! She reminds me of you when you were 19."

"I was not a virgin when we meet each other back then."

"Yes, but you were sweet and innocent." Kristanna smiled at my words as I added, "You still are - just like Lindsay."

"But you like Trish the most now? Not Pamela anymore?"

I shrugged "Yes, Trish... right now. I guess? But that is subject to change. It can change from minute-to-minute, actually. Of the girls, I think Pamela has the biggest crush on me. In fact, I think that goes without saying. Devon is not far behind. I... I don't think I could go wrong with any of them."

"Ahh yes, I remember Devon from the computer," Kristanna mused. "Devon is the pretty blonde from Pennsylvania, no?" I nodded as she continued, "From the pictures on your computer, I liked Devon the most. She the prettiest. I have to see them in person, though, to be honestly sure. So... let me get this straight. You like all the girls here? Wait a minute... you name every girl on the island except Camille?" Kristanna was smart as a whip. Not much got past her. She caught onto everything, and this was ample proof.

I grunted inwardly as confusion swirled throughout me. "I do not know if I really like Camille as a person. She has said some hurtful things about not only me, but a few of the others as well. She is really... perplexing to me. In her defense, though, Camille and I haven't had the chance to sit down and really talk with each other yet. Most of my time has been spent with Pamela, Amy and Devon. I just had that three-some with Trish and Lindsay yesterday." Happy feelings returned. "I cannot emphasize enough how incredible it was, Krissy. I'd never been with a virgin before. Well, you know that."

"Lindsay is the Bible girl if I am not mistaken? She be the one who really devote herself to its teachings, ya? The one with the aspirations of one day getting into the ministry? Just like her papa? Follow in his footsteps?"

I nodded my head. "Yep, that's her. What you and I did not know, though, is that Lindsay's father is dead." Kristanna cringed as I continued, "He passed away last year."

"That is too bad."

I was about to tell her that I had money electronically transferred to Lindsay's family to help them get through some financial struggles. But Kristanna was rarely one to focus on negative thoughts, so she changed the subject before I could go any further. "Pamela and Amy... what are they like?"

"I really like Pamela a lot. She's an awesome girl and I seem to identify a lot with her. And Amy is just the way that the computer program predicted she would be, judging from the questionnaires we sent out many months ago. She is... quite the interesting girl."

"Amy the slut puppy!"

Keeping my eyes focused on the road in front of me as I drove the Jeep, I told her, "Yes, you can say that. She has a lot of issues, too. I mean, a LOT of issues."

"All Amy need is the right situation. At least, that is what you told me the last time we speak. You really believe that?"

"I do."

"I am sorry I could not arrive here earlier," Kristanna frowned, switching gears again. "Had problems with the passport. Had to get me passport straightened out first."

"It's okay, sweetheart." I just loved that accent! "It wasn't your fault. I'm just glad that you are finally back with me. I always miss you when you leave."

"I missed you too! Du inviterer alle disse kvinnene her for å være med deg siden du leter etter kjærligheten. Men jeg elsker deg mer en noen av dem kan noen gang komme til å gjøre. Jeg bare håpte at du kunne innse det."

"Not again! That's not fair!" I shook a menacing, but playful finger at her and grinned, "Don't you go Norwegian on me, sweetheart. You know I cannot understand a word you say - and it drives me crazy."

"But it be fun," she chuckled. "And you crazy anyway..."

"Not nice! Or fair!"

"How is Blakken?" Kristanna inquired, referring to her horse here on the island. There were a pair of horses in the stables (Blakken and Smokin' Satin Bars (my horse)). Blakken is some sort of Norwegian name, but I do not know if it has any special meaning or not. Knowing Kristanna the way I do, though, it probably means something extremely funny.

"Blakken is fine. I have been taking good care of both horses in the stable. No worries there."

"And what about Vincent Van Goat?"

I laughed at the mere mention of Kristanna's pet goat. Now that was a cute name for an animal. "He is fine, too. I saw Trish and Lindsay playing around with him on Tuesday. All that goat of yours does is eat, drink, sleep and play."

Kristanna tilted her head to the side. "Bow Wow Meow?"

Bow Wow Meow! Now THAT is a name - for a cat - which I find to be totally hilarious. "Just fine, sweets. He's really enjoying that new cat tree you brought him last time. Before you ask, Hogglesworth the Pig is perfectly fine, too. And those two geckos you have - Geico and Gonzo - are plugging along. I had them out for a while earlier, playing with them. Jack Rabbit and Bugs Bunny are the same as always, too."

"Let us not forget the Lambinator!"

I had to grimace at the mention of that name. Kristanna would not like this. "The Lambinator... I had to pay for a veterinarian to come out here from the mainland two weeks ago." Kristanna suddenly looked frightened - these pets were like children to her - as I continued, "I could tell that Lambinator was sick and not feeling good. The veterinarian did an examination and said he had an internal parasite. He gave me some medicine, or drenches as I think he called them, and told me to administer them to Lambinator every day for ten days. Apparently, it worked. Lambinator is acting like his old self again. The parasite must be gone by now."

Relieved, Kristanna took a deep breath. "That is good. You had me worried there for a minute. You know how much all the animals mean to me, Jeremy. Lambinator is the oldest - age 14 - of all the pets I have on the island. Are you sure that he is feeling better? Are you sure that he is cured?"

"The vet told me what trouble signs to look for. I have not seen any of them pop-up yet. You know more about sheep than I do, Krissy. So, you are very welcome to look at him once we get to the mansion. I want you to."

She nodded her head. "Yes. I will look. I love that sheep."

"Lambinator is, as always, in the fenced-in area outside with Vincent Van Goat. They have been getting along good. Just a couple of play fights between them lately is all."

Kristanna was an animal lover. She had grown up on a huge farm in Norway which was home to a wide variety of animals. She still lived there today with her parents. Over the four years that she and I had been friends, Kristanna had persuaded me into bringing a large collection of animals and pets to the island. Although they all lived here and I was the one who generally took care of them, Kristanna considered all these pets to be her very own. I had no problem with that.

I believe a main reason why Kristanna wanted all these various pets on the island and all around me was so I would have a little companionship in-between her visits. I was, after all, a recluse who had spent the last 16 years living here in isolation. It worked. Looking after and feeding all the animals kept me busy and gave me a daily purpose. It kept me happy.

"Bow Wow Meow, you better be nice to me pussy... cat."

I snickered and shook my head because of Kristanna's playful nature. Oh, she kept me happy too... that's for sure. It's just too bad that a committed relationship would never work out for the two of us. Else, I may have married Kristanna two or three years ago. "I am ALWAYS nice to your pussy... cat."

"Have you been taking Jack Rabbit and Bugs Bunny out of their bunny condo so they can get their daily exercise?"

"You know it. I take the rabbits out of their cage and let them rumble throughout my bedroom for an hour or two at their leisure every day. Usually at night. I also ordered them some new chew toys and they seem to love them. Tore right into them. Keeps them occupied."

"That is good," Kristanna surmised. "You always do a great job when looking after all me pet animals here, Jeremy. I be happy you have them."

"Thank you, Missy Krissy. I do my best."

"No... thank you, Jeremy," she insisted, grinning. "You do a wonderful job with them." She gently slapped my wrist three times in a show of appreciation. "Hey... did you buy ATV off-road vehicles for all the girls like I suggested you should?"

"You bet I did. You gave me a big list and I bought everything on it two weeks ago. Nothing was left out. No expense was spared. Not for these girls."

"What about me high score on the pinball machine? Is it still there? Or did you beat it yet?" Kristanna giggled at her own words. "Well, of course you beat it..."

I laughed at her. "You still have your high score on your favorite pinball machine in the recreation room. I haven't beaten it yet. You are right, though. I beat other things."

"Like your cock!" Kristanna rolled her eyes. "You still doing that in the voyeur room while spying?"

Reluctantly, I nodded my head.

"Naughty boy!" she snapped, albeit in a teasing manner. "That is NOT what we had the cameras installed for, you know. Not for you to hide in the wall and snoop like a deviant!" Surprisingly, Kristanna did not mind that I eavesdropped on the ladies in their intimate moments. That was shocking to me. But then again, it shouldn't have been. Kristanna knew full well that, although a bit peculiar, I was harmless.

"Naughty? I learned it from you. You're a naughty girl. A very naughty girl."

"So you are happy?" she asked in that unique voice, as I drove her to the mansion in my Jeep on this Friday evening. "You are happy with all the girls you bring to the island? Is all the hard work that we went through really worth it?"

"These five days have been the best five days of my entire life. But things are even better now, because you're back with me." I grasped the blonde's left hand with my right and brought it to my lips, then offered up a kiss. She let out a little sigh and seemed to temporarily melt. Kristanna was always so responsive to anything I did for her. "You make me happy, hon. And yes, everything was worth it. Well worth it."

"I go away for one day and miss you, Jeremy," Kristanna grinned. "But three whole weeks! When I come here, though, I miss me family too much. I need a happy medium!"

I smiled again. "I hope you're hungry. We're only 30 minutes away from dinner-time. I even got Louisa to fix one of your favorite dishes as part of the buffet - lutefisk."

"Oooooh, lutefisk!" she exclaimed, referring to Norwegian cod soaked and pickled in a lye solution. Not my cup of tea, so to speak, but Kristanna went bonkers over it. "Had some lutefisk two nights ago but happy for another today. Lutefisk pizza! You ordered lefse? I like that, too."

"Of course. Have I ever let you down like that? You know Louisa will fix whatever we ask her to - even your crazy food. So are you hungry? Have you had anything at all to eat today?"

"Momma fixed vafler before I left." She pouted and added, "But that was 24 hours ago. Flight lasted forever. Oslo, Frankfurt, Miami, 14 hours. Miami, Lima, six hours. I did have two hot dogs at Miami airport, though. Big ballpark wieners!"

I laughed at her. "You like big ballpark wieners?"

"The bigger, the better."

"What is vafler?"

"Waffles and sour cream. Yum-yum. But no food on the airplane ride. Airplane food, yuck-yuck."

Kristanna and her words never failed to bring me joy. "You must be starving, then. We'll get some food in you." I brought her hand to my lips and kissed it again. "I'm so glad you're back where you belong - on this island."

"Jeg hører til her med deg, gift."

"Kristanna! Stop that! Speak English..."

She smiled triumphantly. "No!"

* * *

Dinner-time on the island was set for 7:00pm every evening on the dot and tonight would be no exception. All the ladies were required to be in the large dining room at that time where Louisa would serve up the most scrumptious food ever known to mankind.

Tonight, it was no different. Louisa had fixed all of us a huge, wide-ranging buffet of foods. How could anyone go wrong with a selection of marinated chicken to choose from, as well as freshly baked turkey breast, Angus rib eye steaks, pork sausage patties, lasagna, wild rice and various seafood and salad dishes? If anyone were to make it to dessert, Louisa had even prepared a raspberry chiffon pie.

As all of us - myself and the seven ladies - enjoyed our delicious meal, we got better acquainted with each other. Our conversation was quite lively and included many various topics. Kristanna, who seemed to be a big hit with everyone due to her warm nature and friendliness, conveyed some stories to those who were interested about life in Norway.

Kristanna spoke highly of the 300-acre farm that she lived on with her parents, saying it was one of the most profitable markets in all of Norway. The farm even featured a bakery, an ice cream parlor and a petting zoo for young children.

There was a six hour difference between Norway (located in the Central European Time Zone) and the island (Eastern Time Zone), Kristanna told us. The average temperature for this time of year (June) there was 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but it had dipped down to 48 last night before her departure. In fact, Norway rarely topped the 75 degree mark all year.

Here on the island, of course, it was winter in this part of the world (in the tropics). But winter here meant 70-75 degree weather, so it was not much different than what she left behind in Norway (although the past couple of days had been somewhat humid). The hottest months were January, February and March (with average temperatures of about 80). I considered those months to be the _dog days of summer_.

"Two weeks ago, I went on holiday with Momma and Papa," was another story Kristanna explained to the group. "Papa was... very determined to fill up the car with a lot of food, a lot of clothes and all of that, and we drove all the way up to the mountain and stayed for six days in a cabin with no electricity, no water or anything, and just lived like the cavemen." She perked up and twirled her shoulders. This was storytelling from Kristanna at its finest. "That was really cool. My family do it every May... we just love it. I don't know why."

Pamela stared at her resolutely. "That doesn't fun to me. No water or electricity? But to each their own, I suppose."

At the dinner table, Kristanna even convinced Trish to try a bite of her precious lutefisk. Trish, who claimed to enjoy fish in general, said lutefisk had a strange taste. In other words, she did not like it. If there is one thing that I have learned from having Kristanna as my friend over the past several years, it is that people born and raised in her country have a very unique and exotic appetite. I did not care all that much for Norwegian food myself. Her people did eat a lot of seafood, though, and that was probably one reason why Kristanna was so healthy and in such excellent physical condition.

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