tagGroup SexIsland Fever Ch. 08

Island Fever Ch. 08



I was sitting at the control panel in the voyeur room, scanning the system for an elusive archived file. Why couldn't I find it? A video clip from last week that I wanted to queue up and review its footage again. The 206 surveillance cameras and microphones hidden throughout the estate and the island itself pumped live images and sounds into the 63 various monitors in front of me once their corresponding motion detector was triggered. I could turn feeds on or off, mute audio as desired, and switch what each monitor displayed with just a couple of keystrokes. And I could go back in time, so to speak, and watch events that I otherwise missed as they happened in real time since everything was recorded and stored both locally and in the virtual cloud.

The voyeur room was a beautiful thing.

- Tri&Lin06082018-213p-FR-Sofa.avi -

"Found it," I audibly congratulated myself. For some reason, the file was in the wrong directory. No matter, I clicked on it and the images and sound from that day - just this past Friday, three days ago - immediately appeared on the big screen in front of me. While I was spending the majority of that particular afternoon catching up with Kristanna, it being her first day back on the island, Trish and Lindsay were adding pages to their storybook romance. Or so I thought. Although I missed what happened between them in live, real time, this was the footage and I could re-visit it whenever I wanted.

"Yesterday was quite an eventful day," Trish said in the video, as she sat side-by-side on the sofa with Lindsay in the front room of the estate. Trish ran a tender hand through Lindsay's free-flowing blonde hair and ruffled it up a bit. "Are you having any regrets about what happened with me and Jeremy?"

"I'm just really confused now, I think." Lindsay was clearly distraught in the film. Growing up in a religious household as the daughter of a minister, Lindsay surely never thought she would surrender her virginity to both a man and a woman in a three-some a mere four days after meeting them. In this video - 24 hours after the fact - I could tell that she had a lot of things going on in her head. "I don't regret what happened, I think, Trish... because I think you and Jeremy together were the best choices for me of anyone here. I just... I do not know. I just feel confused. Overwhelmed, even. I'm... I'm so sorry... if I'm acting all weird or strange."

"What are you feeling confused about?"

Tears welled in Lindsay's eyes. "I don't know! Maybe after what happened, am I attracted to girls more than I am guys?" She glanced downward and continued in a shy, humble tone, "I enjoyed being with you, Trish, as much as I did Jeremy. I really did! The way you touched me, and how your... your tongue felt, on my..." Her voice trailed off, but she soon picked up, "But then when Jeremy was inside of me, I felt..."

Trish reached over and took her hand. "I bet you felt good, didn't you?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I did." She sighed deeply and kept silent for several seconds, perhaps lost in thought. "I just never thought it would be... that way."

"Losing your virginity in a three-some?" Trish drew back and wiped away her girlfriend's tears.


"You're the one who instigated everything, honey."

Lindsay pouted. "I know. I just thought it would be the best way to pay back Jeremy - do something for him - because he offered to wire that money to my mom back in Ohio."

Trish's eyes were sympathetic. There was something deeply touching in the way she was looking at Lindsay now and once their gazes met, she was powerless to look away. "Jeremy is not type of guy who'd expect anything like that from you in return. He's just not wired that way. I think he sent your family that money, honey, simply because you told him what a bad situation they're in. Jeremy was not looking for any sexual favors in return."

Lindsay was suddenly very pensive. "Am I a good kisser?" She slicked her tongue over her lips.

"What?" Trish retorted, caught off-guard.

"Am I a good kisser? My last boyfriend, Eddie, I went out with him for a long time but refused to have sex with him. We broke up because of it and then he went around the school telling everyone that I'm a horrible kisser. He said I'm all gums and slobber too much!" Visibly upset, Lindsay continued, "I just want to know if it's true or not. Please be honest with me."

"I think you are a great kisser, honey!" Trish stressed to the young and highly impressionable 18-year-old. Lindsay's old high school boyfriend accused her of being all gums and a slobber monster, huh? To me, a great kisser is a girl who kisses with a lot of passion and emotion. She's lusty, sensual. She'll kiss you deeply and then peck you on the mouth. She'll suck on your lips and tease her hands all over your body. Basically, she gets you excited of what that kiss is leading up to.

That was my own personal opinion of Lindsay's kissing ability, how I'd describe her technique. I could hug and kiss on the girl for the rest of my life! Either this Eddie dude was a horrible judge of what made a great kiss or, more likely, he was upset Lindsay wouldn't put out for him and wanted to damage her reputation throughout the school because of it.

Kids, and their damn vendettas...

"Eddie really hurt my feelings when he said that and spread it throughout the whole school!" I just now realized that Lindsay's former boyfriend shared the same name with Amy's ex-husband. What a coincidence. Even though the ladies were from the same area, it wasn't the same Eddie. "I just hope it isn't true."

"Eddie was just trying to hurt you!" Trish and I had the same thoughts about this. "He was bad for you, anyway. Eddie broke up with you simply because you did not want to have sex with him. That should tell you, honey, that he did not care about you one bit. Not. One. Bit!"

"But what if it's true? What if I really am a bad kisser?" Lindsay was acting all whiny, but the worry in her eyes crushed me. If I could be with her in that video, in that moment, I'd take her into my arms and make all her worries go away. Kiss them away, even. Life was too short to deal with petty insults like this. "If I am, I doubt you'd ever tell me so, Trish. Neither would Jeremy. Both of you are too nice."

"That's nonsense! You're NOT a bad kisser!" Trish gazed into her eyes and then spoke in a softer, much gentler tone, "I got an idea, Lindsay. Why don't you kiss me now?"

"What?" That question, on the other hand, caught Lindsay off-guard. Out of left field. It also seemed to frazzle her a bit.

"Kiss me," Trish reiterated.

"What? Now?" Lindsay returned, before holding back a laugh. "You want me to kiss you?"

"If you weren't any good at it, baby, why would I ask you to do it?" Trish smiled and purred like a kitten. "Besides, practice makes perfect. The more practice you get at kissing, honey, the better you will get at it. I don't think you need any improvement, but apparently you think you do." She glanced all around the front room. "We're alone here. We have privacy. So why not you and I kiss each other for a while?"

"Trish, I don't..." Lindsay spoke, but her words were quickly cut off once her 30-year-old counterpart (and future wife-to-be, perhaps?) leaned forward and found her mouth with her own. Suddenly, Lindsay's inner defenses were temporarily down as Trish touched lips with her in a quick-hitting series of five, delicate exchanges.

Trish closed for her eyes for an instant at the rush of emotion boiling up within her once she pulled away. She seemed to be floating on cloud nine already. "You are NOT a bad kisser, Lindsay. Not at all."

"Trish!" she complained, snapping away from her and pulling back even further. "I can't believe you just did that!"

"C'mon!" Trish insisted. "I know you liked it, too."

"Well, I did, but..."

Trish cupped Lindsay's face in her hands, desperate to quell her fears, to help comfort her. "Listen, honey. I've been around the block and seen many pretty girls in my lifetime - I'm a fair amount older than you - but never before have I seen a girl who is more utterly beautiful and attractive than you are." Lindsay's face turned beet-red and she momentarily glanced away in response, but Trish twirled her chin and brought their gazes right back together. "I would LOVE to kiss you. I want to do other things with you too! C'mon, maybe I can show you a couple of things? Who knows? You may learn something and can apply it if you want to become intimate with some of the other girls here, like Pamela or Devon."

Lindsay was confused and spoke in a quiet, timid squeak. Almost like a mouse. "What do you want to do?"

"Each other?"

Lindsay appeared very squeamish and upset now. "Oh... I don't know! Should I really be getting involved with other girls like this? I'm not sure this is a road I should be traveling. I may never come back from it."

"I could teach you." Trish curled her fingers over Lindsay's shoulder, slow and easy, and offered a loving squeeze. "I could show you. Trust me, it's really easy. You enjoyed yourself with Jeremy and me last night, correct? There's NOTHING wrong with it if it makes you happy." Lindsay nodded her head as Trish added, "C'mon, it will be fun. Life is meant to be enjoyed. You shouldn't hold back."

"Oh... I don't know."

"We don't have to do anything too raunchy," Trish said, grasping Lindsay by the hand and then moving in for another soft, languid kiss. It was returned, albeit tentatively.

"You're kissing me back," Trish admonished her, smiling.

"You're forcing me to!" Their lips glistened as Lindsay pressed her soft, little body against Trish's, who let loose with a hot, greedy moan. She pulled back and tangled a hand in Lindsay's mass of blonde hair.

Their lips met again and proceeded to dance and glide together in a slow, blissful union. Very tender, and very timid, their series of kisses caused my cock to pulse and spring to life within the confines of my shorts here in the voyeur room. I quickly fished it out and began briskly stroking its length. I settled down deeper into the chair and moaned pleasurably. I'd seen this footage twice before already, but this was soft-porn at its finest and I couldn't help it.

After about 60 seconds of their loving exchange, Trish giggled and pulled back.

"Why are you laughing?" Lindsay wondered.

"Because I could do this all day," she responded, her other hand sliding to the nape of Lindsay's neck.

Lindsay took a deep breath and sighed, obviously shocked and appalled that she allowed herself to be put into such a position. She brought a hand to her mouth and closed her eyes as the realization began to sink in even more.

"Look," Trish murmured, pointing at the goosebumps across the teen-ager's shoulders and arms. "You're already breaking out all over. Admit it, you're enjoying this."

"I don't even know what to say!"

"You don't have to say anything," Trish pressed her lips to Lindsay's cheek, tasting her sweetness. "Just, let me show you. I promise you'll like it."

Lindsay offered no resistance whatsoever as Trish swooped in for another round of kisses, these a tad more intense and probing than the last two sets. The hand that had been on the back of Lindsay's neck now ventured south and found a new home massaging one of her smallish breasts through the colorful tank-top that she wore. Lindsay groaned and tilted the side of her face upon the sofa cushion as Trish slid one strap of the tank-top down her shoulder. She moved that hand into Lindsay's cleavage and rubbed there, then pulled back once more and gazed into her eyes.

"I love you, baby," Trish proclaimed, swiping at her lower lip with her tongue. "More than anything. I want to make you happy. I want you to be comfortable."

Lindsay was anything but comfortable at the moment, trembling and shaking like a leaf in the wind as Trish held her lips mere inches from her own. Trish snaked her tongue into her room-mate's mouth for a slow, drugging kiss. Lindsay arched against her, her body reacting to the intimate moment.

"Trish," came her plea as she serenaded her neck with kisses, nipping as she went.

"Shhhhh. I've got you now."

"Why haven't any of my boyfriends kissed me like that in the past?" Lindsay may have been hesitant at the beginning, but the heat was starting to consume her. And fast.

"Because they don't know how. But I do," Trish surmised, sliding the other strap of Lindsay's top down, before peeling it away and exposing her bra-clad breasts. Still, Lindsay was trembling as Trish moved downward and again began to splay a series of gentle, angel-like kisses all across her neck and shoulders, then various parts of her bra.

She slid the other strap down, fully exposing Lindsay's left breast, and looked at her with deep, smoldering eyes. Trish cupped and muzzled that breast with her hand, saying, "You are so pretty, baby. You could be a model and make millions of dollars if you wanted. You never needed to come to this island for the money, but I'm sure glad you did." She continued to massage that bare breast, but focused her lips and tongue on the other one, with the bra cup still covering it.

"It's okay," Trish assured Lindsay, now sliding the bra off completely and tossing it elsewhere. Lindsay made an involuntary move to cover and shield her breasts, but Trish nudged both arms away and again looked deep into her eyes, her soul. "Settle down and relax, honey. Just relax. You're with me, and I would never hurt you. You're safe."

Lindsay took a deep, ragged breath, and nodded her head.

Trish dropped down to her knees between Lindsay's outstretched legs and now squeezed and prodded each of her breasts with both hands. Lindsay then tossed her head back and sighed in pure arousal once Trish moved her mouth to one of those breasts and began to gently dine on its nipple. Lindsay reclined back further upon the sofa, getting comfortable.

"It's okay to enjoy this," Trish soothed her. "I want you to enjoy yourself." She went right back to the nipple and sucked on it as if she was an infant seeking nourishment.

"Oh God..." Lindsay gently wailed out, after 15 seconds.

"Let me take this off for you," Trish whispered, pulling the tank-top, which had been bunched at Lindsay's stomach, up and over her head. Now completely topless, Lindsay's gaze was intent and locked squarely onto her older teacher.

Trish made a motion to unbutton Lindsay's little pair of faded denim shorts, but she jerked about and suddenly got cold feet in the process. "Relax," Trish insisted, her voice soft, as she moved away from the shorts and returned her focus to Lindsay's breasts. "God, your nipples taste divine.

Lindsay seemed content and okay with the fact that Trish was basically making love to her breasts with her lips and tongue. This continued for another minute or so, then Trish moved down and unbuttoned the front of Lindsay's denim cut-offs. "You okay?" she wondered, and this time, Lindsay reluctantly nodded her head in approval.

"Oh my God," Lindsay moaned, obviously unsure what to think, as Trish moved between her thighs and began to plant a series of loving kisses and nibbles upon the denim fabric that still covered her womanly center. Slowly but surely, Trish was devouring Lindsay and her inner resolve, stealing away any trepidation that remained. She kissed each of her upper thighs, as well as her inner thighs, and then began to concentrate and focus on that little, delicate mound, through the fabric.

"I want to make you feel good," Trish reassured Lindsay, who for a moment seemed to waver on whether or not this should continue. Trish undid the zipper and reached inside for a luscious feel, but Lindsay began to squirm and writhe about in an uncomfortable fashion.

"I don't know about this!"

"I'm just here to make you relaxed and at ease," Trish reiterated softly. "Trust me, you will enjoy this."

"I'm REALLY nervous..."

"It's okay to be nervous. I used to be nervous, too." With that, Trish nudged the shorts downward ever so slightly, then reached inside again and rubbed Lindsay's nether regions with an open palm. The 18-year-old's entire body bucked and flinched and she allowed her legs to drop open. Trish again peppered all portions of her thighs with angel kisses.

"Why don't you take your shorts off for me?"

Lindsay seemed torn, with a pained expression upon her face, but she nevertheless complied and wiggled out of those denim shorts. Trish did the rest and deftly slid them down her legs, past her knees and calves, to her ankles, then tossed the garment into what might as well been oblivion. Now, the only thing keeping Lindsay from being completely and gloriously nude was a simple pair of bikini panties.

"You've got to help me here," Trish told her, gauging her reaction. "If you don't want to do this, Lindsay, you have to tell me now."

"I... I just... I don't know..."

To help quell her anxieties, Trish moved upward and attached her lips to Lindsay's for another series of kisses. This time, the savory exchange of lips and tongues was much more needful and passionate than before. In fact, Lindsay seemed to be just as much into the act of kissing Trish as she was her. Trish straddled her lover's knee and sat down, allowing herself to get lost in the delight of kisses.

"Put your arms around me," Trish whispered.

Lindsay proceeded to slip one hand around Trish's shoulder in a loose embrace and placed her other hand upon her waistline. Dissatisfied with this, Trish then made Lindsay wrap both arms completely around her torso and clutch her tightly as the kiss picked up steam and continued.

"I care about you and I want you to relax and have fun on the island," Trish whispered, slipping her own arms around Lindsay's slender body and hugging her warmly. The pair of ladies continued to kiss and serenade each other's mouths as if they were destined to spend their lives together.

Eventually, Trish trailed her lips down to Lindsay's neck and then her shoulders, and again splayed kisses across them. She returned to her breasts and slurped on each nipple for several seconds, before drifting even lower and nudging her lips and mouth upon Lindsay's panty-covered crotch. Again, her body flinched. "Relax," Trish hushed, again shifting focus and now lying down on the bed beside her girlfriend and kissing her flush on the lips.

"What's this?" Trish giggled, glancing downward, as Lindsay brought a hand to one of Trish's breasts and stroked it through the light summer dress that she had on.

"I like your body, Trish. Especially your breasts. They are so big! I wish mine were like yours..."

With those words, Trish drove her tongue into Lindsay's mouth for another thorough, deep-rooted kiss. For an instant, Trish was an inferno, hot and wet, even demanding. She quickly got her wits back, though, and slowed back down.

"Oh my God..." Lindsay moaned, as Trish slipped a hand back into her panties and began to lovingly frig and caress her pussy underneath the thin fabric. Soon, Trish again straddled Lindsay, but this time placed her knees on either side of her abdomen and sat there. She reached down and latched onto those breasts with both hands, all the while offering her counterpart a reassuring smile.

Trish again switched positions, sliding in-between Lindsay's thighs and pressing their pelvises together as one, and then going for another sordid, mouth-to-mouth kiss. She sat up one more time and quickly moved off to the side.

Lindsay again sighed as Trish took the initiative by slipping both straps of her own dress down her shoulders. The dress, a colorful and attractive outfit with tropical flower designs scattered all over it, gave way to a purple bra. Trish sat up fully erect, cupped and squeezed her large, marvelous breasts in front of Lindsay, then peeled the bra downward. She unhooked it in back and casually flipped it to the floor beside them.

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