tagGroup SexIsland Fever Ch. 10

Island Fever Ch. 10



The time was 11:45am when I was making my routine rounds throughout the mansion on this warm and breezy Thursday morning, yet I came to an abrupt, screeching halt once I spotted Trish seated all by her lonesome inside the spacious library. Of course, this was not the first time - nor would it be the last - that simply seeing one of my female guests (especially if it happened to be Trish) would make me stop dead in my tracks.

Trish did not notice me at first as I admired her from afar. Dressed in a black tank-top and a pair of hot pink shorts, along with white socks and sneakers, Trish was busy reading a book at the center table. The tank-top that she wore - which read Canadian Girls Kick Ass! across its front - gave no doubt as to where she hailed from.

Trish was so incredibly gorgeous. That was the exact thought which went throughout my mind as I watched the young woman play with her long-flowing blonde hair, twirling those wavy strands around an extended finger. Trish was slender yet also physically fit at the same time, and had a truly voluptuous figure which was built for pleasures of the flesh. With a bright smile, smooth skin and 36d-24-36 measurements, Trish was what most normal men (such as myself) usually could only fantasize about. She was a goddess to me.

What raised the bar even more when it came to Trish was the simple fact that she was one of the nicest, most friendly individuals I had ever come across in my life. Trish was a sweetheart to the highest degree; a people person. A warm, witty, clever and thoughtful woman, this 30-year-old exuded light and beauty in any room, and could enliven even the darkest of situations with her mere presence alone.

Trish also had attitude, confidence and control, and the wonderful ability to flirt and seem overly vulnerable all in the same moment. She was a breath of fresh air whose charm, elegance and fierce, loyal nature could endear her to anyone. Such words did not apply to most women.

It had become apparent in recent days that Pamela and Devon shared a deep, vested interest in me. Everyone knew that. The same could be said for Amy, but I believe the feelings she had toward me were to a somewhat lesser extent, not near as strong. Perhaps Lindsay too?

Where these feelings were coming from, I had no idea. Again, I tend to think of myself as nothing more than your average, ordinary man. There is really nothing special about me. Mind you, there is nothing truly bad, either. I am simply an everyday guy... just a face in the crowd that no one would have any real reason to notice. I've never been one to exaggerate about myself, either good or bad.

Point is, if this were a week-and-a-half ago (when the ladies first arrived on the island), I would probably be flip-flopping literally every minute between Pamela, Devon and Amy as to who my so-called favorite was. I would be racking my brain on a constant basis.

However, several days ago, I promised myself that I would no longer be playing the favorite game. It was not very healthy, or smart. I was going to sit back and wait, perhaps a month or even the full six weeks into their visit, before I chose which of the girls that I wanted to pursue a relationship with. With any luck, the feeling would be mutual.

So, a little one-on-one conversation time here with Trish in the library seemed very appealing to me. Oh, I know that Trish had her eyes set on Lindsay. She had her entire heart and soul set on Lindsay. That was clearly obvious. Trish wanted to take Lindsay home with her and never look back.

But did Lindsay feel the same way?

Regardless, why not take this opportunity? I was attracted to Trish. Was there a man alive who would not be attracted to a woman this eloquent, beautiful and classy?

Believe it or not, there was also a part of me that still wanted to explore the possibility of a long-term relationship with Trish. Why not? Women like her did not come around all that often. And, best of all, she was all alone here in the library right now. How many more times would I catch Trish without anyone else (especially Lindsay) around? Indeed, I had to pounce on this opportunity and make the most of it.

Hopefully Lindsay would not show up out of nowhere - like she did a few days ago - and take Trish away from me right in the middle of what was shaping up to be a very good and thoughtful discussion. In fact, I was still stinging from that. I would never leave someone high and dry the way Trish did to me. On the other hand, I trusted it wasn't done on purpose. She probably had no idea that my feelings had been hurt...

When Trish arched her neck to relieve an apparent crick, she noticed me as I stood in the adjacent hallway. In her own, patented fashion, Trish's brown eyes simply lit-up as she offered me that dazzling, genuine smile. "Hi Jeremy!" was her friendly greeting, as she waved her hand my way.

"Good morning, Trish," I returned, my heart fluttering in response to her smile. I composed myself, then made my way into the library and over to her. I took a seat at the table and grinned, "What you got there?"

"Oh... just a reference book about Peru," she answered, lifting the cover and showing its title. One of Trish's best assets, quite frankly, was her gentle nature. She was a down-to-Earth girl who was approachable, and that was an attractive quality. I got the sense that I could talk to her about anything. "Just reading about the history of Peru and its restaurants, the places to go and see... that type of stuff." Trish placed the book down upon the table and offered me an impish grin. "Remember that television program about hockey and its history in Canada is debuting tonight. Are you going to keep good on your promise and watch it with me?"

"I plan to." Why wouldn't I? "I know you're looking forward to continuing my education about hockey. I gotta admit, your prediction for the Stanley Cup Finals was right. Washington beat Las Vegas in five games, just like you said." Was there ever any reason for me to doubt her? Trish seemed like an expert when it came to the National Hockey League.

"My only wish is it could be a team from Canada. No team from Canada has won the Stanley Cup Finals since 1993. I was only age five then, you know. That was a very long time ago. Much too long, in fact. But I remember watching with my dad."

"Are you ever going to get Lindsay interested in hockey?" I wondered. "All she did last week during the game we watched on tape delay was play video games. That, and fall asleep for a short while. Lindsay didn't seem interested in the sport at all. She only watched it for about two minutes."

"Meh..." Trish shrugged. "But as long as Lindsay was with us, though, it was cool. I liked having her around, you know. She could play her video games and listen to music while you and I kept track of the hockey game."

I quickly had to remind myself of something. I had Trish here - we were alone - yet the conversation was already starting to drift toward Lindsay. Again, how many times would I be presented with the opportunity of a one-on-one discussion with Trish? It was time to change the subject and focus on us. Talk about her, me, and not others. Definitely not Lindsay. Thus, I asked the first question that I could think of.

"You're a physical fitness instructor back in Toronto?"

"Yes, I am."

"What is that like?"

She took a moment to answer. "I cannot complain. I love physical fitness; I have been training and staying in shape for the better part of a decade. I go to work each day and I get to do what I love and, even better, help others too. I meet new people, socialize, make friends..."

"You work at a gym? How long have you worked there?"

"Nine years."

"Nice place?"

"Really nice place." How could this woman always be so chipper? She was like a blast of eternal sunshine. "I started out as a salesgirl nine years ago, then became a trainer shortly thereafter." Trish giggled and went on, "It was bad at first. I had to lifeguard the swimming pool. But, I got to work with the weights later on."

"What type of money does being a fitness instructor pay? That is, if you don't mind telling?"

"I get paid $19.33 an hour. Canadian money, of course. Not bad, I guess. I usually work from five in the morning until two in the afternoon. I am used to waking up each morning at three o'clock and going for a two mile jog. That is something I've had to adjust to here on the island. I haven't been waking up until six. My body is still all out of whack from it."

"Have you found any good jogging trails here?"

"Kristanna and I have actually been using the service road that encircles the island. You know, the road you had built for your Jeep? I don't feel right without a daily jog. My body... it kind of starts barking at me." Trish laughed again. "I tried to get Lindsay to go jogging. She lasted about a quarter-mile."

"I am certain that Kristanna is probably the only person on the island who has a chance of keeping up with you. She is really into fitness herself. She's big into self-defense, the martial arts, too."

"We'll whip all the girls into shape!" Trish snickered. "My first priority is Lindsay. You wouldn't think this about a little 95 pound body like hers, but that girl eats way too much fast-food. Lindsay says that she goes to fast-food places two or three times a week. That's not good for her! All those double cheeseburgers are going to catch up to her at some point."

Hmmmmm, the topic had drifted back to Lindsay yet again. I was fighting a losing battle here. Perhaps it was time to just give up and accept the fact that Trish had no real interest in me? I believe that Trish liked me as a person. She just did not look at me as a potential lover down the road. The thought - even the possibility of it - had probably never even dawned on her. I needed to get that through my thick skull.

But damn... what a cool chick. It was difficult to let Trish slip away without putting up more effort. I'd never met anyone like Trish before and most likely never would again.

A woman who was drop-dead gorgeous, overly friendly and gracious, loved sports and playing video games and, on top of that, was bi-sexual.

Yes... what a cool chick. An awesome chick!

"At least Lindsay is eating right here," Trish added. "Of course, she doesn't have much of a choice. None of us do."

"The food that I have here is healthy," I said. "I certainly do not want to add to any bad habits for any of the girls here, or even myself."

Trish nodded her head. "The food is not only healthy, but delicious. Your housekeeper, Louisa, is an outstanding cook. Best food I have ever tasted has been on this island, bar none. Just don't tell my mom I said that, okay?"

I chuckled at her. "Don't worry, I won't. Hey, I have a question. Where is Lindsay, anyway? I do not see you and her apart all that often. Is she feeling okay?"

Trish made a face. She did not seem happy at all. "Lindsay is with Amy right now. She wanted to hang out with her and Camille for a while. Why, I do not exactly know. But I'll hook up with her later tonight. We are going to play some video games in the recreation room."

"Lindsay is exploring a bit. Opening her wings, so to speak, and branching out. She is real young. It is okay, Trish. I am certain when things are all said and done, you and her will spend a lifetime together. You and Lindsay... the two of you go together so very well. I have never seen two people who belong together more than you and her do."

"Yeah... I like to think that way too," Trish murmured. Did I sense doubt in her voice? "I have never felt stronger for anyone in my whole, entire life. I love that girl. I love her more than anything."

"I know you do."

Why couldn't Trish feel that about me?

Trish reached out across the library table and placed her hand upon my wrist. "I have a favor to ask, Jeremy. I was talking with Kristanna earlier. She says that you have a whole mess of scuba diving equipment here on the island. Kristanna also says that you love to go diving yourself. If it is not too much trouble to ask, I would LOVE to go diving with you. I... I have nothing else to do until later anyway."

"Oh? Do you have any diving experience?"

"I'm certified, baby!"

"You're a certified diver?"

"Yeppers," Trish clarified, nodding her head. "I took both basic and advanced scuba diving courses at this place back in Ontario called Scuba Rocks a couple of years ago. I also took courses in nitrox and advanced nitrox. Since then, I've been diving off the coasts of Canada, New York and, while visiting friends there, Florida. I also went diving in Bora Bora while on vacation there last year."

"Excellent," I told her. She seemed much more than qualified. "I wouldn't have to hold your hand and watch over you as if you were a novice diver. So... you want to go diving right now? We can get all the equipment from the storage room, then take the big boat out to the ocean. Or, we can do something else first, if that is what you want. Whatever you want is fine with me. I'm easy."

"I'd like to go diving now," Trish informed me.

I was more than happy and content to just sit here and continue the discussion with Trish. I really liked this woman and wanted to get to know her. She was such a warm and interesting person. I wish Trish's feelings for me were as powerful as they were for Lindsay. I could easily toss her into the mix with Pamela, Devon and Amy. Likewise, I could easily envision her emerging from the trio as my favorite. My feelings for Trish could potentially be that strong.

But they were stuck in neutral until things changed between us... if they ever did.

There was nothing for me to complain about, though. The conversation may not continue, but apparently I was going to spend a sizable portion of the afternoon with Trish. Even better, it was going to be one-on-one time with her.

"You're the boss. Not me." I stood up from the chair here within the library and extended my hand toward her. "Let's go see what wonders the ocean has in store us today, shall we?"

"Awesome!" she exclaimed, accepting my hand.

* * *

A few minutes past noon-time, while aboard the big boat, Trish and I counted one, two, three, then back-rolled into the 76-degree waters of the Pacific Ocean and let the current wash over us. I felt the familiar calm wash over me all at once. There is nothing like the serenity of being suspended in mid-water and the amazing rush of floating past dizzying arrays of color and life. From 65 FSW (feet of seawater), Trish and I could clearly see the bottom of the boat and make out the coral heads 50 yards around us in all directions.

The two of us came prepared with all the necessary equipment for such a big plunge. An oxygen tank and helmet, fins, gloves, weight belt, buoyancy compensator and a wetsuit were the bare essentials for any diver. I also brought along an emergency air source, an underwater watch, blunt tip knife and a laser flashlight.

Our first close encounter with marine life was with a colony of friendly sea lions, who were more than happy to show us how slow and cumbersome we were when we attempted playing a game of catch me with them. Trish then pointed out a hawksbill turtle which, unfortunately, had a 20-foot-long fishing line attached to its mouth. I tried to cut the line, but the turtle got scared and swam away before I could finish. We then came across several spotted eagle rays, free-swimming moray eels, streaming schools of French and blue striped grunts, gigantic grouper and lobster.

Since Trish was an experienced diver, I'd decided to bring my digital camera, complete with underwater housing, along for the trip as well. My thinking was that because Trish knew what she was doing in the water, I could get some good snapshots of the various sea life without having to worry about her safety. I wound up taking about 200 photographs over the course of our dive.

Trish kept close to me as we explored the dizzying depths off the eastern coast of the island. The visibility was superb and I could tell that Trish was fascinated with the beautiful coral that lined the ocean floor 100 feet deep. We spotted an even greater variety of marine life - aarawana, frogfish, halibut, eagle rays and cichlids, just to name a few. Trish and I were also awarded with a very pleasant treat when a pod of affectionate dolphins streaked by us.

At one point, I found a dome-shaped eye looking back at me in the sand. I stopped immediately, then gently swept my flashlight from side-to-side, in front of and behind me. It was a slumber party of stingrays, their wings overlapping one another. I motioned for Trish to come closer (but not too close, as stingrays can be deadly if provoked), and the two of us proceeded to hover over the brute for quite some time.

If not for the competition - a pack of hunting squid, a delicate octopus dancing clear of its den, a crab devouring its lobster dinner (which made me jealous, by the way), a giant parrotfish tucked under a ledge, prowling tarpon, a curious snapper and free-swimming moray eel - Trish and I could have passed the rest of our dive enraptured by the motionless stingrays. They were truly magnificent creatures.

I guided Trish a little further out into the ocean. The canyons located here were not only breathtaking, but quite dramatic as well. Trish certainly did seem enthralled with those canyon tops encrusted with healthy coral and sponge life. Plus, the marine life here was even better.

A single grouper joined us, tagging along like a friendly neighborhood dog. Together, we swam close above the coral and then floated over the abyss until landing upon the other side. A pair of cherela emerged from the abyss as well. At the same time, a duo of spotted eagle rays swooped onto the scene like two kites catching an updraft in the blue, triangular wings outstretched and long tails dangling behind. They circled us once, twice, vanished and then re-appeared. They seemed just as curious about us as we were about them.

The reefs were gorgeous as well, with healthy coral, large tube and barrel sponges, and abundant anemones with their attendant brittle stars and shrimp. Each coral head was crowned by teeming masses of colorful reef fish and cloudy pockets of fish fry. Indeed, it seemed like a completely different universe down here. It was simply breathtaking.

Trish returned to my side and we proceeded to ride the currents and watch the circle of life unspool around us in the reef's fairytale turrets and spires. Soon, I remembered that there was an old, sunken ship nearby. Knowing that she would find it interesting, I motioned for Trish to follow me further into the depths.

Minutes later at 125 feet underwater, Trish and I were standing on the sea floor with the bow towering way above us. The wreck had corals and sponges sprouting up all over it. The sinking of this ship was a terrible tragedy, but new life had since blossomed on it as it was now a coral reef.

Unfortunately, the vessel - a Peruvian fishing boat that was reported missing in 1944 and not discovered until 1976 - appeared to be in a lot worse shape than the last time I visited it. The wooden deck and structures above had rotted away, but the steel skeleton remained, although it was slowly but surely being destroyed by corrosion from the salty sea. That was depressing to me.

Unlike the last time I went diving here (eight months ago with Kristanna), there were large holes in the side of the ship, with entire sections already caved in. Originally, I wanted to take Trish on a swim through the cabin and engine room. However, I chose not to in fear of that if either of us bumped into something, the structure would collapse even further and we may be forever trapped inside!

While Trish and I were curiously exploring the wreck, our dive computers indicated that we had stayed underwater too long to safely return to the surface. Thus, we had to stop on our way back topside and decompress before getting out of the water. After 45 minutes of underwater exploration, Trish and I finally returned to the boat and climbed aboard it.

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