tagTransgender & CrossdressersIsland for Dickgirls: Lost Aunt

Island for Dickgirls: Lost Aunt


Author's Note: This story is the first in a series of inter-related stories regarding women with penises. The stories will be related but will not be true sequels. That means you can read one "Island for Dickgirls" story and never read another, read them in any order, or (hopefully) read them all. To aid readers, I will include the same "introduction" section in every story. If you have already read an "Island for Dickgirls" story, feel free to skip down to the start of the story.


San Clemente is a small island off the coast of California in an archipelago known as the Channel Islands. It is about 55 miles out to sea and is the property of the United States government. The island is around 57 square miles (twice the size of Manhattan). It is a very long and narrow island shaped a bit like an old fashioned straight razor blade. The coast line is craggily and the interior is relatively flat and grassy. The island was in the custody of the U.S. Navy from 1934 until 1958. It was taken over that year by NASA, around the same time the Administration was created. Initially it was a small research facility but it quickly grew and the government's plans for the island also expanded. A small town was built just north of the center of the island and an airport was put on the northern tip of the island.

NASA acquired the island from the Navy with plans to initiate a massive full-scale. Since the outset, NASA began planning for eventual interstellar travel. The distances between stars, even at unbelievable speeds, is daunting. It would take a human built craft several generations to travel to the Sun's nearest neighbor. The stresses that would be placed on human beings, spending their entire lives inside of small spaceships, would be intense. NASA decided to genetically engineer the perfect specimen for long term space travel. Through the decades they perfected their new specimen.

By 1985, they had created what would be the final design. They named the creatures Hish (Human Inter-Stellar Hybrids) and their characteristics were alarming. For all intents and purposes they appeared to be exactly like normal human women. They had the ability to become pregnant, they had breasts, and appeared to be woman in face and body shaped (most, in fact, were beautiful as the genes of only the best and brightest were engineered into the Hishes). However, these women also had something different. The NASA engineers who had worked on the first generation of Hishes in the 1960's had nicknamed them "dickgirls." Notwithstanding their vaginas, breasts, and generally feminine physique, the Hishes had penises and testicles.

The theory for creating such creatures were quite sound. Women, in general, are more passive and better able to cope with the stresses of space travel. Their bodies are smaller and therefore more efficient. Further, if all of the Hishes were both able to become pregnant and impregnate others, they doubled the productive output of the species. They were further engineered to be unable to impregnate themselves through some accident or other. The Hishes had been engineered all over the country but in 1986, they were moved to San Clemente Island and a new colony was created to test the ability of the Hishes to cope with life on their own and wait for at time when other technology necessary for space travel caught up.

Through an accident of rapid evolution in the test tube, three distinct classes of Hish were created. They were given class names A, B, and C. A-class Hishes ar born with full sized, often very large penises and large testicles. A-Class Hishes are around 40% of the population. B-class Hishes generally have medium sized penises which retract into the body and only became fully visible and erect during stages of arousal. B-class Hishes are around 50% of the population. C-class Hishes have small penises that are constantly visible but hardly ever erect. They are around 10% of the population.

The Navy patrolled the island and ensured that no unwanted guests ever stepped foot on the island. Very quickly, the intelligent and industrious Hish population grew and began to thrive. Aside from their general isolation, the women (as they called themselves) lived relatively peaceful and prosperous lives on the island. They were given jobs as government contractors and produced many of the new and exciting innovations which helped the United States gain technological dominance in the last decade of the twentieth century.

By 2020, the island was a thriving community with a population of over 52,000 Hishes. 30,000 of these women lived in the city of Camelot in the center of the island, another 10,000 lived in Athens near the airport, and 5,000 lived in Caroline of the Southern Coast of the island. The remaining 7,000 were scattered throughout the island in isolated homes and small towns. The style of life on the island was remarkably American and if not for the fact that the entire island was occupied by beautiful women, it could be confused for many small counties in the United States. However, looks can often be deceiving and things are not always what they seem. This is the story of life on that island.

Long Lost Aunt

Eileen Fuller awoke with a shot. The heard the bell ringing over and over again at her front door and she was not amused. She fumbled for her glasses and noticed that it was nearly 3 o'clock in the morning. She groaned and realized she probably wouldn't be able to fall back asleep before she had to wake up for work at 5 a.m. Whoever was at the door had better have a good excuse, she thought, or I am going to tear their arms off.

She got up out of her bed and quickly slipped her bathrobe on. She saw her tired face in the mirror but smiled. She still looked young and sexy even as a 42 year old mother. She was 5'9 and weighed about 140lbs. She had medium length red hair and brown eyes. She had a somewhat large nose, but one that fit her delicate face. Her breasts were small, but remained perky despite her middle age. She exercised often and was proud of her muscular butt and legs. She was a class-B Hish with a 5" inch girlcock.

She tied the drawstring around her body and headed downstairs to the first floor of her little split level home on the outskirts of Caroline. She turned on the porch light and opened the door. She blinked a couple of times when the door opened. She couldn't believe she was seeing the beautiful woman in front of her. She was 29 years old and had long, straight black hair with bangs hanging down in her eyes which were large and violet. She had thick full lips which were crimson and she had a tongue stud. Her breasts were large and she had a thin, flat stomach. She had a bit of a bubble butt, but it was in good shape. Her legs were long and shapely. She was around 5'4 and around 100lbs. She was a C-Class Hish with a 3.5" girlcock.

"Aynsley?" Eileen asked, sincerely shocked, "Is that you?"

"Hey sis," Aynsley said, taking a drag from her cigarette, "Can I crash here?" Suddenly Eileen's hand shot out quickly and strongly slapped Aynsley's face, knocking the cigarette out of her mouth and into the yard.

"How dare you?"

"Christ Eileen, what the fuck was that for?' Aynsley said, putting her hand up against her white-hot cheek.

"I haven't seen you in 10 years Aynsley. I thought you were dead when you didn't show up for mom's funeral. Now you show up at my house in the middle of the fucking night, no explanation, and want a place to stay? Fuck you!" Eileen felt her whole body shaking. She knew that if she looked at her sister again she would hit her. However, when Aynsley spoke again, it was with a softer voice.

"Hey Eileen, I am sorry. I didn't mean it to come out like that," she said, feeling tears welling in her eyes. All of the sudden, she was Eileen's little sister again and Eileen felt her heart softening, "I wasn't demanding anything. I am begging. I need help."

"What's wrong Aynsley?" Eileen asked, this time softer. She opened the door and let her sister walk in. They both headed to the kitchen. Eileen began preparing tea and Aynsley sat down at the head of the table. Eileen returned a few minutes later and handed her sister a cup of green tea. She sat next to her for a minute and didn't speak.

"Okay listen," Aynsley said, measuring her words and be particularly careful, "You know why I left all those years ago. Mom was not an easy person to live with. You got out and I spent all those years alone with her and I just needed to get away. I spent a lot of time in Camelot, in some of the shady places you hear about in the news. I have not had a very good life, but I couldn't come home. I didn't even know mom was dead until you just told me now. But listen sis, I just got myself cleaned up. I haven't had a drink in a month, nothing harder than that for almost 6." Aynsley was sobbing now and Eileen put her arm around her little sister. She didn't even think about her much anymore. She was shocked by how much she missed her.

"Well I am glad to hear that," Eileen said.

"Listen, I can't be with those people up in Camelot anymore. I am not strong like you are. If I am around them I am going to use," she said, baring her soul and being honest.

"Well I am glad you are doing what needs to be done. Finally acting like a grownup," Eileen said. It was all Aynsley could do to keep from getting angry. She hadn't said it before, but she hated Eileen's judgmental attitude and the fact that she thought she was her second mother. It was at least part of the reason she had left in the first place.

"I can get a job," she said, ignoring Eileen, "I am ready to turn my life around. I just need a place to stay for a while while I get on my feet. I thought maybe I could stay here?" she said.

"You have a 18 year old niece in this house who can't even remember you," Eileen said, crossing her arms in front of her chest and taking a sip of her tea. She saw the shock in Aynsley's eyes.

"Kendal is 18? Well I guess that's right," she said, shaking her head, "I want to be her aunt. I think it would be fun. I can help you, it must be hard. I assume Cara is still out of the picture?" Cara was the person who had sired Kendal, what the Hish's called a Donor. She had disappeared shortly before the girl's birth. While it was normal for Donor's not to be involved in their daughters' day-to-day lives, it was not common for them to disappear forever.

"I am sure she would like to meet you," Eileen said, finally, "Listen. The guest room is right there to the right. I am going to go upstairs and go to bed. I have work tomorrow. You can stay here for a few weeks if you need to, but if you backslide, you're gone. I have to think about Kendal."

"It won't be a problem," Aynsley said as Eileen got up from the table, "Honestly sis, I've changed." Eileen nodded and went upstairs.

The next morning a commotion in the kitchen awoke Aynsley. She looked and the clock and remembered where she was and saw that it was 8 a.m. She slipped on some boxers and a wife beater and rubbed her eyes. She opened the door and saw her niece sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal. She was shocked by what she saw. This was not the toddler she had left all those years before, it was an actual teenager.

Kendal had long black hair with bangs, just like her aunt. She had big, blue eyes and thick lips. She had a small beauty mark right over her lip on the right side of her face. She had small breasts, and a flat stomach. She was wearing a skirt which showed off her thin, delicate ballerina legs. She was 5'0 and around 95lbs. She was a class-A Hish with a bizarrely large (even for a Hish) 10" girlcock. The girl looked up from the cereal with an inquisitive look and Aynsley was terrified that this girl thought some random woman had broken into her house.

"Mom is right," Kendal said in a soft, sweet voice, "I do look a lot like you." Aynsley laughed a little bit and then opened the fridge.

"I was hoping she told you I was going to be here, I am your Aunt, Aynsley," she said and grabbed a grapefruit from inside.

"It is nice to meet you Aunt Aynsley," Kendal said sweetly and finished up her bowl of cereal.

"Oh please just call me Aynsley," She said, feeling older each second she talked to this strangely polite little girl.

"Mom told me to call you Aunt Aynsley," the girl said as she drank the remaining milk from her bowl and got up from the table to put it in the dishwasher. Aynsley wanted to ask the girl if she always did everything her mother told her, but decided that it was probably none of her business and decided to change the subject.

"So do you need a ride to school?" she asked. The girl grabbed her back pack and her eyes looked up towards the sky and she pursed her lips. Aynsley was amazed by what a beautiful young woman she had become. She felt a little vain thinking about it. Her niece did look a lot like her.

"Sure," she said and they walked out to Aynsley's little car and crammed in.

"Sorry it is so tight, I can't afford much more," She said and the girl laughed a little. She seemed like a sweet girl. Perhaps a little too reserved, but sweet. They talked about classes and friends the whole way to Seaside High School. Aynsley learned that her niece was, despite her good looks, a little bit nerdy and shy, but generally a good kid. She found that she liked the girl and looked forward to helping her out of that shell.

Aynsley returned to Eileen's house, got a shower, got dressed, and headed out to apply for jobs. She spent most of the day applying to waitressing positions and other jobs where she would not need a lot of experience or schooling. By the time 6 o'clock rolled around, she was tired and disheartened. There were very few places hiring and she didn't know if she would ever get a job, but she felt good about going out and trying. Even Eileen said she was proud when Aynsley arrived for dinner.

Dinner was nice and Eileen was in a better mood now that it was not the middle of the night. They had a nice quiet dinner and talked about their days. Eileen was a pharmacist and talked about the various people she had seen during the day and described bizarre diseases which unnamed patients possessed. Aynsley talked about her job search and her concern about the poor job market. Kendal talked a small amount about school and friends, but Aynsley could tell the girl was a bit intimidated by Eileen. She felt a lot of sympathy for the girl. She too had been a bit nervous around her own mother and couldn't describe why. She assumed that Kendal felt the same way.

"Oh hey guys," Eileen said after dinner while she was cleaning up the dishes, "I have to get up very early tomorrow for work, so I hope you can both keep it down tonight," she said. Shortly after dinner she went upstairs and fell asleep. Kendal sat down at the kitchen table and started to do some homework. Aynsley decided to try to get to know Kendal a bit. She sat down next to her and decided just get on with it.

"I used to be so scared of your grandmother," she explained and Kendal stopped writing, "Your mother could handle her easily but I just couldn't. It wasn't like she was violent with me or that she threatened me. It was just like she was so in control of everything that I couldn't take care of anything. I felt like she was crowding me out you know? I think that might have been part of my problem growing up. I am only now starting to figure out how to take care of thing."

Kendal sat silently for a moment and fidgeted in her chair. Her beautiful face was wrinkled with concern and Aynsley could tell she had struck a nerve, "I am sorry that happened," the sweet girl said and Aynsley felt her heart warm, "Mom said that you and grandma didn't get along. I am sorry she died while you guys were still fighting."

"Do you ever feel like that sweetie?" Aynsley asked, trying to keep the pressure on but in a gentle way. She felt like she was trying to both justify her own feelings as well as help this sad, sweet little girl. She was convinced that she wasn't trying to drive this girl away from her mother, but maybe somewhere deep inside, there was a little bit of that going on.

"I don't know," The girl said, twitching in her seat. She was obviously uncomfortable and Aynsley felt a bit guilty.

"Never mind honey," she said, backing off now, "I am sorry I kept you from doing your homework. Why don't you go back to work? I have to get a good night's sleep too. Got to get back to the job trail tomorrow." Aynsley felt a bit defeated. She knew that there was something to this, but she couldn't push herself to finish it and talk to the girl. Kendal would thank her later if she could. But she couldn't tonight. She headed to her room and fell asleep a few hours later, watching the TV.

The next day she got up early and hit the streets. However, it was barely lunch when she exhausted the last of the places in town that she hadn't yet applied to. She headed home, feeling a bit defeated. She couldn't do anything now but sit and pray that she got an interview somewhere. Anywhere.

She made it back to the house and made herself a little bit of lunch and then sat down to watch TV. At around 8:00 p.m. the front door opened and she heard someone come in. She looked and saw Eileen in the kitchen. She looked tired from her long day.

"Get a job?" she asked rudely.

"I applied at a bunch of places," Aynsley replied honestly.

"Well you'd better get one soon. This is a home, not a half-way house," Eileen said. Aynsley didn't care for her sister's attitude when she was tired, but she didn't have any place else to go so she apologized. Eileen half-snorted and half-nodded, "I know. Hey I am beat. I am going to bed. Can you take care of Kendal tonight? Get her something to eat?"

"Sure," Aynsley said and her sister's attitude softened. Eileen headed upstairs to her room and the door slammed. Aynsley felt the old tension in her chest she always felt when she was with her mother or her sister. Like she was a giant disappointment. She sat without moving for nearly half an hour, just feeling the tension wash over her body. She wanted badly now to have a drink and considered checking the fridge for beer or cheap boxed wine. However, as she got up to check the door opened again.

This time it was Kendal, home from after school SAT practice that her mother had signed her up for. She rushed into the house, sobbing, but trying to do so quietly. She walked straight into the kitchen and then she noticed Aynsley standing in front of her and a look of absolute horror covered her face. She turned to walk away.

"Whoa there honey, what's wrong?"

"Nothing Aunt Aynsley," the girl said and wiped the tears away, "I knew my mom would be asleep now I didn't think you'd be home. I didn't mean to bother anyone."

"Kendal you didn't bother me," Aynsley said, feeling guilty that the girl had even considered this.

"Don't worry, I am fine."

"Come to my room sweetheart," Aynsley said in a soft, welcoming voice, "It is a safe place. Anything you say there to me absolutely stays in that room." The girl considered it for a moment, the tears still fresh in her eyes. Aynsley could see that Kendal both needed to talk but desperately didn't want to. It was a feeling she knew all too well. Finally, the girl nodded and they both walked over to the guest room. Kendal sat down on the bed and sat silently for a few moments. Aynsley decided to wait and let the girl begin when she felt comfortable.

Aynsley sat down on a chair next to the bed and leaned forward in an earnest fashion. She felt a bit ridiculous herself. It wasn't her nature to provide advice to anyone. Yet, from the moment she had seen her the day before, Aynsley had felt a special connection with this girl and felt that if anyone could help her, it was her aunt. Finally, after a few minutes, Kendal spoke.

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