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Island Lust

byMr India©

My comeback will hopefully please all of you out there who complimented me on my previous stories. Hope you enjoy part one of my new erotic tale. Like or not please VOTE. For those new here, I invite to read my previous submission and please VOTE.

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My sex life had been a disaster. Feroz, my husband had aged but even with he was a vigorous young man, he never really fucked me as I wished. Whenever, he would fuck me, it would him pushing his 6 inch circumcised cock in me, without any prior foreplay, kissing or hugging. I was a just hole for him.

Every night, alone on my bed, I fingered myself to orgasm, each night fantasizing a new lover or lovers trashing me, treating like a whore and making me cum. My favourite fantasy was about my son’s best friends who often came to our place. Each night, I would dream of him alone or with some other chaps taking me in all possible postures in unusual places. But my favourite fantasy remained the one with the young Navin pushing his throbbing venous young hard prick up into my tight anal orifice while the two other unknown young studs kneaded my firm tits roughly with their large hands, pinching and twisting my hypersensitive nipples while I took their rock hard young cocks in turns and suck them as they had never been sucked before.

Last year, for the occasion of our 27th Wedding anniversary, we bought ourselves our air tickets to India with a weeks stop-over in Seychelles. The island was simply enchanting, no rush. no violence and above no work. We booked in a newly built hotel in Praslin, some 40 km from the mainland. I could never have imagined that my life was about to change

That afternoon, we looked for a local tour guide to show us the place, we ended up in the office of an elderly local man who only managed broken English; with we made our plans for the week. It was decided between us that we could go for separate activities so to make the most of our short stay.

Feroz arranged for his fishing trips and snorkelling. I was more interested with the people and the inland features of that place. We were then introduced to our guides. Richard, a retired fisherman, who apparently knew the place like his pocket was to be Feroz’ guide and George, a coloured guy of about 18 year old who was on school holiday was to be my chaperon. From there on, we set off separately.

George who was about the same height as me kept very quiet and was observant, he would talk when he had to or when I asked him questions. I decided to talk the long forest walk for the day and to then spend time at the beach in the evening. We went back to the hotel, I changed from my traditional “Chooridar” (traditional Indian dress) into shorts and a sleeveless thin cotton blouse with buttons starting exactly at the edge of the cup of my bras, hence I had a very deep plunging neckline in V displaying my ample breast’s cleavage.

We set off trekking and that island was magic; green lush forest, chirping birds indeed a truly romantic place. The warm air blowing and the exercise was causing me to sweat, my blouse was clung to my body and ¾ of my ample breast and glimpse of areoles could seen perking out of the lacy red ballonet brassiere. I noticed now that George was giving the attention of a guide but instead he was flirting with me.

I felt strange as in years I had not had the feeling of being wanted. I started playing the game as well. George was friendlier but kept on calling "madam". After two hours of walk, we came to a river, we were far from the nearest house and George told that this was place where people trekking usually stop for picnic and re-fresh themselves in the crystal clear running river water.

1 opted to do the same; George took out from rucksack some sandwiches, cokes and a flask of locally brewed rum. I took my shoes off and lay against a tree. As my foot was sore, I started massaging the sole of my left foot while George was busy preparing me a drink; he came with the drink and offered to carry on with the massage. I took a sip of the rum/coke and realised how potent this drink was. George kept talking to me whilst massaging me its only then that I found out that he had just turned 18 and he took this job to make extra pocket money.

His large and strong hands were providing me a magical feeling especially as he worked from my toe up to thigh. Reaching the top of my creamy thigh, he paused, his hands, leaving his manly inches away from my oozes cunt. He looked at me and I looked back at him eyes in eyes, not words spoken. I spread my legs completely, allowing a full view of my white lacy transparent panties.

From where he kneeling, there was no way that that he could miss this view. I knew that my hairy bushes would most probably be sticking out of the panties and this turned me on. I wanted to show and be seen and enjoyed. I was wet as anything. Completing the massage, George invited me to take a dip in the river and assured me that it was completely safe.

I told him that I had bought any swimming trunk for I was never fond of swimming.

“Madam, we always swim nude here” he said

“I can’t do that, you know, I am married and you are a stranger” I said unconvincingly

“Common, Maam, there is no need to be shy, I going be nude as well” he insisted

“Well, if you insist, I can join you in my underwear on one condition that you turn your back and you don’t watch me till I am in the water” I shyly said

He nodded approvingly and assured that I will never forget that experience.

He turned his back to me and I starting stripping my top and skirt. My large tits were indecently displayed but at the point I could nothing, I wanted this happen deep inside. I wanted to show myself to this teenager. I rushed in the water. The water was freezing and my nipples turned hard. I was confused for a minute. I thought to myself what he would think of me. Would he be turned on or not?

I kept my shoulders immersed water. Once wet, my underwear turned completely transparent, every inch of my mature body was mow on display to this complete stranger. Finishing off his drink, he waved at me asking me how cold the cold the water was.

“Its not fair that you out there while I am in this freezing water” I shouted back

George smiled and said “ok, your wishes are order, milady”

Facing me directly, he peeled off his T -shirt and to my surprise, he pulled down his shorts to reveal a superb brownish penis, which at placid state was about 7 inches long, and he dived in the water. Soon we were having good fun in the water, I confessed to George that I was not a good swimmer for in South Africa because of sharks people refrained from swimming especially Indians.

“Common Mam, I’ll show how to” willingly he replied

He turned facing me with water just above his knee level and tended his hand to me.

“Hold my hands and relax, and let your body float by itself”

I knelt in the water, put my hands in his, and followed his instructed. His strong muscular arms pulled me in deeper waters, all the time; I was mesmerized by this golden brown piece of meat, which had now taken enormous proportion. That huge dick was monstrous, even bigger than the biggest dick I had seen in movies. I was only half a metre from it, my eyes were scrutinizing all its details, the foreskin was straining at the back, and the cock head was large and furiously red. The shaft was amazingly long and thick, I wondered if I could swallow such a big dick. I was completely aroused by now.

We came out of the water. George fixed me another drink and one for himself. I gulped the rum at once, and started drying myself facing him. I was still in my undies, which was completely transparent. Through the wet laces, every inch of my body was visible; my large areoles, my thick black bush of curly pubic, everything and nothing were left to the imagination.

As usual, once tipsy, my sexual urge was building up. I wanted to see how far my mind would push. My cunt was dripping wet, I now wanted to put myself on display completely to this horny teenager whoso huge cock standing at 90 degrees to his waist showed the state of his excitement.

Looking at him eye in eye, my shivering fingers fiddled with the hooks of my lacy bra. I saw him freeze for a moment. I proceeded in unhooking the front fastener, and pulled my tits from its prison. As they sprang out, my perk nipples stood out proudly in all its glory. The breeze blowing over my tits gave me a slight goose flesh, firming up further my ample size breast.

George had turned red and his cock got so hard that it was nearly touching his slight tummy. A thin line of pre-cum was forming at the tip at the mushroom shape cock head. Still facing him, with a hand, I wiped my tits slowly, lifted them one by one, and making sure that I was giving him a good show. After my upper body, I peeled off my panties slowly, I kept the conversation going to ensure that his view be on me. As the first strands of my pubis started to appear, he simply could not carry on speaking normally. He was mumbled for a while, his large black eyes nearly popping out of its lobe. He was mesmerized and I was proud of myself.

I knew I was acting as a slut and yet I was thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. I sat on low rock, spread my legs open completely, and moved the towel on my vagina, moving labia and wiping each of my protruding lips softly. I felt pity for him knowing that his balls would be aching as he had been in a state of erection for than 45 minutes. I put on my blouse and skirt in a rush and smiled at him.

I was putting my shoes on when he excused himself saying that he would be back as he had to check on some traps he had left on his previous trip. I waited for him for a while, meanwhile I asked myself if did not make a move… was I getting too old and turning unattractive or what?

It was now ten minutes that he had gone, I decided to follow the same track he took and to my surprising from a big rock from where he could not at all see me, he was masturbating. I saw him from his side; his hands were going to and fro on his massive cock. This was too much for me, I lifted my panty less skirt and stuck my forefinger in my still damp pussy, by the time he started spurting his thick drops of cum, I had 3 fingers deep inside my pussy

I watched intently till the drop of cum oozed out of his still erect cock. I had come as well and so intense too that my legs were trembling, my orgasm must have lasted at 15 solid seconds. I waited for a few more seconds to relax, I then rushed to our picnic place and waited for him to come back. As he came, he was still naked but his penis had turned flaccid again. He put his shorts again and carried walking again. I still wanted to carry on teasing him so I had left 3 out the 5 buttons of my blouses open.

Soon there was a big bulge re-appearing in his loose short, I felt happy being watched and felt very desirable despite my age. I started asking personal questions about him like if he had a girlfriend, etc. I told about our time when despite having gir1fliends we could really fuck around, it was only hugging and kissing and at times fondling each other. He has a gir1friend but he never had sex with her before, looking away from me, he confessed you know “ Maam, you know…am still a virgin”

I smile at looked at him and said “will you please stop calling Man, call me Sheila”

I told myself, after all these years wasted (sexually) I should try this lad. Just know whats its like to fuck a different cock. Especially nobody would ever hear about this escapade and it would safe sex as we were both clean and he was a virgin... We reached the beach and asked George where I could buy myself some swimming wear (for now I had a coach).

He took me to a tourist shop and I followed him in. I could see in his eyes the eagerness to make the choice for me. I opted for a green one, went in the changing cabin to try it, much to my surprise he followed, I undressed completely and change into the trunk which was a full piece, he opened the curtain and nodded disapprovingly.

“Well, seems like you don’t like this one, so get something you like then” I said

He was definitely pleased by my statement and said “OK, just hang on, seen something that you give this gorgeous body its right value”

I blushed and he took the green one leaving naked in the booth.

“Try this, this would do perfect” he said pushing something through the curtain

It was 2- piece bikini, I looked at it I was horrified, it a floral one with a thong and a a “patch” that would just cover y large areoles, I said

“My breasts would hardly fit in this....and the thong is too narrow for my..”

“You know, I am Indian, we Indian always wear conservative cloth that does not even show our silhouette” I added.

Placing a finger against my lips, he said” Sheila, you would as I say”

I was shocked by the way he addressed me but this was getting exciting..

“Try it, I am sure that it would be fine, after all you are not in India and nobody knows you here ….…. I really want to see you wearing this” he said assertively. You going to look gorgeous in those..

I put the bikini set, I am right, it did not cover anything or nearly anything, my aisles thick bush were exposed my large areoles were visible, the sides of my tits . I told myself, that nobody knows me here, so what the hell, I am going to get this trunk and see to myself whether I attract attention.

Reaching the crowded beach, George asked me to strip to my bikini and join him to meet his friends. I complied and followed to a group of six guys, all coloured, the typical tropical beach bums. I was introduced to them as his “friend”, not his client.

He said “guys, you gonna like this lady, she is real nice lady”. I wondered what he meant by that.

“Guys, she is here for just 5 days and she would really like to make the most of these days, how can we help?”

“Well, you know there is a lot that can be done in 5 days….what about just fooling on Coco island?” Willy (one of the chaps) said

“Sound great to me, how far is from here” I replied without knowing what was Coco Island

“Not far.. but looking at you..I am sure that you would really enjoy” retorted a younger guy.

I was puzzled by his answer but agreed to get sailing…

Tony was an older man who took us in a really timber boat on which we were actually all cramped up against each other. I was in a state of near undress surrounding by 7 charming men. It was evident that all of them were trying to make passes at me. Due to this excitement My nipples were poking against the thin fabric of my bikini top.

We reached the island 15 minutes later, what shocked me was that all of them stripped themselves naked before disembarking. I look at George puzzled and he said,

“Sheila, coco Island is a nude beach, you gonna have to take off now..” he was informing but rather ordering somehow.

God knows what took to disrobe and join them on the beach. It was an amazing feeling being with 7 nudes men. All of them were shaped differently some with medium size dick others with tools as big as George’s, not to mention that they were all fully erect. I was myself of complete horniness.

I spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and playing beach volley . Each time the guys would pull in the water, hold me everything, I even felt hands on my pussy. The afternoon over, we went to relax on the grass, as I laid down, Tony the “Captain” came to me and said “Sheila, come to me . I’ll show something you’ve never seen before”

He tended his hands to me invitingly. Holding his hand in response, I said, “What you want to show me Tony”

“Sheila just follow its only 200 metres away, its natural spring of warm water down in a cave, you are going to be safe with me”

He sounded reassuring, still naked, I followed him. On the way, we came across others nudist confirming the fact that the island was really a nudist heaven. I eyed each cock I saw, I particularly enjoy watching the juvenile ones. It was a chance that I did not want to loose.

We reached the down in cave in lighted only by a burning torch, there were 3 more persons in there but the space was limited, therefore we were only metres away from them. The lady was a nice brunette Italian in the early forties just like me, the guys were definitely European but I could pick up their origin. The lady was leaning against on the shorter guy while the other was in front nibbling her lips. They were the least bothered by our presence; they just carried on with their play.

The bubbling water was warm and soothing, Tony walked me in and made me sit on a low rock. I was immersed till my shoulder and him up to his torso.

“Sheila, close your eyes”

I did not want to but I did (as I wanted to want the threesome)

As I closed my eyes, I felt his large rough hands, starting to massage my shoulders. All the days pain and fatigue seemed be vanishing at once, I opened my eyes to see his cock rubbing against my ear lobe, its was not as big as George but definitely bigger than Feroz’. I started twisting my head in a manner that I could feel it against my cheek. Each time, my cheek touched, it got bigger, eventually; the cock head mushroomed out and came in contact with me. By now, Tony, understood what I wanted, holding his penis in one hand, he started stroking me in small circular motions against my back; I could feel its hardness. What surprised me was that Tony was over 60 and yet he could achieve such a magnificent erection.

The other guys were watching us. I was not behaving as a slut with this stranger but I was doing in front of others. Tony looked in eyes looking for approval, I said nothing, but looked at him in the way. He understood, he seated himself on the rock I sat earlier holding me on my sides, he guided me on him. The next minute, he planted his thick lips against mine and pushed his tongue to meet mine and we started “sucking-face”. Meanwhile, I was enjoying the feeling of his cock at the entrance of my cunt, I could stand it any more, holding his fat cock with hand, I sat on it slowly, making sure I feel it friction against the walls of my pussy. It was indeed a much bigger cock than my husband’s, once I pushed myself down completely, I could feel the stiff cock right up to my womb. In slow rhythmic movements, I starting riding him, each time moving up in order to feel his thick shaft forcing its way into my damp cunt. I enjoyed each stroke, I was in ecstasy, I was the master of the ceremony, deciding how I wanted to feel him penetrating me. I was using him, before I climaxed, I thought his rigid member would break with me fucking so fast, but it stood its test, till I felt him spurting his thick semen in my contracting pussy. He was shocked and so was I, I went wild for a while. I rested on his broad shoulders pushing my erect nipples against his lips inviting him to nibble on them. I like that after sex.

The other guys were also fucking the Italian lady but unlike me, I was sure that both guys were servicing her at the same time. But I was too horny to be worried by them, Tony was doing good, nibbling and crushing my tits, I was proud of the old man. He lasted 25 minutes, during which with the accumulated excitement of the day, I came three times. Walking out of them cavern, I felt awful having cheated one Feroz.. Tony sensed it and held against tight against abdomen till we reached the boys.

After speaking to them in his local dialect, I was sure that Tony told them that he had fucked me. On the way to the main land, the way the boys were flirting with me was confirmed my doubts that Tony had told them everything. But I was not the least worried, I was ready even for them… to be continued

Dear fellows literoticans, hope you have enjoyed part one of my story, comments and notes of appreciations are most welcomed. I take this opportunity to invite new members to read my previous story and VOTE..

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