tagNovels and NovellasIsland Of Desire Ch. 01

Island Of Desire Ch. 01


Here is something I wrote whilst recovering from recent surgery. I hope you like it!

Greg twisted his solid six foot frame in his airline seat, putting his feet in the aisle to allow the grey haired lady, to whom he'd given his allocated window seat, to take her fourth trip to the restroom in three hours. Each time, she had managed to trample on his feet and smack him in the face with her handbag. He was thankful that Nandi Airport was only another hour away, as he wasn't sure how many more times he could deal with her clumsy exploits before snapping into a fit of anger. He had happily taken the aisle seat when she had asked as the aisle seat usually offered more room and freedom.

The plan had been to catch some shut-eye on the flight; instead, he had been constantly disturbed by the old lady and the thunderous snoring of the man sitting in the seat in front of him. It seemed that whenever there was a lull in his snorting pig like sound, allowing Greg to doze off, the grey haired lady suffered from loss of bladder control and made a beeline for the toilet. This wasn't how he imagined the whole holiday escapade thing would be had when he typed in his credit card number on the airline web site. He dearly hoped these annoyances were not a sign of things to come. For Greg this Fijian holiday was more than escape from a busy a life, but an opportunity to heal his body and life.

As the plane winged its way closer to its destination in Fiji, Greg felt the weight of the world lift a little from his shoulders. He was glad to be free of the grind and long hours of the restaurant he managed in Melbourne. A pang of anticipation stirred within him. He was hopeful the holiday would be full of more than just catching some rays on the beach.

Waiting for the grey granny to return to her seat, thoughts of the last two years of his life filled his mind. The emotional turmoil he experienced about his looming marriage to the girl next door. The visits to the psychiatrist as he tried to reconcile the whole mess and the subsequent overdose of prescribed drugs which caused him to collapse. He had awoken in the hospital the next day, his voice husky from the tube inserted to pump his stomach; his life collapsing in a storm of acrimony and shame, as his parents had declared his engagement over.

His best friend Dave offered a room in his home and so Greg had moved to live in Mornington, a jewel on the Victorian coast, about eighty kilometres away from his parent's Melbourne home.

Taking some time off work, Greg had gone on a camping tour to central Australia to try and re-build his broken life. It proved to be a great escape from the cancellation of his wedding and turmoil of home. He enjoyed visiting Ayers Rock, Alice Springs and the Flinders Ranges. He met an attractive young Englishwoman on tour and a brief tryst ensued, but the demons of the broken engagement raised their ugly head and in an unusual display of assertiveness, Greg had told her to return home to England. He experienced wild feelings of anguish and depression, her tear ridden departure causing Greg to be racked by guilt.

The collapse of his life was complete when the job at the travel company came to end, agreeing with his boss that he should move on. He felt so desolate that he had wondered whether he would ever be able to pick up the pieces.

When it appeared nothing would go right for him, the job at the restaurant magically appeared. His Mum spotted an advertisement in a newspaper. It asked for Hospitality graduates like Greg. The interview went brilliantly and before Greg knew it he was working for a big restaurant chain and thriving.

He progressed quickly, moving from trainee manager to assistant manager, then finally to restaurant manager, albeit at the smallest restaurant in the chain. This did not matter to Greg. He was the master of his own kingdom and he enjoyed the challenges and rewards this brought. He loved working with food and people. His self-confidence began to grow, improving his life as the hurt and anger from the past dwindled. He threw himself into his new career, showing himself to be someone with potential.

Twelve months on he had been promoted to Training Manager running the company's busy training store, where new managers came to learn the ropes. The long hours and stress of running a flagship store gradually wore on his body, causing the enjoyment of the job to gradually seep away. It became obvious that it was time for him to take a break. The State Manager agreed and so Greg spent a night surfing the internet and the trip was booked.

As Nandi drew closer he felt the stress begin to seep from his body and pushed the pain of the past from his mind.. This was assisted by numerous free drinks, brought to him regularly by a very cute flight attendant. Her blonde hair was scooped up in a bun, her elegant and curvaceous figure highlighted by her uniform's tight black knee high skirt and figure hugging blouse. Her name tag said "Roxanne".

Each time she poured the coke into the bourbon in his glass, she leant over, allowing Greg a peak of her beautiful pert breasts peeking through a gap in the blouse created by the two top buttons being strategically undone. Then as she returned to the galley Greg had the pleasure of watching her very tight arse wiggle down the aisle, causing his penis to become fully erect, creating a large bulge in his trousers.

"So hot!" Greg exclaimed to himself.

He imagined the gorgeous blonde flight attendant delicately flicking his cock with her tongue, tracing all the ridges and bumps in his dick, before absorbing its whole length in her mouth. He dreamt of kissing her passionately before sucking her sweet erect nipples and caressing the folds of her womanhood with his tongue, enjoying her sweet taste. He imagined her moans of pleasure filling the air. Entering her as she lay prone on a couch, his thick cock filling her completely. Lifting her, she wraps her arms and legs tightly around him. He sat on the couch, with the sexy flight attendant on his dick. Slowly she moved on him like a slow dancer. She bruised his lips with an urgent kiss. He fondled her amazing breasts as her motion on his cock accelerated. Squeals of delight escaped from her lips. He shifted his hands to her buttocks, squeezing them firmly as she drove her hips, the seeds of orgasm beginning to burst. With intense desire, the flight attendant thrusting her pussy up and down the full length of his hard dick.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried as her body shook as she climaxed with intensity.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed mouth as he came inside her.

"Excuse me. Excuse me! Excuse me!"

Greg was suddenly returned to reality, as the little old lady returned to squeeze past him again hitting him in the face with her hand bag. It was all he could do to stifle a stream of expletives. He sat in his seat enjoying the afterglow of his fantasy but a little seed of doubt crept into his mind. His life had been devoid of liaisons with women for nearly two years and he wondered if he'd remember what to do if the opportunity arose.

The plane soon landed. The little old lady was the first to jump from her seat as the seat belt sign extinguished, again trampling over Greg as she fought to be the first to retrieve her luggage from the overhead locker. He was in no hurry and waited until the plane was largely empty before he removed his hand luggage from the locker and made his way down the steps to the tarmac. To his delight, the cute flight attendant was standing there saying goodbye to passengers. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, she looked at him directly with deep azure eyes.

"Goodbye. I hope you had a good flight." she glowed.

"I certainly did, thank you. You've been wonderful." he told her, feeling a small charge of electricity tingle between them. He wondered what she would have thought of the wild daydream he just had about her.

"Anytime! Have a great holiday."

"Thank you. I will!"

Greg resisted the temptation to kiss her on the cheek and walked to the entrance of the airport terminal with the feeling that her eyes followed him all the way. Inside he passed through customs after collecting his bags. He walked from the airport feeling the comforting warmth of the tropics on his face. Good feelings welled up inside of him. He boarded the coach that would take him and six other passengers the one hundred kilometres to his resort, where he was to spend the next ten days enjoying the delights of Fiji, settling into his seat for the ninety minute trip.

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