tagNovels and NovellasIsland Of Desire Ch. 02-03

Island Of Desire Ch. 02-03


Chapter 2

Greg stepped from the bus after arriving at the Nirooma Resort. He was a little worse for wear after enduring a battering from the potholed Fijian roads for an hour and a half. The hotel porters whisked the bags into the foyer and two beautiful Fijian women offered the new arrivals tropical cocktails festooned with beautiful flowers. Greg took a sip and enjoyed its sweet taste followed by a serious kick of rum.

Getting into the tropical mood, he smiled at the lady behind the check-in counter as she gave him his key and introduced him to a burly Fijian porter who was to show him to his room.

Nirooma Resort was a medium-sized resort that nestled in an ocean cove on the Coral Coast on the west coast of the largest Fijian island, Viti Levu. It wasn't the biggest or the newest resort, but Greg had chosen it because the web page looked great. A small map showing an excellent location and there were lots of bright photos showing a sandy lagoon beach and a large circular swimming pool. The resort also had a number of bures, Fijian huts, which really appealed to Greg.

Reaching the bure, the porter opened the door and stood back to allow Greg to enter first. Inside it was spacious and roomy with exposed wooden beams and thatched walls. A large king-sized bed took centre place. On the other side of the room was a round wooden table which sat four, with a comfy sofa sat at the end of the room next to a sliding door which led to a grassy patch trimming the sandy beach of the deep blue lagoon.

Greg took a deep breath as he took in the idyllic backdrop. He pulled his wallet from his pocket and peeled off five American one dollar notes from a large bundle, and gave them to the porter, who left with a goodbye and a smile.

He flopped backwards on the bed and soaked in the moment. Eventually he got off the bed and stripped off the jeans and T-shirt he had worn for the trip and headed to the bathroom for a shower. In the bathroom there was a large freestanding bath, but Greg wasn't a bathing kind of guy unless he was sharing with a lady friend.

Emerging from the shower he donned some khaki shorts, a grey T-shirt and leather sandals and headed out to explore the resort. It was about 5pm and Greg enjoyed the sea breeze that was tempering the warm tropical air as he headed down the bure steps onto the beach.

Keeping an easy pace he took a tour of the resort discovering its fleet of catamarans and sea kayaks. He also found "The Ship Wreck Bar", an obvious late night haunt and a brilliant little golf course. During his walk he noticed a large number of couples enjoying the beautiful gardens, their starry gazes into each others eyes, a sure telltale that they were on their honeymoon.

In the main resort building he spotted a little bar tucked away to the side of the main entrance which was humming with holiday makers enjoying a pre-dinner drink. He ordered a local beer from a large smiling Fijian. Waiting for his drink, he checked out the people gathered in the bar. In the far corner was a table of retirees, the ladies with flower-festooned cocktails in coconuts whilst the men were sticking to their Australian-made chilled beers with frothy heads. A number of the tables were taken by honeymooners making lover-dovey eyes at each other, whilst other tables were occupied by couples enjoying a quiet time. As Greg's eyes moved down the end of the bar he noticed a striking young woman perched on a bar stool, nursing a regulation cocktail.

Dressed in a tight-fitting white dress that was belted by a red strip of leather, the full length of her shapely tanned legs were exposed by the dress's short hemline. Her red shoes with towering heels were hooked on the rung of the stool to hold herself steady. Her soft brown hair brushed her shoulders. Bright red lipstick highlighted her full lips and Greg could not help notice the neat, full bulge that her fulsome breasts formed.

His beer arrived and he took a long slurp of the refreshing beverage as he admired the gorgeous young woman. Greg was immediately attracted and lustful feelings began to rise within him. He knew he should go and say hello, but try as he may, Greg was frozen to the spot by a wave of fear and insecurity. The emotional battering of the past rearing its ugly head. Instead he shrunk into the corner of the bar, slowly and quietly sipping his beer. Frustrated by his inability to talk to the beautiful woman before he slunk into the nearby restaurant for dinner, alone.

Chapter 3

Christelle carefully examined herself in the full-length mirror in the wardrobe door of her very comfy bure. The tight-fitting dress, with short sleeves and orange segment-shaped cut-outs revealed her tanned shoulders, emphasised her curvaceous breasts. The thigh-high hemline barely covered her tight butt and showed her long slender legs. She chose her favourite killer red heels to match her shoe string red belt. She felt sexy and the overall effect was highly provocative. Finally she carefully examined her makeup, ensuring it was perfect.

"Let's go have some fun!" she said out loud heading for the door. She skilfully navigated the path her way to the bar that she had spotted on her arrival and was able to find a free stool at the bar and took some time to peruse a drink list full of exotic sounding cocktails.

The resort staff had been very efficient and within fifteen minutes she was naked in the shower of a beautiful bure. After drying herself she pulled back the stiff white sheets on the king-sized bed and slid her tired body under the sheets. Exhausted from the events of recent weeks, she was soon asleep, thankful that she had found refuge from the hell that her life had become.

It had been a very quick decision to come to Fiji. Her wedding was six weeks away, but her mind was full of confusion. It was meant to be a happy time to bring to fruition all the wedding plans that she had put in place the previous twelve months. The final dress and suit fittings, collecting the wedding cake, doing the place settings and having a hen's party. It was all meant to fun, but instead she found herself in a maelstrom of negative emotion and fear. Was Peter the right man? Did he truly love her? Was she making a big mistake? These thoughts and worries had increasingly dogged her and now she wasn't sure she wanted to get married at all.

Her fiancé, Peter, was a handsome hunk of man, who spent a lot of time honing the muscles on his buff body. He owned his own gym and so he had plenty of time to do so. Christelle was physically attracted to Peter. She was often overwhelmed by the masculinity and strength of his powerful body. Sex was often forceful and intense. He would lift he like a twig, holding her in precarious positions as he pounded her with his long thick dick. It was vigorous and exhilarating, but there was little love and tenderness. It was all lust and basic instinct and Christelle had wondered if this was enough to sustain a marriage in the long term.

Peter had also been keen to experiment, convincing Christelle that she should "share" him with her best friend Amanda, with whom he was frequently flirtatious. She had overlooked their playful banter and was a little surprised to one day find herself licking her fiancés cock whilst her best friend cavorted wildly sitting on Peter's face. He had then insisted they take turns turns to ride him before he came on their breasts as they knelt in front of him.

Christelle feared Peter would continue to insist on such dalliances after they were married. This added to the stress and confusion she felt. Peter offered fun, excitement and prosperity, money flowing easily from his highly successful gym. But was he truly committed? This weighed heavily on her mind.

She had tried to sort out her true feelings. She attempted to talk to her Mum, but found it difficult as her Mum could only see good in Peter and she certainly couldn't confide in Amanda, who had been a willing participant. Eventually she turned to her Father who had often been her rock. He sensed her confusion and anguish and suggested that she get away for a few days. And so Christelle had searched the web, deciding that Fiji was far enough away to get away from her day to day life to allow her to sort out what it was she wanted in her life.

She sat on a stool sipping her sweet but punchy Mai Tai, Christelle felt refreshed and relaxed after sleeping for much of the day. The dark cloud of confusion had lifted a little and a feeling of happiness and optimism replaced it.

"Time for a little fun and adventure!" she said to herself as she observed he hum that buzzed through the now busy bar. Even though the bar was mostly filled with couples, she might meet a nice man with whom to have some fun.

Christelle sipped at her second Mai Tai. She he had enjoyed almost half when a tall muscular and tanned man, who was probably in his late twenties entered the bar. Confidently he strode to the vacant space at the bar next to where Christelle was perched. Waiting for the barman to serve him, he turned to Christelle with a broad confident smile.

"Hi," he greeted. His tall frame was decked in navy blue shorts with a white singlet that perfectly displayed his chiselled physique. His hair was short and cropped around his handsome face.

"Hi," replied Christelle.

"I'm Sebastian, but my friends call me Seb," he explained. "When did you get here?"

"I'm Christelle. My friends call me Christie," she returned. "I got in this morning."

"Great. Pretty name."

"Why, thank you."

"Can you excuse me for a moment?" he asked as the barman came to take his order for a Fijian Premium Beer.

Turning back, he said, "I've been here for a couple of days. How are you finding it?"

And so started a chatty banter, Christelle enjoying the attention from this good-looking man. They continued over dinner Christelle's troubles evaporating in the excitement of a flirtatious rendezvous. She hadn't come to Fiji deliberately looking for a sexual connection as she enjoyed the harmless teasing, but if led to more than that she might enjoy her last fling free from the commitment of marriage.

After dinner Seb escorted her to the "Ship Wreck Bar" where they took a comfy couch in the corner. The little bar began to fill with holiday makers looking for a good time and the DJ began to warm the place up with some retro music.

Christelle was bubbling after a number of drinks. Seb teased and joked with her as the chemistry began to build. She nestled into the comfort of his strong arms, feeling safe and relaxed. He leant down and kissed her lips sensuously. Christelle responded to his supple lips, kissing him back with passion, delicately sliding her tongue inside Seb's mouth. For a while their tongues danced with pleasure and Seb began to search out Christelle's breasts through her dress with his large strong hands.

"Do you want to come back to my room?" he whispered in her ear.

Any inhibition or resistance that Christelle might have felt was numbed by the alcohol. Her engagement seeming to be in another life, left behind when she stepped on the aircraft.

"Why not?" she whispered back.

Walking through the gardens, Christelle leant on his broad shoulder. The combination of her towering heels and the numerous cocktails made her unsteady on her feet. Reaching Seb's room in the large accommodation block, he asked for Christelle to wait outside for a moment so could clean up a little. He told her he was embarrassed by the state he had left the room. A couple of minutes later he ushered her into the room which was more like a regulation hotel room than the comfy bure where Christelle was residing.

Seb glided her inside and standing next to the bed, wrapped her in his arms. He drew her up to him and powerfully kissed her eager lips. Christelle moulded into his arms as Seb's hand again began to search her shapely breast through her dress. Desire surging through his veins.

"Will you suck my dick?" Seb asked provocatively.

"Of course," she answered with a smile. "It would be my pleasure."

She loosened the grip of Seb's powerful arms around her and slowly knelt on the floor. Reaching up she loosened the belt and fastenings on Seb's shorts, causing them to fall to the floor. Grabbing the elastic band of his Ralph Lauren underpants she pulled them to floor, causing his thick, erect penis to spring free. Delicately, she grasped the impressive tool at the base, leaning forward to enclose its swollen tip with her lips.

For Larisa it had been a long but worthwhile day. The knitting mills that she had visited were full of exciting and vibrant fabrics that would make fabulous garments for her Sydney boutique. She regretted that she had to take a day out from her honeymoon, but the opportunity was too good to pass up and Sebastian had been such a darling about it. Walking along the path that meandered through the tall palm trees towards their, she thought of how she would pleasure every centimetre of Seb's beautiful body, before arousing his delicious cock to sweet orgasm.

The thoughts of what she was about to do to Sebastian brought a smile to her face as she slid her door key in the lock.

"Hi, honey. I'm back," called a cheerful female voice.

The door suddenly opened. Christelle stared at the tall dark woman who waltzed through the door.

"What the fuck!" she exclaimed.

The tall woman screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Who the hell are you?" she demanded. She possessed a lean and lithe model-like figure, which was adorned by mustard colour European-style shorts with a white monogrammed tank top.

"What's going on, Sebastian?" she demanded with ferocity.

"Ah..Ah..Ah." stammered Sebastian, his previous eloquence seemed to have abandoned him.

"We're married for a week and I go away for one day! One fucking day! And you're trying to get your dick into some slut!"

"It's not what it seems, Larissa. Please, please! Let me explain?"

"Explain! Bullshit! You're just a fucking liar!"

Christelle's mind spun with confusion.

"You're married?" she asked vaguely, her mind still fogged by alcohol.

"Of course he is!" spat Larissa.

"You're fucking married!" The gravity of the situation now dawned on Christelle. "You fucking prick!"

She rose from the floor, grabbed her bag and bolted for the door, tears streaming from her eyes. Heels in hand, she ran through the gardens towards the safety of her bure, overwhelmed with disbelief that the handsome man who had seduced her was on his honeymoon!

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