tagNovels and NovellasIsland Of Desire Ch. 07

Island Of Desire Ch. 07


No more story telling! I promise. Things now get hot and heavy. Foreplay is over! I hope you enjoy it!



On her last day in Fiji Christelle decided to have a pig out breakfast of pancakes with wild berries and cream. Greg joined in with a monster plate of eggs and bacon. By ten o'clock they were lying on sun lounges by the pool planning to spend the day sun baking and swimming.

They enjoyed a beautiful lazy day of long naps which were intermittently interrupted by cocktails, a lunch of fresh fruit, long naps and cool dips where she held onto Greg, her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist, eliciting a firm erection from Greg's dick. She laughed as he stood in the water after she had emerged from the water, waiting for is embarrassing condition to subside.

On the day they had shared at the Regent they spotted a swish looking restaurant and decided this would be the perfect place to share their last night in Fiji together. So at five o'clock she told Greg she was going to be ready to meet him at seven.

"You need two hours to get ready?" he queried.

"You want me to look my best?"

"Of course!" he laughed. "Okay. I'll see you at seven."

Christelle hurried off to her bure and Greg spent the next hour splashing in the pool before he too went to his room to freshen up.

He arrived at the foyer at two minutes to seven wearing khaki shorts and floral shirt. Five minutes later Christelle arrived looking gorgeous in a white button up tank top with a deep neckline framing her delightful cleavage and a matching figure hugging thigh length skirt, red sparkly sky high heels and matching clutch bag.

"You look amazing." sighed Greg.

"See it was worth the wait," she quipped as she leant over to give him a gentle kiss on the cheek, causing Greg's face to flush red.

Their taxi soon arrived and Greg opened the door for Christelle, closing it behind her, before walking around the other side and getting in. She sat up close to him which he liked very much and they set off to bounce the fifteen minute journey to the Regent Resort. Once they arrived they made for the cocktail bar at the front of the Sea Vista Restaurant and sat up on the high stools that fronted the bar. The barman who greeted them with a smile was wearing a traditional Sulu.

"What would you like?" asked Greg as Christelle hunted through the cocktail list.

"Ummm.....I think I'm....going.. to have..a .................Porn Star Martini........please!"

"You're going to have a Porn Star," Greg laughed. "No......That didn't come out right, did it?"

"I've always wanted a porn star," she replied with a mischievous grin. "Haven't you?"

"It would be interesting! I'm going to have 'Slow Screw Up Against A Wall'. " Greg announced as he struggled to subdue a fit of laughter.

"Sounds good!" she said looking him directly in the eyes. Greg didn't know how to take this as she flashed him a cheeky grin.

The drinks arrived and Greg felt great as he enjoyed the company of this beautiful woman. They chatted happily as they dissected the last few days and Greg teased Christelle about being a "World Champion Shopper".

"And your problem is?" she retorted. "That's what us girls do!"

As they neared the end of their drinks, the restaurant Maitre De came and asked if they would like to be shown to their table. Swallowing the last mouthful of their drinks they followed the dinner suited man into the dining room and he seated them at table for two in a quiet part of the restaurant.

"Does he think we're honeymooners?" asked Christelle.

"Probably." replied Greg, as they laughed together.

The sommelier came and gave Greg the wine list and he was soon followed by their waiter with their menu.

"Let's live it up tonight. French champagne to start with?"

"Fantastic!" she replied.

They both felt like royalty sipping their champagne as they perused the menu. When the waiter returned to take their order, it was Oysters Natural and Lobster Thermidor for her and Oysters Kilpatrick and the Deluxe Seafood Platter for him. Greg ordered his favourite Australian Chardonnay and they settled in for a beautiful night.

Christelle ate her lobster clean and Greg manfully finished his enormous seafood platter of prawns, clams, scallops, fish, lobster and crab, complimented by an enormous bowl of fries which Christelle shared.

"That was great!" commented Greg as the waiter cleared their plates.

"Yes. Beautiful," agreed Christelle.

They sat enjoying the last of their wine when the waiter returned to ask if they would like dessert.

"Of course," quipped Christelle. "It's not a meal without dessert!"

They both took menus and ordered liqueurs. Cognac for her and Grand Marnier for him. When they arrived they ordered chocolate souffle and coffee.

"You know I can't thank you enough for the way you've taken care of me. You are the perfect gentleman."

"It's been a pleasure." he answered, which was the truth, but he hated being called being a gentleman.

"Nobody's gotten laid being a gentleman," he thought to himself, but it had been a pleasure and he was prepared for it be this way.

The souffle was magnificent and they ordered another round of liqueurs to go with their coffee. There wasn't much conversation, both enjoying the moment and each other. Too soon the bill came and Greg dropped his Amex on top.

"You're not to pay for all of this," she chided

"Don't worry. It's fine."

"No. I insist," she said as she pull some notes from her purse and dropped $300 US on the plate.

"Fifty fifty. Okay?"

"Fifty fifty."

Once they received their receipt, Greg stood and pulled out Christelle's chair for her and then arm in arm they walked to the foyer where the taxi the Maitre De had ordered was waiting. Again Greg opened the door for Christelle before getting in the other side. She pressed into his shoulder and he put his arm around her. As they made their way through the gates and onto the road she leaned up and kissed him gently on the lips. This caught Greg by surprise but he instinctively kissed her back, his heart skipping as the desire that he had been repressing, soared within him.

Feeling his response, she kissed him back hard her tongue urgently seeking entry to his mouth. Sensing her intention he allowed his lips to part and their tongues were quickly entwined in a dance of desire. He savoured the delicate texture of her tongue, feeling the urgency in her movement.

"I want you," she whispered huskily in his ear as she moved his free hand to her left breast. Greg was stunned for a moment, his natural gentlemanly response finally giving way to a passionate lover.

"I want you too!" he groaned as marvelled at the feel of the beautiful orb in his hand.

"Touch me!" she demanded as she smacked her lips against his. Greg had never encountered such passion in any of his previous liaisons. Christelle was like a caged tiger.

He worked to undo the buttons of her top so he could slide his hand inside and under her bra.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried.

He caressed the beautiful shape of her tit before squeezing and stretching her nipple.

"That's it," she encouraged before sliding her tongue around the edge of his ear, tracing the ridges and grooves inside it.

"I'm so hot for you," she moaned as she slid her hand inside his shirt, caressing his chest.

Suddenly their passion was interrupted by the cab coming to a stop.

The driver turned to face them as they hurriedly separated from their embrace.

"Twenty US," he demanded as Christelle quickly readjusted her clothing and Greg searched for his wallet in his trousers. He pulled out three the ten dollar bills from his wallet and gave them to the driver. Christelle was already out of the taxi and came up to Greg as he alighted and put her arm around his waist. He reciprocated then leant down to kiss her firmly on the lips. They stood their for a moment deeply immersed in the passion of the moment.

"Will you come back to my room?" she asked hopefully.

"Try and stop me," he replied as he squeezed her tightly.

They slowly walked the two hundred metres to her room, stopping intermittently to enjoy a lustful kiss. At the door she freed herself from his grasp and hunted through her clutch bag for her keys. Greg not wanting to be physically disconnected from her reached over and grasped her breast.

"Greg! Do you have to? I'm trying to find my keys!"

"Yes. I think so," he replied, his hand still firmly attached too her luscious breast. Triumphantly she held up the key and opened door. She grabbed his hand and removed it from her breast and led him inside.

Greg was surprised by how messy the room as there were clothes scattered on the floor and the bed. Christelle seemed to have an aversion for wardrobes. She dropped her bag on a chair that sat in the corner before walking over to Greg and putting her arms around his neck and kissing him fervently.

They both burned with desire. He clawed at her clothes, fairly ripping her top from her body , pulling her bra down to reveal the bodacious breasts he had admired at the beach. He freed himself from her her embrace and bent down to kiss her breasts.

At first he covered them with light pecks, marvelling a their beauty, shape and size. He targeted in on her nipples, licking them with firm circular motion which morphed into sucking the whole nipple

"Fuck yes!" she exclaimed as her skirt dropped to the floor, revealing a diaphanous white G-string.

She in turn clambered at his shirt, popping a number of buttons as she yanked it free of his body. She caressed his firm chest before lavishing it with licks and kisses whilst she wrestled with his belt and fly. She soon succeeded in finding what she was searching for, when she freed his firm cock from his underpants. His trousers fell to the floor and she masterfully stroked the full length of his dick as she continued with attention to his pecks and nipples.

"Nice erection!" she stated admiringly. "I think I'm going to enjoy this."

Overwhelmed by her skilful attention Greg could barley squeak a word.

"Thanks," was his strangled reply.

She began to slide her tongue down the length of his torso, now gripping and un-gripping his thick rod.

"Holy fuck!" he cried.

"You like?" she grinned.

"I like."

"Then I think you'll like this."

She slid her lips over the tip of his cock causing Greg to grasp.

Deftly she sucked it before sliding her tongue around its ridges.

"My God Christelle!"

This seemed to encourage her to increase her pleasuring, wrapping her lips around his rod, inching down its length like a caterpillar. She bobbed her head in small delicate movements , drawing up its full length then diving all the way again.

"Shit Christelle!"

She then worked the dick up and down in a steady motion, Greg drawing a deep breath with each motion.

"Yes Christelle! Yes!" he called."You keep doing that and I'm going to come!"

With that admission she allowed the hard pole to slip from her mouth and stood in front of Greg his dick still in hand.

"We wouldn't want they to happen just yet!" she mocked.

He took the opportunity to massage her breasts.

"You like those don't you?" she asked rhetorically.

"They are fantastic!"

She giggled at this disclosure.

"Will you lick my pussy?"

"It would be my pleasure."

Christelle stepped to the edge of the bed and pushed some miscellaneous junk onto the floor to make room. Lieing backwards on the bed she spread her legs, her feet still wearing the sparkly red heels hanging over the edge.


Greg didn't need a second request. He knelt down in front of the bed and reached up to pull down her g-string, negotiating it over he legs and and shoes before depositing it on the floor. Gripping her hips he pulled her forward towards him gently, spreading her legs a little more. Bending down and beginning at her knees he slid his tongue slowly up her inner thigh. Reaching the top he skirted her mound before descending down the other leg.

"Are you trying to tease the fuck out of me?"


Returning to his work, he worked his way up her thigh, but there was no detour this time as he delicately slid his tongue along the lips of her pussy.

"Better," she told him.

He glided his tongue more deeply before moving upwards to find her clit. Now using a darting action he expertly toiled for her pleasure.

"Oh yes," she sighed, clutching at his short cropped hair to bring him closer to her.

Using his finger, he entered her, pleasuring her with both hand and mouth, her sex now moist with cum as her pleasure intensified.

"I want you to fuck me," she moaned. "I need your cock."

As he stood she rolled over onto her hands and knees, giving a full view of her beautiful ass, her womanhood ready to accept him.

"Like this?" he asked in a surprised voice. Most of his sex life had been spent in the missionary position.

"Come on babe," she urged.

Standing behind her, he moved to place his erect member into her willing hole when to his wonderment Christelle's hand appeared between her legs to guide his rod to her place of pleasure. Wet from his attentive tongue and finger, he slid easily and blissfully inside her, right to the hilt of his erect member.

"Oh yes!" Christelle sighed, as she began to move slowly back and forth.

Greg joined in, desire filling his body, his rhythm increasing as he luxuriated in union of their sexes. Christelle squealed with delight with each movement when he stopped abruptly, changing to long deep thrusts.

"Yes. I like that.Mmmmmm. I love your cock."

Greg now firmly held her buttocks as he eased his rigid tool in out when she suddenly twisted around releasing his cock.

"Sit on the end of bed." she commanded as she stood. Greg quickly obeyed, eager to re-engage Christelle's delicious pussy.

She turned her back to him and placed her right shoe on the bed next his leg, her other firmly planted on the floor. Slowly lowered herself onto his large member. Bouncing a little at first she took all of his shaft. She sat there for a few moments with Greg deep inside her. Leaning back, she kissed him passionately on the lips and he took the opportunity to again feel her magnificent breasts.

'You are awesome!"

"I know!" she laughed.

"Just fuck me you cheeky bitch!" he retorted.

"Your wish is my command," she announced and so began a coupling which played out like a long slow dance. Flexing her knee she slowly ground her hips as she languidly rose and fell on his rigid pole.

"Good?" she asked gravelly.

"Fucking unbelievable!" he enthused.

She tried to say something else, but only a deep guttural groan escaped, as the seeds of orgasm germinated in her body. Greg had grasped her nipples as she began to shiver and wail as ecstasy crashed over her.

"Fuck me Greg! Fuck me!"

Responding, he met her pumps with thrusts. Soon her body went limp as her orgasm subsided.

"Oh my God Greg. What are you doing to me?" she gasped as her breathing slowed.

"Making sure you never forget this night."

"I won't!" she told him honestly. "Your still hard!"


"I need to look after you don't I?" she asked.

"Please. I'd love you to."

She rose from his hard cock and kicked off her shoes. Turning she placed one foot on the bed next to his leg. She grasped his shoulders with hands and lifted her other foot from the floor and also placed it on the bed so that she hovered over Greg's long rod. Greg joined in by clamping his hands on her lovely arse as she slowly lowered herself, the lips of her pussy kissing his cock.

"Oh fuck!" he cried. "You fucking tease!"

"Am I really?" she giggled. Then without any announcement she slid all the way down his cock.

"Fuck!" Greg gasped.

"That's right!" she grinned. Using her feet as fulcrum, she rose and paused on the head of his rod before again falling down it. At first her tempo was moderate and deliberate but soon it increased so that the sound of her buttocks slapping his thighs echoed through room.

Greg grunted with each stroke as ecstasy beckoned. Christelle shrieked, pleasure erupting through her nerve endings, Greg's cock exploding to deliver its seed.

Exhausted she dropped to her knees and Greg wrapped his arms around her, holding her body tight.

"Well maybe being a gentleman works after all!" he thought to himself.

"That was wonderful," she sighed.

"Unbelievable I would say. I've never had sex like that before."

"Well you have now!"

They sat for a few minutes savouring the fusion of their bodies.

"Wanna go for a swim?" she asked.

"Why not?"

They stepped out the sliding door of the bures that opened onto the beach, walking hand in hand. They waded through the shallows before diving into the inviting water. They floated around enjoying the cleansing water before she swam up to him and put her arms around him, which had an instantaneous effect on his penis.

"You like me!" she laughed as she reached down to the hard appendage, that was poking between them."I can tell!"

"Hmm. It is a bit a give away," he admitted

"But I do love it!" she confirmed as she wrapped her legs around him. "Will you carry me into shore?"

"Of course."

He walked the thirty metres to where the water was gently lapping against the sand. Standing there she ground her hips against his cock, kissing him fervently, the intensity of their desire for each other burning like a flame.

"Sit." she commanded.

Slowly he bent his knees and put one hand down to steady himself as he slowly sat on the sand. Kneeling over him she rocked back and forward, sliding his solid rod along her clit and up her stomach.

"Ooooooooooooh fuck!" he groaned as she continued to titillate his cock

"You're cock is beautiful," she conceded as she aroused her man to maximum arousal.

Reaching between her legs she guided his member into her dripping cavern, causing them to groan in unison.

Each movement brought sounds of approval from Greg's mouth.

"We can do this all night," she said as her face went flush, orgasmic sensations rising within her.

"For fuck sake! I won't last all night Christelle!"

"How do you know?" she replied as she expertly pleasured his dick so that they both hovered on the edge of orgasm. Hands around her waist he forcibly tried to force her hard down onto his cock, but she resisted his urging and continued her long languid dance along the precipice of pleasure.

"Fuck me! Fuck me Christelle! Fuck me!" he pleaded.

Just when he didn't think he could take anymore she drove down on his cock causing him to exhale rapidly. Taking no prisoners she planted her hands firmly on his chest. Like a steam train running down hill, her piston like action gathered speed rapidly.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried with each stroke, the cork now released from the bottle, orgasmic bliss burst through every cell of their bodies.

"Fuck yes!" he yelled as he reached the pinnacle of pleasure and joyfully plummeted over the edge.

Christelle's motion slowed as if the train was pulling into a station, collapsing on top of him. They lay their panting basking in the after glow of their amazing fusion.

She bent down and kissed him lovingly on the lips and he took the opportunity to again acquaint himself with her marvellous breasts.

"So you like sex on the beach?" she asked sweetly.


"I must say I do," she laughed.

"I need to get up," he told her, realising the gritty sand was digging into his skin. As he sat up she put arms around his neck and fixed her legs around his waist.

"Will you carry me in for another swim?"

"Yes. I think we need that."

Carefully he got to his knees, then he stood slowly, Christelle holding on tightly. He walked into the water until it reached shoulders and kissed the most beautiful woman he had ever met.

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