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Island Paradise


I always thought that I could handle a small sailing vessel fairly well, but nature has a way of making us humble again once our egos get the better of us. Let me explain.

My name is Tom Jones--no, I'm not the signer, I just share the name with him--and I am a very well off 30-something who inherited literally a ton of money when his father and mother were both killed in an automobile accident. I stand about five foot eight and weigh in at a hefty 185 pounds, but I keep myself in fairly good shape by working out at the local gym three days a week. I am single and not really looking, or at least I wasn't, but we'll get to that later.

Anyway, one of my hobbies is sailing my twenty foot sloop, Moneymaker, and I am pretty darn good at it, managing to set and reef sails as necessary and still remain on course. I also own a fifteen foot catboat I called Pussy Cat that I use when I'm not planning to go out on the water for very long. One of my favorite pastimes is to mark a chart with a seemingly random set of legs and then take my boat out into the Pacific and sail that rather aimless course to a certain point on my GPS and then return via another set of aimless wanderings. I've done this many times and have gotten fairly good at it, or so I thought.

I seldom, if ever, take anybody with me. With the kind of money that I have, I am beset by money grubbers and prefer to have some time to myself when I go sailing. The ladies all want screw me in bed because of my money and the men just want to screw me out of it anyway they can. As a result, I tend to protect myself when I'm sailing.

On the day in question, I had planned a course that would take me away for at least a couple of nights so I made sure the galley was fully stocked, the radio was in good working condition, and there was plenty of my favorite booze on board. Everything was ship-shape and Bristol fashion so I cast off early, before the sun even peeked over the mountains to the east of Los Angeles. By the time the sun made itself known, I was a good twenty miles off-shore and had set a course of 220 degrees for my first of six legs.

A couple of hours later with a good run I had passed between San Nicolas and San Clemente Islands and was headed at last for the open sea. With the islands passing over the horizon, I removed the last of my clothing and enjoyed the feeling of the sun hitting my totally naked body. This was a ritual with me. I guess I am basically a nudist at heart and I have never really been comfortable dressed in clothes.

The radio was beside me in the cockpit and about 2 PM came alive with a severe weather advisory for an area about 50 miles south of where I was. Since I was going to be north of the area, I decided all I needed to do was reduce my sails a bit and prepare to have a roller coaster ride. What I should have done was turn about and run before the storm, but this is all hindsight which we all know is 20-20 while foresight is myopic at best.

Faster than you can say storm, I was in big trouble. I took every square inch of mainsail down and used the jib to help keep me from broaching in the waves. The wind was terrible and I watched in horror as the antenna mast snapped off above the jib, carrying away, I thought, my only way to contact the outside world. What happened next put me out of my misery, at least for a while. The boom swung around and clobbered me on the side of the head, knocking me out for a long time.

When I came to, I was sitting in the cockpit with the boom over the port rail, the jib in tatters, and my sloop laying ten feet from the nearest water on an island. The wind had died down and the sun shone down on body. My head ached liked I had been beaten by a band of thugs and when I pulled my hand away from my forehead, it came back bloody red from the open cut. I bandaged my head and then decided I needed to find out where in the world I had ended up.

I took out my charts and my GPS to determine what island I was on and found that my current GPS location did not show any kind of island at all. According to my charts, the nearest island of any kind was an island belonging to Mexico called Isla Guadalupe and that was a good two hundred fifty miles from my position which was supposed to be nothing but open sea.

I began to think I was part of a very poorly written re-make of Gilligan's Island, except I was the Skipper, Mr. Howell and Gilligan all rolled into one and there were no professor, Mary Ann, Mrs. Howell or Ginger present to keep us company. A quick tour of the inside of my sloop revealed a gash in the starboard side that could never be fixed, even in a dry dock. Even the dory that usually trailed behind on a line was smashed to pieces.

I also began to think of myself as a modern day Robinson Crusoe. By that time I had checked the radio and found that I still amazingly had some battery power. I also found that the boat's generator still ran and that the fuel tank was still nearly full. I took stock of what I had on hand. The clothes I had worn on board were gone, washed no doubt into the sea, so I was going to be a nudist until somebody delivered new clothes. The food supply had not been damaged by the storm nor had any of my good Scotch been lost. So, I could gorge myself on food and drink myself into a stupor. Oh, happy me!

I set my priorities and after I had built a lean-to out of the mainsail, I moved the food and the booze into it. I kept a rifle with three boxes of ammunition on board in case of, well I really didn't know in case of what, but I thought they might come in handy in my present situation--no telling what kind of wildlife was present on this island. The radio and generator had to remain with the boat since I had no way of dismantling and carrying them and the fuel tank to the lean-to. I gathered some firewood and lugged it down to the lean-to just as the sun was disappearing behind the hills and trees to the west of my camp.

After all this had been accomplished, I was sweaty and hot so I decided I needed a quick swim in the ocean to cool me down. I dived into the water and settled into a slow crawl that took me out a ways from the beach before I turned to go back in. As I neared shore, I thought I saw a person near my lean-to, but when I called there was no answer and no further sightings. I traipsed up to the lean-to and dropped down on the blanket I had salvaged from my boat letting the breeze and the warm sun dry my skin.

When I went to get something to fix over the fire for my supper, I discovered that one of the boxes had been opened. I had thought that I had seen somebody while I was out swimming and now I knew for sure that I had. As I ate I tried to figure out how to protect the remainder of my somewhat limited supplies and still manage to get some sleep. The thief had the advantage in that he could strike at any time--or not strike. I had taken a flashlight and a pistol from the storage space in the cockpit during my last trip to the boat.

The flashlight's batteries were brand new so the light would be quite bright. The pistol was an old Colt .45 calibre, what the Army called the M1911A1, that came from my prized collection of military pistols and was in perfect condition. It had a round in the chamber and a full clip in the handgrip with three more clips laying on a box close to hand. Right after supper I laid down with my head against a mound of sand piled up beneath the blanket and went into a light sleep.

Sometime after dark, I heard a noise but didn't move except to make sure I had the flashlight and pistol close to hand. The person who was sneaking up on my camp was not doing a good job of it and actually tripped over the rope I had strung about twelve inches off the ground. When I heard the body go thump, I quickly turned on the flashlight and aimed the pistol at the person on the ground. I wasn't expecting what I saw.

Laying there in front of me was a totally naked woman who looked as if she was in her mid-20s and who had a rather small body to kill for with a nice ass, long legs that ended in a furry vee where they joined, and a pair of tits that any man would die for just to get a taste of them. If she weighed over 110 pounds, she hid it well. She stared at the light like a deer being spotlighted and threw one arm over her eyes to shield them from the sudden brightness.

"OK, who are you and what are you doing taking my supplies?" I got no answer to my question as the girl picked herself up and started to leave.

"Stop right there! Alto! Halt! Arrêtez!" She froze sometime during my order to stop so I didn't know which of the four languages she spoke.

"Turn around." I repeated it once again in Spanish, German, and French and she turned around in time with a different language so I still had no clue which one she spoke.

I looked at her from head to toe and back again. Her two lovely cone shaped breasts were heaving with the exertion of falling and picking herself up off the ground--and maybe with a little bit of fear as I let the muzzle of the pistol move into the light of the flashlight where she could see it. She was blonde headed and the hair covering her mound was the same shade as the hair on her head, almost white in the light of the flashlight.

"Sit down." As I started my routine with the other languages she sat and said "I speak English. I can only guess what those other languages are." She had lowered herself into a lotus like position which showed the cleft of her sex between her legs. If she saw me looking at it, she gave no indication of being modest and shy.

"Spanish, German, and French. Now who the hell are you?"

"I don't answer questions of any kind with a pistol pointed at me." I lowered the pistol.

"Sorry, I was expecting a much larger thief."

"Well, there's only me and my little sister, Karen, left on this island for you to be afraid of."

"Just who are you?"

"My name is Catherine, but people called me Cat."

"My name is Tom Jones."

"The singer?"

"No, I just share the name with him. As far as I know he isn't even one of my relatives. You sound as if there were more of you."

"There was. My mother was killed when our boat was destroyed and my father died not long afterwards of a broken heart. My husband, Donald, died when he fell from a tree while collecting some fruit from the higher branches some time after that, but you are the first person from the outside we have seen since we were wrecked on this island."

"How long have you been here?"

"About six or seven years, I think. Time has no real meaning any more. What's today's date?"

"Well, I'm not sure of the exact day, but I left Los Angeles on Friday, 13 August 2003."

"If I remember right, we left San Diego in March of 1998."

"Almost five years."

"It seems so. Karen, you can come on in now. He's not going to kill us, or at least I don't think he will. He's staring at my pussy too hard and I think he's getting a bit aroused by what he sees." Cat was looking directly at my groin where my penis had started it's preliminary rise to full erection. "God, his cock looks good enough to eat."

Karen was almost a carbon copy of her older sister right down to the same blonde air. What surprised me was that she was carrying a rifle at port arms as she entered my lean-to. She appeared to be either in her late teens or early 20s and the tan was just as complete as her sister's tan. Her breasts may have been a bit smaller than her sister's, but they looked just as delectable. The hair covering her sex was a bit sparser also, but it was just as intriguing to me as Cat's fur covered mound.

"You see, Tom, if you had shot me, Karen would have killed you right where you are and she's a very, very good shot." Cat smiled, but the message was clear.

"So why were you stealing my food?"

"We have lived on fish and whatever fruit we could find for the entire time we've been here. If you had noticed, we only took a couple of cans of your Spam. We had forgotten what meat tasted like." I really had noticed that only the Spam had been touched. I nodded my head. I did understand and my anger vanished as quickly as it had come earlier in the day.

We talked and we all stared at the others genitals. I found out that Cat was about 25 and that Karen had just turned 19 a week before I had left Los Angeles. Their pussies gaped open inviting my inspection and my cock had by this time risen to the occasion and was dripping pre-cum from the slit at it's business end. Sometime during the night, we came to an agreement to co-exist in peace and the girls went back to their camp with a full box of canned meat. I spent the night alone in my lean-to with a raging hard-on. Not being the shy type, I jerked on my dick with the thoughts of the two girls and their luscious looking pussies running through my mind until my cock shot had its load into the sand next to the blanket.

In the morning, I took stock of what I had to do. One of the first things I had to do was to try to salvage the radio and the antenna. Then I had to find a way to dismantle the generator and the fuel tank and haul them across the sand to a safe place away from the water and the pounding surf. I also realized that I had to get some fresh water soon, but knew that the girls had that problem solved already.

At just the thought of them, my cock started to rise. I walked over to a tree and took a good piss watching the liquid come out of the end of my dick and splash against the tree on its journey to the ground. Then I took a running start and dived into the water. The water was refreshing and washed away the last vestiges of sleep and fatigue that had been overcoming my desire to start getting things done.

I went back to the boat and discovered that the antenna mast still hung by it's wire. For some reason I hadn't seen that the day before when I was busy unloading supplies and setting up camp. I found my tool box and took out a Phillips-head screwdriver. The clamps came off easily and the antenna slowly came to rest on the deck. The last clamp, however, decided it would not budge and in my efforts to make it listen to reason succeeded in demolishing the head to the point where the screwdriver merely spun in circles. I threw the screwdriver down on the deck in frustration and looked up to see both of the naked girls staring at me.

My cock rose once again and I tried to turn my body so as to hide my arousal from the girls.

Cat laughed. "We're going to have to do something about your problem, Tom."

"You can help get a stripped screw out?"

"No, but I really meant your other problem." With that she stepped close and wrapped her fingers around my steel-like pole. She started small jerking movements with her hands as her tits pressed against my chest and her mouth and tongue fought a duel with mine. Karen was standing near by watching us with obvious excitement in her eyes. When Cat broke the kiss, she held out her free hand to her sister. Karen came over and I quickly had two pairs of tits pressing into me. Soon there were two mouths fighting mine and I found myself fighting a losing battle.

Cat laid me down on the deck as she continued to give me a handjob while she kissed her way down to my nipples, those tender little buds on my very manly chest. Karen must have gotten the message because she knelt down on the other side and took my free nipple into her mouth. I gasped for breath as the sensations of two lovely girls licking and sucking my body washed over me.

Cat then ran her tongue down my body licking as she went. She made her way to my groin where she gently sucked on my balls before almost swallowing my eight inch cock whole. I hadn't had any sex other than masturbation in a long time and I felt my sperm rushing to leave my cock. Cat must have felt the spasms for she quickly pinched it off at the base of my cock until I could regain some control. Even then she must have known I was close.

"Tom, I want you to cum in my mouth. Then I'm going to get Karen ready for you to take her cherry." Karen was a virgin? How could that have happened? And then I realized that she was too young to fuck while the men in the family were around...before they had died. As these thoughts rushed through my mind, I felt Cat's mouth drop over my cock and then Karen's tongue washing my balls. I spurted straight into Cat's mouth and she merely clamped her mouth tight over my cock head and swallowed. Some of my hot cream escaped only to be lapped up by Karen.

"Hmmmmm. So that's what a man tastes like. Cat I wish I could have found out sooner."

"I know, but we have to get you ready for your first fuck. OK, little sister, let's work each other up. Suck my cunt and I'll suck your's. Maybe that will get Tom hard again."

I watched in disbelief as Cat dropped her head between her sister's open thighs and watched as Cat's tongue hit Karen's pussy slit. I could tell that they had done this particular dance before. They were good. Karen soon had Cat moaning in ecstacy and Cat soon had Karen flopping around like a fish out of water. My cock enjoyed the show well enough to rise to full erection once again.

Cat looked up, saw my cock and suggested to Karen that she turn around and look. Then Cat taught Karen how to suck my cock without biting it. Despite my earlier cum, I was getting very close to another one and Cat stopped Karen's cocksucking lesson allowing me to get myself back under control.

When I looked into Karen's eyes, I could see fear in them. Fear of being hurt or just a fear of the unknown...I didn't know.

"I'll be gentle. It's going to hurt a little at first, but it will get better. I promise you that."

"I know." She smiled a small frightened smile and jumped when Cat ran her hand over Karen's budding nipples. They erected almost instantly and Karen moaned in pleasure as I ducked my head between her thighs and tasted her for the first time. My tongue found her tender clit and circled it. My lips caressed her clit until her hips started their dance routine once again.

I moved my body up and placed my cock at the entrance to her heavenly love hole. I moved it up and down a couple of times to get it wet and then felt Cat's hand take me by the cock and pull me into her sister's body. I stopped halfway in when I felt Karen's maidenhead. The pause was just long enough to collect my wits before I plunged into her in one violent stroke. Karen almost screamed and I held myself rigid with my cock fully encased by her cunt walls. My balls bounced off the cheeks of her lovely tight ass as I held still and let her adjust to the penetration of her body by my invading spear of hardened flesh.

She looked up at me with her mouth opened in an "O" of surprise and her eyes wide open as far as they would go. Cat played with both of Karen's tits and leaned it to stick her tongue in Karen's mouth. Karen responded by sucking Cat's tongue and then all hell broke lose and Karen started humping up against me as hard as she could. I matched her stroke for stroke and pounded myself as deep into her pussy as I could possibly go.

"My God, Cat, no wonder you loved Donald so much! I never imagined that being fucked would feel so good. Cat, I could do this all day and all night."

"Well, sweetheart, Tom has to get some rest sometime and I fully intend to get my share of fucking. You can't imagine how I've missed having a good hard cock pounding my pussy."

"I can imagine. Oh, Tom, that feels sooooooo good. I'm feeling funny down there. What are you doing to me?"

"I'm trying to make you cum before I do. I want to make your first fuck one you will remember with joy instead of regret."

"Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhh!" Karen's body went into spasms and set my own cum rushing from the tip of my hardened cock to bathe her womb with sperm. I fell forward only avoiding crushing her beneath my weight by landing on my elbows. As it was, her heaving breasts poked their hardened nipples into my chest.

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