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Island Temptation


There I was in my hotel suite somewhere in Hawaii, checking out the view of the beach from my balcony. I saw the beautiful blue ocean, the white sand, and lots of people in swimwear swimming and playing volleyball and the sun was brightly shining. So I decided to take a walk on the beach. I put on a pair of jeans and a midriff under my rainbow-colored two-piece bikini and stepped out. Not only did I love the feel of warm sand on my feet but I also liked the crashing of waves against the rocks and the shore . Then, I sat on the sand, enjoying the beach.

Next thing you know, this sexy, tall, dark-haired man was looking at me. He had the sexiest eyes and the brightest smile that I have ever seen. And his body? He had more than six-pack on his stomach, but a twelve-pack and his arms were buff. He told about how beautiful I looked. I blushed. He said his name was Galen and he kissed my hand. We took a walk on the beach together. He was shirtless and was also wearing jeans, except his jeans were dark washed and mine have an antique wash to them and they're low rise. He was immediately attracted to me. He told he just got finished doing a photo shoot for a calendar. I looked deep into his brown eyes and looked into mine the same way. His hands were gently touching my face before he softly kissed my lips. Where were my hands? My hands were on his back and feeling his shoulders. Then, I slowly sat down on the sand and he sat with me. His body was on top of mine when we started making out. As soon as Galen was on top of me, he started to softly kiss my neck. I could feel his hands sliding down from my face to my sides.

He was kissing all over my neck. The ocean waves were crashing against us while we were lying on the sand and we were both wet. My hands going up and down his back. I arched my back as his lips were planting soft, light kisses all over my stomach. His tongue lightly licked around my belly button. We turned over and now I was on top of him. His hands were running through my hair and I slowly kissed him from the neck down. His lips were kissing as my hands were feeling his hair. I could feel his hands slowly go down from my hair to my back. I continued to kiss his body as his hands were resting at the small of my back.

My fingers were feeling his ripped abs. I saw him smile at me as I touched his lips with my fingertips. Then, we got up and took a swim in the ocean, clothes and all. While we were in the water, Galen and I started playing in the water. Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around my waist.

I began feeling both of our hearts beating at the same time. We were caressing each other's bodies, even though I was fully clothed and he was shirtless.

Next, I slowly pulled myself away and I carefully began removing my midriff top and my jeans, revealing my rainbow-striped bikini. Galen was in awe by my beauty when he saw me. I put my jeans and top on the sand by the shore. Then, I watched as he was taking off his jeans. Underneath, he was wearing navy blue board shorts. I thought to myself My God he looks incredibly hot in those board shorts. His wet body was glistening by the sun's rays. He smiled as picked me up like I was weightless and kissed my lips again. After the refreshing swim in the ocean, Galen said that he wanted to see me again later tonight. I said yes. Then, I went to my room. Knowing that I will see him again, I decided to take a shower and put on some fresh clothes. While in the shower, all I could think about was Galen and I playing in the ocean, holding each other close and kissing. After my shower, I took a little nap. I thought of how good his hands and his lips were on my body and how hot his body was when he was shirtless and wearing jeans. I couldn't wait to see him tonight.

That night, I was ready for my date with Galen. I was wearing a seafoam semi-sheer peasant top with wide flowing sleeves, elastic neckline, handkerchief hemline, a pair of black stretch pants, and Steve Madden heels. I sprayed on some J. Lo Miami Glow perfume and I was all set. Galen came to my door with a dozen white long-stemmed rose bouquet. He was really good looking, wearing a white cotton button-down shirt, khaki pants, and black shoes. First, we went dancing. While we danced, he wrapped his arms around me, he smelled my perfume mixed with my scent, and holding me close.

Then, we ate some dinner and went to the beach. The full moon was out and the ocean was going back and forth. Galen was telling me of how lovely I looked tonight. He adored me like I'm some kind of goddess as he was kissing my neck. I told him he was hot, sweet, and handsome and he was just flattered and smiled at me. Suddenly, he placed his hands on my shoulders and softly kissed my lips. We came back to my hotel room. Galen was nice enough to the open the door for me.

I let him in my room and we sat on the sofa. I sat beside him. I could feel his fingers softly running through my hair. I put my hands on his hairless chest and gently touched him as my lips were getting closer to his. Then, I kissed him, slow and romantic. My hands moved up from his chest to his face. I felt his stroking my hair while his other hand was down my back. I could hear him say that I am beautiful like an angel. I told him that the peasant top I was wearing made me look like a Juliet and I have a few more of them in different colors.

My hand rested on his chest as I softly kissed his neck. His hands slowly went under my top and on the small of my back. He was whispering sweet nothings in my ear all while kissing my neck and shoulders. Then, I suggested that we could go to my room. He agreed and we went into my bedroom. We entered the bedroom and Galen sat on the bed. He kissed my lips again as his arms were wrapped around my waist.

While we kissed, I slowly began unbuttoning his shirt and slid it off of his body. He was always hot when he's not wearing a shirt. His hands were in my hair. His tongue was slowly entering my mouth while kissing. With his hands, he carefully and slowly lifted my peasant top over my head and laid it on the bed. Then, I began undoing my black stretch pants, letting them fall to the floor. I was standing in my black lace strapless bra and matching brief panties.

Galen looked at my voluptuous body glowing by the moonlight and in a heartbeat he was falling for and admiring me. I could feel his hands holding my hips and softly touching my massive belly. He told me I looked radiant and I was blushing and smiling. I looked at his body and thought he looked hotter than any male model in the world. Every time he would kiss me, it felt like time was standing still. His hand was going up and down my thigh while his other hand was touching my face.

He was smiling at me and looking into my eyes. He sat beside me as I was lying down. I was still wearing my underwear. Galen looked and felt every inch of my body. I looked at his shirtless body and I let my hand softly slide down from his face to his well-built abs. He kisses my lips as his hands were on my back. I could hear him whisper compliments about me in my ear. My hands were touching his arms as he wraps them around my waist.

Whenever he would touch me, my body would quiver. He was just kissing me from the neck up. I softly sighed as he was near me. My hands were touching his arms as he wraps them around my waist. I felt his hands softly touching my breasts as his lips were kissing every part of my face. I felt his lips softly kissing up and down my neck and one of his hands touching me from my neck down to my upper thigh. My skin was like silk under his hands. Then, his lips moved down to my stomach. Galen planted soft, open-mouthed kisses all over my stomach. I thought to myself that he kisses just as good as he looks. Then, I began whispering sweet nothings in his ear while touching his neck and shoulders.

He comes back up to my face and said to me "I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow."

I said ok as I looked at the clock and it was two in the morning.

Galen got dressed and then he said to me "I had a great time with you tonight. I like to see you again."

I was happy. We kissed and then he left.

I closed the door and went to bed with a smile on my face. The next morning, I got up after having a really good night's sleep. While taking my shower, all I could think about was my date with Galen last night and what we did when we came back to my hotel room. I thought of how good his kisses were and I shiver just thinking of him touching me. After having breakfast, I took a walk on the beach. I was wearing capris and a halter top. Then, Galen was walking behind me. He smiled and I jumped and hugged him. We were talking for a while. He told me he lives in L. A. and I told him I live in the deep south, Atlanta, Georgia that is.

I feel like this man is the man of my dreams. After talking and walking, he kissed my lips. His kisses were sweet and warm. My hands were under his white tank top as the kiss slowly intensifies.

His hands were running through my dark shoulder-length hair. He moved aside to take off his tank top, showing me his hot body. After taking off his tank top, Galen walks up to me and we kiss again. I quivering in his arms while feeling the cool air and the heat of his body. My hands were in his hair as they slowly slid down to his back. Then, he sat down on the sand on his knees. I felt his hands up and down my hips. He slowly lifted my halter, revealing a little bit of my stomach. His lips were softly kissing me there. His soft kisses were making me feel weak in the knees. I was still standing when Galen was behind me, kissing the back of my neck while his hands were touching my stomach under my halter top. No man has ever touched me like that.

Suddenly, his hands were slowly moving up from my stomach to my breasts. I was a little shocked but I didn't mind feeling his touch. While he was touching me there, my hands were going up and down his front body (face, neck, chest, arms, shoulders, hands and stomach). We were feeling each other's bodies. Then, my hands were stroking his perfect butt and his hands were moving up to my face and neck. He took my hand and was kissing both sides of it. I feel like my temperature about to rise.

I began wrapping one of my arms around his waist and I just kissed his lips. Galen sat down on the sand and then I sat in front of him. I feel his hands rubbing my stomach, breasts and thighs as he was whispering in my ear. After that, he told me to meet him at his room tonight because he was about to get ready for another photo shoot for the calendar. I couldn't wait to see him again tonight. It just gets better and better. When I got into the hotel in the mid-afternoon, the concierge gave me a note. It was a love note from Galen.

I read the entire note on my way to my room. I got to my bedroom and I saw a single, long-stemmed red rose on my pillow. I decided to take a nice, warm, relaxing bubble bath. Aside from seeing Galen today, I went shopping for souvenirs to take back home with me and had some lunch, mostly seafood. After my bath, I was getting ready for another night with my hunk. I decided to wear my black halter style slinky dress with a cross over back and black strappy sandals. I wore my hair down and I applied red lipstick over my lips. I was ready. I went to Galen's room which was on the third floor. When Galen opened the door, he was handsome indeed, wearing black pants and a dark brown shirt. He took one look at me and was completely awestruck. I walked into his room. The lights were low, Brian McKnight was playing on the CD player, and the smell of vanilla and jasmine filled the room.

We sat on the sofa and instantly looked into each other's eyes. We started talking about each other. Then, I began looking at Galen. From head to toe, he looked completely hard to resist and yet so handsome.

His lips were getting closer to mine, softly brushing against them. He softly kisses my lips. His hands were touching both sides of my face while my hands were on the back of his head. His lips softly moved down to my neck. Next, he gently licked my neck with the tip of his tongue. He rubbed his nose on my neck, smelling the Romance by Ralph Lauren perfume I was wearing. His hands were moving down from my face to my hips. I began smelling his skin. He smelled of Bod Men with Romance For Men and a little bit of Clean Men with his scent and a hint of male sweat. I could hear him whispering in my ear of how he had fallen for me and how he couldn't stop thinking about me while his hand was touching one of my smooth, hairless legs. His lips softly came back up to my lips while my hands run through his hair as he wraps his arms around me. Galen continued to slowly and passionately kiss my lips while his arms were still wrapped around me. I feel his hands going up to my hair.

We got up and he was still kissing me when he led me to the dark, candlelit bedroom. I could still smell the vanilla and jasmine because the living room smelled of jasmine incense while the bedroom was scented with vanilla candles and incense. My hands were on his back as he slowly began to unbutton his shirt, letting it fall to the floor. He softly kissed my face. His hands were on my back as he slowly removed the sexy dress from my body and laid it on the bed. We were enjoying each other's bodies. I was wearing underwear, a black satin corset with a hook and eye front and matching panty. The fingertips of my hands were tracing every outline of his stomach. Galen immediately looked at me and said that I looked absolutely beautiful as he slowly felt every curve of my body.

He held me close when he gently laid me down on the bed. His hand was on the side of my face while his other hand was on my leg, caressing up my thigh. I let out a quiet sigh. The satin of my corset was just as soft as my skin. Galen planted soft kisses on my neck while his hands were softly and slowly touching my breasts and the rest of my body while I was still wearing my underwear. I whispered in his ear of how good he kisses and smelled his skin. His lips slowly moved down to my cleavage and softly kissed me there. I heard him whisper of how he loves touching and kissing me in all the right places and how my corset fits all of my curves. I smiled and quietly giggled as he was slowly unhooking my corset. Once my corset was unhooked, his hands were softly touching my front body. His caresses were making me quiver and his kisses were making my soul burn with desire. His hands felt so good on my body. He was softly caressing and squeezing my breasts while sitting beside me on the bed. His lips were kissing my face. He looks deeply into my eyes. I quietly moaned every time he was touching me. My hand was resting on my stomach while my other hand was feeling his abs. Then, Galen lowered his mouth on one of my breasts and softly kissed, licked, and sucked on it. He continued doing that as he gently laid his hot body on top of mine. He did the same thing to my other breast. His hands were touching my thighs, hips, stomach, and feet. I let out a few soft moans.

Then, he gets up and pulls back the covers and sheets and I laid myself down under the covers with my head on a pillow. He laid his body on top of mine, kissing me in the same spot on my body. The heat of our bodies met with the coolness of the 600-thread count cotton sheets. The soft kisses and slow caresses were really turning me on. Then, I was on top of Galen, kissing his lips. His hands were on my back as my lips were slowly moving from his face to his neck. As I was kissing him, he began taking off his pants. Under the covers, he was wearing white boxer shorts. My lips softly began kissing his body. My hand was sliding up and down his chest and abs. He was a little ticklish. I could feel his hands caressing my back, giving me chills down my spine.

His lips were already kissing mine. His hands were caught in my silky hair. I smiled as I looked at every inch of Galen's body. I came back up to his lips and he got up, wrapped his arms around my waist, and his hands were caressing up and down my back. I started kissing his face. My hands were resting on his shoulders. Then, he gently laid me down on the bed. I watched as he was softly and slowly kiss me from my neck to my breasts. His mouth was softly sucking, licking, and kissing every inch of them. His hands softly massaged them. I was getting dizzy with desire. I let out a few moans while he was doing this to me. I heard him whispering, saying how he loves my curvy body, every inch of it and said he even liked how mybody was glowing in the candlelight. I looked as his lips were moving down to my stomach, lightly kissing while holding my panty-covered hips. His tongue lightly circling around my belly button. While Galen was softly kissing my stomach under the covers, his hands were moving up from my hips to my breasts, massaging them. The feeling was very sensual yet a little erotic. Then, he comes back up to my face. He looked deeply into my eyes and started making love to me at a slow and steady pace. While doing that, he was caressing all of my erogenous zones. The sound of ocean waves and the flickering of the candlelight made it more romantic. After that, we kissed and he was holding me close in his arms. It was sensual and romantic at the same time. He continued to touch me as I was falling asleep. The next morning, I was still asleep in Galen's bed. The window with a view of the beach was open.

I could hear the ocean waves. Then, I was awaken by a soft kiss on the lips. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Galen kneeling beside me on the bed. We said good morning to each other. I suddenly feel his hand touching my naked body under the covers. His other hand was feeding me breakfast in bed. I heard him say to me that I was the kind of woman he fantasizes about because I have curves, a soft body, and a little meat on me. After feeding me breakfast, Galen slowly laid his body on top of mine when he went under the covers. He softly and deeply kisses my lips. His hands were cupping and massaging my big soft breasts.

He whispered in my ear. "You look just as sexy naked as you were fully clothed."

Galen looks into my eyes while squeezing my breasts. He told me that I have a body to lust for and he loves the way my body feels against his. Mine being soft and voluptuous and his rock hard. Then, he replaced his hands with his mouth on my breasts. The way he was sucking and kissing them made me want him more. His hands were on my butt, squeezing and massaging it. I looked under the covers to see Galen moving his lips down to my soft belly.

My moans slowly turned into passion-filled screams. My hands were feeling his head. I could feel his hands touching my thighs, legs, and hips. He came back up and sat beside me in the bed. His hand slowly moved up and down my thigh. His fingers found my wet, hot womanhood as they were softly touching it. I was already quivering as he continued to touch me. I thought to myself this man really wants me. Then, Galen asked me to lay on my stomach. I did just that. He slowly pulls the sheet off of my naked back. He started by softly kissing the back of my neck. I felt his hands running through my hair and sliding down my back. He was softly licking my back with his tongue. I let out a few sighs as he was licking and kissing down my spine at the same time. My sighs were turning into quiet moans. His hands were going up and down my hips and were squeezing my butt. Then, I flipped over and Galen sat up on the bed. I sat on his boxer-covered lap, wrapped my legs around his waist and passionately kiss his lips. His hands were still resting on my hips and then they went up to my back and down to my thighs. His hands felt so good on my body, especially my thighs. I slowly got up from his bed. He told he has to get ready for another photo shoot for his calendar this morning. So I got myself dressed and left for my hotel room. But before I left, Galen took my hand.

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