tagGroup SexIsland's Sail Ch. 03

Island's Sail Ch. 03


We sale into the British Virgin Islands on a Friday night late. We find a cove we've been anchored in before and drop anchor. We can see another sailboat off in the distance about a quarter mile away in another part of the cove. We figure it's still enough privacy, so Nathalie and I go to bed. We wake up the next morning and I make breakfast as Nathalie strips and goes for a swim. She swims around for about 20 minutes then climbs back on board the boat. I bring breakfast up to the top deck, so we can have breakfast in the morning sun. We set up a little table next to the controls and have a wonderful fruit salad breakfast with bagels and cream cheese. This is Nathalie's favorite breakfast.

Nathalie is a beautiful little French girl. She has a 35-24-36 figure with long brunette hair and amber eyes that will give any man a hard-on. We see some activity on the other sailboat; it appears to be someone showering on deck. I grab the binoculars out of curiosity and some voyeurism. I see a stunning blonde under the showerhead lathering up every inch of her body. She is a magnificent looking woman. I start to get hard and Nathalie sees the tent growing in my shorts. She starts to smile and grabs the binoculars from me. She says, "Wow, she is a pretty girl." Then hands me back the binoculars as she stands up and straddles me. She works my shorts down to my knees and impales her pussy with my cock. She starts to ride me up and down as I kiss and suck on her tits. I continue kissing Nathalie, then start to massage her back as I lean back and blow my load into her pussy. She is now dripping with my come escaping her pussy and working it way down our thighs. She hugs me and gives me a long deep kiss.

Nathalie gets up and walks to the deck shower and starts to clean up. I look back towards the other boat and see the first babe, who we later find out is Kathy, has been joined by another great looking babe. I grab the binoculars and look. The first girl is now being finger banged by her girl friend who looks equally attractive. The first girl collapses onto the deck and the second girl, whose name turns out to be Deborah, starts to finger herself until Kathy recovers. Kathy now moves between Deborah's legs and begins to munch on her bikini shaved pussy. Deborah starts to thrash around grabbing the back of Kathy's head and holding her head on her pussy until she finishes coming. Kathy licks all the juices from between Deborah's legs and they both get up and look our way. They start to wave and smile, so I wave back. I have been caught red-handed staring at their sexual activities.

I tell Nathalie I got busted staring and she just laughs. It seems she waved at them while she was rocking my world, so they decided to return the show. I walk up to the deck shower and lather up, as I see the girl's boat making its way towards us. I don't bother to cover up, since I want every part of any action that may arise. I am fully soaped up when the girls pull alongside our boat. They pull alongside and Nathalie helps them aboard. Kathy is the first one on board and introduces herself. She has a stunning 35-24-35 figure and gorgeous shoulder length blonde hair. Next comes Deborah who has a rock hard 34-24-35 figure and shoulder length, dishwater blonde hair. They are both total knockouts!

Deborah sees me all lathered up and glances at Nathalie. Nathalie smiles and waves her towards me. Deborah comes over towards me stripping her orange string bikini off on the way. My cock is rock hard and reaching for Deborah as she comes up to me. She starts by massaging my chest and sliding her hands down my cock. She strokes my cock firmly as she reaches around and grabs my ass. Deborah keeps stroking my cock with her hand and then surprises me by slipping a finger up my ass. I can't take it anymore and shoot my load towards her stomach. My cock empties its load onto her stomach and onto the deck. I can barely manage to stay on my feet. It has been a long time since I had a hand job like that. Deborah rinses one hand off and reaches down with her fingernails to scoop some of my come from her rock hard tummy.

She puts a finger full of come into her mouth and sucks it off in the most enticing way. Deborah rinses her hands off and rinses the remaining soap off my body. She nurtures my cock after rinsing me off by getting on her knees and slowly sucking life back into my cock. I am hard once again and this time she gets up and turns around grabbing onto the deck railing. She tells me to fuck her from behind and give it to her hard. I oblige by slamming the full length of my dick into her pussy in one hard stroke. She lets out a moan and begins to grind my cock by dancing her ass around in circles. I am holding on and pumping for all I am worth. After about 10 minutes of this, it's all I can take and I fill her pussy full of my come. She starts on her own orgasm as she feels my come hitting the back wall of her pussy. We collapse back onto the deck and I just hold onto Deb for a little while with my cock still in her pussy.

We look over to see Kathy and Nathalie going down on each other locked in a 69. Kathy's silver string bikini top is lying off to the side and Nathalie is still gently chewing on Kathy's bikini bottoms. Kathy lifts her ass off the deck as Nathalie removes Kathy's bikini bottoms. Nathalie immediately sticks a couple of fingers into Kathy's pussy and starts to massage Kathy's G Spot. Nathalie is sucking on Kathy's clit for all she's worth. Kathy has her tongue dashing in and out of Nathalie's pussy, alternating between her G Spot and her clitoris. Nathalie starts to moan and cries out in orgasm. As Kathy hears this it sends her over the edge too and she shutters into an orgasm.

They lie next to each other on the deck of the boat and cuddle in each other's warmth. Deborah sits down on my naked lap and we talk for a few minutes until Kathy and Nathalie get up. We then get up and all go below deck into the galley. I ask the girls if they want something to drink, Kathy asks if I can make a margarita. I make a batch of margaritas for us all and we relax in our glorious nakedness. We all have good-looking bodies and it is just nice to relax without any clothes on. The girls totally agree. They say it's easier for woman to be naked then a man, because the excitement shows more. I totally agree as Deborah gets up and straddles Nathalie's lap. They start to massage each other's breasts gently at first then more eagerly.

Then Kathy gets up and straddles my lap; my cock is already starting to rise to the occasion from watching Deb and Nathalie. Kathy feels my cock pushing up against her pussy lips and slowly slides towards me, then away from my chest teasing me even more. My cock slides by her pussy lips, then between her ass cheeks as Kathy leans backwards, then it slides back towards Kathy's pussy lips as she leans back towards me. I grab her back and hold her to me as I suck on her firm beautiful tits. I make sure her nipples are fully aroused then flick my tongue over them. Then I suck her nipples as far into my mouth as possible, which drives her nuts. She lifts up and inserts my cock into her pussy. She rides me like she is riding a trotting horse. She is riding me fast and hard up and down. She starts to orgasm and screams out collapsing onto my lap. I pick her up and place her on the galley table staying buried inside her pussy the entire time. I lay her on the table and begin to pound her with extreme vengeance. In a few strokes I am filling her orgasmic pussy with my come.

As we collapse onto the galley table together we look over at Deb and Nathalie who are totally enthralled with each other. Nathalie is sucking on Kathy's tits and fingering Deb's pussy at the same time. Deb is holding Nathalie's head tight against her chest and stroking Nathalie's tits with her other hand. Deb explodes into orgasm and leans forward into Nathalie's arms. She rests there for a minute to recover then slides down with her head between Nathalie's legs. Deb lies Nathalie down on the galley bench and is eating Nathalie's pussy. Nathalie has an orgasm a very short time later as Kathy and I watch.

I walk into one of the bedrooms and the girls follow me in, while Nathalie recovers on the galley bench. I lay down on one bed as Kathy and Deb crawl onto the bed with me. They both start to massage me from head to toe. I am in heaven as they both stop on my crotch. They slowly massage a ball each with their tongues and hands, then move up to lick and suck on my cock. Kathy and Deb have their lips locked around my cock one on each side. They are simultaneously moving their heads up and down working my cock in unison. Nathalie enters the room and climbs on top of the bed. She straddles my cock and moves the girls out of the way. Kathy stands up as Nathalie impales herself on my rock hard cock. Kathy straddles my face and plants her pussy on my face. I begin to tongue and suck on her pussy lips, then clitoris and swiping her G Spot with my tongue.

Nathalie is bouncing up and down on my cock while Deb moves behind her and holds Nathalie's breasts in each hand. Deb is working Nathalie's tits in small circles as Nathalie rides my cock. Deb then reaches down with one hand and massages Nathalie's clitoris sending her into an orgasm. Nathalie collapses off to the side and Deborah impales her pussy with my still rock hard cock. As Kathy approaches an orgasm her and Deb kiss and massage each other's breasts. Kathy comes on my face and I work hard to keep up with licking her pussy juices as they flow out of her. My cock is approaching its final limit and Deb sense this, so she stops. Deb climbs off of me and Nathalie climbs back on putting my cock back into her pussy. She starts to pump me up and down as I scream out in an orgasm that fills her pussy with my come.

We all collapse onto the bed and fall asleep for a couple of hours. I get up and make us a nice light dinner, and then we all get back to loving the night away. The four of us have sex in every which way that night and sleep through half the next day and start all over again. Kathy and Deborah give each of us a nice long sexy kiss good bye the third day. We are all totally happy with the past few days and will never forget this experience. Nathalie and I sail for mainland USA after we leave here; we will have to go back to work again. But what a memorable vacation this has been.

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