tagIncest/TabooIt Ain't Incest if... Ch. 02

It Ain't Incest if... Ch. 02


An eighteen year old girl's bed frame should not bounce against the wall that separates her bedroom from her parent's. Sometimes, a girl just has to do what a girl has to do, and I figured that my parents would know what was causing the bumping sounds. Oh well, I'm old enough that I should not be embarrassed if my parents know that I masturbate.

Truth be told, the idea of them listening was intensifying my experience. The idea that my Dad's cock might be stiffening as he imagined my nipples erect, my cunt wet, my fingers caressing my swollen clit provoked exactly those feelings in me.

I was a bit shocked, because I had never thought that way before, but really it was all my mother's fault. A few hours after dinner, since I had no date and was all done my homework, she had suggested that the three of us all watch a movie together, like we used to before I got old enough to babysit, and then of course, date. So they settled in their sweatpants and T shirts on the love seat and I snuggled up in the big arm chair, wearing only a long sleep shirt. Having just showered, I was not even wearing panties, so at least at first, I was very cautious to make sure that the tail of the shirt stayed tucked under my butt. With the lights dimmed, the small amount of the curve of my ass that my Daddy might notice was not very visible, but I was not planning to flash him my freshly trimmed cunt.

One thing that Mom did that was different from when I was younger was that when she poured the wine for herself and Daddy, she poured a third glass.

"The alcohol will make you crave salt," she said as she passed me the drink. "Help yourself to popcorn."

I wished at that moment that she had provided me with a bowl of my own. Instead, to get a handful, I would have to lean forward and reach across in front of my parents. Goodness only knows how much of my butt they would see, and if the light shone just right, or wrong, I suppose, Daddy would be treated to a view of the silhouette of my firm young tits. I thought how embarrassing that would be, so hoped no one would comment if it happened. I noticed though that my nipples stiffened a bit at the thought. All the more reason to be cautious.

Mom's choice of movie shocked me. Though billed as a thriller, she must have missed the qualifier "erotic" before the "thriller" in the listings. Even more shocking, this was not some mainstream titillation, this was pretty much soft core porn, with full frontal female nudity, lots of making out, and simulated sex acts. As a result, the hard bumps on the front of my sleep shirt never had a chance to subside.

Not being used to strong drink, the wine went to my head, and as Mom had warned, I craved salt. I did manage to resist until after the scene where the starlet dropped to her knees and apparently sucked off the cock of the detective character. At least, I guessed that was what her head was doing bobbing up and down in his lap under his desk.

As the movie cut toward a talky exposition scene, I seized the moment to grab some popcorn. Leaning over, I noticed that Mom had snuggled so tightly with Daddy that her boob was pressed hard to his bicep. Her fingers were massaging his leg just above his knee. Daddy's hand was even higher up inside Mom's thigh.

I kept my eyes on the screen and the popcorn bowl from that point, hoping that Daddy was also paying attention to the movie, and not looking at how I was blushing, or, even worse, staring at my tits or watching how the fabric rode along the curve of my hips as I moved.

As I settled back into my chair, what I noticed was that Mom was staring at my legs, her eyes shifting just enough to trace the line of my athletic limbs up to where the shirt covered my quim. I hoped that I just imagined that her tongue flicked out to wet her lips at that moment. She jerked her head around to watch more of the movie, I guess to prevent our gaze from meeting. A strange warmth was spreading down my belly to my loins. I hoped that it was just the wine.

The sexual tension was not helped by the fact that the movie had already moved to a scene where our heroine was making out with the "black widow spider" character suspected of murdering her husband for his money. The two actresses - one blond and curvy like Marilyn Monroe, the other dark and lean, both with obviously fake ginormous boobs, started with just an accidental touch of hand against neck, followed by a brushing aside of hair, a kiss along the neck ending with a nibble of the earlobe. I squirmed in my seat as the film dissolved ahead to the scene in the bedroom, both actresses disrobed, kissing on the bed, the aggressive widow fondling the more shy blonde's breasts, eventually leaning down to kiss each nipple.

By this point, just watching the film with my parents was embarrassing. The strange feelings in my body were even more confusing. After all, I did not like girls, I was straight. I was almost sure of it. Maybe it was a need for reassurance that made me look over to my parents at that moment. I hoped they were not watching me, but if they were, I hoped that they were not upset.

There was no need to worry, but what I saw was even more disturbing. My Mom was nibbling my Daddy's ear just like the evil bitch in the movie had done to her victim. Her hand was now right up inside Daddy's thigh, and she seemed to be rubbing his groin. Daddy's hand was up under my Mom's robe, so I could not see where it was, but Mom was rotating her hips and moaning just like the blonde in the movie, who was now being eaten out by the widow.

It was all I could do to prevent my own fingers from brushing my nipples, and then inevitably snaking up under the hem of my sleep shirt, caressing my own thighs, fingers pushing into my cunt, thumb twiddling my cit, which was already twitching untouched as I squirmed. This is why adult girls should not watch dirty movies with their parents, because my need to get off was undeniable, and the movie was not even half over.

Fortunately, as the blonde climaxed with a moan matched in intensity by Mom, the film faded back into the thriller plot, the detective, pants zipped, interviewing witnesses, and then confronting the suspect. Of course, instead of having her brought to the station to be sweated in an interrogation room, he went to her mansion, the one that had belonged to her dead husband. The one with the big bed where she had pleasured the blonde, whose enthusiasm to assist the detective had faded afterwards.

Mom laughed from deep in her chest when the widow greeted the cop, saying "well if it isn't the Big Dick."

I couldn't help snickering at the line, and that made both my parents swivel there heads, as if they had totally forgotten that I was there. I hoped that the dim light hid my blush. Mom stood, shaking her clothes back into order, and poured us each anther glass of wine. My body shivered as her hand brushed mine passing me my glass. Quickly turning my face to watch the movie and hide my confused sexual excitement, I saw that the woman had not led the detective to that big bed as I expected. Instead, they were in some sort of greenhouse, she was laying back on a table, and her thighs were wrapped around his ears.

Subtle rustling of fabric drew my gaze back to my parents on the love seat. Luckily Mom's body shielded me from seeing what I knew she was doing - her hand was inside Daddy's sweatpants and I knew from the elbow action that she was stroking his cock, which I imagined to be quite stiff. I did not know whether she had tugged him out of the clothing, and whether I would be seeing the forbidden fuck tool if her body was not screening my view.

More confused than ever, I snapped my head around to watch more of the movie. The cop was now fucking the suspect, though of course it was simulated. His cock not visible, penetration a pretence- probably. Her hips were bouncing vigorously up off the table. A groan from Daddy made me glance to their side, where his hips were rising rhythmically up from the cushion in counter-tempo.

My cunt was now undeniably squishy. I tried very hard to convince myself that it was the action onscreen that was the cause. That was no aided when the camera angle shifted from the fucking to show that a young woman- probably my age- was hiding in the ferns, watching the sex. The camera zoomed in to show that she had one hand holding up her school uniform skirt. The other hand was diddling her clit. Sure enough, her moaning caught the attention of the couple fucking. Without missing a beat, the widow told the detective, "That's my late husband's daughter. I used to catch her watching us fuck too. I've never known whether she just watched, or whether her Daddy was fucking her behind my back, just like that blonde trollop that he fucked on the side."

If anybody cared about the plot, the widow had just implicated two alternative suspects. But she was not done talking.

"Of course, having tasted that slut's creamy cunt, I suppose that I can't blame hubby for wanting a bit of a sample."

She giggled, which triggered a reciprocal laugh from my Mom. I found myself joining in. When Mom and Daddy both snapped their faces around in my direction, I took a hefty swallow of wine to settle myself. As the wine warmed me, I found myself wondering whether the widow had ever sampled her step-daughter. This confused me, but also made my clit throb excitedly.

As a result, I almost missed the moment when the widow invited the young woman to join her and the detective. "After all, my dear, you ARE eighteen now, and he has enough cock for us to share."

i heard my Mom gasp. I bet she now was thinking that watching dirty movies with her daughter was a bad idea. Or maybe not, because she said, in a teeny whisper, "you might want to grab more popcorn now, sweetie, because I don't want your body, as cute as it is, in the way once that gal gets naked..."

All I wanted to do then was bolt upstarts to my bedroom, to relieve both my embarrassment and my sexual tension. Instead, I rose from my chair and leaned over to reach a handful of popcorn. I could feel my parents' eyes exploring the shadow of my excited flesh under my flimsy night shirt. Perhaps it was the wine, but I found this extra exciting, and allowed myself to balance there for a few seconds more than necessary, until Mom snickered and shifted. Startled, half thinking she was about to reach out and touch me, maybe even strip me naked, I fell back into my chair so hastily that the bottom of my shirt flipped under my butt. I'm pretty sure that Daddy didn't see my cunt, but they both must have gotten an eyeful of my milky white ass.

By now, the "step daughter" was perched on the widow's face, still wearing that skirt that made her seem too young to be legal. She was mashing faces with the detective, one of her hands buried where his cock was supposedly fucking the widow. Another moment and the next shot had the young woman naked, except for that darn skirt, which was bunched around her waist. She had her nose buried in the widow's ion, and the detective was apparently fucking her from behind.

As the man's hands travelled up those slim flanks and cupped her "barely there" breasts, I heard my Mom whisper to my Daddy, "More than a mouthful is a waste."

They both snickered. My tongue was once again licking my lips, and I realized that I was panting for breath as I watched the sex portrayed on tv. Although the friskiness on the love seat probably was adding to my arousal, truth be told.

"Spank her as you fuck her," the widow instructed the man, "she needs to be punished for being a peeper."

The camera zoomed in on the hand making her ass red. I hoped Mom's sigh was loud enough to cover my startled gasp, as my vagina spasmed spontaneously. Daddy had not spanked me since I was small, but suddenly I wanted his discipline, and wondered whether the sight of my butt had made him think about spanking me.

As the shot pulled wide again, the younger woman lifted her head from the lap of her tormentor. "If you really want to punish me, stick that big fat cock up my ass, just like my Daddy used to."

I did not see what happened next, because I leaped up from my chair and bolted to my bedroom, slamming the door, hoping that my parents would think that I was disgusted by either the suggestion of the anal sex or the incest or both, but actually, needing to relieve my tension by releasing the climax that I knew was lurking inside my sodden quim.

The implications of anal and incest had not disgusted me. Far from it. As I stroked my clit which vibrated to the touch, I was picturing a big fat cock reaming an ass that suspiciously resembled mine rather than the skinny actress. As the wave of orgasm grew deep inside, and then exploded ferociously, I noted that the belly of the guy I was imagining fucking my ass was soft and hairy, like my Daddy, not taut and waxed like the actor.

My eyes did not even have time to close, so I'm pretty sure the bed did not bump the wall, or not much, not that it mattered with my parents downstairs finishing watching the movie. Or making out, or fucking. Normally, a powerful climax is all that I need to nod off in bed, but instead, the thoughts of my parents downstairs, sexually excited, made me restless. My fingers slowly caressed my tits, and my other hand slid down my belly and started gently stroking my cunt more gently. Hopefully another climax would allow sweet dreams, but this one I intended to approach slowly, allowing it to build to fresh intensity. My thoughts I tried to focus on my usual inspirations - the cute quarterback; the dreamy substitute teacher; the wannabe rock star from third period biology - but nothing could prevent images of Daddy's cock in Mom's grasp, despite the fact that I had never seen the actual organ in question.

I was still rocking on the mattress, headboard slowly bumping against the wall when I heard my parents enter their room. I considered stopping, but knew that I would never sleep if I did not finish. If they were coming to bed to fuck, instead of having fucked downstairs, that would be intolerable to listen to without getting myself off. So I kept gently caressing my flesh, not sure whether I wanted Daddy to move the bed away from the wall tomorrow or not.

At first, there was silence through the wall, and I held back, wanting to come, but willing to delay if they were about to fall asleep. My fingers were barely moving, maintaining my arousal. I rubbed my belly just above my clit, rather than stroking that pearl. Toying with my strands of pubic hair kept my organ erect, but did not trigger a climax. I reasoned that this tiny motion could not possibly make the bed knock the wall. My mind filled with wonder at whether Daddy would like my hair like this, freshly trimmed, or prefer my cunt nude, or even natural. If he wanted me shaved, maybe Mom would talk him into doing it, since he shaved every day, and she had never shaved her pubes. I imagined Daddy touching all around my most intimate places. If he ran his hand around and across my butt, teasing my asshole, how would I resist targeting his balls, which I could spend a long moment kneading as he licked me clean.

Of course, doing that would make him hard, and likely I'd get wet too. Would Mom be watching, telling us that she was the chaperone, but actually getting even wetter than me? Would she want to take Daddy's cock and shove it into my cunt. Though I imagined that she might need to lick it a bit first. His lollipop, I mean, not my cunt. Though she might lick that too, I suppose.

I heard the steady thumping of my bed that signified how my ass was more excited than my clit. That thought in turn made me wonder if Daddy liked anal. Would it shock him to know that I had experienced more cocks up my butt than in my cunt? At my school, that was how you stayed a virgin, or pretended to still be one to try to impress a new guy.

I could hear whispers and movement from the other side of the wall, but could not quite make out most of the words. Maybe Daddy was licking Mom's rosebud, getting ready to ream her? Was the fact that they could hear me exciting or inhibiting them? Their bed was far from the wall, so no telltale noise would travel to my side.

As my body quaked a bit harder, I noticed that my bedsprings squeaked. I sighed at the pleasant thought that perhaps this would inspire Daddy to fuck Mom so hard that their bed made noise, or maybe Mom would scream with pleasure. I found myself wishing that I had snuck back downstairs to see if I could watch my parents fuck on the love seat. Instead, I pictured that in my mind as my thumb found my clit.

A moan escaped my lips as I felt my next orgasm building. It was loud enough that I was pretty sure Daddy could hear it, but rather than being ashamed, I hoped that it made his rod iron hard so that he could fuck Mom just like I wished he could fuck me.

My bed started pounding against the wall harder than ever and I came with a series of grunts loud enough to penetrate through the drywall. My hips lifted off my mattress as my climax crested. My juices squirted out of my naked cunt, soiling my sheet, like a real baby girl. Too bad Daddy was not there to wipe me clean. Preferably with his tongue.

"Daddy," I groaned, wishing he could see me like this, but suspecting that since I could not make out the words my parents spoke, that he could not hear me.

Soon I was laying quietly, but I had to catch my breath, and I was panting more loudly than I had groaned. Despite my conviction that I was straight, I wondered if Mom would like to lick her baby clean too. The female cunt lapping in the movie had stirred up something that I was having a hard time venting. Though if she just wanted to watch, that would be fine too. Because I did not want to fuck Daddy behind her back, so she might as well watch us. Her behaviour during the movie displayed a distinct voyeuristic streak that I was more than happy to satisfy if it meant her sharing Daddy with me.

"That's a fine fantasy," I told myself, surprised that my breath had returned, that the words escaped my lips, "but will never happen in real life. Families like ours don't fuck each other, that's incest. But it ain't incest if you only imagine it."

Maybe sleep could have come then, but now it was the noise from next door that kept my ears engaged, which fuelled my brain. My slutty dirty mind. I started to fiercely twist my left nipple. That sent shock waves to my cunt. My bed started to bump the wall again.

I finally made out some words. It was my Mom of course.

"Daddy" I heard her say, "do you think she'd just want you to spray seed all over her hot young body, or would she prefer that you save it and give her a good hard fucking first?"

Daddy just groaned in reply. The thumping of my bed against the wall stopped at that moment, as I was waiting to hear his answer.

"I suppose it doesn't really matter," my Mom laughed, unrestrained this time. "After all, we are lucky enough to have a Daddy who stays hard for round two."

Right then, the thumping sound started up again, slowly, rhythmically. My fingers fucked my cunt deeply, like I wished they were Daddy's hard cock. I wondered if Daddy could hear my body writhing against my sheets, but then I heard Mom again.

"Do you ever wonder how your daughter's mouth would feel around your cock?" There was a pause and I pictured Mom warming that very organ with her breath. I know that was what I longed to experience.

"Of course you do," Mom said. "Her lips are so much riper and fuller than mine -- in that we do differ."

She paused to giggle.

"When she licks that heavy bottom lip, I sometimes look at your lap and imagine that I see your cock twitch, like you wish that it was your helmet she was wetting."

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