tagInterracial LoveIt All Adds Up Now!

It All Adds Up Now!


While attending College I met a lot of girls but none could compare to Mubjani. I feel very fortunate to be dating her because just about every other guy I know on campus wants her. Initially I had trouble being intimate with her since she is a conservative Hindu girl from India. Every time I made an advance or attempt to get close to her she resisted.

Just the same though, her beautiful body, gorgeous face and sultry voice never failed to make my cock rock hard whenever I was around her. According to Mubjani's, or Jan as she liked to be called, faith she always wore many layers of clothing partly to disguise her physical attributes. It wasn't until I saw her working out in the gym on day, wearing pair of tight spandex shorts and an athletic top that I noticed her large firm tits, her tight ass and well proportioned legs.

One Friday evening, after a delicious dinner together, I invited jan back to my place. My roommate was gone for the weekend, so we had the whole place to ourselves. As we sat on the couch I placed my arm around Jan and gave her a firm kiss on the lips. A tingle shot up my spine and my cock twitched and grew long and hard as a lead pipe inside my pants. As I leaned into our kiss my stiff condition pressed against Jan's thigh. Although surprised by the kiss, since we'd never kissed before, she was not displeased by it or by the hardness between us.

I kissed her again, this time more slowly, probing each nook and cranny of her warm mouth with my tongue. Her response came instantly and furiously as her tongue plunged into my mouth and snaked down my throat.

After quite a bit of passionate kissing, I found myself out of breath. I moaned out loud as I drew a breath of air. Jan asked if something was wrong. With a moment of hesitation, I told her that my cock was itchy and my balls were aching. Looking down at the bulge in my pants she chuckled slightly with an impish smile coming over her face.

I told her that I wanted to make love to her. Although she didn't say anything, she was suddenly sporting a huge grin on her face. much to my surprise and relief she got up, took a few steps back and began taking off her clothes, layer by sexy layer. I was totally amazed as I watched her strip. Her tits were even bigger that I could've ever imagined. She had wonderful, big and long nipples. Her pussy hair was jet black and she had a ton of it. Her gorgeous cunt was framed by a totally unshaven, bushy forest of hair.

I couldn't tear my clothes off quick enough! Jan immediately took notice of my thick eight inch cock as it bounced out of my shorts, into view. In a soft tone of voice she said, "My goodness, it is so big and so hard!"

I took her hand and placed in on my throbbing cock. She started to squeeze it, to rub and stroke it. Slow and gentle at first but she soon increased her grip and was squeezing me harder. Her hand felt great and my cock throbbed with joy! I began to massage her firm meaty tits in a circular motion with my hands, leaning forward sucking and biting her on her long, stiff nipples. She rubbed my cock against her belly, smearing a few droplets of my drooling precum into her navel.

We'd explored each others bodies for at least ten minutes or so when I slid my hands down her back and began rubbing the glorious fleshy orbs of her ass. Before I could reach round to her pussy Jan pulled away and led me towards the bedroom by my cock. It was obvious she wanted my cock inside her.

Once in the bedroom she wasted no time and got on the bed, lifted her legs up high in the air, open wide. She formed a tantalizing 'V' which left me breathless as I stared at her woolly snatch. I couldn't believe my eyes! She had so much hair I was unable to see her pussy lips even though she was spread open wide.

I fell to my knees and pushed aside her wet pubes to reveal her succulent fat, swollen, bright pink pussy lips. Jan was breathing faster and she told me she wanted me inside her. I got up on top of her and slowly shoved my eight inch love stick into her wet, dripping cunt. As I zoned in on the reality of my cock finally slipping into her tight hole Jan let out a shrill shriek of delight. I stuffed myself inside completely and leaned forward to suck and lick her tits while I commenced to drilling her with my throbbing dick. Her fingers pressed hard, raking and scratching down my back. I stopped for a moment, leaving my throbbing cockhead just inside her cunt. Her tight cunt clenched and pulsated against my shaft and swollen knob. I slowly began fucking her again, feeling her tight cunt walls squeezing and massaging my cock.

We both picked up the pace a little and I proceeded to pump her fast and hard. With each thrust I pulled all of my dick out and then slammed it back in. I was hammering Jan like there was no tomorrow, so hard in fact that my balls were slapping hard against the bottom of her pussy and asshole.

Arching her back, Jan greeted each of my thrusts with an equally powerful one of her own. My head was spinning in ecstasy. This feeling could last forever and ever!

Her breathing became very shallow and labored and Jan was moaning and groaning continually as she started to cum. She called out my name over and over with each mini-gasm she had. On my final thrust I fired out several bursts of hot cum deep into her hot, hairy hole. Jan came one more time as soon as she felt my hot creamy load filling her up to the brim.

I pulled my softening cock out and rested beside her on the bed. Somehow, as lightheaded as I was, I glanced at the clock radio. We had been fucking for forty-five minutes non-stop! Neither one of us could believe it! We both did the math, using my pace we figured that each thrust took about two seconds to complete, which meant that I had penetrated Jan thirteen hundred times! The numbers turned us on so much that I got back up and holding her legs open wide, I buried my face between her legs. Her wet, hairy pussy smelled and tasted great! Wow, that was also when I realized just how hairy and thick her muff was. I was able to bury my whole face, nose and mouth in her hairy crotch. I lost my finger inside her bush without entering her cunt!

For the next five minutes or so all I did was rub her sweet smelling pubes against my face and mouth, breathing in all of her stimulating aroma. Her lips were swollen from the pounding they'd received a few minutes ago, and I slipped them in between my lips and sucked on them vigorously. Jan responded by arching her back towards me and letting out a cry of joy, "Oh my goodness...oh my gosh....please don't stop!"

I sank my tongue as far inside her love hole as I could, pressing her wet matte against my face while I probed her insides madly. I massaged her clit with one hand while I twirled and played with her thick, wet, black pubes with the other. I sucked on her clit, pulling it into my mouth, drinking and savoring every drop of her sweet liquid love.

Jan went crazy and started wiggling and squirming all over the bed. She'd cum so many times we both lost count. I sucked and rubbed and licked her pussy for over an hour, only coming up occasionally for air. When I did come for a breath, Jan would wrap her legs around the back of my head, pulling me back towards her horny cunt.

"Have you ever titty fucked anyone?" she asked.

"Well, not really....why?" I answered.

"Well I've never done it either. Let's try? Can we?" she told me.

I got on top off her on the bed. Kneeling down over top of her chest slid my cock between her titties. Jan thrust her enormous, firm globes together while I slid my cock back and forth. the friction of her skin on my shaft felt great. My throbbing eight inches hit and bumped against her chin with almost every stroke, leaving a shiny trail of precum dribbling down her neck. When I settled into a rhythm Jan opened her mouth and began bobbing for my cock, sucking and licking it each time it approached her face. Each time she got it into her mouth she gave it a super-intense suck, letting it pop out of her mouth again as I drew back.

Jan sat up and asked me to sit on the chair beside the mirror. Once I was seated she got down on her knees and began licking my shaft, sucking and bobbing her head up and down on me at least 30-40 times a minute. She licked my balls and chewed on my sac as though it were a piece of chewing gum, nibbling and tugging on my bag and pubes. Moving back onto my cock she continued to nibble and bite, dragging her teeth along the entire length of my shaft. Down one side of of my cock and then down the other side, while her hands kept busy massaging, squeezing and pulling my saliva coated balls. Her tongue pressed hard and moved in circles around my swollen knob while I ran my hands through her long, soft and thick head of black hair .

Jan was a master cocksucker! I felt as though I'd been transported to another world! Jan shoved my fat cock into her mouth while I fucked her face with attitude. The sight of her head bobbing up and down between my legs was enough to send me over the edge. I unloaded another ample helping of cum. She pulled back and let the jets of warm semen shoot onto her tongue and all over her happy face. jan licked her sexy lips, licking and devouring all of my spunk, until she'd milked my balls bone dry.

By this time it was well after midnight. "Do you want me to drill you another thirteen hundred times?" I asked with a big grin.

With a sexy smile she replied, "Only thirteen? I say we go at least for double or nothing. Why don't we round it off to an even four thousand?"

Her challenge startled me at first, but I could see in her eyes that she was very serious. I told that I thought that would take us about two hours of constant and energetic fucking. I was more than willing to accommodate even though I was already well spent after what we'd just done for over three hours.

Jan responded to my comments and concerns by crawling back onto the bed on all fours, grabbing hold of the bedposts. The sight of her shiny brown ass and the tufts of her wet pussy hairs peeking out was enough to send another rush of tingles coursing through my cock, revitalizing and harding my tool once again.

As I moved closer, ready willing and able, I prepared myself for what seemed like an impossible, yet totally pleasure filled task at hand. Jan spread her pussy lips open wide for me with her left hand. I leaned forward and licked her pussy making sure her clit was hard and stiff. Her body quivered at my touch and her clit bounced and jiggled as she came quickly, pouring more of her tasty nectar, lubing her hole up nicely for me.

I placed my hands firmly on her ass cheeks and in one quick thrust I surprised her, shoving my hard cock into her cunt balls deep. We fucked like animals. I penetrated her her slippery cunt fully with each deep plunge of my cock. Her ass bucked and pressed back against me. I could feel her wetness spilling and leaking all over my crotch.

After about ninety minutes or so, I was exhausted and was unable to hold back any longer. I stiffened and shot my load deep inside her. We both collapsed, totally exhausted and immensely satisfied. Though we had failed to met our numbered quota of four thousand strokes, neither one of us was disappointed. We'd both just had the fuck of a lifetime!

Believe it or not, with just a little rest we were soon at it again. We fucked for the next five hours, till the sun came up. Jan would suck and fondle my wet noodle after each intense fuck until it turned back into a stone pillar. I don't know many times she came, but she came a lot! I came four more times that night. The first time I pulled out and shot my load onto her tits. She immediately rubbed and licked them clean.

The second time I spewed into her mouth. The other two times I unloaded into her hairy cunt. By the fourth orgasm I had I was so spent I couldn't even speak. Jan was exhausted too and we fell asleep in each others arms.

We woke up at the in the afternoon that day and after some quick calculations we figured that I penetrated her pussy approximately ten thousand times in about nine or so hours! For the next hour we had breakfast in bed, I ate her and she sucked me. We had another quick but glorious fuck in the shower, after breakfast. So add another seventeen hundred or so penetrations before Jan had to leave. We made plans to get together again that same night.

I wanted to surprise her so I nipped out and picked up an jar of creamy peanut butter and an extra large can of whipping cream.

Jan came back to my house around 10 PM that evening. WOW! She was wearing a black leather jacket buttoned up all the way, skin tight jeans and sneakers.

We kissed an greeted each other passionately. "I have a surprise for you, turn around and don't peek." she said.

When she said I could turn around a moment later, I almost fainted! My cock was trying to tear right out of my pants! jan had removed her jeans and sneakers, and was wearing a pair of black, French-cut panties and a pair of black high-heeled fuck me shoes. She left her jacket on and told me to take off all my clothes and jump on the bed. She slowly sauntered and wiggled her sexy ass past me and turned on the stereo, tuning in a rock station. She then started dancing for me like a stripper. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, was this the same conservative Hindu girl I knew?

She shook her ass slowly and in perfect time to the music while she massaged her butt cheeks, thighs and legs. I was leaking and dribbling precum onto the floor into a puddle between my legs. As soon as Jan saw this she danced her way over to me and leaned down to lick the droplets off my cock, before dancing her way back to the center of the room again. I just about blew my wad right then, watching her and how her thick pussy hair was bulging its way out of her panties. She slowly unbuttoned her leather jacket and one hand found its way inside her very moist panties. She tore open her jacket, whipped it off and threw it over top of me. Wow, she wasn't wearing a top or a bra!

Her perfect tits spilled out into full view and she massaged them, pulling and squeezing her big nipples till they were hard as stones. She turned around to face her beautiful ass in my direction and wriggled her panties off to the music. She kicked her panties towards me and I plucked them out of mid air, quickly stuffing them into my mouth. I sucked and chewed on the fragrant and tasty fabric, soaked with her cunt juices. Jan lifted one leg up and placed it on the table beside me. Leaning over she revealed her beautiful, wet and hairy pussy to me. I was going out of my mind, wanting to jump her right then and there.

A softer and much slower tune came on the radio. Jan walked over and led me to the bed, standing over me in her high heels. She squatted and then sat down on my throbbing and rock hard cock, sinking all the way down to the base. She rode me like a woman possessed for at least twenty minutes before I gushed inside her. The coolness of her outer cuntlips and the heat of my load made for brainwashing sensations!

When she got up, she lifted herself up over top of my head and sat on my face. I was in wet, hairy pussy heaven. She pressed down hard, rotating her fine ass in circles, spreading her pussy lips open wide and rubbing her juicy pubes all over my face.

She rubbed off and came several times during the half hour she spent riding my face. And after a brief rest I told her that I had a surprise of my own for her too. I went to the kitchen and returned with the jar of peanut butter and can of whipping cream. Judging by the look on jan's face she was game for anything I had in mind!

She eagerly spread her legs for me and I covered her thick bush and hairy ass with whipping cream. While I was lathering her with cream Jan was busy smearing peanut butter all over my cock, balls and asshole.

We quickly got into a 69 position and went to work on each other's dessert. It took us about an hour or so to clean each other off. The mix of whipping cream, Jan's cunt juices and my saliva ran down her thighs and legs in watery rivulets, soon to be mixed with her creamy cum. My tongue was constantly tangled and fighting through her thick and sticky curls in order to get to the cream inside her sweet cunt.

Jan had managed to clean all the peanut butter off my cock in a minute or two, but she continued to lick and suck my cock until I had done her. There are no words to describe the feeling I felt as I finally pumped out a load, squirting it down her throat. Jan said the combination of my cum and the peanut butter was better than any milkshake she'd ever tasted!

Scooping up a bit of the peanut butter I buttered her tits and then slowly licked them clean. For the next six hours we fucked like sex starved castaways. I came six times and I must've pumped my rod in and out of Jan's hot hole at least twelve thousand times!

Jan and I now fuck at least three times a day. On weekends we do it all day and all night long, sometimes never knowing whether it day or night! For us it never gets old, it just gets better and better each time. And of course the penetration count just keeps adding up!!

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