tagLoving WivesIt All Started Innocently Enough Ch. 02

It All Started Innocently Enough Ch. 02


I was able to find a flight out of Boston to Nashville. Due to Cindy's car flooding out in Boston and our tow, I missed my flight. I now had about four hours to kill in Boston. That was OK. It gave me a chance to dry my clothes, get a good meal, and drink a beer while I thought about the weekends events.

I arrived in Nashville late. I was tired. Fortunately I had taken the shuttle to the airport which meant I could sleep for the next two hours while the driver brought me home. I found the van right where the agent said it would be.

I climbed in to the back seat, took a shirt out of my bag to use as a pillow against the window, and closed my eyes while the other passengers arrived.

"Les, what are you doing here?" called a familiar voice. I opened my eyes to see my best friends' wife climbing into the van.

"Hey Jen, great to see you. Remember, I was in Boston this last week for work. I figured I would take some time to see the sights while I was there. Long story. I hate to bore you with the details." Actually, I did not want to shock her by telling her about my day at a nude beach and fucking a long time friend beside the highway.

"Oh please tell me. I love Boston! I am just returning from California. My uncle passed away so I had to go to the funeral. You look like you got some sun?" Jen pried.

She climbed in the back seat with me so we could talk. Jen and her husband Jack have been my refuge since Kathy passed away two years ago. The four of us loved to go out to listen to music on Friday nights. Despite all their efforts, I had difficulty going back to the same haunts without Kathy. For the past two years we have spent every Friday night at their house watching movies, playing games or just hanging out. They have been comforting despite my depressive state.

Two others got onto the van and all sat in front. This allowed Jen and I more time to talk. Due to the late hour and the sway of the van, I soon laid my head against the window and fell asleep.

I began to dream of this weekend. I pictured with great clarity as Cindy took off her sundress at the beach. How the yellow fabric flowed up her body as she lifted her dress revealing the golden locks of her pussy hair which topped two beautiful clamshell lips. Then I pictured her as she pulled her dress over her full breasts and hard nipples. Her breasts fell back into place and swayed in the sun light. As her dress was lifted over her head, her blond hair cascaded around her shoulders. She looked like a bronzed Adonis in female form.

Then my dreams went to my secret voyeuristic show of her as she masturbated in bed to the rhythm of the lightning. How sexually charged she was while bathed in the light of the storm.

And finally, I began to dream about our passionate love making in her car beside the highway. I could still smell her body. I could feel her tight nipples on my lips. I could feel her wet pussy engulf my cock. I could feel her milking me as she came.

Suddenly the van driver slammed on his breaks, jarring me awake. He began cussing at the drunk driver who cut us off. I looked over to Jen who was also awake. She had her hand in my lap. I looked down to notice my cock was hard as a rock and straining at my pants. There was a huge wet spot of precum further down my pants leg.

Just as I was beginning to worry if Jen noticed my arousal she began to caress the underside of my cock thru my pants.

"Must have been a great dream you were having." Jen purred as she squeezed the tip of my cock.

I blushed at her forwardness. This was my best friends' wife after all. How could I face him with the knowledge she had felt me up.

Sensing my discomfort Jen smiled and leaned into my ear "Les, Jack and I have both worried about you and a need for you to release. We have talked about this. We have hoped for the right opportunity. I will tell you more later. Let us not ruin this opportunity. Now close your eyes and go back to your happy place."

"But..." I questioned.

"Trust me Les. Neither of us would let anything bad happen to you. Now close your eyes." Jen whispered while nuzzling my neck.

I closed my eyes and tried to resume my thoughts of Cindy. The van was dark and everyone was watching the road closely after our near run in. Jen lowered herself down the seat so she could not be seen. Once she was comfortably lying on the seat she unbuckled my pants. She tucked the buckle under the seat so as not to make any noise. She then unbuttoned my pants. She stopped to listen for any acknowledgement by anyone else in the van. There was none.

Jen began to kiss my cock thru the fabric of my pants. I could feel her breath thru the material. She reached one hand between my legs and began to coddle my balls in her hand, meanwhile pressing near my anus.

After a few minutes of this contact, she reached up to unzip my pants. I lifted my hips so she could slide them all the way off. My cock sprang straight up. I could see the slick reflection of light off the precum which was already covering my tip. The veins seemed to stand out blue in the muted lights of the road.

Jen looked up at me and grinned. She lifted her head, kissed me on the tip and fully engulfed me in her mouth. I sat up at the suddenness of this movement. Then I relaxed as she used one hand around the base of my cock and the other had resumed its place around my balls.

Jen laid her head in my lap. She kept her hand going up and down on my shaft. She took her tongue and began to lap at my balls. Periodically she had to clear a hair from her mouth but went right back to her work. As she sucked my balls all the way back into her throat she used her finger nails to tease the hole in the head of my cock.

She shifted again, resuming her old position with her hand under my balls and my shaft buried deep in her throat. She began to squeeze my balls and pushed her index finger up into my anus. I had never felt this kind of stimulation.

With a gasp I grabbed her head, pushed it down further onto my cock and began to unload every drop of sperm into her mouth. I could feel her relax as I coated her with my seed.

As I recovered, she sat up, licked her lips and leaned over to kiss me. I could taste my seamen on her lips. I could smell it on her breath.

She kissed me on the lips and whispered "Thank you."

After a few minutes my erection started to fade. Jen leaned back down to finish cleaning me up. Once she was satisfied all the stickiness was gone, she pulled up my pants for me to dress myself.

Once we were reassembled, Jen snuggled up next to me for the rest of the trip.

When we reached the parking lot at our destination everyone quickly left. I walked Jen back to her car. She could tell I was concerned.

"Listen Les. Jack and I really want this. You have been a best friend. It is time you started to come out of your shell. Leave Kathy behind. We need you. I want to tell you all the details, but Jack and I promised we would all be together when the truth comes out." Jen said somewhat sternly as she held my shoulders and stared me in the eyes.

Jen went on to explain, "We want to take you out to dinner Friday. I have reservations at Tabouli's. I know it is your favorite place. We are all friends with the owner and she will set aside a quiet table in the corner for us to talk. Besides, Jack has missed your company while you have been gone. He will be back from Seattle Friday morning."

I agreed. Jen kissed me on the cheek and got into her car. I found mine and drove quietly home.

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