tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt All Started Innocently Enough Ch. 04

It All Started Innocently Enough Ch. 04


A lot has happened since the last story. Cindy and I got married, and I took a job in the Boston area. We continued our nudist life, and developed a great network of friends.

We got a call from some friends of ours out of the blue, Kris and Ward. A hurricane was about to hit their home area, and after what happened several years ago, they decided to leave town for a few weeks. They figured they would make the most of this forced vacation and come see us. Cindy and Kris were close, and even though they spoke only once every few months, it was like they had never lost touch. I could tell Cindy needed some girlfriend time, so we invited them to stay with us.

Ward and I had several things in common, but we had very different backgrounds. The one thing I did know was that Ward would often streak around the house. Kris complained rather loudly that his exhibitionist husband would get them all in trouble some day.

We spent the first few days traveling around the area. On the third day, Kris wanted to go to the beach. Cindy explained that we did not own bathing suits.

"What???" exclaimed Kris. "Then why do you both look so nicely tanned? Are you fake baking it or something?"

"No Kris, it's just that we're nudists." Cindy quietly explained.

"Nudists? So you like hang out nekid with other people and look at each others dingies dangling about?" Kris blurted out.

"No, nothing like that at all. We just hate the confinement of bathing suits and the sand in our suits. Frankly, it is so much less sexually charged than a textile beach that it really feels more natural." Cindy calmly stated.

"Well, Ward is the only one who has seen me naked, and is the only one who ever will. It was in our vows...til death do we part. Fine, what else can we do?" This was a statement more than a question. "Let's go hiking in the mountains somewhere." Snorted Kris, and the subject was closed.

Cindy, always seeing the bright side of everything, took this idea and ran with it. She decided there was a great place to go hike for days, and a great lake too. Hidden on a mountain top, miles away from everything. And on one side of the lake was our favorite nudist escape. A place we never wore anything. We knew the area trails well. We hiked up there frequently. Start at our "nudist resort", and hike for a few days. We never put on a stitch of clothes.

"OK, I know just the place. We can park the car at this pull off near the highway and hike for two hours up to this lake. It will be fun." Cindy smiled. She knew I could tell what she was up to, but just remained mum.

We packed the car and figured we would head out early the next morning. It took only two hours to get there. The pull off was empty, probably because it was Monday morning. Occasionally we would run across someone who had parked there but rarely has any one ever found us hiking nude. We loaded up our backpacks and took off down the trail.

Not even forty five minutes into the hike, Ward started to complain he was hot. I told him about a stream about fifteen minutes away and he could seek some relief there.

When we arrived, he comically walked on the rocks, trying not to get his clothes wet while dipping his head into the pools of water. We all laughed at his antics. Kris even yelled over to him "Hey honey, why don't you just jump in naked. You can catch up to us further up the trail."

We all laughed at her suggestion and turned up the trail. As I headed up the path, Kris grabbed Cindy's arm and whispered in her ear. Cindy stepped back and said loud enough for me to hear "Sure, you and I can go skinny dip in our undies up stream and we can leave the boys back there. Les will not try to peak. After all, he already knows how hot I am naked". With that, the girls laughed and headed to the stream.

Ward was bathing in the cool water wearing his tighty whities, half hiding behind a boulder when I returned.

"Oh, thank goodness it is you, I was afraid it was a bear or something" Ward sighed.

"No, no bears, just bares" I laughed as I pulled off my shirt and sat down to pull off my boots. I stood up and dropped my shorts. Neither Cindy nor I wear undies while hiking, so Ward was surprised to see me walking toward him nude.

"I don't know how you do it. You look so comfortable naked out here in nature. Aren't you afraid someone will see us?" Ward questioned.

"No, never had a concern about that. We have met some people up here, and nine times out of ten, they are this far into the woods for the same reason we are -- to commune with nature." I confided.

"You look more comfortable than I am. Since you are sure no one will mind, let me get out of these wet uncomfortable things!" Ward said as he shucked his white cotton shorts.

Twenty minutes or so later, Kris and Cindy came ambling down the trail toward our spot. Kris's clothes were soaked where her bra and panties were. She obviously went swimming in her underwear, and got dressed while they were still wet. Cindy however was topless, with a dripping wet shirt strapped to the outside of her backpack. Ward was the first to notice their return. He ducked behind a rock and cat called to Cindy "Hey, love the new shirt Cindy. I guess they didn't have any that fit you though, did they Hon?"

"Ha Ha funny man. Your wife here realized after our swim we had left the towels with you, so she picked up MY shirt to dry off with. Then she fell back into the water, with my shirt in her hand. I figured I would let it dry out as we hiked. Kris and I figured you would not mind me walking like this." My wife explained.

"No, not at all. It would be better if you both did, but I am not going to push my luck." Ward laughed looking at his wife who was standing there with her arms crossed and giving Ward the look which said 'You can look, but you sure better not enjoy!'

Kris turned and walked up the trail as we got out, and to further the joke, used Cindys shirt to dry the sweat off her brow. She laughed so hard she needed to sit down.

Us guys decided to go topless too, just so Cindy did not feel uncomfortable (now if that wasn't a joke). We hiked for another hour or so, Cindy as the last hiker just until Kris lightened up a bit.

By the time we made it to our camp site, we had all forgotten Cindy was topless. It was natural for everyone, even Kris. We came over the hill, and there it was...our site. The sun shone on the lake like it was covered in diamonds, and there was not a sound except for the birds and the trees moving. Absent mindedly, we threw our gear onto the mat of pine straw which lay below our feet, and Ward, Cindy and I began to strip off the rest of our clothes to head into the lake. Before Kris knew what had happened, we were all half way into the water, racing each other to be the first one in.

Once we all dove in, Kris yelled "What about me?"

"Well, come on in and cool down, the water feels great Hon!" Ward hollered back.

Kris pouted off behind a rhododendron and stripped back down to her undies. She ran out into the water doing her best to cover herself so we would not see her white cotton underthings. She stayed a good distance from us all for the first half hour or so. By then, we were feeling water logged and tired. Cindy swam over to our favorite sunning rock, climbed out and laid down on the hot rock to bake herself. We referred to it as the Snake on a Hot Rock Syndrome.

We all got out, even Kris. She laid on her tummy, with her hands tight to her side. She would not even look at the rest of us as we enjoyed the sun.

Cindy being the good diplomat she is, finally rose from her nap and began to think about what needed to happen for us to have a fun night. "OK, guys, you put up the tent while Kris and I find some firewood. She and I will also set out the fish lines. Can you boys watch that and pitch a tent at the same time?"

"Damn, does that mean we need to get dressed?" Ward moaned.

"Oh, yeah. Kris, what do you think?" Cindy replied

Looking at her husband, and noticing his wide grin, she could not help but laugh as he stood on the edge of the lake looking like he was happier than he has ever been. "OK, I don't care about you two, but Ward MUST keep his current outfit on." Kris mocked.

"Yes, er ah, I mean awww. You mean to tell me I need to stay naked and put up a tent with Les? Just keep your hands to yourself big fellow." Ward chuckled.

The girls went off. Cindy threw on a t-shirt and shoes so as not to get any spider bits. By the time they returned, we had caught three fish, and set up the tent and moved in our gear. All we needed was a fire. Ward had already returned to the sun rock while I tended the fishing lines.

Kris made the fire and stood by it to warm up and finish drying her clothes out as she wore them. Eventually, she went over to Ward, we could see her lifting up her shirt to expose a breast to Ward. Ward looked concerned and convinced Kris to let me look. Kris hesitantly raised up her shirt, keeping her nipple covered with one finger, and exposed a rash under her right breast. I explained to her the wet warmth under her bra had been set up as a new residence for both some pond scum and a tick. I would need to tweeze it off of her and she could not wear a bra anymore on this trip. She protested, but finally agreed, keeping herself covered as I removed the tick from under her breast.

Dinner went without a hitch. We had all forgotten that we were naked, while Kris shivered under her t-shirt and still damp shorts. Something about the taste of fresh fish on an open fire, and the Jack and Coke helped too. We talked and laughed all night. Kris began to loosen up a bit. She stopped holding her body as tight as she could, and even laughed at how much she enjoyed watching Ward in his new found freedom.

As the night progressed, we decided it was bed time. Cindy always has to sleep near the door. She is always afraid of having to pee at night. I wanted to sleep next to her. Ward refused to sleep next to me for fear I would poke him at night, so it was Kris then Ward way toward the back of the tent.

"You just might owe me buddy." Ward laughed. "That is the side I sleep on, so if she slugs you in the middle of the night, slug her back and tell her she is beating up on the wrong guy."

"No worries, if she hits him, I just might hit him too!" exclaimed Cindy As we all fell asleep, we laughed and joked about the days events, and talked about our hike tomorrow.

Cindy always holds me when she sleeps. It was nice to feel her naked, sweaty body against mine all night. I sleep so well in the woods. I sleep even better when Cindy is nude and pressed up against me. I could feel myself grow as we lay in bed. Being where we were, all I could do was drift off into slumber.

Half way thru the night, Cindy had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and likely a midnight swim. I stirred a bit, but was comforted by her backing her ass into my still hard dick. She rocked slowly, deliberately. I was still asleep, and did not want to get too excited by her display, but I was very appreciative. She felt so good grinding on me, I wrapped my arm around her waist to pull her deeper into me. Only she was now wearing shorts? Shorts? Cindy will not, does not, and can not wear shorts to bed. I opened my eyes. Kris had backed herself up into me, but was apparently still sleeping. I rolled over just in time for Cindy to crawl back into the tent, her hair wet from swimming in the lake.

"Well Big Boy, you sure look happy to see me!" She purred quietly as she saw me in my aroused state. "What got into you?"

"Let's just say sweet dreams. Shall we go outside Dear?" I smiled. I felt precum dripping off my dick and wanted relief from the inadvertent excitement from Kris.

"Let's go. I have been wanting to jump you for days. Besides, Kris would never allow it if she knew." Cindy replied.

Cindy took my hand as we walked into the moon lit lake. We walked out until we were waist deep, held each other, looked longingly into each others eyes. I leaned down and kissed Cindy on the lips. Tenderly at first, then as my erection grew harder against her belly, I began to kiss her like a sailor on shore leave. Cindy reached her arms around my neck, and began to pull herself up. I placed my hands under her ass and lifted her up while she wrapped her legs around me. The cool water of the lake was lapping at my balls. Cindy moved her hips, and began to slide me into her wet, hot hole. What an incredible contrast the heat of her sopping pussy and the cold water on my nuts. It was so nice, I almost blew my load and lost my balance right then.

I kissed and sucked on Cindys breasts. Her nipples were hard and large. She rocked herself on me and threw her head back. Her body went tense, then limp as she grunted like a wolf in the middle of the night.

Her muscles tensed up and squeezed my dick hard. It was almost painful. Her juices ran down my shaft around my balls and I could feel the cool water warming. As she finished her howls, I pumped a few more times and came in her, leaving us both weak in the knees. I lowered us down to my knees so we were now submerged in the lake. I could no longer hold her and myself up.

We held each other in the moon light as my cock softened inside her. She lay her head against my shoulder and nuzzled into my chest. She eventually drifted off to sleep in my arms.

I began to chill in the water. I picked up Cindy and carried her back to the tent. I had to wake her enough to crawl back in. We tried not to disturb Kris and Ward.

Morning started with the noise of the birds. Cindy was snuggled up next to me. I looked over and Ward was laying on his back, no sheets on, and a woody pointing straight up into the air. He was snoring and had drool in the corner of his mouth. Cindy noticed before I did that Kris was gone. She whispered in my ear, "I will be right back"

Cindy crawled out of the tent, wrapped in her sheet. She saw Kris's panties on the edge of the lake, and she was swimming in the water, watching as the sun greeted the day. Kris noticed Cindy and waved, beckoning her to join in the water.

Cindy dropped her wrap and dove in. I could hear both girls giggling while they swam and talked.

Ward came out of the tent, still half asleep, and still somewhat engorged with morning wood. He looked out to the lake, saw the panties and the girls. "Les, who is that out there with Cindy? Couldn't be Kris."

Both girls walked out of the water, naked and glistening. Kris was totally naked, and stunning in the morning light. She had a little confidence in her step as she walked up to Ward, kissed him, and ran her hand under his half hard cock. "Is this for me? You better stop that before I begin to get some ideas." Kris winked.

That was the start of a great weekend. I promise to tell you more if you like.

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