tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIt All Started With A Bet....

It All Started With A Bet....


**Names have been changed to protect the innocent.....and not so innocent.

"So it's a bet?"

Yup, that is how it started. John Hampion** had been my friend since fourth grade, and now, he was betting me to get the head quarterback to strip nude at the homecoming game.

I knew at the time, it would be easy. Mackenzie Arman** was an easy guy, he'd get naked for any girl at the school. His hormones were so charged up, he had said he'd even fuck the sixty year old librarian, Ms. Cherin's. But I knew to get Mack (as us cheerleaders called him) to do what John wanted was going to be hard. The bet was to get Mack to run out onto the field after the final song the school band would play.

"Alright, it's on John!" I then said, shaking his hand. He smiled and walked away.

John had been my first kiss, even though in fifth grade, it wouldn't hurt our very stable friendship....and our little elementary romance in sixth grade lasted a whole week, (Ohh, my! That was so long.....I hope you sense my sarcasm, because it's so hard to display in writing.)

John was one of the most popular guys at our high-school. He may not have been in any club, or on any team, but everyone loved him. He was "the shit!" as people would say. Gosh, teenagers.

So, after the bet was made, I went to work on it. I called Mack that night, I did my best sexy voice and told him to meet me under the bleachers of our teams side during half time. "Yeah right, if I can give coach the slip..." he had said.

"Trust me, Mackenzie..." I had whispered. "I'll make it worth your while."

He laughed a little, not sure if he believed me or not and said a "sure, whatever," and hung up.

A week later, I stood under the bleachers close by the teams locker rooms, a minute left in the quarter. I had snuck away from my fellow cheerleaders and told them I had to pee and would be back before the end of half time. I was shaking...we had been forced to still wear our uniforms, despite the cold. I stood there, shaking...waiting for what seemed like forever. Then the whistle blew, and the siren sounded, telling everyone it was half time.

The teams formed at their benches, and then went off to their locker rooms. I watched as our team shuffled into the locker room near me. I caught a glimpse of Mack as he went in, and waited for him to come back out. Another minute or two went by, and then he came out. He was still in his uniform and everything, and was sweating real bad. He slipped through the small opening in the gate to the fence that formed around the legs of the bleachers and made his way to me.

"Claire....." he whispered out to me. "Claire!"

I stepped out into the light, "Over here...hurry!" I whispered back. He trotted over to me.

"What do you want, hot stuff?" he asked in a hushed voice so no one would hear us from above. People wouldn't be able to see us if the looked, but we didn't want to be caught either.

"I have a dare for you....if you do it, I'll reward you big time." I said, my legs still shaking, but my voice stable.

"What's the dare?" he asked.

"Streak after the game...." I said quickly. I could tell he wasn't for sure if he had heard me right. "After the final song from the band, get nude, run across the field to the parking lot and trust me, you'll be rewarded." I smiled at him. "And just to give you a little taste of your reward...." I moved towards him, pulling up the top of my uniform. He looked shocked at my tits.

For being 18, with a great body, I had the perfect sized tits. And I was always reminded by it on every date I'd ever been on in high-school. I grabbed my tits for him, and squeezed them together, and then pulled my nipples up towards my face. I stretched my tongue out, and licked the tips of my nipples.

"Ohh god, Claire...." he whispered. He moved towards me and put his arms around me. He licked my mounds that were still squeezed in my hands, and moaned. "You better not be fucking with me...."

"Mmmm, I'm not Mack..." I whispered back. "I'm so fucking serious.....you do it, and I'll make you so happy."

"For you, of course I will...." he kissed me quickly on my lips and then pulled away, slapping my ass quickly and heading back to the locker rooms. I watched his cute tight ass as he ran back.

I waited a few seconds, making sure no one would see me come out from under the bleachers, and made my way out, I got back to the cheerleading team and told them there had been a long line for the bathrooms. John was seated a few rows up on the bleachers, I caught his eyesight and gave him a thumbs up.

The game was great, our team won by a landslide in the last two minutes. I had almost forgotten about the bet, until the end of the game when John pulled me away from the girls. It clicked quickly in my mind, and we made our way out to the parking lot. People were still in the stands when the band started and we got to his car. It was parked in the fire zone, and had a perfect shot out of the parking lot.

We heard the screams, and yells, the whistles and hollers, and we saw him running across the field. A few security guards were trying to catch up with him, but he was fast. I was amazed that he did it and wanted to laugh. It was so funny to watch him running with his glory flapping around as he ran so fast. He yelled and screamed, "Victory is ours!!" (our school's teams motto) and as he got to the parking lot, he noticed us right away.

John got in his car, turning it on. "Claire, get in!" he yelled. I got in the front seat quickly, and John started to pull away as Mack climbed in the back seat, panting, out of breath.

"Oh god!" he yelled. "Get out of here, I'm so fucked!"

John stepped on the gas and peeled out of the parking lot before the security guards even got the edge of the lined up cars. "Wooohooo!!" Mack yelled out of the window. "Victory is ours!!" He was sweaty, and breathing in deep. "I've never ran that fast before...man!"

"That was so cool man," John said, putting his right hand behind his head, Mack slapped it and they both yelled at the top of their lungs. "YEAHHHH!!!"

I just sat there and laughed. We drove for a few minutes, and then when Mack had caught his breath, John smiled at me. "Get into the glove box, Claire....there's something in there for Mack." I leaned forward, and opened the compartment. There was an open box of condoms and a blind fold. "Hand them to him, C."

Gosh, I thought. He hasn't called me C since junior high. I tossed the condoms back to Mack and the blind fold too. "Put it on, baby..."I whispered, smiling at him. His grin got wider and he put on the blind fold with anticipation.

"We'll go to a discreet spot to give you you're reward, man," John said, turning on his blinker and pulling onto a street. I didn't recognize the street at the time, and was wondering what John was up to. He had told me to get him to his car, but never said what he had in mind after that. Then he pulled up to a house and clicked a remote on his dash. The garage door opened and he drove in. Clicked the remote again, and the door closed behind us.

The garage was well lit, and I knew the house wasn't John's. I turned to him and he put his finger up to his lips. He mouthed "Shhh" and opened his car door. He motioned for me to follow. I crawled out after him and then a door opened to the garage. A girl with a short black pleated skirt came out with a tank top. She had her hair in pony tails and looked exactly like me except that she had bright red hair. I didn't know who she was, but she opened the back seat door.

"Thanks John," she whispered and climbed in.

"Come with me," John whispered in my ear. He pulled me away and we sat on a bench near the car.

The car began to rock quickly, and we heard moans and sighs coming from Mack inside the car. I heard him moan my name, and the blind fold was thrown out of the open window in the back seat of the car. "Ohh shit!" we then heard him yell.

"You fucking bastard!" the girl screamed at him and they scrambled out of the car. "You are such a fucking liar!" she screamed and stormed out. Mack stood there, by the car with a condom still on his dick. He was fuming and he slammed the car door.

John and I stood up, a little shocked, especially me. "What the hell!?" Mack yelled at us. "Why the fuck did you do that!?"

"Sorry, man," John said, "she called me the other week and said she knew....I'm sorry man....She is my cousin...I couldn't let her get hurt anymore."

"What the hell?" I asked. I was confused.

"That's my girlfriend!" Mack yelled pointing his hand towards the door where she had run out. "Fuck!" he yelled and slammed his hand on the hood of John's car. "You fucking set me up, Claire!"

"I'm sorry, Mack, I didn't know about this....." I said, almost crying. I felt so bad, even though I was more angry at John for setting me up as well. "I really am sorry."

"You'll get over it, man," John said. He lit a cigarette and walked towards his car. "Don't hit me, I'm getting you some clothes." He walked to the back of his car and used his car keys to open the trunk. He pulled out a pair of boxers and jeans and shirt. "Here, get dressed, I'll take you home, man." John was cool, calm, and certain that Mack wouldn't throw a punch. "Don't be mad at Claire, she really didn't know that was going to happen. I just got her to get you to streak and run to my car...that's it."

Mack glared at me, and I wanted to shrink away. Instead, I sat back down on the bench. Mack took the clothes from John and began to get dressed, John walked back to me, putting his cigarette down on an ash tray at the bottom of the stairs. He sat next to me, and put his hand on my knee. "It's okay, Claire," he whispered. "He won't be mad forever....you did me a real favor you know....okay?"

I wanted to cry, to punch my best friend...but instead, I nodded and rubbed my forehead. "Take me home please?" I sat there while John stood up and got his cigarette and took in a drag.

"Yeah, I'll take you home, get in the back though, okay?" He put his smoke out and called out to his cousin. "Janice, I'm headed out, call me if you need anything okay?"

She yelled back and I climbed in the back seat of the car, avoiding Mack's gaze. John hit the remote, opening the garage, and drove out, hitting the button again to close the door. He drove away, all off us in silence.

A few minutes passed, then Mack first spoke. "I do have to say this, Claire...." he started, then turned around to me. "You do have great tits and it would have been worth it, even after getting caught."

"Would have been worth it?" I asked.

"Yeah," he smiled. "If you would have fucked me, it would have really worth it."

"Well, thank you...I think." I said, looking out the window. John laughed a little. "What is it?" I asked.

"You won the bet Claire, and you don't even care." He looked at me in the mirror.

He was right, I didn't care.

* * * * * * * * * * *

So that's how it got started. Last week, because John had gotten me to get Mack to strip, I'm now stuck in this mess.

After my class for the day, Mack had cornered me by my locker. "I'm stuck with three weeks of Saturday detention, and I'm having to sit out the next four games. I'll be lucky to get the scout's attention at the next big game."

I felt awful. "I'm so sorry, Mackenzie. I really am." I said, looking down at the floor. His breath was hot on my face.

"And to top it off, Janice called my parents and told them that I've been lying about where I go after Friday games and that we haven't seen each other in months. So now, I'm grounded and can't go out anymore after the games. I have to be home every day by five."

"I am really sorry," I said again. "I really am."

"Make it up to me...." he said. "Make it up to me and I won't be mad....or tell Principal Wheeler that you were behind my little prank too."

"What?" I was shocked. "You've got to be kidding? You wouldn't tell."

"Wouldn't I?' he asked. He pushed himself away from me and turned around. No one was in the hallway, going to catch their bus or hang out with their friends and catch a smoke before their parents picked them up. With it being a Thursday, teachers were in their offices up at the main building to meet with students for one on one sessions. We were all alone in the hallway. I knew it, and Mack knew it.

I swallowed, hard. "What do you want then?" I asked. "I do feel that I owe you in a way...so I'll do it."

"Promise not to fight back?" he asked. "I'm not going to lick it if you run off and cry rape."

"I wouldn't do that...." I said. "I promise."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me away. He walked fast down the hallway and threw the doors, and we headed out to the gym. His team was doing laps around the field and his coach was standing next to his teacher's aid with a clipboard and his whistle. He looked around and then opened the doors to the boys locker rooms.

"Alright, sit down Claire." He closed the door behind me.

"Won't we get caught in here?" I asked.

"No," he said with a smile. He put his back pack on the floor and took off his Letterman jacket, and threw it down onto the bench I was sitting on. "I've got someone keeping watch for us."

He moved to me, unzipping his pants. I swallowed hard again. "Mack, you should know something...." I started.

"It's okay, I already know...." he said. "Everyone knows....I'll be gentle."

"How do you know I'm still a virgin?" I asked. I thought that my reputation had been ruined because of all the dates I had been on.

"Guys talk, and everyone knows you are a hands on tits only girl. We did a bet last year to see how far someone would get with you. Jermain Johnson won for getting his hands under your skirt at that movie." He laughed at this, pulling his pants slightly down. "Now I get to really get some action from the hottest girl at our school."

I swallowed again, but didn't have time to say anything, Mack took my face in his hands and told me to open up, when I did, he slid his cock between my lips. He tilted his head back, feeling the wetness and warmth from my mouth around his member.

I was amazed that I was able to take as much of his cock into my mouth. A good few inches were stuffed into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat, and I still had a few inches to his stomach. I knew he wasn't all the way in yet. His length was almost matched by his tremendous girth, his thickness was so massive, my lips were stretched and I did my best not to bite down.

I had dated a guy who was in college the following year and he had convinced to shed my fears and give him head in the front seat of his car after one of our dates. He was much smaller, but wasn't so aggressive as Mack was at this moment.

He wrapped his hands around my head, pulling my hair slightly from my tight pony tail. He made his cock slide out a little, then he slammed back in. "Oh yes, Claire!" he moaned. "Oh god, suck on my cock....come on, you fucking owe me for everything!" he said, looking back down at me.

Even though it was somewhat forced, I loved giving him head. His salty skin was smooth and a little bumpy where there were veins poking out. I moaned and breathed in deeply, and then went to sucking on his cock the best I could. I glanced up and watched him looking down at me. He slide his hands off my head and pulled up my sweater. I pulled away from his cock and he slide the fabric off of my head. I went back to sucking on him.

He moaned, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He held onto my face tightly, slamming in and out of my tight mouth. He moaned deeper, and faster, pulling in and out quickly.

"When I cum.....I want to do it on your face, baby..." he grunted.

I wanted to protest, but I felt so bad for him. I had caused so much damage to him by getting him to streak after the game. I sucked harder and flicked my tongue as fast as I could around his bulbous head, then let him slide back in. This time, he slid in farther into my throat, his head popping in. I sucked and gagged, making my throat clamp down on his head. He moaned, and pulled onto my face.

His cock slide past my clamped down throat, and pushed it's way. I felt like dying. It hurt, it tasted weird, and I felt like I couldn't breathe. He slammed into my mouth again, going in deeper, and then pulled out. He jerked off his cock against my lips and with his free hand, he unclasped my bra. My large tits fell out from its bindings and he looked down, with a gigantic smile on his adolescent face.

"They are great tits, Claire." He looked at me, and then grabbed them with both his hands, forcing me back wards. He stepped over the bench with one leg and turned me around. I laid back, onto his jacket. It was awkward, but I wasn't going to say anything. I owed him.

He straddled my body as I laid back, and he squeezed my massive melons in his gigantic hands. He pressed his cock between my closed up tits and I looked down, seeing his dick head press between my flesh and come out at the top. I moaned as he pinched my nipples while handling them hard. He kept fucking my tits. I had never done it before, and I was almost humiliated by it. He enjoyed it though. He moaned out to me. "These are so fucking great, Claire..." he whispered, grabbing them harder and pushing his cock farther between my tits to where my chin got bumped by his cock.

He laughed a little and then glanced behind him. I hadn't realized that the door to the locker room had opened. Coach Walters came in.

I almost peed myself. I was so shocked that Mack didn't even try to cover me or himself up. Then I saw his smile. I knew what it was all about.

He sawed his cock between my tits faster. He looked down at me. His smile was bigger and he winked at me. "You owe the coach too, Claire. You made him loose his star player for the next few weeks." He slid between my tits faster, his cock grew redder, and I felt him almost become harder as he pushed harder on my tits, pressing them against his dick even more.

Coach Walters came up behind him, undressing from the waist down. He looked down at me. "Don't worry, kid, I've got the doors locked and Shawn knows to keep the team out for another half an hour. So, we've got time."

"Good, 'cause you've got to try these, Coach," he said as he rapidly pushed and pulled between my tits. "Ohhh god, I'm gonna cum, Coach!" he called out.

(to be continued....)


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