tagNovels and NovellasIt All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 03

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 03




The day I lost my virginity, I couldn't believe it really happened. I left is disbelief. I agreed with Coach Walters that I'd be good to his star player and promised to give him anything he wanted. I wasn't too happy though that he said if they lost a game while he was sidelined, that I'd have to pay for it, but in a way, it was fair.

Even though I said I understood, I was in a daze. My legs were sore, my skin was a little damp, and my crotch...ohh god, it hurt. Not in a bad way though, in a way were it almost ached to be touched again. I was so confused, I didn't know what had just happened.

Was I raped? I wondered. Did I really enjoy that? I walked home. It began raining, so I put my jacket over my head and trotted to my house. I was lucky to live so close to school, it saved me on gas money.

I got home and unpacked my backpack, getting out my history book and notes, "A big test on Monday. What the hell am I going to do?" I thought, tapping my pencil on my binder paper. All I could think about was Mack's hard chest and arms, and even though it had been my first time, I felt like a woman. Like I was some strange sex vixen. My skin burned thinking about the ordeal. I got up from my desk and went to my bathroom, "Maybe just a quick shower, I'll feel better."

I turned on the water and waited for it to get to the right temperature. I slid off my clothes, putting them in my hamper and then stepped into the shower, closing the curtain when inside. I stood there in the water letting it beat down my face and front. I opened my mouth and let the water run over my lips, it felt so good and hot. I moaned when I felt my nipples warm up to the water, becoming erect with the water hitting them.

I took my body wash and squeezed out a small amount on a loofah and began to scrub down my arms and front. I didn't feel dirty, not because I took a shower at the school after everything happened, but because what I did didn't feel dirty to me.

I turned around in front of the water and let it run down my back. My hair was still in a ponytail and the water ran down my spine and over the small of my back and over my ass. It felt good between my ass cheeks and I bent over slightly letting the warm water run over my ass hole. I gasped when I felt the water beat down on my tiny butt hole. I thought of Mack's tongue across my tiny hole and moaned again, thinking of it sliding across and probing it.

I let my loofah fall the floor and I leaned against the wall with my face pressed against the cool tile, my head under the shower head and the water running down my back. I moaned feeling the water running over my ass cheeks and trailing down the backs of my legs. I reached behind and grabbed my ass cheeks, I spread them apart a little, and almost screamed out as the hot water ran over my ass hole. I never knew that my ass would feel good to be touched until Mack touched it for the first time, now I was experimenting in my private bathroom.

I remembered that my mom and step dad were going out for dinner in an hour and wouldn't be home until late, so I knew that I had time in the shower later. I stood back up washed the soap off my body. I got out of the shower and dried off. I put on my towel and fuzzy slippers and went to my desk. My mom came in later and said she was going out and would see me in the morning, giving me a $20 for pizza and said to not stay up late.

I watched their car drive away in the setting sun and I looked at the clock. 7 p.m. Hmmm....

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ding dong! Ding dong!

I ran down the stairs and answered the door. John came in, his backpack halfway off. I was still in my sweats and a baggy tshirt and my fuzzy slippers.

"Damn, I thought you were the pizza guy..." I said with a smile and closed the door once he was all the way inside.

"Gee thanks, Claire, and I thought you were a senior in high school." He motioned down at my slippers. "You look like you have dead cats on your feet." He smiled. He dropped his backpack on the dinner table and headed for the kitchen. "Where's Barbie and Ken?" he asked, opening the fridge and pulling out a coke. He was so used to my house that he had free range over the kitchen and pretty much ever room in the whole house.

"They are with some friends for dinner and drinks, discussing what to do for the New Year's Eve party at the Hilton this year." I sat down. My mom's name isn't Barbie, but it may as well be. When Dad got too old for her, she dropped him with a nasty divorce and soon found Bo, my step dad who isn't much older than me but who am I to judge, he is nice to mom. Now instead of my mom meeting with milk and cookies like in elementary school, she spends her time with her socialite friends and discusses fundraisers or what happened on Sex in the City.

"Right, is it the AIDS benefit?" he asked, sipping his coke and handing it to me. I took a drink then let out a light laugh.

"Right, AIDS benefit. Mom wouldn't be caught dead giving money to an organization like that." I took another drink and handed the can back to John, the door bell rang and I took the $20 off the counter and headed to the door. "It's the Susan Benny Foundation she's helping out with now." John followed behind me.

"You mean the people who are trying to tear up that park and build condos?" he asked upset.

"Yup," I opened the door and payed the pizza delivery guy the money and got the pizza, closing the door and heading back to the kitchen with John. "Ever since her husband got killed jogging, she thinks if she tears down the park and builds all those condos she'll be doing the world a favor."

"Wasn't he getting head from a hooker when he got killed?" he opened the box and released the steam.

"Something like that. It's stupid to tear down a park and build the condos. We have so many apartment complexes and condos already, do we really need more?" I sat with him and we ate the pizza together, just like old times.

"So wanna do another bet?" he asked when he finished his third slice.

"No way!" I said laughing. I took a sip from his coke and crunched up the can, throwing it in the trash can by the counter. "Your last bet got me in a lot of trouble."

"What do you mean, we didn't get caught." He stood up and put the pizza box away in the fridge. "Can I get the left overs?"

"Yeah." I grabbed his back pack and we headed to the stairs. "I've got news for your John," I said looking back at him as we started up the stairs to my room. "Your lil' bet got me in trouble with Coach Walters and Mack."

"What?" John said. "What are you talking about?"

We got into my room and closed the door, John plopped down on my bed on his stomach, letting his shoes slide off his feet. "You said on the phone you needed help with the your history test, so why are we talking about high school drama crap?"

"Because it's really amazing what happened John! You won't believe it!" I laid on the bed next to him and began to tell him all the juicy details from the night. "Can you believe it?"

"No way, that didn't happen. Prove it, C!" he said laughing, sitting up on the bed. "Call Mack, get him to tell me that's what happened."

"No way, I don't' want to talk to him for a few days...it's just too weird." I said laying on my side looking at John. He smiled back.

"You do seem different....you almost can't stop smiling," he said. "Did you really have sex?"


"With Mackenzie and Coach Walters?" John asked. I nodded my head. "Damn...I really can't believe it. It's just too weird, too out of the norm for you."

"I believed you when you said you did it with Kelly last year. And even though she's a total closet case and wacko, I wasn't doubting you. Why you doubting me?"

"Cause you are saying that you had a threesome with the QB of our school football team and his coach. It's so...I don't know...like 90210 of you or something."

I laughed. "No, more like O.C. of me." I smiled at him. We were voted the year before by our classmates to end up like Seth and Summer, and even though we never dated in high school, we thought it was cute and almost like an honor that our classmates thought of us as a cute couple. "Come on John, help me study. I can't concentrate, and I'm still so sore."

"Are you really?" he asked, laying down next to me.

"Yeah...I feel like there's a fist inside me and it's just pulling out slowly."

We both laughed. "Well you know what I mean."

"No, I don't...." we laughed more and then he said, "but I'm sure that's how it feels. Have you like, I don't know, iced it or something?"

"No. I hope I'm not swollen or anything. I don't have a hand mirror so I can't see if I am." My vanity had been knocked over when I had gotten locked out of the house the week before and climbed through my window from the house ladder. When I slide though my window, I grabbed onto my vanity and knocked it over, making my vanity mirror break and few of my things on my table break too, including a little hand mirror I had had for years.

"Want me to look?" he asked.

"No, that would be weird." I said sitting up on my elbows. I grabbed my TV remote and turned it on. I flipped through the channels and then glanced at John. "Are you serious, you'd really look at my...my, you know?"

"Your pussy?" he gave me a grin.

"Don't even, John!" I turned my head away. He knew that words like that were gross to me. "Don't mess with me, I'm being serious. It would be weird, and now with you calling it that....come on, would you do that for me, really?"

"Yeah, you're like a sister to me," he started to say, "well, not like that...that's gross!"

We laughed. When we stopped laughing, I looked at him. "You sure it won't be weird to you?"

"Come on," he said sitting up on the bed. "I've seen you naked many times and you've seen me naked too lots of times."

"But we were kids," I started. "Well, except when last year we both skinny dipped at the lake."

"Yeah, because I want you to think of my shriveled up penis from the damn cold water at a time like this. Come on, get out of your sweats and let me take a look at you. If you have a tiny tear or something, that'll hurt for a few weeks, you don't want that."

I stood up and breathed in deep, and then pulled down my sweat pants in a big swoop down. I laid on the bed on my back next to him, in my shirt and panties. My slippers were with my pants on the floor. "Can I keep on my panties?" I asked.

"Not really, but I'll put them back on real quick okay. I'm just going to look real fast and make sure you don't have any bruises or tears." He got down on the floor by my bed and pulled my panties down my thighs. I shivered when I felt the cool air rush across my sensitive skin.

I laid there, starring up at the ceiling, I felt like I was in a doctors office for an annual visit. "Does it look okay?" I asked a few seconds later.

"You look amazing.....a little red and swollen, but not much. Were you turned on when they did stuff to you?" he asked.

I was afraid to answer truthfully. I didn't want John to know how many times I came with Mack and his coach touching me. I was afraid my best friend would think I was disgusting or slutty and not talk to me. I laid for a few seconds and then finally shook my head yes.

"Really, well that's good, I guess," he said. He reached up and touched my lips with his fingers. He did it with skill, not trying to be boyish and he open up my lips to further examine my crotch. "You would have really been hurt if you weren't turned on. I'm glad it didn't hurt that much."

"You almost done?" I asked. "It's a little weird having your face and hands like that."

"It's okay. I'm going to go to school to be a doctor, you can just think of this as helping me study as payment for helping you study." He leaned in towards my opening. "You are really red right here," he touched my clit. My body jolted.

"Yeah, they bit me there a few times. It's still a little tender there." I breathed in heavy, feeling his finger stroke across my clit, not in a way to turn me on, but to make it feel better, almost sooth the pain.

"Does your lips hurt?" he asked and then moved his fingers to opening, he rubbing his index finger down my slit then back up it, trailing a little moisture up to my clit and rubbing it again. "Because they are little red."

"Yeah, it hurts a little. That reminds me though, when Mack had his fingers in me, he rubbed a part of my insides and it felt really good but made me cum really quickly. What was he doing?" I sat up a little, resting on my elbows and looked down at John.

"You mean he was rubbing your g-spot?" John asked, but then could tell from the look I gave him that I didn't know what that meant. "You don't know what your g-spot is, Claire?" I didn't answer, I just looked away. "Sorry, I'm not trying to embarrass you," he said, feeling bad, "it's just not normal for a girl to not know about her own vagina."

"John, I've never even masturbated before, how am I supposed to know what's happening to inside me or where things are. Come on, teach me or something. I want to be better prepared in case Mack wants to do it again...or Coach Walters."

"Coach Walters?" he asked shocked. "You want to fuck him again?"

"Maybe..I just want to be less of a dork about it, is all. Come on, I taught you to kiss when we were kids, well, teach me these things. Come on."

"Alright, but I'll have to touch you okay?" John looked into my eyes, and I knew he wasn't trying to take advantage of me, he really wanted to teach me. He was my best friend.

"Yeah, it's alright." I laid back and stared into the ceiling again. I felt John's fingers on my pussy again. He moved them across my slit. "Just stop when I say so, okay?"

"Okay," he moved his other hand up and held my right hand that was on my stomach. "Just relax otherwise it'll hurt."

His hands were soft and smooth, not rough like Mack's or Coach Walter's. He wasn't a jock and he wasn't trying to get revenge, so his movements were swift but gentle. I felt his forefinger and thumb open up my lips and his hand curved down towards my ass, his ring finger and middle finger moving against my sore opening. "Now it's okay, just relax." His voice was soft and calming. I nodded my head letting him know I was okay and I closed my eyes.

I soon felt his finger enter my pussy and his mouth on my clit. I jolted up in the bed, "Oh John, don't do that!" I said. I don't know why I said it, but I did.

"I'm not going to be embarrassed, Claire, promise. Lay back down." His words were demanding but sincere, and I laid back down and closed my eyes again. I soon felt his fingers begin to probe me as before and his tongue was soon after that sliding up and down over my clit. I moaned and he said, "If you are turned on then it's easier to get inside. Your inner lubrication is better than lotion or gel."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"From books and stuff." He ran his tongue across my clit again and his fingers slowly worked their way in and out of my opening. I was sore, but he was so gentle that I barely felt any thing but the small sting of pain mixed with great pleasure. "I'll show you were your g-spot is, okay." His middle finger and ring finger slide out and he replaced them with his forefinger. "That feel okay?" he asked and when I murmured a yes, he continued. He slide his finger around inside my pussy and pushed it in deeper, turning his finger into a hook and cupping my clit in his palm, his finger deep inside me.

I moaned in response to the feeling his finger was giving my inner walls as he rubbed back and forth my insides. "Ohh god, John..." I whispered. "That feels really good."

"Yeah. Keep that spot in mind when you start touching yourself, or when you are about to have sex again. Try to rub it first so you'll get turned on and it'll help get you wet so sex won't hurt." He slid his fingers out and rubbed his wet finger against my now erect clit. "Want me to stop now?"

"Well...actually," I said sitting up and leaning on my elbows. "Would you take a shower with me, I want to try something."

"I don't know, Claire, I mean," he said looking down at the floor. He looked back up at me and smiled, "Of course. You may be my best friend but I'd still love to see you naked and wet."

I laughed. "Don't get your hopes up, I just want to try something."

* * * * * * * * *

We both stood in the shower and had the water running. It was warm, not too hot, and was producing a lot of steam. I had opened the window, but it was too cold outside, so I instead left open the bathroom door to my room. His closes were in a heap behind the door with my clothes and we now were holding each other in the water.

"Are you sure, Claire?" he asked again.

"You are sweet, but I'm okay. I need to learn some things. I want to learn some things. I'll tell you to stop if I want you to."

He ran his hands down my back and looked at my breasts. He had seen them lots of times, from me flashing passing cars when we waited for a cab after prom the year before and we were pissed drunk from Coby Letterman's party and when we went skinny dipping while camping with some friends the summer before our senior year.

He smiled down at them and then looked at me. "You have really great tits Claire, seriously." He leaned down and nibbled the top of them. I moaned and then lightly pushed him off me.

"That's not what I want you to do." I reached up and grabbed the shower head. I had a deluxe model shower head that detached and had a hose so that it could spray your feet up close. I removed the head and held it by the handle and then handed it to John. "I want you to clean me off. It felt really good earlier when Coach Walters and Mack cleaned me off but it wasn't a really powerful spray. I want you to do it for me."

"Why? You could do this by yourself. You don't need my help."

"Yeah I do." I said and I brushed past him going to the other side of the tub. I crouched down and leaned back on my hands with my pussy facing him. He understood what I wanted and he got on his knees. My tub was much bigger than most and we had plenty of room to maneuver. He pointed the spray at my lower stomach, it splashed over my skin spraying my face a little. He slowly moved it down towards my pussy, watching my facial expressions as the stream moved down.

"Ohh god, John, that feels good," I said as the stream began to hit my clit.

"Yeah, you like that, Claire?" he asked.

I nodded my head up and down and opened up my legs wider letting my ass sit on the floor of the tub. I rested my back on the side of the tub and reached my hands down. I held open my pussy to the water and let it splash against me. I instantly became aroused and felt my inner walls slamed down, and I soon felt my inner core begin to melt.

"Ohhh god!" I moaned out. John moved the spray closer to my open pussy.

"You like your pussy to get sprayed?" he asked. "You like that, don't you?" he began to talk dirty to me.

I moaned back a yes.

"You like your cunt to get nice and wet like that, huh?" he asked. I didn't like the words, but they did the job. Hearing him say them made my body twitch and I wanted him to touch me with his hands.

I moaned again and arched by back. He ran the spray up and began to hit my nipples with the powerful stream of water. He knelt between my legs and pressed his body against my inner thighs. I felt his cock against my pussy opening.

"Can I fuck you?" he asked. "Please?"

I look him in the eyes. "Do you really want to?"

"I have for years. Please, let me fuck you baby...."

Hearing him call me baby made me erupt, and I felt that familiar scream from inside my body. The water hitting my nipples made me reach orgasim and when John noticed the tell tail signs, he didn't wait for me to give him permission. He put the shower head on the tub floor next to me, it spun around a little and then pointed against my side. He moved forward, leaned towards my face and kissed me on the lips.

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