tagAnalIt All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 04

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 04


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John and I had trouble over the next few days after our time in the shower together.

We couldn't look each other in the eye, and I knew it wasn't because we were embarrassed, it was that we crossed a big line in our very long friendship. I knew he hadn't been a virgin before I got to him, but he knew I was new to the sexual awakening. He kept his distance for some time, but in the meantime.....

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I had gotten the note from my teacher during my last class. It said I needed to see Coach Walters about a cheers for the next game. Our team hadn't been so well in away during practice, and our first game without Mack didn't go at all well. We lost by a long shot, and I knew why I was getting asked to see Coach Walters.

I left the classroom after getting my homework assignment from my teacher, and I headed to the gym where Coach Walters office was. You could enter the office through the locker rooms or a door a few feet from the locker room entrance. I knocked on his door, and waited for him to open it.

He did and motioned me inside. "Claire, you are in big trouble girl." He looked at me when I sat down on a chair next to his desk. He crossed over to the window blinds and closed them, shutting out the sunlight. An overhead light buzzed and gave out a dim light.

"Why am I in trouble sir?" I asked him.

He sat in his desk chair and leaned forward with his elbows on the desk. "You cost us last game, and I know you know what that means. Don't you, Claire?" He smiled at me, and my stomach turned.

"Yes sir, I know what that means." I looked down at the floor.

"Did you ever get on the pill?" he asked.

"Yes sir, I did." John and I spent a day at the downtown clinic and I got on the pill. We both felt that after what we did, it was the least I could do to stay safe.

"You remember what I said, about getting on the pill, right?" he asked, leaning back in his chair. "I was thinking that the next time I got to fuck you, and you weren't on the pill, I'd just fuck you in your ass as a warning...but since you were a good girl...I guess I don't need to teach you a lesson."

I sighed with relief in my head. Sex was painful already, even though it felt amazing! I couldn't imagine having sex in my ass.

"However..." his words struck into my thoughts.

"W-what?" I stuttered.

"I think it would be a good punishment, to fuck you ass....Stand up Claire." He stood up and walked around the desk. When he got to me, I was still sitting, stunned. "Get up Claire." His words were straight and deep, I sat a little scared.

"What are you going to do to me, Mr. Walters?" I wanted to shake, but tried my best to stay calm.

"You are going to stand up and let me fuck you, Claire." He held my hands and pulled me up from the chair. He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me to him, kissing me deeply on the mouth. He leaned against my body and pushed me up against his desk. The side of the desk cut into the backs of my thighs, but I kissed him back deeply. His hands roamed around my body, under my skirt and pulling my thong down. His fingers darted in and out of my still tight pussy.

I moaned and pulled my face away. "Ohh, Mr. Walters. That feels so good." I sat on the desk and then leaned back, laying on his papers on his desk. His fingers continued to fuck my pussy and he smiled at me.

"Yeah, Claire," he said, "get nice and wet, baby..."

"You going to fuck me soon, cause I want you to...so bad...." I moaned, my head tilted back and sighing as his fingers opened up my cunt. "I want you to fuck my pussy so bad...." I sighed from the pleasure and looked him in the eyes.

"You're pussy is going to have to wait." He smiled bigger and pulled his fingers free. He pulled his shorts down and his cock was so hard, I just stared at it. He ran his fingers over my clit and then slide them inside, he pulled out some of my juices and slicked them over his cock. "Bend your knees and pull your legs up, baby..." he whispered.

I bent my knees and had the backs of my feet against my ass cheeks. He put his hands between legs and spread them open wider. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me to him. He kept a hand on my hip and the other, he grabbed his cock. "This is going to hurt, baby...a lot more than when Mack fucked your cherry away...." His words were soft, but his actions were a little rough. I felt the head of his cock press against my ass hole, and I quickly became worried.

"But, Mr. Walters!" I began to protest.

"Shhhh..." he said. When his cock was lined up with my ass hole, he placed his hand back on my hips. With a hard pull, he pulled me towards him, and pushed his cock through my tight ass hole. I screamed out in pain. "Just take it Claire...just take it," he said to me.

I almost began to cry, the pain was horrible. He grunted as he thrusted away inside my ass. I felt like I was going to rip apart. As he thrusted in and out of my stretching ass, he moved his hands up my chest. His hands went under my shirt and found my tits, he pressed his fingers against my nipples and watched as my face screwed up in pain.

"You need to remember this, Claire." He spoke while thrusting harder and deeper. "Don't fuck with the big boys, baby.... You may cost us a few more games until Mack comes back," his speed increased. I moaned out loud and almost cried out my pain, but I knew better.

"You ready?" he asked. "It's gonna hurt..."

I looked at him, "It already hurts so much though!" I said. I put my head back down and felt my tits bounce around under my shirt. He gripped my hips and thrusted harder into me, his cock pressed farther inside me and my ass let his entire length deep into my insides. He stayed still, deep inside my ass hole.

"Now relax baby...." he said. I leaned back, but kept his cock deep in me. He ran his hand over my pussy lips. "Your pussy getting lonely?" he asked with a smile. "Let me help you then..." he whispered as he slowly slide three fingers into my pussy. I felt my tight pussy around his digits and my ass throbbed with pain. I could feel his fingers go deeper into me and my ass began to hurt more. He shook, "Ohhh yeah, I can feel my fingers on my cock...ohhhh yes....." he said.

"Does that feel good?" I asked. His fingers pulled out and then were replaced by four. I felt my pussy tighten around them instantly and his body shook again. "Ohhhh!" I moaned out. I felt a slight tingle of pleasure in my ass as he pulled his fingers in and out of my pussy, it almost soothed the pains in my ass.

"You like that?" he asked. "You want more?"

"How can you give me more, you almost have your whole hand in me...." I said.

He leaned forward and was able to open the top drawer of his desk and pulled out a small bottle of KY lube. "I keep this on hand for just in case you and your cheerleader friends give me a hard on I can't get rid of..." he squirted a drop on his hand that was the size of a gumball. He let is slide around on his fingers and then he balled up his fist and put another drop on his knuckles.

"What are you going to do?" I asked, worried.

"Close your eyes, you'll know what I'm doing in a minute."

I did as he asked, and soon, I felt his hand against my pussy again. I gasped as I felt his balled up fist slowly push into my pussy. His cock twitched in my ass and he moaned as he slide his hand slowly into my pussy. "Oh wow, you are so tight...but so easy to open up." He was amazed, I knew that he was with out looking at him. I felt his hand press harder against my crotch and soon, his hand slid in, his fist entering me.

"Oh god!" I moaned out. The feeling of his cock in my ass and his fist in my pussy was so amazing, even though painful and a little uncomfortable. "Oh my!" I opened my eyes.

"You like that?" he asked, looking me in the eyes. "You like to get fisted, don't you, Claire?"

"Is that what this is?" I asked, taking deep breaths as his hand slowly moved in and out inside my pussy.

"Yeah, I'm fisting your pussy while fucking your ass....ohhh god, you feel so amazing!" his eyes rolled as he exclaimed. "Oh wow!" His hand moved faster and he began to thrust in and out of my ass. He was out of sync with the thrusting and fisting, but it felt so good. "Ohh shit, I'm gonna cum, Claire!" he moaned out.

I watched in almost horror as he ran his fist in and out of my pussy faster and faster as he began to cum. I thought he was going to rip me in half by how fast he was going, but it was really beginning to feel good. "Oh yes, ohhhh god!" I screamed.

He leaned back and moaned as his cock exploded in my ass hole. "Ohh shit!" he yelled. "Oh god!" his face was red and his head was tilted back. He pulled his hand out of my pussy slowly and held onto my hips with both hands. His thrusts became harder and deeper and faster, and soon, he was going so fast that I was getting dizzy. He moaned out again, his cock slowly spurting now inside my ass. He looked down at me. "Thank you Claire..." he laid down on me, his cock growing smaller inside me. "Ohhh thank you..." he whispered. He leaned back up and looked me in the eyes. "You ready for round two?" he asked.

"What?!" I was shocked. I had heard that usually when men cum, they are done. "But..."

"I'll be ready in a sec." He pulled off me and pulled me up. He got a towel from the chair next to the door and wiped his cock clean. "Turn around girl, I need to clean off your ass, my jizz is running down your legs." He quickly cleaned me up, standing behind me. When he stood up, he pressed against my back and pushed me over. I fell forward on his desk, I felt his cock getting hard against my ass.

"Told you I'd be ready in a sec," he said. I knew he was smiling. "Don't worry, I'll give your ass a rest." He moved his cock between my legs and it found my sore pussy. I couldn't tell what was in more pain, my ass or my cunt. His cock slid into my pussy. I could tell I wasn't as tight as I usually was, but his moaning made me feel at ease. "You aren't as tight, but ohh god, you feel so good. And now that you are stretched out for me, I can fuck you hard and you won't hurt as much from it."

I stayed laying on the desk, my tits pressed against the papers I had just had my back on. I tried to get on my elbows but he kept me down. He grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back. I moaned, feeling his hands tight around my wrists as he held them tightly against my lower back. His cock slid in and out of my pussy, and even though I was tremendously sore, it felt amazing! I moaned out in pleasure as I then felt his cock grow even more inside me, and soon, he was pumping in and out of me like a jack-hammer. I was in awe of his quick erection after cumming in my ass, and now, I was almost cumming from his fast pumping into my cunt.

"Oh god, Mr. Walters..." I moaned to him. "I'm gonna cum...ohh god!"

He held my wrists tight in one hand and the other, he pulled me off the desk. He put his mouth to the back of my ear, "Cum for me, you lil' cheer leading whore!" he whispered loud in my ear and then grunted as he thrusted harder into me. His other hand found its way to my front and he began to finger as my clit. "Yeah, cum for me baby....ohhh yeah!" His fingers pulled at my tender flesh and on my clit, it almost made me cry from pain and pleasure that was so confusing to me.

"Oh god!" I moaned out as my pussy began to quiver around his gigantic cock.

"Yes!" he moaned out, "I can feel your pussy get wet on my dick. Cum baby!" he said and with that, he slapped between my opened up legs and hit my clit like it was a target he was aiming for. I jumped and felt my body tighten. He moaned again in my ear. "Yeah, that makes you so much tighter on me." He slapped again, this time harder and faster. I cried out and felt my pussy tighten and then release and then tighten again, I knew I was ready to explode, my body was shaking.

"Oh god," I whispered.

"Can I hold your throat while I slap your pussy...I love it when I get to do that to my girlfriend..." I didn't get a chance to say no or yes, he grabbed my throat with the hand that had been slapping my pussy and held it tight. He moaned out as he kept thrusting against me, his cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

I felt it tighten again and then his grip began to tighten around my throat and then slap! His other hand slapped my clit with out me realizing he was about to. He laughed a little in my ear, and then slapped my clit again. I moaned out that I was cumming. He slapped my clit again and then my pussy erupted. I felt his cock get coated in my juices and my pussy throbbed and I felt like my heart was going to explode in my chest. My pussy tightened hard and I felt it shake around his cock, my body bounced slightly. The hand he'd been slapping me with held my hip and he thrusted harder in me. His grasp on my throat was still tight, and I felt like I wasn't going to be able to breath. Then, he loosened his grip, and his hand went to the other side of my hips. He held onto me, his nails digging into my flesh. I knew he was going to cum.

"Oh god!" he yelled out.

And I felt it. The rush of cum that shot into my pussy was so warm, and it mixed with my juices and his cock swam through it as he pulled in and out, finishing his load inside me. When he pulled out a second later, my pussy released the loads onto the floor. My thighs were thoroughly wet and my legs were shaking. My neck hurt and it hurt when I swallowed.

"Oh wow, that amazing," he said sitting down on a chair. I laid back down on his desk, not caring that my pussy was still oozing with his cum and mine as I laid there, catching my breath.

"Never change, girl," he said, catching his breath as well. "That's all I got to say, never change. Because you are so fucking amazing!" He smiled at me and then got up slowly. His legs were weak as well. He stood between my legs, and leaned forward, kissing me.

"Was I really that good?" I asked him. He nodded.

"So good, I almost want more of you." He smiled. "But I can wait. Besides, I kind of have to, Mack is waiting for you in the showers."

I sat up. "What? What's he doing in there waiting for me?"

"Because," he smiled, "I told him to get the showers ready for you, that I was going to get you nice and sticky and that he had to clean you up nice and right."

He helped me to my feet and directed me into the locker rooms. I could hear the showers running. I crossed the path I remembered from my first time in there, and when I saw Mack, I was amazed to see him standing in the stream of the water, naked, and not alone.

(to be continued....)

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