tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIt All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 06

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 06



After they cleaned my body and then helped my dry off, they dressed me in my cheerleader uniform. Janice pulled my hair up to the back of my head, pulling it into a tight ponytail. She wrapped a blue ribbon around it and tied a bow. "Ready for the pep rally?" she asked me when she looked me over.

"Yeah...." I said, then thought about what day it was. There can't be a pep rally tonight? I thought.

Mach and Coach got dressed as Janice helped me with my make up and with in ten minutes, we were heading out of his office door. It was well after 5 p.m. when we left the school in Coach's van. Janice and I in the back seat and Mach in the front with Coach.

Ad Coach drove out of town, he smiled at us in the rear view mirror. "Janice, why don't you get her ready for the pep rally."

She smiled back at him and then turned to me. She began to kiss me deeply on my lips, drawing her tongue in and out of my mouth as she kissed me. I never knew kissing a girl would be so hot, so erotic, so fun! Mach was turned around in his seat looking at us from the side.

I felt Janice's slid under my skirt and up my thigh. I moaned and leaned back in the seat as her head soon followed her hand. She slid onto the floor of the van and was soon between my legs, her ass between the seats in the front. I felt her hands pulled my thong panties aside and her fingers spread open my pussy to her. She moaned and slid her tongue up and down, trailing my juices up to my clit then back down to my sore ass.

I kept my head back and felt her movements all over my skin. It felt amazing! Mach brought me back, "Get her wet for the pep rally, Janice. Get her nice and wet, baby!"

Janice giggled as she noticed my skin clench around her tongue as she began to penetrate me gently with it. She pulled my skirt up a bit so she could lock eyes with me. I watched down at her as she kept looking up at me. Her eyes flickered in the light as I felt my body almost melt with her soft strokes from her tongue. "Hmmmm," she moaned into me, and I almost came. Her lips vibrating with her moans against my clit was too much. She noticed and pulled away. "That feel good, my lil' slut? My lil' betting whore?" Her voice was tart but so erotic. I nodded my head letting her know I loved it.

She pulled my pussy lips open wider and she placed her mouth around my clit. "Hmmmmmm!" she moaned loud and hard onto my erect clit. I arched my back and slid upwards the seat. Mach grabbed my ankles and pulled me back down. Janice's tongue slammed into my pussy when Mach pulled me down and began to cum. I fought hard to pull away because the feeling of her tongue on me was so much, I couldn't handle it.

"Take it, Claire!" Mach said. "Let Janice make you cum!"

Coach looked at me in the mirror. "Come on Claire, you know you like it." I smiled at him in the mirror. "That's a good girl, Claire. Why don't you pull up her sweater, Janice, show us her nice titties."

Janice complied and pulled up my sweater, pulling my tits free from my bra and began to handle them in her palms while still licking my clit and pussy hard. I moaned and squirmed, cumming again on her lips. She pinched my nipples hard as she grabbed my clit with her tongue. I gasped and filled the van with my cries as I came harder. Janice pulled her face away, it glistened with my juices. I leaned over to kiss it off but Mach beat me to it. He took her face in his hand and pulled her to him, kissing her softly. He moaned as his tongue swept over the glistening drops of my cum on her lips and chin. He then smiled back at me. "You sure do taste good when a woman makes you cum!" He laughed with the coach as we continued to the "pep rally."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We drove out to a farm house outside of town, I'd seen it many times from the road when I was headed out to parties during the summer. We got out of the van and headed to the barn that was a few yards from the house.

As we entered, I was surprised that the barn wasn't a normal barn like from movies. It was floored with nice wood and had tables and chairs lining the side of the wall, there were no animals or hay or garden tools. Janice walked me over to one of the tables and directed me to sit on the edge of the table and wait for Coach to tell me what was in store for me.

A few minutes of Coach and Mach talking and then Coach came up to me. "Alright, Miss Claire," he smiled at me. "You are ready for your pep rally, right?"

"Yes, Coach Walter's, I am." I swallowed hard, a bit nervous.

"Okay then, I'll bring them in." He walked out of the barn with Mach and then came back in with two tied up high schoolers I recognized as the rival team's head football players. They grunted in their bindings, their mouths stuffed with what looked like woman's underwear.

Mach grunted as he pulled his guy to a chair at the table I was sitting at, he stood behind the guy and kept his hands on the boys shoulders, holding him down. Coach pulled his guy to the chair and did the same. Both players were sitting towards me and we're wide eyed looking at me and Janice sitting on the edge of the table.

Coach was the first to speak. "Ready Janice?" he asked. She got up from the table and went into her backpack she'd brought in with her. She pulled out a box of condom's and more blue ribbon like what was in my hair.

"Put your hands out, Claire." I put my hands out to her, I did my best not to tremble. She tied them together and then led me to a wooden pole a few feet away. About six feet up, there was a hook attached to the pole and she lifted up my arms to the hook, attaching my tied up hands to it. She walked back to the coach and then sat down on the table again.

"Alright boys," Coach said. "You do as we asked earlier and we'll give you her. The head cheerleader of our team. You can do what you want to her for twenty minutes. She's willing, so don't worry about rape charges or anything like that. All we ask is you wear a condom because we don't where your dicks have been."

Mach laughed. "Yeah, we've seen your cheerleaders, they aren't but nothing but a bunch of skanks. Claire here is prime merchandise. She's only been broken in for a few weeks and only Coach and I have had her."

Janice looked at me and smiled. Did she know about me and John, her cousin? I had wondered. "And if you boys do your end," she started. "You'll get more where that came from, I promise." She smiled at me again and winked.

Mach pulled the panties from the boys mouths. "Is it a deal?"

The boy on the left was the first to speak. "Why is she bound up if she's willing?"

"Ah, that's so she won't be too hard to move around." Coach said looking me up and down. "We thought you'd at least want to get a good look at her, so we figured tying her to a pole would be a nice way to look her over. You can do what ever, where ever to that sweet slut." Coach said. "Isn't that right, hun?"

I nodded my head. I knew it was part of the deal of paying back Coach for ruining the last few games they had played with out Mach.

"Is it a deal then, boys?" Coach asked. The boys nodded their heads. "Alright then," he said and began to untie them. "We'll leave you three alone then."

With that, Coach, Mach and Janice started to walk out. I was shocked! They were going to leave me in this giant room with these two boys I didn't even know. I knew they were football players and what team and school they played for, but their names, I didn't know.

As Coach and Mach left the barn with Janice behind them, Coach turned around to reminded the boys that they only had 20 minutes.

The first boy was tall and had a massive build, I remembered he was Quarterback and in his senior year. He stood up and walked up to me. "You are gonna pay us good, you lil' slut." He pulled my sweater up and unclasped my bra. "You've got some nice tits, baby. And I bet you'll be good. Hey Jeremy...." he called back to the other boy. "Come help me out with her, this'll be fun!" Jeremy stood up and came over to me.

"Sure thing, Russell." With that, Russell pulled my hands down from the hook but kept them tied together. The two of them pulled me over to the table and laid me down on my back, my ass at the edge of one end.

Jeremy grasped my tits as Russell pulled my panties down from under my skirt. "Hmmm, baby, you look so good!" Russel said as he opened up my thighs to pear down at my smooth pussy. "You look like you've hardly been fucked. Hmmmm, I bet you'd love to get broken in by nice thick black cocks, huh?"

I nodded my head, playing along. Russel unzipped his pants and pulled them down, pulling them over his shoes. When he stood back up and pulled his shirt off, that was when I first saw it. His cock was long and thick, at least 9 inches long and so thick, I quickly grew afraid of what it may do to me. "Put your hand on it baby," he said, pulling me up. I sat up and put my tied up hands down to his crotch. I grasped his cock the best I could. My hand barely fit around his shaft and I stroked him gently.

"Oh god," I whispered. I looked up at him. "I've never seen one so big before." I couldn't keep it a secret. I was so shocked.

Then Jeremy pulled his pants down too, showing me his hard cock. It was longer than Russel's cock but much thicker. I couldn't believe it! Never in all my life had I even imagined that cock's could be that big!

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed.

"That's right girl....you better be scared!" Jeremy said with a smile. He climbed onto the table and sat behind me with his legs out around me. His hard cock pressed against my lower back. He reached around and grasped my tits. I looked down and watched his dark skin on my milky white flesh. I was so turned on that I felt my pussy get wet..

"Mmmmm, she's lookin' so good, huh, Jeremy?" Russel asked. He put two of his fingers up to his lips and licked them. "Let's see how tight you are, baby...." and with that, he slid them inside my pussy. I moaned and quickly tightened my body as his fingers slid inside. "Damn, girl! You are tight!" He slid his fingers out and then slid only one back in. I think I'll need to warm you up baby, I don't want to scare you now."

I moaned as I felt his single digit stroke my insides. His finger curled up inside my pussy and stroked against my g spot so well that I soon found my body shaking against Jeremy's behind me. Russel just kept sliding his finger in and out until I was about to cum then slid in another finger, then another. As I became closer and closer to orgasim, he kept thrusting his fingers in and out of me faster, growing in depth. As I felt my body begin to release, he pulled away his hand.

"Look at that, G?" he said to Jeremy. "That bitch got my hand soaked."

"Aww, that's hot man!" he exclaimed and then began to nibble on my neck while still groping my tits in his hands. "You've got such great tits, girl!" he moaned in my ear and then bit down on my shoulder as he pulled on my nipples.

Russel put on one of the condom's that Janice had left behind and began to stroke his cock at the entrance of my pussy. "Ready girl...this'll be tight for ya!" and then he slowly pushed his head against my opening. "Oh god!" I moaned out. His cock was so big that as it entered me, it reminded me of when Coach had fisted me earlier. My day was filling up so fast, my mind was racing.

Russel tilted his head back and sighed as he pushed the rest of his cock into my pussy. "Oh yeah, that's so tight, baby!" he exclaimed to me. "Hmm!" and he grunted as he started to thrust in and out between my thighs. "You are so tight, girl! Oh shit, yes!"

Jeremy behind me kept grabbing at my tits and kissing my neck. I turned my head towards him and he quickly took this as an invite to kiss me. His tongue entered my mouth right away and he Frenched me as his team mate screwed me. Soon, Russel's moans turned to gasps as he started to cum.

I was glad Russel didn't last long but then when he pulled out, Jeremy pulled me up onto him. He'd put on a condom with out me realizing and held onto my hips as he hovered my pussy above his cock. His legs were bent at the knees and he laid back on the table, Russel climbed onto the table with us. "Ready girl?" Jeremy said behind me.

Before I could utter a response, he slammed his cock into my pussy. I screamed out in pain as every inch of his gigantic dick was pushed deep into me. I felt his tip press the opening of my cervix and when he pulled away, my pussy throbbed from the sudden intrusion. I moaned as he gripped my hips in his hands and pulled me back on him. He moaned as well and kept pulling me up and down on him.

I cried out and leaned back, my hands on the table, my lower back resting against his stomach. He held me still as he thrust fast in and out of me. I began to cry from the pain, wishing he'd slow down.

Then Russel leaned forward and began to lick at my nipples. His bites and licks made it hard for me to focus and soon, I was lost. I no longer felt the pain in my crotch from the pounding from Jeremy and only felt Russel lick and suck on my nipples. He looked up at me as sucked on my breasts like a newborn and I soon felt my body tremble from the arousal that was bursting from inside me. I bucked my hips and let Jeremy pound away into me faster and faster.

Russel moaned against my nipples and then pulled his lips away, my nipples were wet from his sucks and licks and he blew air on them. My nipples hardened and began to ache. "Oh god," I moaned. Jeremy moaned from under me too and grabbed my hips, pulling me harder onto him.

"I'm cumming, bitch!" he groaned and exploded. His body twitched as his cock released and when he was done, he pulled out of me. The condom looked as though it was going to overflow with his semen and he sat up on the table and scooted off.

I continued to sit on the table, my legs still open and Russel in between my thighs. He continued to blow the air on my nipples, then would lick them, getting then nice and wet. He smiled at me and then blew air on them again. "You like that, don't you?" he asked. I nodded. He licked my nipples again and then made his kisses down my chest to my stomach.

He licked long circles around my belly button and then went lower. My pussy quickly got excited as his licks soon were on my engorged clit. I moaned and gasped as he stroked his long, hard tongue against my hard clit and he held my lips apart. He looked at my clit then kissed it, pulling it back into his mouth. He sucked on it then slid his tongue into my pussy.

My back arched and I found my body shaking as he started to slam into my pussy with his tongue. I moaned over and over, my legs wrapped around his head and I shook hard from the strong thrusts from his tongue.

"Your time is up!" Coach said as he entered the barn.

"No!" I moaned. "Don't make him stop!" I kept shaking. Russel kept thrusting his tongue in and out of my pussy.

"I said your time is up!" Coach said again.

Russel began to pull away. "No!" I yelled. "Don't!"

Russel pulled away and got off the table. "Sorry baby, a deal is a deal. I'll make you cum next time." He dressed and I was left lying on the table, still shaking.

Coach told the boys to go to the van. "Janice and Mach will drive you boys home. See you this Friday."

He closed the door behind the boys and walked to me. "What was that about, Claire?" he said pulling me up. "You never tell me "no" you got that?!" He was angry and showed it by striking a slap across my face.

"I'm sorry. I was just so close to cumming....I'm so sorry." I sat on the table, crying, my face stinging.

"You wanting to cum, is that it?" Coach asked. "I bet I can make you cum! I have before!" He pushed me back onto the table and pulled my skirt off. He untied my hands and pulled my sweater off and slapped me across my tits. "I'll make you cum, baby!" He opened my legs forcefully and dove down between them.

His tongue swam inside my pussy and I soon found the thrusts from it sending my already shaken body over the edge. As I started to come, he pulled away. I felt unfinished and tried to pull him back. He looked down at me and smiled. "Nah, I wanna cum first."

He stood up and rolled me over to my stomach. The table hurt my ribs and chest but I didn't care. He grabbed my legs and and pulled me back to him, his body between my legs. He pressed my body down hard onto the table and and told me to put my hands behind my back. He held my wrists together and squeezed tight. "You never tell me "no" ever again, you go that?"

I said yes over and over but it was no use. He slammed into me and filled my sore and tired pussy with his cock. "Oww!" I moaned.

"That hurt, honey?" he asked thrusting in and out of me, my pussy was wet but I could still feel as though his cock was scraping at my insides.

"Yes...yes it does...oh god..." I moaned. He kept thrusting in and out.

"Don't worry, I'll let you cum soon enough baby..." he pulled my wrists up and I felt my arms pull back and my shoulders began to hurt.

"Oh god!" I yelled out. "Ow!" He pulled my wrists up tighter behind my back and the pain grew.

"Never say "no" to me again then!" he yelled at me and let go of my wrists. My arms fell to my sides and I was relieved. He then took me by surprise and slapped my ass cheeks with his palm. "You are my lil' cheerleading whore, aren't you Claire?" He slapped my ass again.

"Oh!" I moaned. He slapped my ass again.

"That was a question, you slut!" He grabbed my hips and pulled me off the table. I was standing on my feet and he was bending me over on the table, my hands gripping the sides as he pounded away. He slapped my ass again. It stung and hurt real bad.

"Yes!" I shouted. "I'm your whore!" I cried, tears streaming down my face. He held onto my hips and thrust harder into me. I found that his balls slapping against my clit where pulling me close to an orgasim. I moaned and felt my legs tremble. Another slap across my ass made me jump.

"You are also my slut aren't you!?" he yelled. He reached in front of me and grabbed my clit, pulling it hard. I groaned and almost collapsed.

"Oh god!" I moaned. I fell forward. He pulled out and turned me around, pushing me to my knees. I opened my mouth quickly and felt his cock burst the second it entered my warm mouth. The salty fluids flooded my mouth and sent load after load down my throat into my stomach. I gagged with the large amounts he sent into me but I didn't' dare spit it back out. He jerked off into my mouth, finishing off his load.

"Good...." he said out of breath. He pulled me up to my feet and held my arms tight. "Now that I've cum...." he grabbed my sides and pulled me up to the table, he pushed me back and as he opened my knees he said, "I can make you cum!" He bent down and quickly began to lick at my clit and pussy.

My body was quickly shaking and I screamed out that I was going to cum. He moaned into my pussy like Janice had before. His strong lips around my clit and moaning against it. His licking on my clit over and my pussy soon pushed a big rush of pleasure run through my body. I shook hard and felt my clit sucked in his mouth, he pulled it with his teeth and growled into my pussy. All the fear and nervousness that had been inside me erupted into hot passion for the man that was eating my pussy and pulling me to a wonderful orgasim.

I grabbed his ears and pulled him into my pussy farther, my legs went into the air. He ran his hands up my thighs to my knees and held my legs open, even though I wasn't trying to close them. I moaned and started to cum as he straitened his tongue and started to push in and out of my pussy as though it were his cock. I trembled as my orgasim hit and I screamed. My voice echoed inside the building and he kept stroking my pussy with his tongue as my orgasim hit wave after wave, continually hitting me.

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