tagNovels and NovellasIt All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 08

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 08



part 1

"Jason?!" I said, startled. Jason was my recent ex-boyfriend who hung out with the school drug dealer and class clown, Dave. "What are you doing in here?!"

"I heard through Janice and Mach that you have been sleeping around a bit? Is this true?" He smiled up at me.

"Well...." I looked at Mach. His head was down. Then at Janice, she was smiling back at me. "What is it to you, we broke up weeks ago."

"Yeah, I know. It's just...." he stood up and walked to me. He ran the side of his hand from my left ear across my cheek down to my chin. "You are so precious....and delicate. I thought it was lie. I mean, we dated for months, the most I ever got was to get to suck on those nice tits of yours. It can't be true...you can't really have given it up to a jock like Mackenzie here..." He looked at Mach and let out a small laugh.

"Oh shut up, Jason," I spat. I walked past him to my backpack next to the couch and picked up my clothes that had been placed on top. I turned around to walk back to the locker rooms to get dressed but Jason stopped me. "Excuse me," I said trying to walk past.

"Come on now, Claire." His voice was teasing. "You know you want to tell me how how you'd get for me on our dates....." he leaned forward and kissed my cheek, I let out a gasp as his kisses moved down to my neck. He still knew where my sweet spots were. "Come on Claire...tell me how you'd get so turned on....but would make me take you home, leaving me with a gigantic hard on......one that you had caused." His kisses went over my bare shoulders.

I breathed deeply, his kisses were bringing back memories of making out in the back seat of his car at the drive in. We had gone out on many dates, each growing with heat. Of all my boyfriends, he'd been the only one I'd have slept with. We broke up because I caught him eyeing his sister's babysitter one afternoon while we studied and it brought on a big fight later in his room.

"Jason...please....stop...." my words were almost unheard.....my breathing rapid as he kissed across my chest above my towel line.

Janice giggled behind him and it brought me back to reality. I pulled away and passed him, opening the locker room door. He put a hand to it and shut it before I could open it the whole way. I turned around. Janice giggled again. "You seem turned on, Claire. Why not give him what he earned. You guys dated for a couple months, I'm sure he had tried to get in those nice panties of yours." Jason looked back at her with a smile. "I've been in them, Jason." She slid off the desk. "I've tasted that sweet pussy."

Jason looked back at me. "You've been with another girl...but wouldn't even let me taste your sweet juices....mmmm, now that doesn't seem fair."

Janice giggled again. "Yeah, they are very sweet....and yummy." She was walking to us slowly, she slid in between us and began to kiss my neck. I pressed against the door behind me and Jason started to kiss the other side of my neck. I moaned, feeling them work their ways down my shoulders. Janice was first to get to my towel, she opened it and revealed my naked body to them. It was warm from the shower and she dropped the towel.

Mach moved around in the desk chair, watching the two begin their ways down my chest. Jason moaned as he licked around my breasts, he still remembered where my tits loved to be licked. He ran his tongue flat across the sides of my tits and then down the middle of them. I moaned in response, closing my eyes. I felt Janice move her way down to my belly button, she got onto her knees. Jason stayed standing, leaning over my body, holding my tits in his hands, pressing them together and licking my nipples hard.

I felt Janice get to smooth mound and she parted my legs, opening my lips slightly. She ran her nose between my folds and breathed in my scent. "Mmmm, girl." I heard her and opened my eyes. I could see Mach over Jason's head and he smiled at me as he jerked off his cock, his hand moving up and down his shaft slowly. "You cleaned your pussy very well us."

Jason pulled on my nipples and let them pop out with a loud smack. "Let me see that pussy of hers, Janice. I've always wanted to see it." He got onto his knees next to Janice and looked at my smooth lips up close. "Mmmm, she's so hot." He moved in closer and ran a tongue down my slit, over my clit to my pussy. I gasped, feeling his familiar tongue on my flesh. It was wonderful!

Janice moaned as she watched Jason eat my pussy, he opened up my legs and had me crouching down slightly, gaining him access to all the perfect spots to my pussy. He devoured my clit, sucking it hard and fast, moaning while he rammed his tongue in and out of my pussy, fast and deep. I bucked my hips, pressing his face harder into my crotch. I moaned and gasped, feeling him bring me to orgasim.

He pulled away and stood up, bringing me over to the desk. He laid me down on it, my tits bounced. Janice came over to Mach on her knees and she began to suck him off while Jason pulled his pants down, releasing his cock to me. I was stunned to see it was larger than I'd remembered it being in his back seat. He leaned against the desk, pulling me down the desk to him.

Janice bobbed her head up and down on Mach's cock, but he kept his eyes on me. I looked up at him and he reached his hand out, stroking the side of my face. Jason pulled my legs open and got between them, his cock pressed against my clit as he got into position. I moaned feeling the pressure of his cock on my hardening clit. When he was ready, he slide his cock down to my opening and pressed his head in. He immediately shuddered, feeling my pussy take hold of his head.

"This is perfect, Mach..." Jason said. "I'm so glad you let me join the--"

But Mach cut him off with a glare. Janice came up for air and I knew something was wrong.

"What's going on?" I asked. "What are you talking about? Join what?" I tried to pull away but Jason pulled back to him. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as his length filled me, his sides running against my inner walls. It felt so good to have his cock buried in my snatch and I instantly wrapped my legs around him, not caring about anything he'd been saying. I forgot about his words as he started to fuck me, his thrusts first deep as he opened me up for him.

Janice started to suck on Mach again as I really got into Jason fucking me. I wrapped my arms around him and held him against me, he kissed me and licked my lips as he thrust in and out. He slowed to shallower thrusts, hitting my g spot as he leaned back, my hands on the sides of his face. "I've wanted this for so long, Claire...." he moaned, his cock sliding in and out, small thrusts, not very deep. "You have no idea how many guys in school have wanted to fuck you...."

I was flattered but didn't care to hear it. I leaned up and kissed him on the mouth. He laid down on top of me, holding me in a deep kiss as his cock slid deep into me, resting as we kissed. I heard Mach grunt and soon he was cumming. Janice's breath could be heard as she breathed heavily through her nose as he shot his load into her sucking mouth.

Jason broke off the kiss and leaned back up, looking down at my tits as he continued to fuck me. "Oh god, your tits are so hot as I fuck you baby...." I loved to hear his voice as he kept fucking me. "Hmmm, you are so tight, Claire....oh god....I'm so close!" His warning made me react by covering my clit with my hand. He watching looking down between my legs as he saw my fingers rub back and forth over my clit. "Yeah, cum with me Claire!" he groaned, he began to slam into my pussy, his cock pulsing inside me.

I felt my clit get harder and it was so getting hot, burring against my skin as I rubbed it harder and harder. I moaned and arched my back, my hand working faster, Jason pumping deeper. Mach leaned forward, pushing Janice aside. He began to kiss my nipples and lick them hard.

There was a knock on the office door to outside. Janice looked at the clock then went to the door. I didn't want her to open it but she did before I could say anything.

Noah came in, my boyfriend from Junior year. He was the first boyfriend I had let feel my tits. He closed the door behind him and watched as Jason kept fucking me. I was embarrassed, but was still close to cumming.

Janice leaned down to Mach and whispered something in his ear I couldn't hear. He shot her a look and she stormed out, slamming the door behind her.

Jason didn't even notice, he kept thrusting in and out. I felt my tits bouncing around as he fucked me harder and deeper. I moaned out that I was close and he said so too. He pulled out and held me up, pressing my tits around his cock. He pinched the nipples and looked down at his cock as it started to jump. I didn't want a face covered with his spunk, so I took his head in my mouth. I felt it jump as it crossed between my lips and it unloaded.

Jason gasped as he felt his balls release their present into my mouth, my tongue swished around in the pool of cum and I swallowed the best I could with his giant member pressing against the top of my mouth. When he finished after sending shot after of cum into my throat, he pulled free. He looked down at my red face and smiled. "Sorry I didn't let you cum baby, but I'm sure Noah can. I have to go meet up with Dave." He kissed my cheek and got dressed.

Noah started undressing. He was shy and looked at Mach, "Dude, do you have to be in here when I do this?"

Mach nodded. "Of course, it's what the deal was, wasn't it?"

I remembered what had been said earlier and I sat up. "What is this all about anyways, Mackenzie?"

"Oh come baby, don't talk," Noah said. He pulled me off the desk and turned me around. "Bend over, I've wanted to fuck your sweet pussy since I got to first base with you last year." I gripped the sides of the desk, feeling his cock press into my pussy. "Hmm, it's not as tight as I had hoped." I was crushed and embarrassed.

"She was so fucking tight when I first got to her." Mach smiled at me. "She was the best I've ever had." I kept eye contact with him as Noah fucked me fast and deep.

Noah kept up a quick pace like he was being timed and quickly finished into me. I was surprised he hadn't lasted long, but he didn't care. He pulled out, leaving a trail of cum oozing down my legs. He pulled my face to his and he kissed me deeply on the mouth. "Thanks for finally giving me your pussy baby," he said breathless after he pulled away. He pulled up his pants and smiled at Mach. "Thanks man for giving me a piece of the action."

Noah left, leaving me standing there, his cum running down my legs, Mach still seated in the Coach's chair. "Go wash up baby....someone else is coming tonight."

"Who?" I asked.

"Don't you worry." He stood up and walked to the locker room door. "I'll go with you, make sure you get thoroughly cleaned.

We walked into the locker room, he got undressed and left his clothes on the bench and followed me into a single shower stall. I turned on the water to the waist high nozzle first, letting it hit on my mound. I then turned on the higher nozzle, sending a warm stream of water over my chest and my neck.

Mach ran his hands over my body, the ran over the smooth skin above me clit, feeling the tender flesh that up until now, had been covered with hair for some years. I felt like such a woman, his warm hard hands running over my flesh. He ran a hand down my leg to my thigh and pulled it up. I bent my leg at my knee and held it out to the side. He ran his hand to my pussy and slid a finger into my wet hole. He swished it around inside, pulling out Noah's cum. He washed it off from the water and then tilted the nozzle head that was pointed at my waist. I felt the water hit the entrance to my pussy and I shivered and almost collapsed.

Mach moaned in my ear. "You like that, huh?" he whispered. I nodded. "You want to cum now don't you....you ready to?" I nodded again. He ran his other hand to my other thigh and ran it back up to my pussy, his finger swooped into me, he began to finger my pussy faster and faster. I tilted my head back and moaned and gasped. "The best way to clean out your pussy..." he whispered, "is to make you cum. That was you flush it all out yourself."

I moaned as I felt his hand pull free from my pussy and move up to my clit. He moved his hand up higher, to the skin that covered my clit. He held back my hood and the water from the shower hit my clit. I screamed as I started to feel my insides churning. "Oh my god!" I screamed. Mach bit down on my shoulder.

"Don't do that baby," he said. "You make me want to fuck you so bad....." He didn't wait any longer. He turned me around with him and pressed me against the door to the stall, the water running down his back. "You can cum in a minute....I need to fuck you right now!" He held onto my ass and pulled me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and his cock found my pussy with ease. He slid inside and started to fuck me, my body bouncing up and down on his dick. I held onto the top sides of the stall, holding myself up high enough to help him keep me up, even though I knew my his strength that it wasn't a problem.

He moaned and licked at my tits. I gasped as I felt his teeth bite down on my nipples. He pulled them to him and I felt my skin stretch. I moaned and almost cried out that it hurt, he released my tit and it went back. I sighed with relief and soon felt my pussy burning from his fucking....the friction of all the cocks of the day, my skin was so sensitive and I soon felt like I was going to cum. "Oh god, Mackenzie!" I moaned out. He turned us around and I leaned back, me back against the wall with the shower heads. I felt the lower one as he angled it around to where it shot out at my ass hole. I gasped as I felt this new feeling of warm water rushing over my ass hole. He turned off the top nozzle and started to fuck me again. I gasped as I felt the water beating against my ass hole and Mach's cock filling me up and then exiting, leaving my pussy aching for more.

I felt my head grow light and my clit like it was going to fall off. "Oh god! I'm going to cum! Oh god! Oh god!" I moaned to him. He kissed me on the mouth and held me to him, his cock pressing in and out of my pussy while the water still shot out at my ass.

He pulled from the kiss. "Ready baby?" he asked. I nodded my head. He held onto my ass cheeks and pulled from my pussy, with out warning, he slammed his dick into my wet ass.

I threw my head back and it hit the wall. "Ow!" I yelled from the pain in my ass, not my head. He didn't stop. He slammed in and out. I moaned and gasped as his cock worked its way in and out. He moaned and held my cheeks tight in his palms, his fingers pressing into my flesh. I held onto him with my arms and he laid his head between my tits. "Oh god! Oh god!" I began to babble as I felt his cock shake in my ass hole.

"Let me cum first Claire!" he burst out. He slammed away inside my ass and soon, his balls burst with load after load of his spunk getting shot into my stretched out ass. I moaned and sighed as his thrusts slowed and he lowered me to the floor, my legs shaking. He bent me forward and positioned the nozzle against my ass hole. The warm water rushing over my ass felt so good. "Grab your ankles and bend over farther, Claire." I bent forward and grabbed my ankles, Mach's hands quickly went to my ass, his fingers slipping into the creamed up hole.

"Oh god!" I gasped. He held open my ass as the water rushed inside. "Oh yes!" I gasped. "Oh yes! Oh god! Oh yes!" I repeated. The waters warmth and feeling of it pulsating my insides made me start to cum. I was in disbelief, he was making me cum by washing my ass hole. My legs shook and I almost fell but as I got closer to my peak, I kept myself so I could finish off. I screamed and gasped as I came hard. Soon, I was cumming so hard that he closed off my ass hole and had me stand up. He got to his knees and pulled my pussy to his mouth, his tongue snaking and slapping my clit. I bucked my hips and began to cum harder.

He slammed my pussy with his tongue and sucked out my juices. He moaned against my pussy and I sighed as my pussy hit its final peak and slowed down. He slowed down too, pulling away with his face covered with my cum. He stood up, kissing my body as he stood. He turned me around and turned the water back on, washing my front off one last time before we left the shower. "We need to get to Coach's office before half time unless you wanna fuck the whole team."

I let out a small laugh. "No...my pussy and ass is way too tired."

He grabbed his clothes and we went into Coach's office, dripping wet. As we entered, I was startled by John, who was sitting on the couch, alone, waiting for us.

"Have fun?" he asked.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

part 2

John looked at Mach. "I know you haven't told her." He was angry, I could tell in his eyes. Mach and I dressed quickly.

Mach sensed that now wasn't the time to be around. "You want me stay Claire, or should I go?"

"I'll be fine," I said.

"No, stay." John's eyes burned a hole in the back of Mach's head and he turned to him. "I think she'll want you here when you tell her what this has all been about."

"What are you talking about, John?" I asked.

"Have a seat here, Claire." John motioned to the cushion next to him. "We need to tell you something....or at least I do. I'm sure Mach doesn't' want to tell you, he's having too much fun already."

I sat next to John and waited for them to start talking. John just sat there staring up at Mach who just stood there, not moving. Mach gave up, and sat down on the chair next to the desk.

John first spoke. "Are you really giving yourself as a payment to fix the game tonight?" He knew the answer. I only half knew.

"Well," I started. "Yeah. I owe Mach big time for everything that happened." I looked up at him but he looked to the floor. I continued. "We could have gotten him expelled, John. He probably lost his chances of going to a good college on a football scholarship because of our stupid bet. I felt that I owed him. So," I took in a breath. "Yeah, yeah I have given myself to Coach Walters to help in fixing the game."

I sat there in silence. John stewed over what I had said. Mach broke the silence.

"Come on, man," he started. "Just shut up...alright. She was willing the whole time and--"

"Mach was in on the bet, Claire." John said quickly. He stood up, looking down at me. "I thought he would have told you by now."

"Fuck, John!" Mach said standing too, they stood face to face.

I stood up, pissed off and confused. "What the hell are you talking about?!" I between the two, my heart was racing and I felt dizzy. "What the hell are you talking about?"

John started to explain, staring down Mach. "We were at a party a few days before you and I talked about the bet." He turned to me and Mach sat back down, burring his head in his hands. "He asked if we were sleeping together." John sat back down on the couch, his head in his hands. I could hear him speaking, but I wasn't for sure if his words were registering in my cloudy mind. What was he saying? Was I set up?

He continued.

"I told him I wasn't sleeping with you.....that you weren't sleeping with anyone, that you were a virgin." I turned around and glared at John.

"What did you guys do?!" I almost yelled. A burst of screams and yells broke outside from the football field. The game was still going, it must have been so loud, no one could hear us. "What did you fucking do?!" I screamed at him, tears flowed down my cheeks.

"He asked.....he asked if I would make a bet with him....see who could get you to give up your virginity to." He looked at me and then back down to the floor. "We remember that you had dated Noah and Jason...and asked if they wanted a piece of the action too." I just stood there, I was so stunned, so angry. "Mach said he'd try first, that he'd want to see how far you'd go. He knew that you wouldn't try anything with knowing he had a girlfriend, so he talked Janice to staging the fight at her house.....the only thing that screwed up was Mach getting into trouble."

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