tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt All Started with Our Pool Ch. 01

It All Started with Our Pool Ch. 01


Hello all, this is my first submission. I haven't ever written a story of adult nature. But for your knowledge, this is a true story with the names changed. I am or was the married guy in this story. I am divorced now and exploring my sexual avenues that I had passed over in my younger years. Please provide feedback, I would love to hear from you. Good, bad, indifferent and especially if it gets you off!


My wife and I lived in the east valley of Phoenix Arizona. It gets hot out here, I mean real hot. That old saying of "but it's a dry heat" is true, but it doesn't make it any better. Let's face it, we needed a pool and we made it happen.

In late June, our pool was finally finished being built and thank god. What a wonderful way to cool down and enjoy the weather as much as possible. My wife Nicole and I (Nick) have found that having a pool and a fenced in backyard a nice retreat for the hot summer days. Better yet, a sensual setting for our evening love making sessions.

One Saturday night after dinner and a few drinks, my wife and I decided to move to the backyard for a dip to cool down. Taking our drinks with us into the back yard, we both sat on the edge of the pool talking and sipping our drinks. Nicole loved teasing me and took it upon herself to get me wet by splashing me. Well that was a good enough reason for me to push her into the pool, fully dressed and drink in hand. Oh, she came up for air, with a shit eating grin on her face and a wet tee shirt clearly with hard nipples exclaiming she would get revenge when I least expected.

Knowing that payback would likely end with me being submerged, I quickly backed to the chairs on the patio and away from the pool. Nicole wasn't too enthused about that. "What's the matter honey? Scared I'll pull you in?" She bantered.

I put my drink down on the table and quickly ran back to the pool diving in a few feet from her. "Ah, revenge will not happen tonight!" I yelped after coming up for air and laughing.

Putting the playful teasing behind us, I moved towards her, lifting my shirt overhead and tossing it onto the deck. Slowly I reached under the water with both my hands and slid my shorts down and off of me. Bringing them up and out of the water, I threw them by my shirt out of the pool. Naked and approaching my wife, "I think you have too many clothes on." I said. As I got to her in the shallow end of the pool I quickly removed her wet tee shirt exposing her hard half inch nipples.

I lowered my head into her neck and began nibbling and kissing her shoulders. With a low moan escaping her lips. She put her head back to give me better access to her neckline. And I continued down her chest to take her right breast into my mouth.

Pushing me back, she went over to the steps in the pool and waved me over. "Get up on the edge." She instructed. Wet and a naked, I did as I was told, feeling a warm breeze blow over me and my semi hard cock. Kneeling on the steps in the pool, she brought her head to my chest and lowered her hand onto my growing prick. She started licking my nipple and slowly caressed my ever hardening cock.

Oh I was in for a good night I thought, closing my eyes and feeling her drop her mouth onto my now extremely hard tool. Enjoying the blowjob, I knew I had to watch her suck on me. I love watching her licking and sucking on me, looking up into my eyes makes it even sexier as my cock pushes into her mouth.

A glimmer of light caught my eye from the other side of the pool and I looked up for a moment to see someone watching over the fence from an adjoining backyard. Enjoying my blowjob, I wasn't about to interrupt it for a peeping tom of a neighbor, especially one that I haven't met yet and was looking in over the wall while I'm getting head.

"Let him enjoy the show!" I thought. "I'll deal with him later."

Nicole came up for air and kissed me. I could taste my own pre-cum on her lips. Using my cock as a handle she started in towards the house pulling me with her. "Come inside and fuck me" she told me. "It's going to be the last chance for a couple weeks you know."

Nicole is five foot even, petite and 105 lbs, a couple years younger than me. She has pert little A cups with really nice nipples and a round ass that has a great little curve to it.

Inside the house and quickly into the shower, the cold water wasn't helping my erection. Nicole slid her wets shorts and panties down, stepped into the shower stall with me and dropped to her knees under the stream of water that was now warming up. With a shiver down my spine, she slipped my shrinking cock back into her mouth to rejuvenate the blood flow. She gives an amazing blowjob. Once I was fully erect again, Nicole gently stroked my cock and sucked on my balls. Oh I was ready to blow my load and she could tell.

Standing up and turning her back to me, I bent her over under the running water. I pounded into her cunt fast and furiously from behind. Feeling the water run over us, I reached around and took her right tit in my hand. Fondling and pinching her nipple gently. I couldn't help thinking of being watched, it made me as hard as I ever was thinking about it. I kept pushing my cock into her harder and harder, I was over excited.

"God you are so hard, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Please cum inside me with that hard cock!" She knew that dirty talk always pushed me over the edge.

Now screaming and convulsing, I felt her pussy contract and that pushed me over the top. Cumming inside her, and feeling her push me back against the wall as she grinds her wet cunt onto me. I could feel the water mixing with our juices coming out of her.

What a great fuck that was and a fabulous way to end the night. But tomorrow I have to go find out who our new neighbor is and why he took the liberty of watching before Nicole finds out.

In the morning, Nicole was to fly back east for two weeks to spend time with her parents. She always said that she'd never leave without making sure I knew what I'd be missing while she was gone. So it was a good time for me to set the record straight with my new nosy neighbor and I was going to make sure it wouldn't happen again!

Around 10:00 am the next morning, the shuttle to the airport honked its horn in front of our house. She grabbed my cock through my boxers and gave it a tug. Off she was to New Jersey. Having to work isn't so horrible. It provides a nice excuse for me to not visit the in-laws.

So here it is Sunday morning and I think I'll go visit mister nosy.

That's the beginning of my next story and how I tasted my first cock. Check back in please and if you'd like, please send me some feedback.

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