tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt Began in the Bubble Tub Ch. 3

It Began in the Bubble Tub Ch. 3


Would I? That was the question. Jasmine had really got off on the idea of another guy fantasising over our sexual acts and wanted to put on a live act. Would I get off on it?

My next door neighbour Brad was the coolest kind of friend you could ask for, and had already caught us screwing outside the day before. Jasmine wanted to actually have him watch us do it for him while he whacked off over it. I wasn't sure, Brad was a nice guy, I really didn't know whether it would work or not.

And so I was once again back where this whole crazy public display thing had started, in the Bubble Tub back at our local leisure complex. I was sitting in the warm and groovy waters with Brad, just hangin' out and bullshittin' the way we do. Damn, it was weird, last time I'd been here, Jasmine had given me a handjob while the entire world around us was oblivious, and I'd blown a guy in the steam room on the other side of the pool, only to find the mystery cock belonged to Jasmine's bisexual baby brother Bo, (who'd also invited me to a gangbang). Funny thing was, I was meeting Bo that weekend to chat about it (OK I was convincing myself I wasn't just going to let myself be talked into it, thereby absolving myself of guilt, but that was the case! Bo, his girlfriend, and one other guy ... it was going to be fun!)

But right now I was supposed to be inviting Brad round later to watch me and Jasmine fuck for his pleasure.

"You cool with what happened yesterday, buddy?" I asked at length, totally changing the topic of conversation from the chick with big tits on Star Trek Voyager. I think Brad whacked off over her a lot the way he talked. HA HA HA and who could blame him? "You liked it OK?"

"I never, you know, watched anyone like that before. Except porn and stuff. Kind of weird for real."

"For me too." I smiled broadly. "Jasmine liked it!"

"Yea, I hope you don't mind, man, but she's cute-as."

"No thats cool." (How the fuck to I bring something like this up?) "You wanna do it again?"


"Its Jas', baby." I started laughing "She really gets off on it. Would you whack off again while I fuck her?"

"Man I whacked off just thinking about her saying 'Brad I want you to cum' about 3 times last night! You sure this isn't too weird for you?"

"Hell, yes its weird for me. But I promised I'd give it a try for her. It turns her on, you know. Don't worry I'll get to have her do something crazy to turn me on in return! Its weird, but I don't have a problem with it."

"I don't know, Duke, its too weird. Your my friend man, and I'd do anything for you. But sex stuff with your girl involved? I can't do it, its not right."

"Its not really fair on you, she just wants you to watch while I do her. But ... naaaaah."

"But what?"

"Nothing." The trump card I didn't want to play.

"What?" he threatened to punch my arm playfully.

"She wants you to cum on her tits while she smiles at you and helps you finish off."

"Oh, fuck!" If he'd had a drink he'd have spat it out.

"This afternoon?" Sundays were great.


A swim in cooler water totally failed to get rid of my hard on, especially as when I could get the image of watching Brad cum on Jasmine's tits while she smiled and slut-talked him even as I rammed her hard like a bitch; it was replaced by random images of what I wondered Bo had in store for me with his sexual deviant friends. After a while I gave up and hit the showers.

I drove Brad back to our apartment block and we stood wordlessly in the elevator back up to the 19th floor. Oh, man I hoped this was simple and worked out OK and good clean fun and nothing shitty happened.

Jasmine was sitting on the sofa in just panties and a baggy 'T' shirt waiting for me to get back and tell her whether Brad was up for it and when we were going to do it. She smiled evilly when she saw the two of us and our smiles and the obvious half-hardness in our jeans.

"Are we on?"

"Yeap." Both Brad and I answered. I walked towards her and kissed her deeply, picking her up in my arms and taking her into the bedroom. I nodded Brad to follow.

Throwing Jasmine onto the bed, I quickly stripped off her 'T' shirt and she fumbled with my belt as I knelt over her and took her gorgeous pert breasts in my mouth and hands, immediately sucking on her hyper-erect nipples and kissing the soft flesh hungrily. As my jeans came off my boxers did practically nothing to hide 'Trouble' as once again it stood to attention poking through at 45o.

After a minute or so she stopped kissing my neck and noticed that Brad was almost frozen to the spot. If it were me, I don't think I'd be able to believe my eyes either. I got up, kicked my jeans away from my ankles and pulled off my 'T' shirt and walked over to him. I'm not sure whether he liked a guy (even me) walking at him practically naked with a hard-on and he seemed on the brink of panic. Without thinking I grasped his crotch.

"C'mon, man. Fucking look at her. Get this bad boy out."

"Oh, God, your so pretty Jas' ..." he trailed off

"Show it to me, Brad. Show me your big cock and hold it."

(Oh, don't play games with him, baby)

I pulled him by his cock to Jasmine sitting on the bed and let go as she undid his belt and pulled his jeans off. She helped his cock out of his underwear and jerked the length a couple of times before looking up at him and smiling. She kissed his cock closed-mouthed half way up the shaft and then rolled over on the bed beckoning me.

That monster 7" of his was as hard as it would get and Brad was just staring speechless.

"Do it for me, Brad. I want to see play with yourself."

He started to masturbate as her face screwed up in sudden intense pleasure where I had pulled her panties to one side and inserted my tongue into her sweating, sweet tasting hole. She squealed, sighed, screamed, and slandered as I orally abused her inner beauty. Brad started to pull at himself as she got more animated, occasionally stealing a look at him and smiling or blowing a kiss or making an obscene gesture.

I honestly don't know what pleasure she got out of the guy just watching us and jerking off over it, but she was certainly dripping all the more for my buddy in the room. And it tasted divine. Damn, she had a fine, tight, sweet tasting little cunny, the kind I could eat all night. (If that meant she'd suck my cock all day! Ha Ha HA)

"Cum for me Brad, spank your big cock, do it for me."

And Brad just carried on doing it to himself. After Jasmine came unashamedly all over my tongue I moved up the bed and kissed her, forcing my vaginally soaked tongue into her mouth making her sigh loudly past our locked lips; tasting herself was something that always drove her wild. She grabbed my nuts roughly and pushed me over, and lifted my legs up in the air.

"Watch me do it, Brad."

And she dove into my crotch and started licking my nether regions wetly, spreading warm, wet spit all over the place. I hurled my head back and sighed and gasped and grunted as each pleasure centre was hit. I thought Brad would fire off watching what she was doing, licking my scrotum hard, lifting it up just with her tongue, or sucking a solitary ball and running a wet finger between my butt cheeks, kissing my thighs and biting my stomach. After several minutes of pre-blowjob torture she simultaneously inserted a sharp finger into my tiny asshole and took my cock into her mouth. My whole body bucked madly from the intensity or her warmth and lust for me and I lay back, eyes closed and concentrated on not blowing off to soon. She was good, and it was hard!

All the while she sucked my cock, taking the whole shaft between her lips and working up and down, she locked eyes with Brad while he jerked himself off with increasing rapidity.

"Oh, God, you're too fucking good Jasmine ..."

Occasionally she'd release my cock and lick the head thickly, her spit making it look like I'd already given her a taste of sperm; and blowing gently over it she'd taunt poor Brad.

"You like this, Brad? You like seeing me suck this cock Brad? Cum for me Brad, I want to see your cock explode for me ... I know you like watching me Brad ..."

(What are you doing to the poor guy?)

"You're so fucking incredible, oh God I'm gonna cum."

"Tell me you like to watch me, Brad."

She then dove back to work swallowing my shaft and massaged my balls like someone her age really shouldn't know how ... damn man she was amazing. I felt myself close to cumming so I pushed her away and onto her back. I knelt over her and effortlessly pulled apart her tanned thighs as she lay back and took a minute to bring myself down ... I wanted to last more than a few thrusts.

"Duke's gonna fuck me Brad, does it turn you on? Watch my face when he takes me, look at my face, I want you to watch me when he puts his big cock in me Brad."

I looked over at him and he was really enjoying himself. Too shy to actually escalate this into a 3some, for that I was glad; but still hard as nails and probably close to having himself an orgasm he could reminisce about. I wonder if he'd let me watch next time he gets laid? HA!

"Look at me, Brad, look at my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacce!"

She screamed the last word as I pushed hard into her ... she was still very wet indeed and I felt the minimum of friction as inch by inch I pushed into the hilt, my buttocks prised together as our pubic ruffs met in a tangle. I could feel her palpitate slightly around me as I hit those deep mysterious places inside her and she expoded in a mini-orgasm straight away. Placing a warm hand on one breast and taking a firm point of balance on the bed with my other elbow, I caressed one nipple as I began to hump her at a median pace, tip-to-hilt and watched her make little faces and cute little noises. I made sure Brad could see her wonderful breasts and emotion racked face as I took her.

"Oh God, fuck me, fuck me, yea, fuck me, oh God, yea ..."

"You like this, baby?" I whispered as I pushed hard and deep with each thrust, building her up slowly to a crescendous orgasm rather than a number of smaller ones. I had found the angle I needed to push at to get not only a pleasurable sensation for myself but also to brush her little clitty with each pass of my rim, elevating her ever so slightly up a lane of pleasure each time.

"Oh, God, I'm gonna cummmm!!!" Brad suddenly yelled.

"Over here, cum for me Brad, cum here!" Jas' commanded.

Brad covered the space to the bed in two short steps and jerked his length feverishly over her, Jasmine grabbed his shaft from his grip and took his thick bulbous head into her mouth, jacking the length off hard she sucked him with the force of a true nymphomaniac in heat.

"Oh, GOD, YES! Fuck, God, been so fucking long! YES!"

It was too much for him to feel my girlfriend's hot mouth and I saw from the look on her face that his cock spat its first jet deep into her mouth, at that he pulled away and, as she wanted, spanked his length crazily over her breasts as I continued to drive into her. She played with his nuts dutifully as he came in wave after wave of thick and viscous white spunk. With a tiny drip on the corner of her mouth and her chin she cooed him again.

"Oh, Brad, yes, cum Brad, look at all that ... oh Brad, cum all over me, oh God its SO warm ..."

(What was going through her crazy little mind?!?)

It was too much for me in any case, him covering her breasts like that made her cum too, and the renewed heat and tightness all around my shaft gave me the final sensation I couldn't fight, and I pulled out and jerked myself a couple of times as I exploded all over her lean sweating abdomen. She opened her mouth in a wide 'ooooo' for me.

"Oh, baby, YEA! Cum for me baby! God, you're SO good!"

I opened my eyes wide in the overwhelming feeling of hitting a damn good climax and covered her from navel to nipple in a long stream of hot white sticky love with my first escape. My next couple of full-body-shuddering blasts found their way to all over her tight and sweat covered lower stomach before I finally collapsed onto one arm, my softening cock dripping the last of its payload into her dark pubic mound.

Jasmine looked up at me, smiling, then turned to Brad and spat a mixture of his semen and saliva out onto her chin, which slowly dribbled down her neck to her chest.

"Oh, baby."

"Oh, God, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, you-"

"Ssssssssssssssssssssssshhh. Brad you were wonderful."

She blew him a kiss before getting up and kissing me on the lips. She whispered "You're amazing" into my ear before walking to Brad, grabbing his soft cock and kissing him on the cheek. She wandered over to the shower and we heard the water go on. I pulled on my boxers and lay back on the bed.

"Want a beer, pal?"

"No, look, I better go. Thanks. Sorry. Thanks. I-"

"Brad, don't worry about it. She sucked you off for a couple of secs. Now you know if she spits or swallows!"

He was really embarrassed about those few seconds, but he sauntered off. He'd be OK later, I hoped. The funny thing was, it sort of made me hot knowing he was getting off solely on her sexual enjoyment. Knowing that the enjoyment I could give her was that damn good that it could make a straight-as-nails guy whack off over.


Now, I needed to catch up with Bo. What did that crazy kid have in store for me and how could I keep it a secret from Jasmine? And why did he ask me if I had a digital camera?


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