tagIncest/TabooIt Began on a Christmas Ch. 01

It Began on a Christmas Ch. 01


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It all began when I was very young. My family consisted of two elder brothers along with my mom and dad. My brothers were much older than me. Sam was 6 years older. Joe was 8 years older than me and they were both already working with dad. My dad had been a Silicon Valley whiz kid. He had his own Software Company by the age of 25, and was a millionaire before Joe was born. Mom was also a software engineer and my parents met at a technology convention and fell in love. I think anybody could fall in love with mom. She was the hottest software engineer you'll ever meet. My dad wasn't the nerdy type either. In fact he always had an aura of a Cooperate Giant rather than a geeky computer guy. We lived in a big mansion and ever since I was kid, I enjoyed the lifestyle of a princess.

I just had started college. I was still dating my high school boyfriend, to whom lost my cherry a couple of years ago. I was not a promiscuous kid. I was good at study and was a model child of a model family.

On the Christmas Eve, It was a family tradition that we all waited for Santa in our own rooms. He always came in the middle of the night and brought a bag of gifts. We all then showed each other our presents in the morning. When I was a kid, I used to believe that it was the real Santa. As I grew up, and grew out of my Santa believing phase, I knew it was either my dad or one of my brothers dressed up as Santa. The Ritual continued and whoever he was, my Santa did a very good job of disguising his identity.

That fateful night, I was not feeling well. I was feeling hot and uneasy. Yet I did not feel like turning of the room radiator. I was getting sweaty and as the time passed by, I felt more and more uneasy. I decided to let lose my clothes a little bit. I unbuttoned my shirt. It felt better. So, I took it off completely. I then also removed my trousers. It was a relief. I was now clad only in my white cotton panties and white bra. I was considering that if I should be wearing such dress when Santa arrives. But then I thought that there is no harm in it as I was convinced that the Santa was my dad. And I saw no reason to be ashamed of my dad. I lied down on my bed and drifted of to sleep. I was woken up by the sound of heavy panting. I was astounded to see that Santa was standing by my bed with his pant dropped to his ankles. He was furiously jerking his big thick dick!

I was no stranger to the male sexuality and had seen my boyfriend masturbating but the fact that astounded me was that it was perhaps my dad who was beating off at the image of his semi naked daughter. Before I could speak anything, Santa let out a heavy groan and came all over bed sheets. I was astounded and baffled. Santa, on the other hand, was calm and cool. He took a minute to calm down and then spoke in his electronically disguised voice, "Sorry my dear! You are so beautiful I could not resist. "

I tried to speak something! Anything!! But no voice came out of my dry throat. In stead I noticed that I was feeling wetness in my panties. I covered my wetness with the sheet which was already soaking with Santa's cum.

Santa spoke again, "So my dear have you been a nice girl in this year?"

I was beginning to get by and took a couple of deep breaths. Then I finally spoke, "Yes, Santa."

"Good, I'll note that down. I think these will cheer you up." He said pointing to a stack of gifts.

The stack was taller than ever. I managed a smile. I was back to my senses. A part of me wanted confront him about the totally pervert act he had committed. But a part of me was getting so damn turned on by the situation. It was a fair tussle, but the horny part won. My hand automatically moved to my pussy under the sheet. Santa noticed but did not comment.

Santa, "So, you want anything else?"

I had decided to play dirty, "How about a piece of this big fat cock of yours?"

I knew it may have been my dad. But at that moment I wanted nothing but that fucking cock buried deep inside me.

Santa's eyes lit up on my statement. He smiled and said, "This is proving easier than I thought. Well my dear are you sure about this."

"Sure as anything", I said furiously rubbing my pussy. My other hand was automatically rubbing my breasts though my bra. "Come on daddy! Fuck me now."

Santa seemed a bit surprised at that, "It appears you know a lot more than I thought."

I could see that his limp cock was now stirring back to life. He reached to his neck and turned off the voice changer. He then undid the cap and beard and I could see the handsome face of my father.

I don't know if it was the heat or was he actually looking more handsome than ever. I felt like dreaming. He slowly approached my bed. I lied down and let my body loose. He gently removed the sheet off my body and then he slowly came above me. His hand gently scanned the length of my body. I could feel the chills where he touched. Then he planted his lips at my forehead. He moved his lips then to my eyes and to my cheeks. He then gently kissed my lower lip. Then all of a sudden I felt his warm tongue entering my mouth. I responded with equal vigor and our tongues dueled in each others mouths.

Meanwhile his hands were busy undressing me. I didn't even notice that I already was out of my bra and my panties were now lying torn on the bed. His hands gently explored my body. When he reached my breasts he gave them a hearty cupping and then his hand found my pussy lips. I was totally bald there as I did not like hair much. He gently rubbed my clit. At that very time I had the first orgasm of the night. I was in heaven. Every inch of my body was at the height of sexual pleasure but my mind was telling me that I was only the beginning. Dad broke the kiss. He looked at my body in detail and said, "Oh my dear, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Oh God, these breasts!! How did you get so big and beautiful?" Saying this he plunged at my chest and started sucking my boobs. He alternatively sucked both my nipples and simultaneously he was rubbing my clit. He then moved his mouth lower down my body. He gave my bellybutton a lick and then suddenly planted his mouth on pussy lips. I automatically opened my legs to give him better access. He began to skillfully lick my pussy.

I had plenty of oral sex before with my boyfriend but dad's technique was far more superior. I was yelling like crazy and could feel the room spinning around me. Dad stopped for a moment and said, "Honey, will you please return the favor?" Saying this, he stood up and moved his body over so that his dick was dangling in my face. We were in 69 position. Dad did not waste anytime in resuming what he had left from. I was awed at the size of dad's dick. It was at least 8 inches long and had good girth too. I had never sucked a cock that big. But I was determined to do well. I took the mushroom shaped dick in my mouth. I let it slide as far as it would go then I could feel it touching the back of my throat. I pushed forward a bit more till I found my touching his pubes. My nose was right at his asshole and I could feel a sordid smell. Yet somehow it was turning me on even more. I took it out of my mouth and then took it in again. He took the signal and started to move his dick in and out of my mouth. As he was fucking my face, his tongue violated my pussy like hell.

Suddenly he stopped and placed his mouth at my asshole. The sensation was too much for me. I had the climax of my life. I could not believe when I felt actual stream of liquid leaving my rocking pussy. I never knew I was a squirter. I was subsiding from the intense orgasm and dad was furiously licking my asshole. His tongue was moving in and out of the hole. My whole body was rocking like crazy. And I was increasing my pace at dad's dick. He stopped and stood up and declared, "Enough with the lubrication dear. Why don't we get some real action?"

I approved the idea by a eager nod. He positioned himself over my body and placed my legs over his shoulders. His big monster was now pointing at my pussy. With just a single thrust, he buried his whole dick in. I let out a gasp but before I could yell he placed his mouth over mine. He slowly brought his dick out and then shoved it in again. Our bodies began to get into rhythm and I found that my hips were trusting forward to receive his dick in. His pace was increasing with each thrust.

Soon he was fucking me with the speed of train. I could feel my orgasm building up and soon I was squirting all over the bed again. Seconds after my climax, dad reached his and he released his seed deep inside my womb. After that he collapsed on the bed beside me.

I was reviewing what had happened in the last hour. I could've never thought of doing anything like that before that day. But now that it had happened, it neither felt wrong nor I was guilty for doing it. In fact I could happily say that I just had the best sex of my life. I felt like yelling it at the top of my voice. And speaking of yelling, I realized that I had been yelling like crazy. Someone must've heard my voice. What would they think? Were we in trouble?

I shared my fears with dad, but he did not panic. In fact he smiled and began, "You need not to worry about it honey. Just let the good times roll."

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