tagIncest/TabooIt Began on a Christmas Ch. 02

It Began on a Christmas Ch. 02


This the second part of the "It began on a Christmas" Saga. I appreciate the comments and critique I received for my last story. I have tried my level best to learn from my mistakes. Your comments and criticism is welcome as ever. I plan to wrap up this story in the two more chapters. Please let me know what do you think.




I was surprised at daddy's statement. Though it was not the most surprising thing that had happened that night, yet I had a feeling that I was in for more surprises. Daddy said, "I think we need to join the others. I'll be selfish to keep you all by myself". He got up and began to leave the room. He didn't even bother to put something on. He gestured me to do the same. I quietly began to follow him.

I was expecting a lot of things, but what I saw in the main living room was beyond my wildest imaginations. In the center of the living-room, a mattress had been placed and on that mattress, mom and my two brothers where having a highly desolate threesome. Joe was lying down on his back. Mom was on his top and his dick was in mom's ass, while Sam was fucking mom's pussy. All three of them were going at it at an incredible pace I could see mom's huge tits bouncing up and down fanatically. My pussy was already leaking again and to add to that, dad had hugged me from behind, grabbing my tits. His dick was getting harder with every passing second.

At that moment, Sam realized that we were in the room. He stopped fucking mom and greeted me, "Hi, Sis. Jesus, look at that rack! Joe look didn't I tell you that she is really hotter than she looks in clothes."

I appreciated his complement by a nervous smile but I was not looking in him in the eyes. That was because my eyes were busy looking at his gorgeous dick. I was already comparing it to daddy's prick but I could not decide by merely looking that which one was better. Joe and mom greeted me too.

Mom's eyes lit up at the sight of me naked and daddy playing with my tits.

"Look boys, my baby girl has grown up so nicely. I bet she'll make me proud. Come here sweetie. Let me have a closer look at you."

Daddy let go of me and I went ahead. Before I could reach mom and lean down to get closer, mom jumped up and locked my lips with hers. Her hands got busy too. One hand was on my tits, while the other was checking my cunt out. Though I had never made love to a woman before, I did not have any trouble adapting to it. In fact I found myself opening my legs to give her hands better access to my pussy.

When she felt daddy's semen in my pussy, she was ecstatic. She said, "It seems daddy has already fucked you? Is that right sweetie?"

"Yes mom, It is right. He put his big fucking dick in my pussy. And he came inside too."

I loved the use of dirty language in front of mom and I could see that she liked my dirty talk too.

She asked, "Did you fucking like it baby?"

"Oh yes, mama. I loved every fucking second of it. I had the most glorious orgasm of my life. I thought I will never stop cumming."

My hand had found its way to mom's pussy too and now I was rubbing her clit furiously. Mom resumed the kiss while the speed of her hand increased steadily. It went for a few minutes, and then I felt my orgasm building up. I increased my pace at mom's pussy but I had my orgasm first. I don't know it was because I was more tired this time or was it actually my most intense orgasm that night. I was cumming but I knew that mom hadn't cum yet, so I kept rubbing her clit as my cunt showered her hand with a fountain of love juice. After a few seconds mom hit her climax too. We both collapsed in each other's arms.

At that moment, I realized that any of the boys hadn't joined us in action. I turned around to receive yet another shock. Dad was lying on a couch with Joe furiously fucking his ass. Sam had his dick in daddy's mouth.

It was one of the most erotic sights ever. However I was not going to let daddy have all the fun. I got up and joined the boys. Joe promptly pulled his dick out of daddy's ass and held it out for me.

"Go ahead sis. Taste daddy's love tunnel. It's fucking delicious. "

I seriously doubted that. But I was not passing up the opportunity to suck Joe's awesome cock. I engulfed it in a single attempt. It was huge but I did not have any trouble to swallow it completely. Sam had deserted daddy too. He came behind me. I was on my knees. He lifted my ass higher and gave it a smack and remarked, "Hmmm. . . I guess our baby sister hasn't enjoyed her ass tonight. Well, that's about to change."

Saying this, he spat on my asshole and let it smear with his finger. Then he pushed his finger in my asshole. I let out a yelp but Joe muffled that yelp by pushing is cock back in my mouth again. Sam started moving his finger in and out of my ass. The sensation was totally different from what I felt when my pussy was being fucked. But I was enjoying it none the less. After a few minutes, Sam pulled out his finger. He spat on my asshole again and I could feel that this time something bigger was approaching my asshole. I was a bit nervous but I decided to coupe up with it my focusing my attention on the dick in my mouth. I began to suck it more eagerly. Sam's dick entered my asshole. The pain was harsh but tolerable. I kept on sucking harder and harder on Joe's dick as Sam slowly began the drill of putting his dick in and out of my ass. In a matter of seconds my body had adjusted to the pain and I was responding his thrusts by moving my hips back. This encouraged him to increase the pace. I could feel him speeding up and the sensation was getting better and better.

Suddenly I felt Joe's balls getting tense. He let go of his seed and I did not think twice before swallowing it all. Joe withdrew his dick and sat on the couch. Dad was waiting there for him. As soon as he sat down, dad lifted his legs and shoved his dick up his ass. Sam was fucking me with a steady pace and was yelling like crazy. Mom came in front of me and opened her cunt-lips for me. I immediately began to lick her clitoris. I began to lick and suck on mom's pussy. It was my first cunt lick but it was a strangely familiar feeling.

After a couple of minutes, Sam finally came inside my ass. He emptied his balls in my ass and withdrew his dick with a plop. Mom hurried to my behind and placed her mouth on my asshole. She sucked out the cum out of my ass. Then she came up to me and kissed my mouth. She pushed Sam's ass flavored cum in my mouth and said, "Swallow it baby doll sperm from your ass is good for your health." But I had already swallowed it before she could finish her sentence.

On the other side, dad had also emptied his nuts in Joe's ass. Mom repeated the drill at his ass and brought another mouthful for me and I swallowed another load of gooey jizz. Now everybody had reached their climaxes and the atmosphere of the room suddenly went very quiet. I found my mind floating in the space somewhere. It was feeling of total peace. Everything felt perfect. No regrets, no remorse no guilt; just pure, solid satisfaction. Every pore of my body was exuding content. I wanted to stay like that forever.

Then Sam announced that he had to take a leak. He got up and stood near mom. But she smiled at him and said, "Why don't you use your sister now. I'm sure she won't mind."

So he casually walked up to me and held his limp dick in front of my face. I have no idea why but I instinctively opened my mouth. He let go of his golden fluid directly aiming my mouth. It was very strong and pungent in smell, yet my brain was telling my body that it must not be spilled. So I moved closer to the source and began to swallow it. I was sure that it would taste very bad and I'd never be able to get it down. I don't even remember anyone saying anything about swallowing it. But I knew somehow that everybody was expecting me to swallow it. I did a very good job of swallowing it. I was not repulsed by the taste at all. The warm liquid was filling me up with more content and happiness. He finished after a few seconds, said thanks and went to sit at a nearby couch. Before that, I never thought that urine was anything but waste that body needed to get rid of. Yet apparently, my family was in the habit of drinking it back. And now I felt proud to be a part of my family.

Now that my heat had cooled of, my mind was again swarming with questions. Though I was content and happy to be a part of it, I had to know what had started all this.

I looked at my parents who were smiling at me. Mom said, "So sweetie, I guess we owe you an explanation?. . . . ."

To be continued. . .

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