tagIncest/TabooIt Began on a Christmas Ch. 04

It Began on a Christmas Ch. 04


Author's note:

Hi readers. I am really sorry that it took so long but I've finally finished the story. I'm just an armature writer and I often lack the concentration to keep writing. So bear with me please. Do let me know what you think about the Final Chapter.




I filled about half of the pitcher with my urine. The Joe took it from me and starting pissing in it himself. He explained that it has always been his fantasy to have piss in place of water with meals but they could not do it till I was in on the secret.

Then I heard Mom and Dad's greetings as they came out of the hall. They both kissed me and admired that I was still naked. They were not naked themselves but they might as well have been. Mom was wearing a very sexy pair of red silk panties with a matching bra. She had also arranged her hair and put a little makeup on. Dad was also washed up and wearing a pair of boxers. As he kissed me he let his tongue explore my mouth and as he withdrew he said, "So it seems that you already started breakfast without us. I bet its Joe's cum that I taste in your mouth?"

I chuckled and as I turned to kiss Mom. While kissing she let her hands wonder over my body and she commented, "Look honey our dirty little slut hasn't even washed up. I bet you like it messy slut."

I replied, "You bet your ass you old whore."

Everybody laughed at that as we sat for breakfast which they boys had prepared. The pitcher of urine was now half empty and I was told that anything that required water in breakfast was made with piss, including the coffee. The idea of consuming urine as a part of food really turned me on. As I ate fired eggs and toast, I wondered what the plan was after breakfast. I remembered that Sam had not told his story yet. I asked him and he began.

"Well sis I am a different breed altogether. From a very young age I knew about the birds and the bees. I found out about sex much before Joe. I also knew about my bisexuality all along. In fact I lost my anal cherry before the other one.

"When Joe began to participate in the family orgies, I began to suspect something was up. I mean how much time could you sped with your family, right? However I did not expect what I was about to discover. Mom knew that I suspected. She discussed it with the family, and it was decided that I would be allowed to find out on my own. So, even that I was of the legal age already, nobody tried to initiate me into the group. Instead they just became less careful about planning the orgies at the house.

"That day I walked into a full ragging gangbang with mom at the receiving end. Joe was in Mom's ass and Dad was in her pussy uncle Mark was lying down on the carpet obviously spent. I took a few moments to contemplate my situation and without another moment's ado, I tore of my clothes and brought my little Jimmy to Mom's awaiting mouth. And the rest, they say, is history."

I found the saga of my family's perversion totally awesome; however there was a part of me that was still not sure whether it may be a dream. I decided to live that dream and that thought brought a smile on my lips. We ate in silence with wild fantasies of the near future raging storms in all our minds.

Mom and I were doing the dishes when a question popped into my head.

"Mom. Where is Uncle Mark these days?"

"Well he had to leave for Mexico for some company business. You see he isn't only good in sac but also got a lot of brains. He said that he would not miss your initiation for anything in the world but he got caught up. He'll be back soon. I'm sure you are looking forward to it."

"Sure mom I can't wait to wrap my lips around his dick."

I was really enjoying talking like a slut. Mom smiled and gave me a kiss on the lips and we finished the dishes.

Mom suggested that I wash up because even that she liked the idea of being messy, hygiene is something you can't ignore.

So, I made to my bathroom and washed up. I could feel the warm water washing away the fatigue and filing me up with more energy to fuck the brains out of my family. After a long bath, I decided to dress up. I chose a pair of red silk panties and matching bra thinking that it'll compliment mom. I decided not to out on anything else.

When I came down, Sam and Joe were watching TV and dad and mom were discussing the Christmas night plans.

I joined my brothers on the couch in front of the TV. Joe greeted me and made room for me to sit. There was nothing on the TV worth watching. So I decided to play a game instead. Sam was looking boringly on the TV. I leaned back and put my hand inside his boxers and cupped his cheek.

He took the hint and without making any comment, placed his lips on mine. Joe also joined us and he began to undo my bra. I was facing Sam, so as soon as my bra was removed; Sam buried his face in my boobs. Joe had unleashed his cock that he brought to my mouth, I began to suck it. It was already getting hard. I loved the feeling of my brother's dick hardening inside my mouth. I could taste ass on that dick. I tried to guess whose ass it might've been. Mom, Dad or Sam. I was not yet experienced enough to tell. But I did love the ass taste. Sam now produced his dick too and was playfully slapping it against my cheeks. So I let go of Joe's dick and began to suck Sam's. They both stood up and I was sitting on the sofa sucking both their dicks alternately.

I was getting so wet down the crotch and my hand was furiously rubbing my pussy through my panties. Sam noticed and said, "Look Joe, how stupid of us. We've been ignoring her pussy."

So I was gestured to stand and Sam sat down on the sofa. I removed my panties and straddled him facing towards him, inserting his dick in my pussy. I loved the feeling when it went all the way in. I slowly began to move up and down increasing my speed at every cycle. Soon I was moving up and down with a speed of a bullet train. I never wanted this to end. Then I felt Joe's tongue on my asshole. This was enough to trigger my orgasm. I had a toe curler and everything blacked out for a moment. When I came back to light, I was resting on Sam's chest with his dick still buried inside me and Joe was still licking my asshole. I kissed Sam, and knowing that I had come back, Sam started to move his ass up slowly to resume the fucking. I tried to move up to match, but I found out that my knees were still weak from the orgasm. Sam realized this and to assist me, he placed his arms under my knees and began to carry me with every thirst. Boy he had stamina!

We were beginning to maintain a rhythm when Joe decided that he had to get his dick busy. So he held my ass in place and gently inserted his dick in my asshole. I had a mini orgasm just then. Sam and Joe took some time to get in sync, but in no time I was moving up and down steadily with both of my holes being serviced.

That is the scene mom and dad walked into. They had been outside to run some errands. They hurriedly began to undress. Mom removed her one-piece dress in one movement while dad was still struggling with his jeans. Mom came to me and we kissed like long apart lovers. The boys slowed down the pace to accommodate the kiss.

Mom then sat on the sofa beside me and begged me to lend her one of my brothers' dicks. Joe withdrew from my ass and offered his dick to mom. Mom sucked it eagerly and complimented me, "Wow honey! Your ass is getting more delicious every time."

She sucked it for a few more moments, then she lied back opening her legs. Joe began to fuck her with great speed. She was yelling like a bitch. I was moaning myself, but my mother's enthusiasm was putting mine to shame.

Meanwhile dad announced that he had to take a leak. I was the most piss deprived of all the kids so I jumped at the chance. Climbing down from Sam, I went to dad and took his dick in my mouth. He began to pour torrents of his golden nectar down my throat, I was gulping down like I was thirsty, which I was. His piss was much less concentrated than in the morning. But I did not mind!

When he was finished, I kept my mouth on his dick. I could feel it hardening. I began to blow him to get it fully hard. Then Sam said that he was going to waste his cum in his hands unless somebody attended to him. Dad volunteered and approached the sofa. Sam stood up and dad bent over the seat with his ass sticking out. I knew that dad's ass needed lubrication. I opened his ass cheeks to lick his asshole. The first thing I noticed that he had a little brown stuff around his rosebud. Oh boy he had been to the toilet but did not wipe. I did not think twice and placed my mouth at his asshole. Savoring the taste of his fecal matter. It was strong and pungent, but I felt nothing but the compulsion to get it down my stomach.

Dad said, "Oops, I forgot to tell, I don't wipe. But I guess our baby doll does not mind."

Mom replied amid the moans of pleasure, "I'm so... proud of my child. Ahh...."

I spat on dad's asshole and then I let Sam enter dad's ass. He began to move in and out and dad was moving his ass back to encourage.

On the other side, mom had her legs above her head and Joe was fucking her ass. I moved behind Joe and began to lick his asshole. I could feel that it had cum inside. So it was him that Sam was fucking earlier. Mystery solved!

I began to go in deeper trying to dig out the cum but his moving ass was making it hard. But I was not left out for long as I felt his ass clenching and he began to shoot his load in mom's ass.

After emptying his balls, Joe pulled out and sat on the other couch totally spent. I moved in quickly to mom's ass to lap the cum of my brother. She encouraged me by opening her buttocks wider. I did my best to lick all the cum out of her ass. When I was sure that I could not get anything else from her ass, I moved up and kissed her. She sucked my tongue in her mouth perhaps searching for the remnants of my brother's cum but I had done a great job of swallowing.

Suddenly I heard a loud groan from Sam indicating that he had also came in dad's ass. Realizing that I had another ass to clean, I jumped and placed my mouth at dad's ass. Dad farted a good amount of jizz in my mouth. Some of it missed my mouth and was spattered over right cheek. Mom spotted it and began to lick my cheek clean as I dug more of it in dad's ass. After dad had his asshole cleaned, I complained that I still had no cum in my pussy or ass.

Dad was ready to tend to this complain and bending me on all fours, he entered my ass doggy style. Mom stood up in front of my face opening her cunt lips with her fingers. I assumed that she wanted me to lick her twat. But as soon as I opened my mouth and extended my tongue, I felt a stream of piss gushing from her pussy. I withdrew my tongue but opened my mouth wider, hoping to drink my mother's piss. Of course, the piss was all over the place. Very little made it into my mouth. The rest ran down my face and my hair. I loved that effect too. Her urine was bit stronger daddy's and I wanted more to drink so I begged her to come closer and I managed to get a couple of swallows down my throat before she was finished.

Dad was fucking my ass with great pace. I could feel my tits bobbing to and fro as he smacked my ass to his groin and back. Mom turned around and I began to lick her ass till finally came in my ass. I squatted down on the ground and farted the cum in the palm of my hand. Dad had left a good amount so mom and I shared it between ourselves.

Now that the whole family had came once at least. We called a timeout. We took some much needed rest. I lied down on the carpet and mom came and lied beside me. We began talking about some girly stuff and the boys were discussing the last month's soccer match. For a moment we were like a normal family. Except for the fact that we were all naked. Also that when Sam said he needed to take a piss, instead of going to the bathroom, he pissed in his mother's open mouth.

The day was heading to a rather uneventful conclusion when my discussion with mom turned to starting a family. I was watching Joe affectionately nibbling the ear of dad as they were chatting casually when I remarked, "Jeez mom! I love the way our family has grown together so lovingly. I wish one day I had two sons like that and perhaps a daughter too."

"Well, you are never too early to start. What do you say?" Mom asked with a knowing smile.

"You mean now? Really? You want me to get pregnant by my brothers of father?"

"Why not? I think it's a wonderful idea. In fact I was thinking the other day that if can produce three great kids, why not go for another one?"

"Wow mom! Are you suggesting that we both get pregnant together?"

Even the imagination of the notion was getting my loins alight. I smiled and kissed her lips and then gently said in her ear, "Mom! I'd love to be pregnant along you."

She laughed and announced to the room, "Gentlemen! Please listen! We both have decided that we surely want babies out of you. So starting today. Sam and Joe will only ejaculate in my pussy while your dad will only ejaculate in your sister."

The announcement was received with an excited applause. Mom explained that she wanted me to get pregnant by dad and herself by her sons. I got it and did not raise any questions. Now that I think of that, in that scenario, my child will be also be my sibling. Also that child will be dad's child as well as his grandchild. Then the baby from mom will be her child as well as her grandchild and to my brothers, that child will be a child as well as a sibling. Phew.... Talk about messed up interconnections.

As soon as the announcement had ended, dad had approached me with his limp dick. I began to suck it. Similar story was going at the end of mom except she was only sucking Joe's dick, while Joe was sucking Sam's dick. We spent the rest of the night fucking in all positions, but always remembering when the boys were about to shoot that dad will cum in my vagina and Sam and Joe will cum in mom.

Three months after that eventful Christmas. Both I and mom found ourselves to be pregnant. The family celebrated this news in the usual manner by arranging a fuck fest. This time tough, we had the cum restrictions removed as the pregnancies were confirmed. I loved the taste of cum after so long.

Another couple of months later, both of us were supporting awesome belly bumps and I have to say, I never felt any sexier. The men made a wonderful job of making us realize that we were the special ones. I was loving every minute of the pregnancy, even the sickness part. Having such a caring family was helping a lot.

We were 7 months along when one day, we were all siting in the living room when we heard the keys in the front door lock. It could mean only one thing. Uncle Mark was here. O boy... two horny pregnant whores and 4 men. It was always bound to be a good time. ;)


It was almost 18 years ago. Both mom and I gave birth to healthy daughters. I gave birth to two boys after that in later years. Mom passed out 5 years ago and Uncle Mark died just 4 months later. Dad is still alive well and has just fucked my ass 10 minutes ago. Sam is fucking Joe's asshole in the background and I'm expecting a good amount of ass flavored jizz in my mouth soon. The exciting thing about today is that mom's daughter Donna has just come off age. My daughter Ashley will be of legal age in 3 days. Unfortunately due to carelessness of Sam and Joe, the girls found out about the family affair a few months ago. It was lucky that their younger siblings did not found out. We respect the legal age rule and despite constant begging of Ashley, we did not let the girls in. But in three days, we'll all have a raunchy orgy and put it all behind us. I can't wait for that day.

Sorry fellows, got to go. Sam needs to take a leak.

Bye. Love. Xoxoxo

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