tagBDSMIt Begins... Ch. 03

It Begins... Ch. 03


I follow behind him naked leaving the bedroom, heading to the kitchen. In the hall, the smells of bacon wake up my hunger for food.

"Mmmmm...that smells amazing. I cannot wait to eat," I say grinning, while my stomach growls.

You couldn't ask for a better morning. He motioned me to sit, as he grabbed our plates out of the warmer. He sat down beside me and we helped ourselves to the tasty feast he has made.

"What are we doing today?" I inquired. I am very curious to know, but I have this feeling that he is not going to tell me, no matter what.

"Relax, woman!" He chuckles, "enjoy your food, enjoy the view, and later you might enjoy a few other things."

"Tease," I jest, giving him a raspberry. Then I realize far too late, exactly how close we are to each other. He pulled me across him and had my hands pinned to my back, his free hand caressing my ass as if to warm it.

"Tease, really, you don't say." That's when I feel the cold cuffs on my hands. The chill of the cold hard steel making it more of a reality of what I had done. "Maybe you need to understand exactly what a tease is so you can truly appreciate all of the orgasms that I have given you in the last 12 hours."

I was forgetting why I feel so safe with him, why I have always felt so safe with him, why I could let go with him. Plus, he comes with his own tools via his job. When he is not spending time protecting me, he is protecting everyone else.

"Really, and what are you going to do?" I respond playfully with a bit of sass.

"First, we have some correcting that needs to be done," He says a bit more sternly. "This might become too much for you at some point. You do know what to do when it does, right?"

"What do you mean too much?" I ask.

Smack! Right square on that sweet spot I can decide whether to moan scream, wiggle, or cry. My God that hurt, yet the heat is spreading throughout my whole body and I feel myself responding in other ways too.

"Questions, questions, this could take a long time." He chuckles as his hand is rubbing my ass again softly then harder with a firmer hand he grabs my ass cheek squeezes it and wiggles my thigh and ass with his handful of my flesh. Smack, the left, the right, the left. The air escapes through my clenched teeth in a breathy moan. His hand goes back to rubbing from the top of my ass down my thighs. I feel my body shaking as desire for him to touch me everywhere hits me instantly.

"Slut, you are wet and you want more, don't you? I feel your sweet juices on my thigh. Maybe I should keep going?" he asks me.

"Please Sir, I promise to do better, please, don't stop," I start to beg.

That quickly the cuffs are removed and he lifted me up and sat me back on my own hard wooden chair that just further drives home the sensitivity of my ass.

"Sir, did I disappoint you? Why did you stop?" I inquire.

"I swear that we've had this question conversation. Woman, it appears you don't learn well or maybe that is listen well. No worries...we will get you corrected eventually," he grins as he says this, but you can tell it is aggravating.

"Yes, Sir," I say, wishing I could control my need to know everything.

"Back to eating, you are going to need your strength for today," he tells me, while giving me an odd look.

Unable to stop myself yet again, it comes out with a question, "Sir?"

"That does it," he states, as he gets up from the table. He grinds out between his teeth, "slut, eyes forward on that plate of food."

I feel him behind me before he touches me. His warm breath is brushing past my ear as he instructs me, "Put your hands up."

I raise them up without questioning, until I see them. "Handcuffs again, have I really been that bad, Sir?"

He has his 'I am in charge' authoritarian voice, in full effect. I feel my insides flip as he tells me, "You have no idea how bad you've been and what's in store for you."

I think I begin to realize, as I see him pull a rope out and some extra pillows. I am beginning to wonder exactly what I signed up for.

"Stand up," he orders. "Why don't you bend over the table right there, where there is a clearing?"

I lean slowly down naked over the table my cuffed hands stretched out in front of me. My ass facing him, I sway it slightly hoping to tempt him.

I can hear him rustling about, moving things, I start to turn my head. "Oh no you don't." Smack, on my ass, that is still warm from earlier. Surprised, I yell out, "Oww."

"Ooh, did that hurt baby?" He asks me in a sarcastic tone.

"No, you just surprised me." I reply, dripping with attitude.

"Oh, well, in that case," Smack, smack, smack each one harder lifting my ass slightly as he hits me causing me to move on the table. Not that I would utter one word of complaint as I am finding out, that I really enjoy his hands on my ass. My nipples are rubbing and getting slightly pinched each time I move adding that much more to the spanking, he is giving me.

I feel his hand start to caress my ass. My whole body shudders, I moan in pleasure, as I lay my forehead onto the table arching my back up as if begging for more.

"That's right give into me, so I can give and take your pleasure, make you mine. All mine."

"You know I am yours, all yours," I moan out.

"But yet you question me, doubt me, do you not trust me, have I ever given you reason?" he asks.

"I, I, didn't really look at it that way," I stammer. "My nature is to ask, it is what I do all day."

"With me baby, you have to let it go. I know it is new, but we have danced around this for a long time," he reassures me.

Almost breathless, I whisper, "I will try harder, you know how stubborn I can be." For this whole time, his hand has been stroking my ass, teasing that spot that aches for him to smack it even now. I never had that desire before, not like I do with him. I want his hands on me all the time. I never want them off me. I ache; need, want him 24 hours a day, never able to get enough of him. I feel my juices on my lips and inner thighs.

"You need me to smack your ass, don't you, slut?" He asks.

"Please, Sir, I don't know why, but I want it more each time your hand touches, ohhh that spot," I murmur, the need oozing from my lips. He starts stroking his nails lightly across my ass, down my thigh, I struggle to not wiggle and he knows it. I hear him chuckle as my body cannot help but want him to touch more, so I move where his hand used to be.

"You can't stop your body from wanting this; you need this, don't you?" He quizzes me.

"Please, yes Please, I...oh fuck," escapes my lips as he smacks me 3 more times rapidly, then strokes, then three long drawn out antagonizing smacks leaving my thighs shaking. I am wetter now. I wonder if he can see it.

"I smell how much you are enjoying this, I see how wet your thighs are. I guess you better drink lots of water today, baby," I can hear the teasing in his voice.

I am mortified by him saying he can smell me, let alone how wet I am. I bury my face in the table to hide how embarrassed I am. I hear him chuckle again, further increasing my embarrassment.

"Where was I?" he asks knowing that he does not want me to answer. "Ah yes...back to the task at hand."

He has stopped touching me, I don't feel his hands anymore, and I feel empty without them, without his touch. My body aches for him, I need him.

I continue to hear him rustling behind me, just outside of my vision, not that I am tempted to look at this point. Suddenly I feel his hands slowly tickling up my back; I shudder as the sensations race along my spine. Up, up, up, fingers in my hair twisting, I begin to moan at the sheer pleasure of my hair being played with. I feel his hand spread out in my hair, closing in pulling more hair with it as he tightens his fist in my hair giving it a solid tug lifting me up from the table. Leaning me against him. "Are you ready to begin again?" He growls next to my ear, as his mouth descends upon my neck, sucking, biting, my breath quickens, my pulse pounds in my ears, I mumble begging incoherently as this simple act reduces me to a puddle.

As rapidly as he pulled me to him he stops. "No, no, no, we can't have you cuming too soon."

A whimper erupts from my mouth. He turns me so my ass is against the table and his eyes are staring into mine. "Tease, remember that word, don't forget it. Do you know what edging is, baby? I don't expect you to...so I will explain via demonstration, because for the next couple of hours you are going to do exactly that. I will let you cum only when I am ready. Until then I am going to take you right to the edge of orgasm and stop, only to start you down the path, again and again. If, you are a good girl your reward will be an amazing orgasm."

"I, oh, M-Master, Please, I..." Already feeling drawn in unable to resist him.

"Beg all you want, I am going to bring you to the edge of orgasm, over and over, until you are ready to explode, shaking uncontrollably, unable to speak coherently. Do you understand? You wanted a tease, I am going to show you exactly what you asked for," He explains.

Not knowing what to do or what to say I stare into his eyes losing myself in their depths. "Yes, Master, as you wish."

"Ahhh, baby you wished for it," he gives me that grin that tells me not to worry, to relax, let go...how can I not. He has me, body, heart, and soul.

Slowly he moves aside and I can see what he has done to my chair. He has placed so many pillows tied to the back that my ass will barely fit. It must be the look on my face of wondering what he has in store. "You will love it and beg for more slut, trust me."

"Always," I whisper looking into his eyes.

I sit precariously on the edge, that word again, I think in my head. There is just enough space for me to be supported but I have to keep my legs directly next to the legs of the chair so I don't slip off.

I watch him as he runs a pair of leg cuffs through the chair legs, finally attaching one end to each of mine, ensuring I don't move. Safety, security, or more of his plan, it doesn't matter I relax, knowing that my legs are not going to slip out from under me.

Next, he has rigged a rope around and through, pulling my knees apart, holding them in place. Then he is behind me again, pushing my chair up to the table. A thousand questions run through my head. I do not say a word, why break the spell of where this could go.

"Arms up," he says. I obey immediately.

He lifts my breasts so they are on top of the table as he slides me the rest of the way up. I arch up as best I can against his hands as they rub against my nipples. He pinches them slowly increasing the pleasure. I try to move, needing more as he slowly runs his finger around my rock hard nipple.

I feel the chair shift as I move, suddenly terrified that it could fall and take me with it, I realize he has restricted me in more than one way. I will be so focused on not falling it will make it even easier for him to keep me on that edge because I won't relax completely. "Fuuuck," quietly slips out of my mouth as I look around. He is behind me, probably to hide the sheer enjoyment of my predicament.

"Do you understand how aware you are going to need to be? How still you are going to have to be?" he inquires.

"Y-yes, Master, I understand," I state.

"That's my Good Girl, now as soon as you can manage to clean up that plate I will let you out of the chair," he says.

Through my head runs, are you fucking serious? I want nothing more than you to touch me. Food is so not a factor for me right now. Yet I nod my understanding unable to speak.

I can hear him moving around, but I am so afraid to move to look. I feel something soft near my legs, I am trying to figure out how to focus on eating when I feel his breath on my thigh, I moan and feel my thigh twitch, he slaps my thigh not hard, just enough to surprise me. Then I feel his lips where he smacked, I groan with need, as his tongue licking slowly up my thigh. My body responding to his every touch, I feel myself get wetter.

"My, my, what a slut you are, your cunt smells so tasty. Would you like me to lick you? I bet you would but you are not eating your breakfast, so I am not going to eat you." I want to scream as I hear him say this.

I feel his nails run up and down my quivering thighs, my breathing picks up, and I am trying so hard to get his fingers to go higher, as if I can will them to. Only so far they go up my thigh, brushing occasionally against my lips, just to hear him tell me how wet I am, how much he knows I am enjoying what he is doing to me. I feel him slide a finger in me hard and fast, removing it just as quick. I moan out, "Oh God please." I hear him sucking my juices off his finger.

"What a tasty bitch you are, my, fucking, slut, is so yummy, but unless she gets her nourishment she is never going to cum today," He tells me.

"Ahhh!!!!" I scream. "How can I concentrate on eating, when all I want is you?"

I can't tell if he is chuckling or not when he says, "You will have to learn to focus on the task at hand or your breakfast will get cold."

"Fine! I will eat," I yell at the table, not meaning that to come out as angry as it sounded.

Slap, slap, slap, my body shakes, building, throbbing, so fucking close to release as he smacks my exposed pussy. "Oh God yessss, please, I-I- nooooo, please, please, please, don't stop please," I beg him, whimpering. He stops; he is not even touching me, now.

"I am eating, I swear, please...please don't stop. I will eat, I, oh please, baby please," I plead, unable to not beg for more.

I begin to attempt eating, struggling to focus, and half chewing. "Slow down your eating slut or you are going to choke." He firmly reminds me.

I know he is right which just makes it worse. "Yes, Sir," I mumble.

I reapply my focus on eating going slower and chewing it more. Only to discover he is running his hands up my calves teasing me. Each time going higher and higher, I feel my legs start to twitch uncontrollably as each time he moves his hands further up my thighs.

"Good girl," he tells me. "Keep eating and you will have my lips on yours in no time."

I feel his hot breath on my thigh, slowly I take another bite. Chew, damn it, chew, I tell myself willing me to eat. His tongue weaves its way up my thigh closer and closer. My breathing is increasing with every flick of his tongue up my leg. I take another bite, moaning as I chew feeling his nails drag up my other thigh getting even closer.

Swallow, chew, swallow, chew, I can do this, I tell myself, but what... "Ohhhhh God yess," I moan. Tap, tap, his finger on my clit, I am so wet you can hear it. "Fuuuuuck," rolls off my tongue. Focus, food, focus, this is so hard, my head rolls back, my body quivering as my fork falls onto my plate, and he stops again.

"Please, Sir, Please I-I can't take it, please...again, he stops touching me. Ahhh!!! Please, please! I, I need you, you, just you, please, need," I say.

"Then eat, like a good girl, like you were told to do," he instructs me.

"Fuck, you make me fucking crazy! You are driving me insane. I ache to feel you."

"Good, that is exactly how I like you. Exactly how you need to be, often," he says as I feel his hands on me again, teasing their way up my thighs.

"I'm eating, I'm eating," I say with half effort.

"I know," he states. "I'm watching."

"What? How?" I start to scan the room and then I notice the camera on the other side of the room. "Oh my God, am I on video?" I say, in a panicked voice.

"Relax, we will watch it after, then delete it together." he reassures me.

I stick my tongue out at the camera knowing I will pay for it but needing to sass a bit.

"Don't worry slut, I know how bad you need to put your tongue on my cock. Feel it slide deep in your mouth." He teases me more with his words.

"Grrrrrr," I growl, as I hear him laughing.

"Do you not want to cum, baby? You'd better start eating, if you want to feel more of me touching you," He says taunting me.

I give him the tongue one more time and begin to eat. I manage to swallow that bite and move on to the next one, thinking to myself, there isn't much left. I wonder what else he is going to do to me. My mind begins to wander.

I feel his teeth graze my inner thigh. "Oh fuck yes," I moan.

His arms go in and around my legs; pulling me closer if that is possible as his mouth descends on my cunt. Slowly licking up the center, my body convulses, jerks.

"Don't you fucking dare cum or you are not getting out of this chair all day. Do I make myself clear?" he firmly states.

That was a slap of reality. In this chair all day, I would lose my mind. Five more bites, I can do this, and then he will let me cum right. I cannot remember, I eat, I beg him to cum, and again he denies me. Realizing that begging is not going to help me, I breakdown and eat some more.

I am fighting so hard. Tears have started running down my cheeks. He is still slowly running his tongue in my slit. I put the last bite in my mouth, chew, swallow take a drink.

Just as I set the cup down, I feel his lips clamp down on my clit as he sucks it hard into his mouth.

"Oh, Fuck!!! Fuck yes, ohhh God yes oh, fuck please, Master," I plead as his teeth graze my clit while he sucks it.

His fingers invade me, I am so wet I feel my juices that have run down my ass, I feel his finger tease my ass while the others pummel my hot wet cunt, causing me to drip more juices towards my asshole as he is pushing a finger in there.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh... I- fuck- I- I...Ahhh...ohhh please... I oh, so," moaning, in between attempting to beg, my nails dig into the table as I try to hold on and not cum. My head is thrown back against the chair. I can stop shaking, biting my lip. I try to fuck his fingers that have invaded both my holes only to realize it was too much movement. He only lets me go so far before he easily adjusts the chair tension and rights me before I fall.

"NOOOOOO!!!! Oh fuck no, please, please don't stop...fuuuuck!" I scream as his movements stop, no sucking my clit, no fingers fucking, my ass or cunt. "Please, oh fuck please, please...I fucking need it. I need you!!! Master please!"

His full hand smacks my lips, then parts them enough to tap my clit, feeling him drag his teeth on my inner thigh. Raking his nails down them as I feel the loss of his withdrawal. Begging, pleading, I whimper, "I...oh God I can't take it...please, Ahhh Master please."

I feel him next to me his hand running through my hair; I open my eyes to look at him. A tear runs down my cheek he slowly wipes it away and smiles at me. I can't help but smile back at him. "How are you doing, baby?"

"I don't know...I-well one minute I am so close I think I will explode only for you to stop then closer, you stop again, I want to cum so bad right now, I can taste it. I don't know whether to yell or scream, cum or beg to, I don't know how long I can do this without cuming, yet I don't want to disappoint you so I don't cum. I feel like I am going crazy with need. It is consuming me...I ache to feel you in me," I tell him.

"That baby, is the edge I want you on," he says, as his face breaks out into a grin.

Then just like that, he begins to clear the table. I am so baffled and confused at this point, I do not even ask why he is doing it. I just sit there soaking wet, twitching, shaking, my need to cum burning in me so badly.

He pulls the chair back and then leans his sexy ass on the table in front of me. His amazing cock inches from my face. I lick my lips anticipating wrapping them around his hard shaft and sucking him until he shoots his hot cum down my throat.

"You want to suck my cock don't you slut, I see how bad you want to suck it on your face"

As I raise my face up to look at him, I tell him, "I don't think I have ever wanted anything more, than to suck your cock."

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