tagIncest/TabooIt Begins Ch. 07

It Begins Ch. 07


Author's Note: I have to apologize for chapter 6. As you noticed and maybe guessed, Susan was, well lets just say a name I'd been struggling with throughout this series. I thought I'd finish up the series on this one. I knew there had to be at least a few readers out there like myself who might like being led on for a bit. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement as I assembled this set. Hopefully, neither the previous chapter nor ending here will disappoint those of you who've stuck with the plot as it developed. Undoubtedly not the most hard core of stories, but erotic enough for my tastes, and apparently a few of you as well. Contact me if you'd like more of similarly written stories on this or any subject you think might interest the readers. Thanks again!


I had made a promise to Kathy, hadn't I. I had this fantasy of seeing her naked, watching her masturbate and even touching her. All that had come true, yet the very part that I dared not even dream of was right there in my grasp, and I promised her I would avoid it - even if SHE asked! "What was wrong with me," I thought?

I lay in bed that night reliving the day in my head - the sight of that awesome body of my older sister; the feel of her firm, round breasts in my hand with her gentle hand cupping mine, approving and encouraging. I could almost hear the sound of the wetness of her juices as my fingers plunged deep into that forbidden hole. I could still smell the aroma of her sexual scent permeating the air around me, a scent I couldn't begin to describe.

Then, just as that first ejaculation shot from me, I felt my cock entering her, those tight swollen lips of hers massaging my cock as it slid in to the warm sheath. My hips reacted on their own pumping heavily. But rather than depositing my sperm in the belly of my sister, it shot aimlessly over my chest and stomach. My promise saw to that! Grabbing a Kleenex, I wiped myself off and rolled over and closed my eyes to try to relive that moment which couldn't be.

I awoke to sunlight. There was quiet except for the sounds of birds outside. "Should I lie here for a while and see if Kathy will appear and lay with me once again?" I thought to myself. But then I quickly arose, afraid of my own needs, afraid of my promise.

Washing up and dressing quickly, I headed to the kitchen. There was coffee in the pot and a note on the table. I poured a cup of coffee as I read:


I went out for a morning run. I need to get back in shape for track. I'll be back in a bit to shower, then I was hoping you might like to go for a hike out in the hills like we used to do. If you have something else to do, I understand. If not maybe you could pack us a lunch. There's lunch meat, fruit and drinks there, and maybe throw in a snack. Surprise me.



Surprise her, I thought. How I'd love to do just that. I ate some cereal and cleared off my dishes. I pulled out the bread and began rummaging through the refrigerator to see what sort of lunch meat we had. I heard the door. It was Kathy out of breath and perspiring, heading for the shower. But she stopped and gave me a peck on the lips as she passed me.

"Are we going?" she hollered as she headed down the hall, her aroma lingering even as I watched her disappear. She smelled heavenly even full of perspiration!

"Yeah, I was just packing sandwiches," I hollered back.

"Great!" I heard her say in the echo of the bathroom. She hadn't closed the door as she seldom did any more when no one was there.

I heard the water come on and was drawn to it. My excuse was asking her a question. "What kind of meat do you want on your sandwich, salami or boiled ham," I said standing in the bathroom watching, her naked form dripping in pearled suds.

She continued soaping herself up as if I weren't there and said, "I don't care. Whichever there is the most of I guess."

With my mind far from lunch or sandwiches I said still staring, "There's plenty of each." Her body looked almost fictitious - like some more than perfect cartoon character created to drive men wild.

"Ham then, please. And put a piece of Swiss cheese on it too, will you? And a little mustard?" she said. I could never get over the calmness of her demeanor standing naked in my presence. I can remember a time that my presence meant a shriek of horror.

"OK," I said, still standing there staring like some ten year old.

She giggled at my frozen stare and said, "Well..."

That broke the trance and I headed back to the kitchen now with an uncomfortable bulge in my jeans.

My mind wasn't on making sandwiches, and it took forever. I'd get out one thing and close the refrigerator then need something else. One item at a time however it came together as the water stopped in the bathroom. I pictured that lovely form with water dripping down and off those nipples as she dried all the wonderful places my hands so loved to explore.

I put drinks, some ice and the sandwiches in the small styrofoam cooler and got us each a fresh peach. They were still in season and the local grown free-stones were so sweet and juicy.

"A snack," I thought to myself. I remembered her saying 'surprise me'. Cookies? No, she would maybe eat one for fear of the calories. Potato chips go well with ham sandwiches. No, too plain; no surprise.

A surprise, huh? I thought of the condoms she had given me. That might be a real surprise! But I had just two left. What the heck, I could buy more now that she started it. I grabbed the bag of potato chips and put them with the rest of the lunch, then I ran into my room and grabbed both condoms that were left. No I didn't think I would need two or even one, but took them both just in case.

Once Kathy was ready we got our things together and headed out, locking up the house. I strapped the small cooler to the back of my bike and we took off. "You lead," I said so I could stare at her from behind all the way there. Kathy and I had taken bike hikes that were 20 miles and more back then so this one of maybe eight or ten was a piece of cake, especially with scenery like I had ahead of me.

She wore a halter top and khaki shorts, not quite as short as she usually wore, but shorter than Bermudas. When we went up hill she would stand and pump, leaning over the bars with her beautiful rear swaying side to side as she peddled. Several blocks down the road we were out of the suburbs and into rural territory.

Back then we wore no helmets or knee pads so the wind fluttered Kathy's soft not quite dry hair. The 4 miles to the edge of the hills where we were headed went by much faster than normal with the lovely scenery directly in front of me. Riding in line like that there wasn't much conversation, but I didn't care. I was captivated by every aspect of her body and as she peddled there in front of me, I couldn't help but try to superimpose visions in my head of that beautiful ass of hers naked. Needless to say I was pretty much turned on as we arrived.

We left our bikes along the drainage ditch by the road and headed through a small thicket of brush and shrubs into the cooler, shady tree canopy, with me carrying the cooler. Again, inside the weeds and brush were sparse due to the lack of available sunlight.

It was damp and cool. Everything was damp. The leaves on the ground were soft and quiet. It even smelled damp. It had that scent of peat moss although the ground was typical mid-western clay. The damp leaves made footing a bit slippery occasionally when we moved along hills and crossed valleys with their small creek beds either dried up or maybe puddled.

We came to a ledge that tapered downward to the right where we could make our way if we wanted. But there on that ledge we could look down and see a small creek that did have water in it and it intersected with a larger creek in the not too distant vista that had a good amount of water. She stopped there, gazing out.

"Oh, look at this! Look at the blue heron there on the other side of that creek. Isn't this just perfect? This is the place," she said still surveying the scenery.

We were still shaded by the trees, but because of the ledge, there was this panoramic view unblocked by anything - a view like some scene from an art gallery. "The place for what?" I asked.

"Uh... oh I meant a good place to sit and have our lunch, don't you think?" she asked.

It was just quarter past 11 and I said, "Well it's a bit early."

"That's OK. We don't need to eat right away. Lets just sit here a bit and enjoy the scenery," she conceded.

There was deadwood everywhere, as you might find in any old wood forest. A medium sized tree had fallen parallel to the ridge right up against another old tree. We sat on the downed one leaning back on the big tree behind us. It was as if nature had provided benches for those who appreciated her beauty.

"I wish we had a camera with us," she bemoaned.

"Don't you wish you were an artist and could paint that?" I said more or less in reply.

"No one could capture that in paint," she said. "Not even Michelangelo," and with that she took my hand, holding it in both hers in her lap, still gazing out.

I looked at her through the corner of my eye, trying not to be obvious. She looked so beautiful. She fit the scene so perfectly. I put my other hand on her arm just above the elbow next to her breast, and leaned my head on her shoulder. "How did a guy ever get so thoroughly hooked on his own sister," I thought to myself, saying nothing.

There was a quiet noise around us, one that both soothed and yet seemed not to exist. There was a rustling of leaves and clicking of branches above as the breeze higher up jostled the limbs. Bird of all kinds called out. There was the occasional scampering of chipmunks or squirrels. All just white noise, yet without it, the scene would be sterile.

She laid her head against mine settling in to enjoy the view. She sighed and I noticed I felt her every breath as her tummy went in and out against my arm stretched in her lap.

We sat that way for quite a long while, until even natures cacophony faded to the far off background. I had my girl, my sister, my lover here with me in a perfectly idyllic setting. What more could a guy ask?

Finally I leaned my head up to hers and whispered, "It's nearly as beautiful as you," and I lightly kissed her cheek.

She turned her head facing mine and looked into my eyes. She didn't answer that but instead kissed me on the lips ever so lightly, still holding my hand in both hers now tightly in the crook of her legs, then turned back to the view.

We sat that way again for a while and she suddenly released my hand turning to me and said, "Let's eat, shall we?"

"Sure," I said, grabbing the cooler and setting it at her feet. She opened it and pulled out a waxed paper wrapped sandwich for each of us along with a bottle of soda (I'm not sure they even had cans back then). I had a bottle opener on my pocket knife and we began eating and drinking, mostly in silence, she still enthralled with the scenery, I with her.

After lunch we cleaned up by putting everything back in the cooler and then stared out at the scene again. But it wasn't long before Kathy turned to me with a strange look, that gradually turned to a devilish one. "What would you think if I took off all my clothes here?" She blurted.

I just stared at her probably with my mouth open, searching for the right thing to say.

Before I did, she said, "I want to be a part of this nature. I want it to be embedded in my brain forever." Then as she stood and pulled off her top exposing her plain white bra, she said, "Come on," indicating that it was also an invitation for me to join in.

Although I had less articles of clothing on, it took me longer to undress than her because I was too busy watching her strip. She on the other hand was still looking out over the ledge to what has turned out to be the best nature scene ever found by man or beast.

As she finished, hanging up her clothes on a small branch nearby, she walked to the ledge and stood proudly naked looking out with her arms outstretched, as if waiting to be drawn up into the panorama.

She was already the centerpiece of my view with her naked back side facing me as I finished stripping myself, not as careful to hand my clothes as she was. She danced along the ledge like some ballerina minus the costume. It was so surreal. My own beautiful older sister totally naked out in the woods dancing before me.

"Come on. Dance with me," she cried out.

"I can't dance," I confessed somewhat in shame.

"Slow dance maybe?" she asked hoping.

"Slow dance - OK," I said walking to her.

I took her left hand in my right and put my left hand around behind her on her lower back, careful not to make any further skin contact, thinking she wanted this platonic - a dance, not sex. But she put her other arm over my shoulder and pulled me in to her.

Immediately she said, "This isn't going to work like this," reaching down and pressing my cock under her and between her legs. "There, that's better," she said pulling me close again and resuming our dance pose.

She began humming something soft and slow. I couldn't identify it or maybe I wasn't really listening close enough. Did I really care? I had my beautiful naked sister tight against my own naked body with my cock between her legs and we were swaying back and forth, presumably dancing. Her eyes were out over the ledge once more.

Having satisfied her need for viewing, she laid her head against my chest. She quit humming but we kept dancing. "I've dreamed this very dream many, many times you know," she said in a dreamy sort of voice.

"You have?" I said, and she nodded against my shoulder.

Then after another pause, still dancing to some imaginary sound in her head, she said, "Long before any of this ever happened," looking up at me for my reaction.

My reaction was to stiffen all the harder, if that is possible.

"Oh, so that turns you on does it? I'm glad," she said feeling my twitch. She took her hips and pressed them tightly against me and then renewed our dancing.

"I would wake in cold sweats wondering why a girl would think of her own brother that way," she confessed and I just let her continue, liking the way this was headed.

"Then when this began," she continued, "I began to wonder if it was so bad, and if you thought it was bad... and if you'd think I was bad," she said looking up pleadingly.

I just smiled pulling her to me to be sure we didn't stop.

"So is this all we did in the dream?" I pushed to continue the conversation.

"Oh no," she said smiling then looking down and talking to my chest. "But it was funny."

"What was?" I asked.

"I had the dream again last night for the first time in a while," she said. "Then we come here and... it's the real thing. So perfectly like my dream."

"Did we dance like this... naked I mean?" I said pressing for more.

"Yes," she giggled. "Just like this," squeezing her legs together on my cock temporarily demonstrating what she was referring to. "I don't remember the ledge specifically, but the view opened up just this way," she said, turning her head to face the view.

"Then what happened?" I asked hoping to move on.

"Shut up and dance," she commanded, pulling me tight to her.

As we swayed, I could feel her wetness lubricating my cock and it glided back and forth snuggled up into her surrounding lips. I noticed that if I tried, I could control where the head was snuggled. I got it nearly to her opening and I froze. One more step and I'd penetrate my sister. I had promised not to go that far and I knew once I entered her, it was all over.

She could feel why I stopped. She moved just a bit herself readjusting me as if that had happened innocently by itself. Then she hugged me and continued humming that nameless song and swaying to it, bare feet barely moving.

I kissed her perspiring forehead and it tasted of salt, although she still smelled of a fragrant scent of some floral soap she used. Nature, the beauty before us, was even taking on her scent and it was intoxicating.

As dancers often do, we quit holding hands and both my hands went around her body with both hers around my neck. I was staring down at her as we moved and she giggled. There in my arms, she wasn't my big sister. She wasn't big at all. She looked and felt small and tender and precious.

She leaned her head back and I leaned down and kissed her and the dance went on. But that kiss, for me at least and I believe for her as well, erased the sensational backdrop that spawned this moment. We were suddenly simply two naked lovers kissing. It mattered not where.

My hands moved over her constantly to reassure myself that this was real - that it was happening. My brain had been trained by her to try to concentrate on the kiss so my tongue met hers at every turn. Somewhere in all this we had stopped dancing and were now simply making out. We were making out however with my naked cock tucked up into the soft, inviting, naked outer lips of my sister's pussy.

Then she stopped, catching her breath as she spoke: "I want to lay down. I want to see the beautiful natural canopy surrounding me as I stare up like it was in the dream."

She left my arms and my cock suddenly felt very wet and chilled. She grabbed my jeans and T-shirt and spread them over the sparse leaves on the forest floor. Then she laid down on them on her back and signaled me to come to her.

"Should I put a... rubber on?" I asked.

"No need," she said casually lying on her back, arms outstretched, signaling me to come to her still.

I would have come without words. My body could have floated in air without touching ground if I hadn't started moving toward the beautiful naked body laying sprawled out on my clothes, arms outstretched. Those arms could have been antennae for all I knew with the power to pull me in like some alien force field.

I walked toward her legs in a trance, knelt between them and leaned forward placing and arm on either side of Kathy and let our lips touch. Her mouth opened as our lips touched, waiting... needing something inserted. My tongue had to do for now. I probed it deep into her imagining it was my cock, that very cock that at the moment dangled perilously over the hole we both wanted it joined to.

She reached up pulling me down on her and we practically wrestled on that ground with her beneath me in the beginning but ending with her on top of me. In that position she broke off the kiss. She was sitting with her bare pussy against my pubic hair and my cock in her crack. She was leaning on my shoulders and looked down contentedly, still breathing hard.

"You can't see the canopy from there," I said sarcastically, trying to think of something clever to keep her from thinking just how close I was to breaking the promise I made her.

"I saw all the canopy I wanted to see. Besides, this part came next in my dream. Have to keep it on track," she said with a snicker.

"Are we going to go through the whole dream?" I asked hoping it had the ending I imagined.

"All but the ending," she said sternly looking at me.

I gave a little sigh and a frown, but said nothing. This was her lead and nothing would change that.

She leaned down and kissed me then bit my lower lip.

"Ouch. Was that part of the dream?" I asked trying to sound perturbed.

"No, that was to keep it real," she said smugly. Then she laid on me and began kissing me with all the passion she had in her.

I tried concentrating on the kiss. Her voice echoed in my ear from the past, "Never stop kissing a woman when you make love. The kissing is the most important part." But my mind was a blur. The only thing I could focus on was the fact that I was naked; she was naked; and my cock was laying in her naked crack as she straddled me kissing me like she was on fire.

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