tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt Can Be Fun At Work Ch. 1

It Can Be Fun At Work Ch. 1


What could she say, except it seemed that she has the sexual appetite of several men. The lady just can't get enough. She'd never been one of those women who'd look at men with distaste when they say they feel horny twenty four hours a day. So does she…nothing wrong with that!

Opening her e-mails that morning at work, she gave a small grin as she saw his name on the list. Noting the size of the mail she knew it would be pictures again. A twinge of tenseness grabbed at her sex as she waited for the e-mail to download. Glancing behind her to make sure no one was walking past the door, she let the pictures pop up and display before her. Whimpering in rapture as the pictures one by one displayed. The tightness of her sex sent shivers right up her whole being.

He had an art of choosing pornography for her that although would be considered way off the norm for most; it was still photographed in a magical way that didn't shout sleaze in your face. Quickly scrolling up and down the four pictures, she went back to the top one. Her eyes just sat there mesmerised, she was lost in the whole scene. A beautiful woman sat with legs apart, one cock in hand, one in mouth and one below her fucking her ass. Her breasts covered in cum, her legs wide showing her stretched tight hole, and her empty pussy gaping wide. Usually the sight of the men were what turned her on, she became the woman in the pictures. But this was different, she looked at the woman time and time again and wanted her.

The breasts looked delicious, the nipples pert and erect, one with a blob of cum hanging from it so enticingly. Her stomach not perfect but rounded with a soft femininity. Her legs not bony thin, but smooth long and sensuous. Looking once again at the ladies sex, she felt her self rocking in the chair, grinding her own pussy on the chair, rocking her hips so that her panties teased and rubbed at her clit.

Just then her IM, showed that the sender of her mail was online. She grinned broadly and wrote hello to him. He wrote back and asked her if she liked the new pictures, and she told him how turned on she was by them and that he shouldn't send her stuff like that at work, because now she needed to masturbate. He teased and teased her to do so until she relented. His little messages led her to slip her skirt up so that she could reach down and touch herself. Pushing her panties aside, she slowly rubbed her finger over the already hard nub of her clit, her legs shaking with the sensation. She would stop and tell him what she was doing and thinking every now and then, and she knew that at his end of the connection he would be stroking his thick shaft. Feeling her orgasm coming closer, she raised her feet to the desk her legs splayed wide and began to attack her pussy hungrily, fucking her tight sex with two fingers her palm grinding her pussy.

"Kate…." a cold silence. She looked round in shock as her secretary walked in. Fingers still dipped in her sopping wet sex, legs wide panties now darkened at the crotch by her juice.

The secretary stood there, shock, horror…but she was transfixed. Hey eyes on her bosses smoothly shaven cunt, the wetness on her thighs, her blouse torn aside showing a hardened nipple of a breast released from her bra.

She could see her secretary watching her, her eyes savouring her every inch, and she knew that now she would have her chance to seduce and try out a woman. Swinging round on her chair, opening her legs wider with her feet planted on the floor, her bottom to the front of the chair.

"Come, come play with me, you like what you see huh? Want some?" Long delicate fingers reached back once again into her sex and were coated in her juice, which she then slowly moved up to her mouth where they were sucked of her taste. Eyes never leaving the secretary. Standing up walking to the office door and locking it, she undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor and bending down pushed her panties off and kicked them aside. Stood in only a partly opened bra and her black high court shoes. Her legs pale but shapely.

"So, Lisa…do you want me?" Lisa just gulped and nodded, her whole body trembling, as her boss pulled her down to the floor, and began to remove her clothes. She lay back in wonder as Kate opened her blouse and then lifted each tit from the cup off the bra forcing them up her chest. Watched in delight as her tongue ran over each nipple before sucking it in. Shuddered as her boss, bit into each nipple gently. She almost fainted with desire as her panties were snaked down her legs and her skirt pushed forcefully up to her waist.

"What a delicious looking cunt you have Lisa, I just have to taste it" Lisa felt her labia pulled wide and the soft mound of hair, raked through with long nails as her boss, parted her legs and went down on her. First sniffing, then plunging a finger in the wet hole, twirling it inside, then another finger and another, and another, till she had four fingers in her, stretching her forcing her to cry out and thrust her hips upwards. Watching Kate remove the fingers and suck hungrily on them threw Lisa into a frenzy, she grabbed at her boss, kissing her feverishly, licking her own juice from Kate's lips, their tongues fucking at each others mouth showing the hunger they both felt.

Kate didn't know what to do with a woman, but she knew what she liked and crawled up to Lisa and straddled her face. Lisa lay back stunned as Kate pushed her pussy on her face, and began to rock her hips in desire. Her hair was grabbed and her face shoved into the hungry wet flesh, her mouth opened and began to lick and probe with her tongue.

"Mnnnn…oh yes girl that's it, oh that's so good girl, fuck my cunt with your tongue, yes come on"

Her boss' demand pushed her on she began darting her tongue like a hard arrow into her pussy, her teeth nibbled and grazed at her clit, pulling the bud from her body, she moved fingers up and started to thrust them into the pussy as her mouth worked on the clit. She knew that if this were her own aching pussy this is what she would want, so she continued until she felt thighs clamping her face and rocking furiously against her. Slipping one finger into the soaking hole, she moved it quickly to the tight star of Kate's ass and pierced it. Kate now having her ass and cunt fucked, moaned loud and came, her juices gushing all over Lisa's face, Lisa licking and lapping furiously to drink it all up.

Catching her breath, Kate rested her hands on the floor above Lisa's head, and then stood up. "I think that will be enough sweetie, you can get dressed now. Kate smiled softly at the aghast Lisa, her face shiny from the boss' cunt juice. "Was there anything else Lisa?"

Lisa, blushing with fire and her own needs dismissed, ran from the office covering her nudity. Kate rearranged her clothes and sat back at her desk. Typing into the IM…did you see that babe? And smiling into the web cam perched upon the monitor. Looking at the figure of her lover with cum all over his belly on the screen…his face glowing with happiness, he leaned forward and typed back his reply. Oh yes!! You bitch…Laughing and grinning with mischief, Kate replied...I know...

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