tagFirst TimeIt Can Be So Easy Ch. 01

It Can Be So Easy Ch. 01


Hugh O'Neill (36), sat alone in the office café mulling over lunch.

The rugged-faced divorcee, wondered was it worth carrying on trying to pull in a babe. At his age, with more than a suspicion of thinning hair and signs of a developing jowl, a guy cast adrift faced the prospects of having to pay for sex.

Again, was it really worth trying for sex for the first time after his divorce?

He was close to tossing into the too hard basket his quest for a good-looking nubile female who valued romps in bed as essential as checking her weight on the scales regularly.

Yeah, such females existed in big numbers. But where were they... in the arms of other females or locked in the embrace of guys 30 years old or younger?

Hugh cut off a slice of a poached egg and as it was sucked into his mouth, he though how similar poached egg was to the succulent and soft firmness of the flesh of a woman's upper thighs.

His penis began to inflate and he moaned at the psychological indignity of sporting a full erection in the public place filled largely with middle-aged midday eaters.

"Hi Hugh."

A female carrying her salad slid into the chair across from him.

She was Ann Birtwhistle, personal assistant to the CEO. Any woman would think her outstanding feature was her brain, whereas Hugh considered it was the 40-year-old's tits and believed most guys between the age of 12 and 92 would agree with him.

"Are you staring at my breasts?"

Hugh's erection collapsed. He could be called before the company's disciplinary committee unless he managed to grab a convincing response.

"Ann, I was admiring your dress and wondered if the textile was linen."

She looked at him suspiciously.

"Hugh, men don't ordinarily discuss female clothing and wouldn't have a clue what the words textile or fabric mean in detail. Are you... you know?"

Horrified that Ann was thinking he might be gay, he blurted, "Ann, my ex-wife was addicted to sex and most nights left me legless. While we rested, she rabbited on about many things including womenswear, fashion and fabrics. I was being educated without being aware of it."

She nodded vaguely with no indication of what that meant. A diversion might work.

Hugh chose to pounce with a mind-bender.

"Ann, have you ever had an affair?"

A piece of food dropped off her fork and the fork clattered on to her plate. She looked around quickly and, voice sounding a little husky, whispered, "For goodness sake Hugh, when asking me something like that, keep your voice down. Are you propositioning me?"

His throat tightened and he thought why not. She was reasonably attractive and two beauties nestled under her bra. She might be one of those reputedly numerous women around her age that complained to their girlfriends they never got it enough.

"Yes," he whispered bravely.

"Saturday night at your place, dinner included? My husband will be away this weekend on a trip to a distant casino with pals."

"Great," Hugh smiled, amazed that it could be so easy. Obviously, he'd been wasting his time focused on attempting to date younger women whereas hordes of older women were really hanging out for it, or possibly so.

Ann momentarily touched a breast, presumably for his benefit, and lowered that hand to retrieve that fork. She smiled at him and winked.

Hugh was ready to paw the ground and roar like a stag ready to rut.

"I'll give you a great time."

"Oh," Ann said. "In that case I'll stay the night. Our two kids are both staying with friends - isn't all this such a perfect coincidence. It's magical."


"Yes Hugh, it's looking that way. I've longed for years to have the opportunity to fuck in sin but no one has asked apart from my greasy brother-in-law who fled howling when I bashed him over the head with the breadboard. The skunk has had sex with half of the adult females on their street, according to my sister, who is rather permissive herself."

"Then you don't usually... um, you know."

"Never, not since my marriage and partly because I'd never been invited to engage in a liaison with a younger guy, which became my dream in recent years. Um have you...?"

"No," he lied. "You see it was my late wife's policy to keep me permanently near sexually depleted to inhibit me from straying."

"What a mean bitch."

"Yeah Ann, and that thought often crossed my mind. Will I need condoms?"

Ann looked at him closely and he looked back fearlessly.

"No, providing you are absolutely confident that sexually you're in good health but you'll need them for anal sex."

Hugh beamed his delight while thinking she'd be committing adultery for the first time and he'd have the chance to enjoy real anal sex for the first time. Whenever he'd suggested anal sex with his late wife, she'd decline and claim his dick was too large for her butt. But she'd happily offer to probe him anally with one of her sex toys.

Oh boy, time to be spent with Ann virtually meant Christmas would come months early for him.

* * *

Eager to perform well over the weekend, Hugh went as usual to the gym at 6.30 on Saturday morning and halved his time spent on weights and the rowing machine and tripled the time spent in the pool, swimming length after length, fluidly of course.

Instead of the usual breakfast after gym work of oat-based muesli with a raw egg tossed over it and wetting it further with half of his glass of calcium-enriched buttermilk, he went to a nearby restaurant for breakfast of steak, eggs and garlic butter, flavoured fried mash potato patties and walked out later feeling like a member of Fitness Royalty.

Ann hadn't looked well on Friday but was confident she'd recover over-night to deliver top performance for her first-ever experience of sinking into the depravity of unpardonable sinful adultery.

Right on 8:00, Hugh leapt for the doorknob when the bell rang. He flung open the door, sighting a vision in white looking incredible youthful in the gloom flung out both hands to each grab a breast and squeezed.

"Oh Mr O'Neill. Mum indicated you might appear rather randy but the intensity of this unique comes as rather a surprise."

"Omigod," Hugh cried in shock, realizing the tits were smaller than the ones he'd expected and the voice was noticeably higher and sweeter than Ann's. Moreover, the visitor was several inches taller than the woman she claimed was her mother.

He dropped his hands to his side and muttered, "I apologize profusely."

"What on earth for?" she cried, and grabbing his hands placed them back on her puppies, commanding him to squeeze.

"This is the most novel and adorable first-time greeting I've ever experienced, by far."

"W-what?" he stuttered in disbelief.

She ignored that and said she was Lorna Birtwhistle.

"Mum has a throat infection and has sent me as her replacement... um, that is providing you find me acceptable as a sex substitute."

Horrified, Hugh said, "No way, you're jail bait, a teenager."

"Don't be ridiculous Mr O'Neill. I'm 23 and will graduate from university with my Master of Arts degree in a few months. Mom had me not long after she turned 18. She's 41, so figure it out. Dad was a horny schoolboy in those days and they married a few months before I was born."

"Hmm, well if you're that old call me Hugh. But at 23 you remain too young for me."

"That comment is illogical Hugh. You were planning to have sex with my mum tonight and there's the same age gap between you two as there is between you and me."

Hugh's eyes glazed and he said in the voice of a man thinking opportunity for casual sex was evaporating, "You can't have sex with me, you're a virgin."

Disbelief over that statement came swiftly.

"Hugh you're either pathetic or the worst comedian in this country's history."

He stood, tongue-tied.

"Please invite me to enter."

He stood aside, not knowing whether to scowl or leer.

Lorna looked around and sniffed.

"What a crafty bugger. You've had professional cleaners in to give my mother the impression you're a tidy person and an excellent housekeeper. In my experience, males I vaguely know keep themselves relatively shipshape but not their dwelling and other possessions. They don't understand the necessity of airing rooms, using air-fresheners and appear oblivious to interior signs of neglect and mis-management. I've surreptitiously finger-tested but found no evidence of dust on the top of your furniture. There are no dishes on the sink-bench and I'm willing to bet the dishwasher is empty and shining clean."


"Thanks. Mum told me she'd agreed to no-condom vaginal sex and wisely I don't indulge in anal sex and therefore any condom issue over butt activity doesn't arise. Shall we have sex before a delivery person arrives presumably with a beef or chicken roast?"

"Yes, I mean no."

"What does that mean?"

Looking uneasy, Hugh said he meant no sexual union between them at any time.

Lorna's eyes narrowed and she said that rejection of her hadn't sounded convincing.

"May I give you a neck massage, Hugh?"

He nodded warily, wondering what she was up to. He wasn't alarmed by the offer but remained a tense.

She walked around him, appearing relaxed. Her hands clawed into his neck muscles, um settled against the base of his neck, and he felt no other physical contact.

Lorna went to work effectively and gradually his suspicion about her positive motives diminished.

An emerging light smile softened his face and he felt obliged to say, "This is good."

"Thanks. Um, do you mind if I press against you as then I'll get a little leverage?"

"Go ahead," he said almost dreamily.

She pressed against him.

Christ, he distinctly felt her puppies squashed into his back.

His mind began to run riot and he was about to order her to back off when his inner voice appeared to be urging him to not be foolish.

Okay, let her squash her tits; this was massage and her tits had to go somewhere when she pressed against him as they were attached to her chest, right?

He mused about the term leverage, knowing it wouldn't apply in this situation. Her hands pressure felt unchanged.

He clicked, Lorna the cunning bitch had begun seducing him deceptively.

Oh, she appeared to have read his thoughts because suddenly she dropped both arms down around him and her hands closed over both hipbones frontally and used the leverage she'd wanted to pull his butt hard against her groin.

He'd been nursing a part erection, due to the lightly erotic sensation of the gentle massaging and the aroma of her perfume, natural and sprayed his erection instantly became fatter and harder and pressed into her, just as she'd intended.

"Ooh," she gurgled, feigning surprise. "You are sooo hard."

Hugh had options to consider and quickly decided on capitulation.

Swinging around on her, breaking Lorna's grip, her pushed a finger into her mouth to suck and lowering the other arm and grabbed a handful of covered pussy.

She gasped loudly.

He leered.

She whined, "Daddy, I want you inside me. Now."

As to be expected, the aroused older man agreed to that urgent request.

They were away, leaving Hugo convinced it was so easy to have sex with women any age, um more or less.

The End

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