tagInterracial LoveIt Couldn't Be Helped Ch. 04

It Couldn't Be Helped Ch. 04


When we arrived at my house I was beginning to think that Crystal and I were hexed because even more bullshit broke out when Jenna's ride home left without her. They left the restaurant before we did and consequently arrived back at my place before we did. They probably thought we already dropped her off since we had passed her side of town on the way back in. You have to remember this was back in the day when only rich people had cell phones.

Of course, Murphy's Law was in full effect as everybody else, Crystal included, lived on the other side of town. Thus, like the guy who falls on the grenade to save everybody else, I stepped up and told Jenna I would take her home.

I knew discretion was in order because Crystal and I both wanted to keep us on the down low for now. I slipped her the key to my place and told her to leave when everybody else did and then drive back and let herself in.

Although I technically lived in house it was more of a duplex with my friends living in the main house while I lived in the guest house located on the other side of the back patio. The only way into my place was through the backyard so I left the gate open so Crystal could come back and park. She knew the lowdown of my place and said she was cool but then added for my benefit.

"Hurry up" she said grinning "we got unfinished business."

Jenna lived practically in the next county so it took me a good thirty five minutes to drop her off and get back.

When I pulled into my house I saw Crystal's car and I got an adrenaline rush that made my heart pound and my cock swell. I couldn't believe I was minutes away from having my first ebony woman.

Yet alone Crystal.

I bolted out of my car and headed for my door. As I got closer I saw there was a note on the door and I would be lying if I said it didn't freak me out. My first thought was "You gotta be fucking kidding me. Not again!" That was, of course, until I read it.


The last note I left for you said goodbye and go home. This note says come inside and stay with me all night. That night I locked you in a room and never came back. Tonight I am locking myself inside your house and I am not leaving until or if you ever let me out. This real and it is going to happen. You and Me. Come inside, Sean, so we can finally give each other what we feel.


I had hit the lottery after all.

I held the note in my hand and looked up at the sky. "Thank You" I said feeling the overpowering realization that my dream was coming true.

The note also, however, then made me nervous. It was our physical attraction and desire for each other that thus far seemed to dominate everything. But this note, coupled with the things she told me on the ski lift, propelled emotion into the mix and I suddenly felt I had as much to lose as I did to gain. I wanted to please her, make her feel like she never did before and I wanted her to keep coming back. I stood there outside my door frozen and suddenly scared of the pressure to produce the "aftermath" she expected.

I was malfunctioning and the panic was spreading because I wanted to keep her and I knew this was my chance. I was on the verge of a total meltdown when six simple words popped into my head erasing all my doubts and making the fear disappear as well.

"Just be yourself...and love her."

I walked inside my house and immediately the warm interior air washed over my cold face and ears. The entrance to my place was in the kitchen and from there you had to turn left and walk through a hallway that led to the living room and beyond that to my bedroom. The lights were off in the kitchen and in the hallway but I could tell by the faint glimmer shooting out from the hallway that the living room lights were on. I launched my hat, jacket, gloves, and snow boots throwing them onto a chair by the kitchen table and then made my way through the kitchen and to the hallway.

When I turned the corner into the hallway I was stopped cold by the silhouette of Crystal standing half way down the corridor. I could see that she had a long sleeved shirt on but I could also see she had nothing on from the waist down. The smooth outlines of her long and naked legs stood out like a neon sign.

"Get my note?" Crystal said softly and seductively as I looked into the space where I knew her face was but I still couldn't see it.

"Yea, I got it" I said grinning.

"Any questions?" she inquired coyly.

"Yes" I said softly "Just one."

"And what is that?" Crystal asked grinning. I couldn't see the grin but I could hear it and knew it was there.

"What took you so long to come around?" I asked softly

Crystal giggled as I watched her silhouette change from one pose to another while her neck tilted slightly like she was blushing.

"I had to wait for you to grow up some more, Sean" She said softly as she began walking towards me.

"But now" she said as her facial features and the fact that she was wearing one of my white work shirts now came dimly into view.

"I can't wait anymore." She said wrapping her arms around me as mine consumed her.

We kissed.

Softly and slowly at first like each one mattered. Like each one meant something.

Loud lip smacks echoed throughout the hallway. Her soft lips melted into mine again and again while our tongues glided in and out of each other in short, savoring kisses.

I pulled her into me tightly and we began caressing but without breaking the sexual glass or our kisses. I felt the small of her back and her sides before putting both hands behind her neck. I stroked her neck while my other hand grabbed her hair and got lost in it.

Crystal, meanwhile, ran her hands through my hair and over my shoulders until she softly flattened her hands across my cheeks and pulled me deeper into her mouth. When we first started kissing her noose around my neck was held together by her hands interlocked together. Yet as we progressed it was tightened by her hands locked on her elbows. She was squeezing me with a purpose and depth that I felt in my soul.

I broke off our kisses and held her face in my hands. My cock was throbbing and pressed firmly against her belly and I could feel her bra less nipples poking into me. But at that second, I didn't care. Something was overriding sex at that moment and whatever it was, I was happy it was there. I knew right then that this woman, this black woman, was inside of me.

I stroked her soft cheek with one hand while gliding my fingertips up and down her velvet neck with the other. Crystal shuddered from my touches gazing into my eyes and then suddenly slammed her face into my chest and just hugged me like there was no tomorrow. I wrapped her up in my arms and just held her for I don't know how long. All I know is that it didn't seem long enough.

We broke our embrace and smiled at each other while our foreheads touched. Romance aside, I was ready to get to the physical aspects of the program but I didn't want to seem like the eager and fumbling youngster so I just rolled with it.

Crystal then came to my rescue.

"O.K." she whispered to me grinning happily "Now that we got the prereq's out the way.."

Crystal lunged at me and we began kissing hungrily. She wasted no time and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it off me. I unbuttoned the two buttons keeping the white shirt on her and it fell to the floor at our feet. We just stood there for second teasing each other while our eyes drank in our dimly lit features.

Then we practically jumped into each other.

The second her warm and soft breasts pressed against my naked chest it was like we were both shot by a taser gun.

"Ohhhhhhhh" We moaned in unison as the shockwave of our skins finally touching rippled through us. Crystal heaved her chest back and forth grinding her thick nipples against mine and across the hairs on my chest. The friction producing instant goose bumps on both of us while our tongues began whipping into a feeding frenzy inside our mouths.

I plunged my hands into her panties grabbing her full ass and squeezing it forcefully before I extended my thumbs up and began peeling off her panties. Crystal moaned enthusiastically digging her hands into my sweats and began pulling them and my underwear off at that same time. My freed cock shot up instantly.

We stopped kissing and stepped out of the remnants of our clothing as they lay crumpled on the tile floor all around us.

Crystal then grabbed my hands and began slowly walking backwards guiding me towards the radiating lights of the living room. Our eyes were locked together as her silhouette began melting into reality right before my eyes.

She stepped backwards onto the carpet of the living room and the lights gloriously washed over her. The illumination totally unwrapping her beautiful ebony body to me for the first time.

The impact stopped me in my tracks.

Crystal kept pulling me but I couldn't move. I was completely paralyzed by the awesome sight in front of me. My eyes bounced back and forth between her luscious body and piercing brown eyes.

I stared like a junkie at her hourglass ebony figure. Her thick and soft lips inviting me to put whatever I wanted into her mouth. Her perfect areolas and thick, dark brown nipples beckoning me to come suck and bite them. Her shaved pussy and the exposed juicy, brown folds teasing me to open them up, fill them, and drink from them. All of them tied together by the look in her sparkling brown eyes telling me to just take them.

Her beauty had put a bubble in my brain grinding everything to a complete stop. But then it popped and I could actually feel my lust and desire overcoming me. I started grinding my teeth and flexing my already rock hard cock as I stepped into the light with her.

We were still holding hands when Crystal started gazing at my toned white body as I towered over her. Her eyes latched onto my thick cock and I watched as her helpless expression evolved into desire and then into pure predatory hunger.

I began pulling her to me when Crystal dropped straight to her knees. She grabbed my ass with both hands and eagerly pulled my crotch into her face. I latched on to her hair and she began rubbing her face all over my cock and balls. Over and over my white shaft glided against her brown face and across her thick lips until she tilted her head sideways and I felt my balls being raised up as they rested on her eyes and nose. It was pure heaven.

The sight and sensations of an ebony woman between my legs weakened my knees and I slightly stumbled back against the wall. That didn't deter Crystal because she was in hot pursuit. She moved forward opening my legs wider and dove back in underneath until I felt both my balls enter the warm confines of her wet mouth.

I rose up on my toes from the sensation and when her tongue started dribbling my balls around in her mouth it felt so good I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or scream. Crystal eagerly sucked my balls again and again until I felt her bare tongue run up underneath them. She licked my balls tenderly before gliding her tongue out and up the underside of my shaft.

Crystal's searing eyes looked up at me hungrily. She began licking and sucking the sides of my shaft planting her thick lips around it and loudly and sloppily smacking her lips with each kiss. Her hands were now behind her body and I loved that she hadn't touched me with them yet. It was just my cock and her face and I cannot tell you how erotic it was watching her ebony body sway as she did her thing.

She made her way to the head of my cock and started licking and swirling her soft and juicy tongue around it in slow and methodical swaths. Each one shooting bursts of heat to my spine. Even though I wasn't feeling it I must have had a tormented look on my face because Crystal then smiled up at me and warned

"Don't worry baby" she said hungrily kissing the head of my cock "I'm fixing to dine on your fine ass."

True to her word Crystal wrapped her thick lips around the head of my cock while her beautiful ebony face and eyes burned up at me. I watched in glee as her cheeks caved in and I felt the suction stimulating my head.

"Mmmmm" she purred loudly stimulating my mind from the sound and my cock with the vibrations.

She then opened her warm mouth wider rotating her head like it was on a swivel and pushed my cock into both sides of her mouth. I shuddered at the combination of her hungry gaze and the sight of my cock pushing out the skin on her brown cheeks.

Crystal's hands slipped to her front side and she began feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples as she continued chewing on the head of my cock. That sight fucking destroyed me and I uttered out a helpless

"Oh shit, girl!"

The second my words hit her ears Crystal moaned loudly and lunged forward engulfing almost my entire cock down her throat. My head fell back and my eyes rolled back in physical and mental ecstasy as the warmth of her mouth rolled through me like a wave. I could feel her relaxing her throat and pushing more of me in her and when I looked back down and saw her thick lips and ebony face wrapped around the base of my cock, I knew black girls, or this black girl rather, were my destiny.

Crystal slowly retracted my drenched cock out of her mouth culminating in a sharp "pop." A thick strand of saliva kept her mouth and my cock attached. The strand broke splattering all over her brown breasts causing her to stuff my cock down her throat again. And again. Over and over she rammed my cock down her throat while her hands continued to fondle her rock hard nipples.

I was losing it. The flame in my balls was getting bigger and brighter. Given what transpired in the car earlier and now this euphoria, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I reached down to pull her up to get a reprieve and because I wanted to fuck her more than I wanted to live.

"Oh hell no!" Crystal said almost pouting pushing my hands away as our eyes met.

"This beautiful white cock and I are going the distance, baby" she said stuffing my cock deep in her mouth again.

I endorsed her position immediately and grabbed the back of her head forcefully.

"Yes Sean, Yes baby!" Crystal moaned as she popped my cock out of her mouth again sending her saliva flying everywhere

"Fuck my mouth, baby, Fuck it and feed my black ass!"

I went ballistic. I pulled her ebony face into my white cock hard impaling it deep down her throat. I started thrusting wildly into her again and again as I felt my balls swinging and slamming into her chin. My entire cock swam in her hot mouth as saliva leaked out the corners of her mouth while her nose banged into my pubic hairs.

I could feel the level five tsunami roaring down my spine to my balls. I knew I was only four or five thrusts away from having the greatest orgasm in my two decades on the planet. Crystal's hands then entered the fray as she began massaging my balls with one hand while the other latched on to the base of my cock.

Crystal sensed my condition and fought me for control. Her neck resisted my tugging as she deep throated me and just held me deep inside her mouth. My first knee jerk reaction was disappointment because I was seconds from the promise land. But then the thought of prolonging this epic life moment seemed pretty fucking righteous to me so I happily rolled with it. Prolonging it, however, wasn't why she stopped me.

She pulled back and my cock popped loudly exiting her mouth.

"No, baby" she said burning her incredible eyes into me "You aren't going to make yourself cum by fucking my mouth."

"Oh, no" She said devouring my cock down her throat again and quickly pulling it out.

"You are gonna cum because this black woman is going to suck it out of you." She cooed kissing and licking the head of my cock.

"Because I want it all over my face" she moaned as strands of spit stuck to her lips as she continued

"And in my mouth" she hissed as she started jacking my cock from top to bottom.

"And Ohhhhh, yes" she said as her strokes became firmer and faster.

"In my tummy too" she whined hungrily smiling up at me before settling in for the finish.

I heard all that and I was toast. Bought and paid for. Bagged and tagged.

Crystal then frantically attacked my cock. Her mouth eagerly engulfing and following her hand up and down the length of my cock. The combination of the two working in unison around my head and shaft took me to another level. The new sensations crippled me sending both my hands crashing into the wall behind me. Crystal picked up the pace moaning hungrily as spit began flying everywhere and her black hair flew back and forth across her brown shoulders. Her hot ebony mouth and hand engulfed my white cock relentlessly again and again in a brutal love crime that obliterated the pitiful remnants of my control. My ears began ringing and I could feel myself imploding from within.

"Give it to me, Sean!" She gasped frantically jacking my cock as I looked down in awe at her liquid brown eyes and vibrating ebony breasts

"Give Crystal all your cum, baby!"

That was the last straw.

"Ohhhhh Fuuuucccckkkk!" I screamed as the bomb inside me detonated.

Thick ropes of hot cum began shooting out of me. The first rope splattered against Crystal's mouth and up across her nose almost to her eye socket.

"Mmmm.. Yeah..baby..Yeah..Give it to me!" Crystal moaned gleefully as my white cum splashed into her ebony face.

She then frantically planted her tongue underneath her hand and eagerly jacked stream after thick stream of my seed into her open and willing mouth. The whole time her eyes, those fucking eyes, never left mine.

Crystal's tongue began raking over the head of my now spurting cock and strands of cum began spilling out of her mouth. They dribbled down her chin dropping onto her luscious brown breasts.

Incredibly, especially to me, I still had more to give so I replaced her hand with my own and started jacking. Crystal pushed her chin up against the tip of my cock and then, as my final spurts landed on her lips and chin, she closed her eyes in a savoring gesture as she swallowed my cum. Then she smiled up at me and smacked her lips. My cum still dripping off her chin and running down her breasts. It was mind blowing and total fucking nirvana.

I fell back against the wall and Crystal dove back in cleaning my cock and gobbling up every bit of cum she could find. She used my cock like it was an edible napkin wiping her face and chin with it and then devouring it. All I could do was stand there and pray that my legs wouldn't give out as she continued deep throating me. I thought I was going to die from ecstasy in the two or three minutes it took her to proclaim me clean.

When she finished I slid down the wall like I had just been lined up and executed. The only thing missing was a blood stain. I was now eye level with her and she smiled proudly like she just accomplished something significant. She most definitely did as far as I was concerned.

I had several girls blow me before and a few swallowed but none of them ever advertised it. None of them ever stopped me from fucking them. None of them ever made my cum the prize. None of them ever used their eyes as a weapon like Crystal did. None of them melted love and unashamed sexuality into the same act. I hadn't even fucked her yet and Crystal had already catapulted herself to number one in my list of lovers.

"Now we're even, Sean" Crystal said tilting her head and smiling proudly.

"For what?" I asked still winded and dazed by the blow job of my life.

"The car." She answered coyly.

"What car?" I asked still completely devoid of any rational thought process.

Crystal raised her eyebrows and tilted her head the other way signifying that she wasn't going to dignify that question with an answer. Finally the light bulb in my brain came on.

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