It Didn't Work Out

byDG Hear©

"I was still upset but now was also horny. Carl kept telling me we needed to get together more often. I told them that I can't continue to cheat on you and that's when they said we could include you. I told them I didn't know if you would go for it and Chris said she would take care of it."

"So, that's what happened. We set up the Valentine's Day dinner and hoped you would enjoy yourself. I'm sorry for lying to you but I was tired of going behind your back."

"Jess, having sex with Chris was my fault. Also, I can take the blame for not stopping you and Carl. I don't want this type of lifestyle. I wanted you to get off the pill and see if we could start a family. That can never happen now."

"Sure it can. I'll stop taking the pill and we can try having a baby."

"No, Jess. It can't happen. Even if you got pregnant, I wouldn't know if it was mine. You see Jess you lied to me and then cheated on me. I can't ever trust you again. I'm not going through the rest of my life wondering if you're telling me the truth or lying to me.

"You setting up this charade to cover up your lies and cheating didn't make it any better. You just let me know the type of person you are and what you really want and it's not me. The one promise I held onto was when you told me, you wouldn't cheat on me and always be honest with me. You didn't keep either promise.

"I'll file the divorce papers tomorrow and you can stay in the guest room for a week till you find another place to live. Maybe you can move in with Chris and Carl."

"You son of a bitch! You think you can get rid of me that easy..." said Jess.

"Jess, before you say anything you'll regret I'll tell you how it is. First, I'll file for a dissolution on the grounds of us not being compatible. No one, my family or yours will need to know the real reason. Second, I'll keep the apartment seeing it was mine when we met.

"We have four thousand dollars in our savings account and five hundred in our checking. We'll split it down the middle twenty five hundred dollars each. You have your car and I have my truck."

"I helped buy a lot of this furniture and what about alimony?" asked Jess.

I had to laugh. "No alimony, and you can take whatever furniture you want including the bed you fucked your lover in. If you want to fight this we can. Do you really want your friends and family to know why we're really getting divorced?"

"They won't believe you and besides you had sex with Chris too. What about that?" yelled Jess.

"I'm willing to take the gamble of keeping most of my friends after they hear the truth; are you!" Jess just stared at me.

The following morning I went to the lawyer and filed for a divorce for irreconcilable differences. For the first couple of nights Jess waited up for me to try and change my mind but I knew it would never happen. She slept in the guest room for the week. She stopped by the lawyer's office and signed the papers.

She ended up telling her family and friends that we argued all the time and she wasn't going to live that way. That suited me just fine. On Saturday when I went to work she and her Dad came by the house and she took most everything. I guess it was her way of getting even with me.

She did leave me the guest room bedroom set which was mine before we got married but she took most everything we bought together. I went to the store and bought myself a new recliner and a television set. The stove and refrigerator went with the apartment so I was pretty much set.


It's been six months since the divorce was final. Jess had moved back in with her parents. I don't know if she still visit's the Henry's or not. We no longer had any reason to stay in contact but she was still somewhat friends with my sister so I knew she was dating.

I have to honestly say that I did miss the late night sex after coming home from work. I didn't want to be one of those guys who go to the bar after work every night. I wasn't looking for a bar broad. I was hoping that someday I could find a woman and maybe have a family.

I was called into the office at work and told that they were opening a new factory in a city thirty miles away and would I like to go there as head supervisor. A raise in pay and dayshift was part of the package.

Needless to say I had nothing holding me here and took the position. I met a lot of new people and it was like starting all over but I loved it. One of my new employees was getting married and I was invited to the wedding. I actually went out and bought a suit.

At the wedding I met Rachel and her four year old daughter. She was one beautiful woman. Mark, my employee, mention she was his older sister and that her husband was killed in Iraq two years ago.

I sat down and talked with her, but that's a story for another time.


Hope you enjoyed my short story

Comments are welcome and appreciated

DG Hear

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Another DG Hear Classic!

Short and to the point. *****

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