tagErotic CouplingsIt Feels Good to Be a Hero

It Feels Good to Be a Hero


I've been a superhero here in Century City for about 3 years now. My powers evolved over time, stemming from a DNA/bionic experiment. Eventually, I donned a black leather suit, and started doing the superhero thing under the name of the Nightwatcher. And it's a really nice gig. Helping out the local law enforcement when needed, saving cats from trees, helping out in the community and all that good stuff.

It's a great life helping others but it can be a lonely one too. I'm often so busy working, patrolling and busting nutballs like that I rarely have a lot of time to myself. Things were especially dry on the dating front too. I'd meet girls now then and sometimes even get lucky but nothing that really lasted that long. Just a fling here or there. The superhero groupies were around sometimes, and there were a couple of times I indulged, but hooking up with strangers isn't something I ever had a desire to make a habit of. So currently my sex life consisted of a quick wank every now and then. Some superhero.

Century City is an unofficial home base for a lot of the superhero community in the area and every year they have the Hero Festival outside of city hall. It was a place where heroes gathered from all over and interacted personally with the community. The Hero Festival is a nice way to just kick back and interact with the locals. It's always festive and fun and it's just good to meet people in a non-crime related environment.

All kinds of heroes were there every year, smiling and taking pictures. And the female heroes were always a sight to see. Atomic Girl was there wearing her new outfit and it was funny seeing people catch glances at her ample cleavage.

I was getting my picture taken with the Mayor when I saw Lady Jade in person for the first time. I've seen pictures of her and I've talked to her briefly over the com last year at one point but this is my first time seeing her in person. Her hair was a dark brown and she walked with pure power and confidence, while her smile radiated warmth and honesty. I knew she was a little older then I was, probably in her mid-30's or so and I had a thing for older women. She wore a form fitting, legless green jumper that had an attached mask, sleeves and gloves. She was about 5'8" and was a very curvy 38DD-25-36 from what I could guess. She had very large breasts that stood out nicely on her medium frame, so being a boob guy, I was definitely a little smitten.

Our paths crossed after our pictures were done and summoning the same bravery I usually reserve for emergencies I decided to strike up a conversation.

"Oh, umm, hi, you're Lady Jade, right?" Is what I managed to stammer out. Smooth, dude. Smooth.

"Yep, that's me," she grinned warmly, shaking my hand. Her eyes were hazel and beautiful. "The Nightwatcher, I presume."

"Yup, that's me," I responded, inhaling a whiff of her perfume. Wow, nice. Intoxicating even. But, c'mon, superhero, be a gentleman. "How are you liking Century City?"

"Oh, well, I actually live here. I just do a lot of my work abroad. This is my first time back in about a month. But it's great to finally be back, especially for this."

"Yeah, it's always a lot of fun. This is the first year they have the ferris wheel, if you can believe it."

"It's kind of an odd sight seeing a ferris wheel right in front of city hall." She glanced over at the wheel and I couldn't help but catch a glimpse of her chest. The fabric of her costume stretched tightly across her chest showing her form nicely. I almost thought I saw her erect nipples. I glanced back up as she looked at me again.

"Yeah, it's a funny sight, for sure. Say, you wanna grab an Orange Julius?"

"Only if we can get pretzels too. I skipped lunch and I'm starved."

"Deal," I smiled as we walked to the food stands.

A few hours went by as we walked around the festival and to my pleasant surprise we really hit it off. We talked about our early years and what led us to become superheroes. We also shared a common interest in comic books, including a mutual interest in Power Girl in particular.

"You know, I have to confess," I told Jade "I think Power Girl is my comic book super hero crush."

"Oh really?" she said grinning. "Actually I think that I'm a lot like Power Girl in certain ways."

"Oh yeah? What kind of ways?" I actually agreed with her as Jade and Power Girl were both confident and head strong. And, ya know, had large breasts.

"Well, we're both very confident and headstrong."

Internally I was smiling. "And you know...similar body types," I chimed in. "If you don't mind me saying so."

She smiled a flirty smile back at me "Not at all. I used to be really insecure about my body when I was younger. But now I'm a lot more happy and confident with myself."

"Good. You have every reason to feel happy and confident. You've got a lot going for you."

"Well, thank you, that's very sweet."

"Plus," I was feeling brave, "You really do have a nice body. You're really good looking."

"Now you're making me blush."

"That's okay, you're cute when you blush." Feeling brave, I said, "I have to confess...I'm actually a boob guy."

"haha just my luck. I'd be a little worried if you weren't."

"Well, you're really cool and I wouldn't tell you that if I didn't mean it."

We just smiled at each other letting the chemistry between us do it's thing.

A little while later, after a ride on the farris wheel and more conversation we sat on a bench and talked some more.

"You know what?," Jade said looking around. "We're the only ones left here."

She was right. The fair was over and it was getting late. "Wow, so it looks like we have city hall all to ourselves."

"Well, ALMOST, people are still kinda walking around."

"Why, do you want more privacy?

She smiled a sly smile. "What did you have in mind?"

I sat up, smiled and said "Follow me..."

We flew up into the early evening skies and I led her to the roof of my apartment building. It gave us a nice view of the city and set a bit of a mood. Not to mention we were completely out of sight of anyone.

"This is a beautiful view," she said. "It's nice to get away and have a little privacy."

She looked at the skyline, arcing her back, giving me a nice view from behind. Her ass was firm and round and her legs were long and gorgeous. Having her alone made my heart race with a bodily hunger. I thought about getting my hands on her body.

"It's a very nice view indeed," I said eying her. "And the skyline is nice too." By this point I got a feel for her sense of humor and felt comfortable being flirty with her.

She turned around with a coy smile and giggled, "You probably say that to all the girls."

"Nah, believe me, I might be smooth with the right person but I'm most definitely not a player."

"Well, that's good to know, then. I'd be disappointed if you were."

"I will say that I know what I like."

"You do, do you?"

I just smiled, leaned in close to her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. She smiled, put her arms around my neck and kissed me back. Our lips melted together and our tongues mingled, darting in and out of each other's mouths. My hands caressed her body, going up and down the contours of her curves. I could feel myself already hard.

"Does the mask come off?" I whispered.

"Mmmhmmm," she replied weakly undoing her mask and flinging it aside, letting me see her face without the mask for the first time. She was gorgeous.

I continued by nibbling on her neck...kissing it, feeling up to cup her breasts as our mouths met again. Her breasts were soft but firm through her costume.

"Mmmm, you're a good kisser," she said to me.

"So are you," I smiled as we held each other. "I have to confess, this is probably the best Herofest ever."

"Oh yeah?" Lady Jade smiled at me as we held each other. "And why's that?"

"Probably the ferris wheel."

We both laughed and kissed again.

"Listen," I said, "In all honesty I don't normally do this kind of thing..."

"What kind of thing? You mean make out with a fellow superhero?"

"Well, it has been awhile for me. And now that you mention it, you ARE my first superhero."

With that, she smiled warmly. I continued...

"I'm just saying that if it feels like we're moving too fast I'm okay with slowing down."

"That's very sweet of you. And I'm normally not a 'do-it-on-the-first-date' type either, but it's been a long time for me too. Honestly? I'm just having a lot of fun with you. I have to confess too," she kissed my neck, "I've always kind of had a little crush on you."

"Wow," my ego was sky-high right now, and I was still fully erect. "Well, I've always kind of had a thing for you too. Like, I love older women. And, like, I said," I whispered "I'm totally a boob guy."

She whispers back "That's very good to know. Cuz they like you a lot."

"Know what I think? I think we oughta move this to my apartment."

"Good idea."

I picked up what we discarded for clothing, picked her up and within seconds were back at my apartment in the bedroom, which had a nice, big queen-sized bed and a full wall of mirrored closet doors. I put her back down and immediately we started kissing hungrily. My cock was a raging hard on at this point and I was ready to go. I flung my gloves aside and took off my jacket, leaving me bare chested.

Lady Jade turned around and I held her from behind, cupping her breasts, kissing her neck and grinding my hard on against her firm ass.

"Mmmm someone's excited," she said, reaching back to rub my crotch. "Tell me, how big are you?"

My hands massaging both her tits I said "8 and a half."

She let out a moan as I massaged her big tits and said "In that case you'd better unzip me."

I unzipped her suit as she flung her gloves and boots aside. Within seconds she was completely naked. I groped her hungrily in front of the mirror, letting me see everything.

She had a gorgeous body, thick in the right places. Her boobs were round and firm with medium-sized pink nipples and her pussy was freshly trimmed. I felt down her stomach to her pussy and found that she was already nice and wet. I found her clit and rubbed in circles while I kissed her lips. She moaned and purred with delight, which made me even harder. Her ass was firm but soft and my cock pressed against her cheeks.

Her hands made their way to my pants, unzipping them as my hands explored. She turned around, kissed me again and and we made out hungrily.

"God, baby, I am sooooo turned on," she purred.

"Mmmm I can tell..." I said between tongue kisses.

I french kissed my way down her neck and made my way to her breasts. I cupped them and massaged them as my mouth went to her nipples. My tongue circled each one. I kissed and gently bit her nipples while her hands played with my hair. I took one into my mouth and rolled it around.

She moaned with pleasure and said "ooohhh yes, bite them. Mmmm You're good at that.."

My hands stayed on her breasts as my mouth continued down her stomach. I led her over to the bed, setting her down as I kissed her inner thighs...kissing upward until I got to her pussy. I dived in face first, as she laid down, vocally enjoying every second of it. My tongue slid all the way in and out of her tight pussy as I rubbed her clit with my hand. I went faster, giving her a nice tongue fucking as I rubbed away at her sweet little nub. I loved tasting her sweet nectar. I looked up and saw her hands massaging her boobs, pinching her nipples.

"Mmmm, wow, you're good at that too...Ooooo," she said.

"Well I love doing this to you, baby...you're delicious."

"Ohhh yeah, fuck me with your tongue, baby....mmm right there...yessssss..."

I switched my routine...now french kissing her clit while finger fucking her. I worked in two fingers and felt how tight she was. This was just heavenly. I worked my fingers at a steady pace while my tongue rubbed her clit.

Amiss the moans and cries she said "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum...ohhhhhh yesssssss"

"Oh yes, cum for me baby...cum on my face...."

Her body stiffened as her orgasm took over, and her pussy gushed sweet wetness on my fingers and face. She cried out with pure ecstasy as she had a nice, long, shuddering orgasm. I licked up every last drop, absolutely loving it.

Still panting, Lady Jade sat up. "Wow, tiger. You ARE dangerous."

"Oh you know it," I said playfully biting her inner thigh.

"And I guess I better return the favor, huh?"

"By all means..."

I sat up on the bed letting her pull down my pants, letting my cock spring free. She looked at it and said "Nice," before taking it all into her mouth. She took me in deep as I slipped off the rest of my pants. She got on all fours and went at my cock with a hungry fury. I reached down and played with her tits while fucking her mouth. It felt amazing. Her lips were full and her mouth was warm and wet as she pumped away.

At one point she pulled out and playfully smacked my hard cock against her lips.

"Wow, you ARE big," she said while jerking me off. "This is a nice cock you've got here."

"Mmmm thanks baby...you're very good with it."

"How good with it are you?"

"Why don't I show you..."

With that I guided her onto her back and eased my way on top of her. Her hands massaged her breasts as I gently rubbed her clit with the head of my cock. She moaned with delight before I slowly slid my hard cock into her. I slid all the way in, letting us get a feel for each other, as she let out a pleasureful gasp. Then I slid in and out of her, letting her hot, tight pussy grip my cock as I gave it to her. I started slow and then quickly moved at a medium pace. Both of us moaning with pure delight.

"ooooo yes, baby fuck me...mmmm...you fuck so good."

"Yeah, you like that baby? Mmmmm."

My cock pulsed inside her as I felt her pussy clench on me, urging me to greater effort. I put her legs over my shoulders and gave it to her hard.

"OOOOOHHHHH GOD yes, fuck me baby! FUCK ME!! Ohhhh you're gonna make me cum again...OHH!!! YESSSS!!"

I felt her pussy gush more sweet wetness all over my cock It was so hot. I was almost ready to cum but I tried to hold back a little longer.

We slowed down long enough for me to lean down and kiss her.

"Baby, let me get you from behind."

"Mmmm you bet."

I got up and she got on all fours for me. I gave her ass a squeeze and a light spank with both hands as I eased my way back into her tight pussy. From this angle I could see all of her hourglass-like curves. As we began fucking I could see her breasts sway and bounce back and forth as she moaned with delight. Her ass bounced against me as I sped up my strokes. She pushed herself up against me. We went at it long and hard, two new lovers getting to know each other's bodies.

Jade's ass banging against me proved to be too much and I felt myself almost getting to the point of orgasm.

"Ohhh baby, I'm gonna come...mmmm"

She then turned around, leaned back and presented her chest to me..."Oh yeah, baby...come on my tits."

That last bit of urging was all I needed. She squeezed her tits together and licked her lips as I jerked myself off, aimed for her beautiful breasts. Hot cum shot out long and hard, hitting her breasts...shot after shot came out as I orgasmed hard. It was quite a big load. She squeezed her boobs around my cock, milking the last of my cum out. Her huge, soft boobs around my cock felt sensational. Then she licked the cum off her tits, giving me a nice little show.

We both collapsed on the bed, both of us spent for the moment. We kissed again and cuddled together on my bed, enjoying a sweaty, exhausted moment of afterglow.

"Wow, baby, that was just wonderful," she said, between kisses.

"What can I say? It feels pretty damn good to be a hero."

And with that we disappeared under the covers to kiss some more.

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