tagRomanceIt Had Been a Long Week

It Had Been a Long Week


It had been a long week. As she drove home she couldn't remember when she had had a longer week. The tightness in her shoulders and neck were almost unbearable. She was looking forward to a long hot bath…alone. Alone was the key word there. Not only had work been a stress but so had her marriage. She was tired of the fighting, over money, the house etc. But tonight would be quiet because he was out of town until Sunday. He said that his company insisted he go to take care of the west coast factory layoffs. She knew how much he hated laying off people but really had no choice if he want to keep his job and in today's economy he needed his job just as they need some time apart. She felt a little guilty for wanting him to leave and looking forward to having the house to herself. But as she drove home, she decided to feel guilty tomorrow. Tonight she was going to pamper herself…in everyway.

It had been weeks since they had made love and the last time was more of them going through the motions without the emotions. The tension between them was always there it seemed these last few weeks. But for now she needed to relieve some stress. As she pulled into the driveway she saw a light flicker in the window. A flash of anger surged through her as she figured he had left lights on in the house before he left. And he was the one who was just bitching the other day about the electric bill being so high…and blaming her for leaving lights on.

"Relax Kim. It's not worth the stress." She told herself. As she walked into the house she could hear music coming from the bedroom. She set her briefcase down and walked to the back of the house, she heard soft jazz and saw a light flickering under the door. Just as she reached to open the door, it opened for her. Sebastian stood in the doorway wearing the silk boxers she had bought him for Christmas that he had never worn.

"What…" her words trailed off as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. It just wasn't any kiss….it was strong and filled with passion. A passion she hadn't felt from him in months. She sank into his arms, letting her mind and body melt into the kiss. When he broke from the kiss, he lifted her off her feet and carried to the bed. Before she could speak, he placed his fingers to her lips and the only thing said was "Shhhh…"

He slowly began undressing her. With each article of clothing he removed he covered her skin in soft butterfly kisses, sending chills up her spine. Starting with her blouse and covering her shoulders, trailing up her neck and down to her breasts. Then her skirt, he sank to his knees, covering her stomach in soft kisses. He ran his hands down her back and over her ass, kneading the flesh under his palms. Her skin was alive. Each and every nerve was tingling.

He motioned her to sit on the bed which smelled of roses petals. He then removed the remainder of her clothing, laid her out on the bed on her stomach. She then felt a warm silky liquid on her back. He began to massage the warm, oil into her skin. Was that strawberries she smelled? He started at her neck, massaging the oil into her aching muscles. She thought she was in heaven as she began to completely relax. He worked his way down her back, between her shoulders, down the small of her back, over the ass, taking extra time to work on her aching muscles. He seemed to know right wear to touch, as she felt herself relaxing and getting wetter between her legs. He worked down the back of her legs, spending extra moments on her calves and down to her feet. He massaged the oil into the bottoms of her feet and between her toes. God it felt so good. He then worked his way back up her body, making sure to brush his hand over her ass.

He then motioned her to turn over. He began at her neck again but this time she could look into those beautiful eyes of his. There she saw passion, something she hadn't seen much of lately. His hands moved down her shoulders and to her breasts. He took special attention as he massaged the oil into her breasts. Adding kisses and sucking on her nipples. He let his hands lightly brush across her nipples sending shivers up her spine. She reached for him and he laughed a little pushing her hands back to her sides and shaking his finger. "No, No" was all he said.

He finished working his way down her body, purposefully staying away from the place she most wanted him to touch. She ached for him to caress her clit but he continued working the oil into her breasts, stomach and legs, teasing her, making her want for more. Her whole body was alive now and tingling with anticipation of what was coming next, yet some where in her mind she wondered what could have brought all this on.

Earlier that morning, Sebastian was beside himself with anticipation of the evening's coming events. There had been too much tension in his marriage lately. It seems more like a couple of strangers cohabitating then a marriage these last few months. He wasn't sure exactly when it started but figured it to be when his company began the layoffs. It was the worst part of his job and his attitude dropped. He hated going to work but kept up the act but as a result brought all the hard feelings and frustrations home.

But no more. This morning as he was getting ready to leave for his trip he got a rude wake up call when he stumbled onto Kim's journal. He remembered when they met that she would write in it everyday, but over the last few years he hadn't even seen her pick it up none the less write in it. And here it was sitting out in clear view. His curiosity was peaked. He picked it up and noticed it was not her old journal but a brand new one. He knew that he shouldn't but he did. He sat down on the bed, opened the book and began to read.

What he read just tore at his soul. This was not the woman that he had know for the last 7 years. This was a woman who longed to be loved. She felt unloved and unsatisfied in not just her marriage but in her husband. He could not believe it. He knew that things hadn't been great but this… He read of her wants and desires that he never knew about. He had to force himself to close the book and put it down. He just sat on the bed as if someone had just told him the world was ending. For him it felt like that. Kim was his world and always had been but now she just thought of him as some man that slept next to her. He decided right then and there that was enough.

He canceled his trip telling his boss a family emergency had come up. Then he began to plan. He began to think back when he first met Kim, that beautiful girl that hit his car. How he had walked her home in the rain after their first date. How she laughed, her smile, the way she found time to played with their dog, Ben, after a long day, the way she slept holding his hand after they made love, everything came flooding back to his mind.

He heard her car pull up, the key in the door, heard her put her things down and then her walking to the door of their bedroom. He reached and opened the door and before she could speak took her into his arms… She had never felt so good. He felt her resist him but it only lasted a millisecond as he felt her begin to kiss back. He carried her to the bed and began what was to be a night to remember.

He had bought the strawberry scented oil, candles and other "necessities" of the evening at Teressia's Boutique, Kim's best friend. As he undressed her, he drank in the feel of her skin…tasting and feeling every inch of her body. He knew for sure that she felt everything, slowly tracing her breast with his fingers. As he brushed the tips of nipples, she gasped. She reach up for him, he pushed her hands back to her sides, telling her "No" and giggling a little to himself because he knew that she was ready for much more…already. But he wasn't ready just yet.

Kim felt him traced his tongue between her breasts, down her stomach, stopping to run his tongue in her belly button causing her to draw in a deep breath. His hands traced her hips and down the inside of her thighs. She was getting hotter by the second. She couldn't think, just lost in the warm sensuous touch the tongue and hands of the man she loved. His touch was like it had been when they were first together…soft and tantalizing…and her body was responding to it. Every nerve under her skin was alive. She wanted him to begin to quench the heat growing between her legs but he was continuing to pass over her pussy. Each time she trying to put his hand or move his mouth he would just giggle and say "In good time…be patient." But that was getting harder with each minute that passed.

Suddenly she felt his hot breath over her bush. His hands moved up the inside of her thighs to up her legs up. She felt his hands brush across her pussy lips. Next she felt his tongue flick across her clit. She just about exploded right then. His tongue found its way between her lips and to her clit as he very lightly brush over the top and his hands parted her lips. His drew the budding clit between his lips slowly sucking like a baby on his mother's nipple. Then she felt a finger enter her. Her mind swooned. When he slipped in another finger and began to seek out her G-spot. He was the only man she had known that could find it. As he sucked and licked her clit, he finger fucked. She knew she was about to explode. And was pretty sure he knew it as well, because he began to pick up the pace of his fingers. Faster and faster he slid his fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy and sucking her clit.

He heard her breathing begin to quicken and knew her first (of many orgasms) was about to hit her. He began to pick up the pace. He wanted her to cum. He felt her vagina squeeze his fingers was she flooded his mouth. He lapped up every drop. She tasted as good as ever.

She felt the orgasm hit her full force. Her whole body quivered. She felt him drink in her juices as her body came down from the orgasm. Her mind was still spinning as she felt him move up her body and kiss her as she tasted herself on his lips. He broke the kiss and finally spoke… "And that is just the beginning." Then he smiled and kissed her again.

As her mind began to focus again, she felt something soft cover her eyes and bind her hands above her head to the headboard. She started to struggle but realized that she had just written about doing this. Something soft brushed her cheeks, moved down her neck as it crossed over her breasts, it sent electricity through her body. She felt to heat begin again between her legs. She felt an soft "object" move over her stomach and down her left leg, around her feet and between her toes and then the same to her right. She realized it was a feather as it traveled up her right leg. He began telling her how beautiful she looked. Telling her things like, how perfect her hips were shaped, how round and perfect her breasts were and how lovely her body fit next to his. She felt him lay next to her and he replaced the soft feather with his lips, tracing down her body in the same fashion as he had with the feather. He placed soft kisses down her neck. When he reached her breasts, his hands traced the shape of each breast as his tongue ran ever so lightly over her nipples. Her mind was spinning again with the sensations he was giving her.

He began to suckle her nipples as his hand moved down her stomach to her clit. She begged him to rub it. He let his hand linger over her bush, brushing the top, all the time never letting his attention stray from her breasts. Suddenly she felt his weight cover her then, he entered her. First just the tip of his cock. She began to try and visualize his cock. He was almost 8" fully erect and she could tell her was. That dark purple mushroom shaped head, the thick shaft (she figured about 1 ½"), his hairless balls tucked tight to his body ready to load their jism inside her. When he push in a little more, she orgasmed. Her mind was swimming again in that deep pool of pleasure. She involuntarily to raise her hips to pull him in faster, but he was ready for her. He moved with her and whispered, "Patience…".This went on for what seemed an eternity. Slowly he controlled his entering until he was finally fully inside her. He began to move in and out, slow long strokes. This was torture. She felt his pace quicken. She could hear his breathing beginning to match her own. She felt her hands loosen from the headboard, leaving the mask on, she wrapped her arms and legs around him, drawing him deeper into her. His smooth chest crushed to hers as he pumped his cock in and out of her. Next thing Kim knew she was back in that pool of pleasure. She let her mind envision explosion after explosion as she had the biggest orgasm of her entire life. She felt his back and butt tighten as he came, filling her with his seed. She felt him collapse on top of her. They held each other as they came back to reality.

She felt his warm breath on her ear…

"I gather you liked that?" he asked.

"How did you guess?" she replied. They laughed together knowing that from now on things would be different.

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