tagLoving WivesIt Happened Last Night

It Happened Last Night


My Japanese wife, Makiko, and I went out to a very nice restaurant for dinner. With two small children, a night out was truly a luxury. The babysitter was Makiko's 55 year-old Aunt, who was visiting from Japan for the week and insisted that we stay out late, go dancing, have some fun.

At dinner, we consumed two bottles of wine; which was very rare for either of us, especially Maki, who seldom drinks. After the first bottle, she was fairly drunk and by the time we finished off the second, she was slurring her words and giggling.

Before going to the nightclub for dancing, I suggested we stop by our friend, Dave's house and see if he and his girlfriend, Peggy, wanted to come with us. Dave lives in a spacious condominium near the beach, which is a favorite weekend spot for our family. Swimming, Bar BQ and big screen TV... the kids loved it and for Maki and me it was a real treat.

When we knocked on the door, Dave opened it with a big surprise on his face. Of course, he hadn't expected us... plus he and Peggy had just broken up that morning. She was apparently on her way back to New York. Dave told us that she said she would never again come back to Hawaii. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, we live in Honolulu.

Dave opened a bottle of expensive champagne and asked us to celebrate with him. He said it was a tradition that he had started many years before, when he broke up with his first serious girlfriend, after moving to the islands. This was his fourth Champagne celebration.

Makiko whispered to me that maybe we should hang out for awhile and help Dave get through the depression that he was obviously feeling. I turned on the CD player and some hot dance music began blaring through Dave's Bose Surround Sound System. As we sipped on Champagne, I could see that Maki was getting even drunker. She even kissed Dave on the cheek and held his head to her shoulder.

She was wearing a sexy silk dress that ended just above her knees; but, the material seductively clung to her tight, 34C-23-35 body. She coaxed Dave to dance with her and forget about Peggy, at least for the time being.

As they boogied on the expansive deck overlooking the ocean, the doorbell rang. It was Dave's best friend and neighbor, Doug. We were all in our mid-30s and hung out a lot, especially on weekends. Doug had two more bottles of Champagne. He said had come over to help Dave drown his sorrows, but it looked like Maki was already making him forget them.

Dave, Doug and I danced with Maki for about an hour, before we all crashed on the sofa, still drinking Champagne. Maki was laughing and thoroughly enjoying the attention she was receiving from our two tipsy friends. The conversation turned to dancing and for some reason, I ended up telling Dave and Doug about Makiko's Exotic Dancing Lessons. She had joined a class at the Health Spa, primarily for exercise; but I had frequently benefitted by watching her demonstrate some of the moves.

Needless to say, Dave and Doug began begging her to dance for them. Doug closed the deal when he told her it would really help Dave to forget about the break up with Peggy. She went over to Dave and kissed him on the forehead, saying, "OK... I'll do it for poor Dave. Maybe I can cheer him up"

Actually Dave didn't need any cheering up, he was already two sheets to the wind and feeling no pain... physically or mentally. Maki searched through his extensive music collection and finally settled on a Donna Summer album,starting with "Love to Love You, Baby".

Dave dimmed the lights and we all stared at Maki as she began to sway with the music. I had never seen her that drunk and her inhibitions, if she had any, were definitely not showing. She exaggerated many of the moves, as she erotically danced about the room.

After the first number, Dave asked if this was an exotic dance or just a sexy Disco routine. He thought exotic meant that clothes had to come off. Maki giggled and looked at me. "Well husband, should I give them the same routine, I gave to you." I was shocked. She was usually very reserved around others when it came to exposing her body. "It's up to you, Maki", I cautiously replied. "Well", she said, "Maybe I will give Dave just a tease, to help him forget about his argument with Peggy".

The second song was a slower tempo. Maki moved closer to the sofa, lifting her dress up, almost exposing her matching black thong; but dropped the hem just in time, while moving away.

She saw the disappointed look on our faces, so she pulled her hands inside the top of her dress through the arm holes and unfastened her sheer black bra. We knew what she was doing, but unfortunately couldn't see.

Next, she pulled the bra out through the arm hole and with a big smile on her face, tossed it to Dave. Immediately, she began moving again to the music. Her breasts now jiggled a bit more under her dress and those hard, half-inch long nipples began to poke against the material. Her movements became more and more erotic.

Standing in the middle of the room, she bent over backwards, while facing us, until her hands touched the floor. Arching her back, she exposed her thong and revealed a perfectly shaped camel toe. Doug couldn't take it anymore. Besides being intoxicated, he was totally horny. He stood up and pulled off his shirt and pants, leaving him naked except for his socks and boxer shorts. Sitting back down, he pulled out his dick and started stroking it to the rhythm of the music.

Dave followed Doug's example, leaving me the only male, fully dressed. I could feel the sexual tension in the air. When Maki lifted herself back up to a standing position, I could see the excitement in her eyes. She realized that she had done more than just cheer the guys up with her striptease.

The lustful look in Dave and Doug's eyes were demanding more than an erotic dance. She was obviously wondering to herself how to handle the situation. She looked at me for a sign or suggestion. I silently mouthed the word "stop". She seemed to understand, but instead of stopping she, said, "Honey, it looks like Dave and Doug are enjoying my show, but you still have your clothes on... don't I turn you on anymore?" I assumed she wanted me to join with them, so I could control the situation. I stood up and took off my clothes, then began stroking my cock as, Maki started dancing again.

Dave was still holding her bra, as he slowly slid his hand up and down his thick shaft. Then Doug spoke up, "You gave Dave your bra... don't I get anything?" Maki laughed, "Are you jealous... Doug baby?" He instantly, replied, "Yes... very!" Maki then turned her back and lifted the dress in the front. She began pulling off her thong, but the back of her dress hid any glimpse of her rounded, tight ass. After she had pulled it off and stepped out of the thin straps, she turned back around, while twirling the thong on her finger. "How about this Horny Boy?" She threw her thong to Doug.

Being the clown that he is, he pulled it over his head with the crotch directly over his nose. Now, he was stroking his 6-inch penis even faster. Maki turned back around, twisting to look at the three of us on the sofa. She then lifted her dress up to expose her naked ass. Doug grunted, "Oh Yea Baby... show that fine ass". She bent over slightly, revealing just a glimpse of her bare pussy.

Suddenly, she was facing again us and lifted her dress. This time she didn't stop, raising is to her waist to expose her naked vaginal lips. Spreading her legs apart, she arched backwards, until her hands were on the floor. Her pussy was gaped open for all to see. She remained there for about thirty seconds before standing up.

Then, she slowly walked towards us until she was just three feet away. Looking down at our cocks, in slurred speech she noted, "This is the first time I have ever seen more than one penis at the same time. In fact, it's the first time I have seen another man's penis since I married Jim."

Dave corrected her, "This is not a penis, it's a cock." Maki apologized, "I'm sorry. It's the first time I've seen three cocks at the same time", then looking at Dave, "And that's definitely the biggest cock I have ever seen!" It was big, over 8 inches.

With a very sexy voice, "Well gentlemen, do you like my shaven vagina?" Doug stated the obvious, "We can't see it right now." She laughed, "Oh... that's right... how about this". She pulled her dress off over her head and handed it to me. She was completely naked and just a few feet from three hard cocks.

Dave corrected her again, "That's a cunt... not a vagina". She pretended to be embarrassed, "Oh yes it is a cunt, isn't it and I'm a very naughty wife showing my wet shaven cunt to my husband's friends, while he watches. "No" Doug added "You are a slut... a slut wife... an Asian slut wife". Maki's voice became very sultry, "Do you like looking at a Japanese Slut Wife's wet, shaven cunt?"

Dave responded, "Yes, I love looking at your tiny, juicy, cunt... but I'd rather stick my big cock inside it". Maki acted shocked, "Oh my gosh that would be very, very naughty". She looked over to me, "Jim honey, can Dave stick his big, fat cock in my little Japanese cunt?"

I didn't know what to say or what she wanted me to say, so I gave the ball back to her, "It's up to you Maki... what do you want?" She surprised all of us by climbing onto to Dave's lap and lining his cock head up with her pussy. She then pushed down allowing it to penetrate her vaginal lips. "Oh god, yes" she gasped. Her ass began to rotate, causing him to go deeper inside... suddenly she had an orgasm. She quivered and shook, while moaning loudly, "Iku...Iku desu... I'm cumming!"

Dave spoke in a loud voice, "Jim, it looks like your wife likes my cock... don't you Maki?" "Yes", she moaned "it feels fantastic." She pushed down harder. It was now more than halfway in. She reached over and grabbed Doug's cock and began stroking it, "Do you want to penetrate my little Cunt, Doug?"... "No", he said, "I want to fuck you in the ass".

Maki's eyes got big, "I've never been fucked there before. Does it hurt?" No", he retorted, "I'll be gentle" Doug stood up and went to the bathroom. Within seconds, he returned with a jar of petroleum jelly. First he rubbed a large quantity on his cock and then all around Maki's rosebud. Next, he scooped up a heaping finger full and slowly inserted it in her ass. This caused her to push her cunt all the way down on Dave's rod. Maki had another orgasm, this one much bigger than the last. Doug placed his cockhead against her ass and pushed. Not much, but enough to penetrate her ultra-tight hole. She moaned loudly, when she felt a second dick inside her.

She became a wild woman... rising up and down on Dave and pushing back towards Doug. She was yelling, "Fuck me with your big hard cocks. I'm a Japanese slut and my husband loves watching me have sex with two men at the same time... tell me Jim... don't you love it?" I mumbled my approval, but that wasn't good enough for her, "Say it... say it loud... you love watching your Japanese slut wife get fucked by two big, thick cocks!" I repeated her words in a loud voice, almost yelling.

That sent Doug over the top as his balls tightened and his cock throbbed... filling her ass with gobs of his sperm. Maki came again. She was moaning and groaning, as Dave let go with his climax, pumping a large load of semen into her juicy pussy. They stayed connected for at least two minutes, breathing heavily, until Doug backed out of her ass. It made a nasty popping sound. I saw a river of cum flowing from her rosebud, slowly oozing over Dave's balls.

I couldn't help myself. I had never had anal sex with her before, so I rammed my dick into her ass, sinking all the way in. I started fucking her like crazy. Apparently Dave's cock was getting hard again. "Oh yes, Jim, fuck your naughty wife's ass, while Dave fucks me again." It was an erotic scene. Watching her push back on my dick and then rotate her hips, as she slid down on Dave's revived cock. We kept the pace for at least five minutes... non-stop.

Maki murmured, "I'm such a slut. I love fucking cocks with my husband watching and doing me in the ass. I want to suck Dave's cock and drink his cum. I want to suck Doug and have him spurt his semen all over my face. I want my husband to fill my ass with his love cream... do me... do me... do me!"

Dave and I both finished at the same time, as Maki shook with another massive orgasm of her own. After catching our breath, she stood up with cum dropping from her cunt. I put her dress back on; however her bra and thong were now trophies for Dave and Doug. She noticed that our two friends had fresh hard-ons.

As I got dressed, she gave both of them very sloppy blow jobs, with lots of tongue action and more dirty talk. Dave came in her mouth, which she swallowed completely and Doug shot his load all over her face.

On the way home, she fell asleep. Before putting her to bed, I cleaned her up as best I could. The next morning, she acted as if nothing had taken place just 10 hours earlier. I asked her if she remembered what had happened the night before and she said that she only recalled driving over to Dave's to take him and Peggy dancing with us. She couldn't remember anything else. In fact, she asked me if she had passed out at Dave's place.

Should I tell her what happened last night?

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