tagIncest/TabooIt Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 01

It Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 01

bySatin and Lace©

Katherine was singing as she prepared the room for Dean. Her mind was all astir from what she anticipated what was to be. Making her almost giddy. Steven had called a few times then nothing. Remembering his thick cock made her feel moist. Now how would Dean be in comparison? Maybe he was married? Perhaps bringing his wife? Katherine shook that notion out of her mind. Dean was coming alone for recovery from the war.

The clouds were banking up she noticed as the phone rang.

"Hell-O John." Katherine said seeing the caller id box.

"I am swamped being sent to the East coast for some new clients. I'm here at the airport don't know how long I will be this trip. Tell Dean hi. Oh and one more thing, Katherine make him feel at home. He has been traumatized. Bye now." John said in one long breath.

Katherine hung the phone up livid with John. Here she was all anticipating a little fuck from him before Dean and just like always she was left without nothing. Looking into the bedroom she saw it was very inviting. The goose down quilt was airy and his bathroom was heating the floor and towel racks. She thought he might enjoy an immediate shower. The temp kept dropping as the afternoon wore on.

She had planned on an elegant meal then thought perhaps he would enjoy something more like pizza. As she was thinking the doorbell rang bringing her to attention. Walking over the door opened slowly and a very tall dark haired man stuck his head in.

"Anybody home?" Dean hollered.

"Just me." Katherine said smiling.

"I took an earlier flight. Caught a cab and came straight here. Where's dad?" Dean said politely.

"He actually called he was at the airport leaving on business. Come on in and make yourself comfortable." Katherine said warmly.

She watched this very handsome youthful looking John walk towards the sofa. He was in great physical condition. Stood pretty tall and proud. Her eyes scanned down his body stopping at his crotch. He had quite a bulge, then she noted he was walking on a cane. Stepping over to sit near him she saw his eyes looking at her breasts caught him smiling for a minute second.

" Dean would you like to get comfortable? I readied the bath for you. Thought perhaps you would enjoy something very American for dinner. Actually Italian, a good pizza, some beer?" Katherine spoke softly.

Dean's eye were filled with the most gorgeous breasts he had seen in a long time. Instantly chiding himself because Katherine was his dad's wife. Looking out across the vast living room he shook his head to clear the thoughts that were racing in his head. He hadn't fucked for a long time. He wasn't up to it, that's why he was state side. Recovering from a leg wound. He wanted to lay his head in her large breasts and fuck her wild.

Standing slowly he started walking towards his old bedroom.

Katherine watched his movements. That tight ass, those huge hands, that natural bulge was more than her clit could stand. She was feeling the friction against her panties. She couldn't help it she had to remove them. Taking her thumbs she slid them down her womanly hips. They got tangled at her knee's so she bent over to fix them. Not noting that Dean had walked in from the kitchen.

His mind went into orbit that beautiful white ass was open for his eyes. Seeing that perfect shaped clit hanging down through her full lips. He was transfixed watching her wiggle, knowing she didn't know he was watching. His cock was rock solid so hard it escaped his shorts. He knew he had to escape before she stood up. He awkwardly walked back into the kitchen making it back to his room without being seen.

Katherine didn't know he had saw her so exposed, but his thoughts were in over drive. She was so delicious well womanly. A much older woman, all though he didn't notice her looking older than himself. Her body was such a glorious sight. As he was slipping out of his shorts, running the shower his mind replayed that instant he looked upon her hot ass. Now that was begging for being fucked. From behind, hard against the wall, deep on her back. His nose rubbing on that clit as his tongue explored the folds. She had a long thin line of blonde hair ending at the cleft above her free standing sexy clit. His body shuddered as he slowly stepped into the shower.

Katherine heard the water running envisioning him naked she became so hot she had to have a look see. It was John's fault she had thought she might at least be fucked by him before Dean arrived. Slowly she walked back into the hall. She heard noise from his shower. How could she make it so she could see his manhood? Then she remembered she hadn't placed towels in the bathroom. Hurrying towards the linen closet her mind began to plot how she would let him know she wanted his fucking hard cock.

Dean easily slipped his soapy hand down at his cock's hardened base. Closing his eyes he started slowly moving it up the length of his shaft. Oh, the thought of sinking this into his step mother was so erotic he began to move a little quicker. Almost losing his balance he leaned towards the wall and allowed his free hand to hold his body up. What a fine fuck she would be. Seeing in his minds eye the pussy of his step mother only made him hotter. With purpose and determination he gathered speed. He needed to cum but he wanted to cum in her.

"Dean? I'm sorry I forgot your towels." Katherine hollered over the water.

Dean's mind snapped to her feminine voice. He couldn't speak he also couldn't stop stroking his rod. His hand grabbed his shaft harder.

"Dean, did you hear me? I will leave them on the rack?" Katherine said more seductively.

Katherine could barely make out a shadow but she knew he was masturbating. Caught in the act of staring at him she knew she had to walk away.

"Dean?" she said again.

Dean was almost exploding. He knew he had to answer she would hear his lust in his voice. She hadn't turned around and left perhaps he could open the door. This wasn't right his step mother, his dad's wife. He needed to stop this and make it right. Just as he was about to. The door opened up. Katherine was in the nude.

"Dean maybe I could help you?" She purred softly.

Katherine placed her hand next to his as she smiled and closed the door. Looking at his eyes she saw his lust for her. She knew they were going to fuck, but first she needed to watch him to cum. She knelt down and replaced both of their hands with her hot, wet mouth. Her first touch threw electricity down his spine.

"Oh Katherine, take it down that throat of yours. Let me fuck your beautiful mouth. You are so hot!" Dean shouted.

Katherine sped up swallowing he was so delicious. The pelting water was running down her sleek mature body. Gracing her curves, licking her skin gathering on her pubic hair just before finding her enraged clit.

Katherine was in heaven a shaft of a hot lover down her throat. The embodiment of the perfect cock. Her lips surrounding the girth, her throat feeling his veins wrapped around this most rigid muscle. She was sucking off John's son and not giving a damn about it. Licking the head, darting her tongue in and out of the hole. Feeling the weight on her tongue. She always loved a great cock sucking session. Something John allowed occasionally. To him a woman didn't do oral only whores.

Katherine didn't care what it made her she loved sucking, licking a cock. She managed to twist her nipples not realizing she was making herself cry out. Dean watched this woman devour his man hood, seeing her twisting her nipples made him hump her face harder. No matter how hard he face fucked this wild beauty she never let go. Lost in the sensation of her hot mouth, his hips drilled her as his mind was set free.

Dean felt something roaring through his body with force. His back went stiff, his legs went hard. His arms clinched the wall as his toes started to curl. His thoughts became vivid he was coming to an earth shattering orgasm. Head thrown back he closed his eyes. Ripping from his groin was an unexplainable sensation of such wonder. Feeling Katherine pressing his ass into her face, she slipped her fingers between his ass. His last thoughts were pleading with her to plunge a finger inside as he came to the final explosion.

"Ahhhhggh. Yes! Yes! Oh fucking yes!" Dean shouted to the universe.

Hot molten cum was blowing down Katherine's throat. So slick, so hot, she kept swallowing this delicious seed. His cum was raging out of his shaft daring to choke her. She opened her throat to allow her more access to his cum. Her head was moving like a wood pecker, keeping up with his load. Her finger pushing in and out causing him unknown pleasures.

Katherine felt the orgasm slowing up. She was so taken by his reaction of finger fucking. His body was a prisoner of her mouth and hands. She kept his cock in her mouth as Dean slowly stopped ramming into her mouth. Moving her thighs she found her clit it was aching to the point of no return. Moving her slender fingers she circled the head tapping so gently on the tip. She held her breathing back as she took her two fingers and started to stroke her clit. Closing her eyes she started a rhythm she knew would make her cum.

Next thing she knew she was flat on her back half out of the shower. Dean was licking down her inner thigh.

His head was bobbing down towards her womanhood. He was moaning, growling, lapping her wetness as his tongue touched her clit. As quick as he wrapped his tongue around its urgent need, she was arching up to make sure he engulfed it all. She was pressing his face into her love box. His licks became stunning her senses. She had never been ate like this. He was so out and out better than she had ever had.

Long sensuous licks, nibbles, probing her pussy hole winding up circling her ass. Tonguing her ass deep she felt her body yield to him. Her ankles wrapped around his upper back urging more exploration from this muscle he called his tongue. She tried not to buck his face, she couldn't control this though. Digging her fingers into his hair she gave herself totally into him.

"Dean... yes, right there please don't stop." Katherine said filled with lust.' Tongue fuck your step mom its been so long. You are so much like your brother."

Katherine could care less if she let it out she fucked Steven. John had sired two very sexual son's. She knew this was probably wrong somewhere but not here and not now!

"Cum for me baby?" Dean coaxed Katherine." Steven said you were fuckable. I have to remember to thank him for the heads up." Dean laughed.

Katherine was on the cusp of her orgasm she didn't care about anything but the star reaching orgasm ripping from her.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhh nowwwwwwwwww!" Katherine shouted.

Her cum sprayed all around Dean's face. He just continued to assault her pussy, he had wanted this for as long as he had spoken to his brother. Knowing he fucked not only his dad's wife but his brothers lover made him moan in desire. Neither one noticed the shower was filling the bathroom floor.

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