tagIncest/TabooIt Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 02

It Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 02

bySatin and Lace©

The water swirled around their body as they both laid there spent. Dean was the first to react when the water was about to soak into the bedroom carpet.

"Katherine, the water. We have to turn the water off." Dean leaped back and turned the nozzle.

His leg was hurting him, looking back towards Katherine seductively lying on the floor eyes closed made him groan. Her body was just so magnificent. The matured curves were so wanting. Her breasts were two beautiful orbital mounds tipped off with nipples that reacted instantly. A little jiggle, but very wonderfully firm more than any mouth full. He could just lay in them, as he was drilling that oh so fucking, delicious womanly pussy. Looking at her pussy was a dream. It was full, it was exposed, so marvelously sensual. He felt his cock stirs needing to know her deep.

"Dean, Dean the water turn it off." Katherine laughed.

"Kate, I just did. Where were you? I just told you we had to get the water off." Dean smiled back broadly.

"I was luxuriating in the thoughts of you." Kate smiled as she sat up.

Her hair was wet, her thick eye lashes shading her emerald green eyes. Dean felt a movement for her again.

Trying to stand up he couldn't. Oh well, this was wonderful. His knee acting up now. Kate couldn't see his weakness. He needed her to see him strong and whole. Moving his hands again, this time he was able to get onto his feet. Looking down on her face his cock bouncing between her eyes, he got ignited in lust.

Reaching out for her she came to her feet light as a feather. Pulling her into him he felt her shiver not from cold but for un satiated erotic sex. Nothing promised but so much to give. Looking her in her beautiful chiseled face he felt the rush of blood engorge his rod.

They walked towards his bed when, Kate took him by the hand led him to the master bed. She wanted to be fucked in her bed. The bed she shared with his dad. She wanted to feel him fill her pussy to over flowing with his hot seed. As they stepped up the two steps to mount the bed. Dean was already wanting to mount this dangerously. erotic woman. He wanted to be buried into her gaping pussy. Laying on top of her making all the decisions. She sat on the edge then slipped back to lay down. Dean knew what he wanted from her. He would get it too.

"Katherine turn onto your stomach." He whispered in her ear.

So seductively she did turn over, she loved what she felt he was going to do to her. Moving ever so slowly she anticipated him mounting her. Hearing the cry for help caught her off balance.

"Oh, Katherine I am having a spasm. Help me up?" Dean said in anguish.

Katherine jumped off the bed, helping his body to get up right. Seeing the pain in his face scared her. She didn't know what was happening. Should she call an ambulance? Call John? Dean's eyes were closed she got his weight on her back.

"Walk, Kate just walk. Slow please, though." Dean said through gritted teeth.

Katherine was a natural she walked him around the room. Dean's leg dragged behind for a little while. Then he slowly moved it to carry his weight. Eventually he was walking solid. His eyes looked at Kate. She was nude walking him without speaking. It bothered him the pain in her eyes.

"Katherine, I'm okay now." Dean scooted out from her body.

"Are you totally sure, Dean. I mean I can get you to the hospital?" Katherine said alarmed.

"I just want to lay down with you." He said as he was walking towards the big kind size bed.

Thinking this bed was his dad's should have made him feel guilt. Watching Katherine walking towards him only made him feel lust. The sway of her breasts. The hips moving so panther like. Her legs long strides. Her flipping that long mane of silver hair to one side. That smile, the smile of a woman. Her eyes focused upon his. The lips slightly parted, tongue moving ever so slightly. His hard shaft returned to a full blown erection.

His groin was readying for her to slip in beside him. His lips pursed from the desire he felt. She stopped just before reaching the bed stooped over picking up a pillow.

He wanted to howl that white ass was just so squeezable, fuckable, delicious. He wanted his cock to sink into the most erotic tight ass he had ever seen. The mere touch of his tongue earlier reminded him how she tasted. Holding his arms out towards her, she knelt on the bed. Finally sitting on her ankles with a wicked smile.

"What to do? What to do? Dean, you are so fuckalicious. The mere sight of your rod so hard I want it buried in me. But, your leg? What to do? What to do?" Katherine grinned as she placed her hands upon her nipples.

She started teasing Dean which in turn teased herself. Pulling on their beautiful shaped nipples, her breasts were instantly responsive. She put her nipples between her forefinger and thumb and felt the erection overcoming her softened nipples.

"ohhhh baby,let me taste?" Groaned Dean.

Katherine was enjoying his rapt attention. Removing her right hand she took it down to her breast bone and with a long slow ( slower than that ) motion she played her body well. Ending at her navel. She managed to scoot closer to Dean. He was mesmerized he didn't move a muscle he wanted to watch this vixen being a temptress. She tilted her head down looked up through her eyelashes, smiling broadly.

"Now what?" Katherine asked innocently.

"Take your fingers and go down on your pussy for me." Dean suggested hoarsely.

Dean loved her openness her willingness to do what he asked. Older women were so glorious that way. Her fingers moved down to the almost bald pussy. Opening her lips for him to see her arousal she took a second then plunged one finger.

"No, you wench you plunge three in, now." Dean commanded.

Katherine smirked and placed two more in as she seen his expression of enjoyment. His hand moved to the base of his rock, hard hot cock. They started stroking together, not to cum that was to be his cock buried to the hilt in her dripping wet pussy. Or so he thought. She was laughing at his stroking for her. She saw nothing wrong in a man stroking himself. Seeing his hand caused her to whimper as she came slightly.

"You wanna fuck, Dean?" Katherine said between her beautiful white teeth.

"Yes, I wanna fuck." Dean rasped back.

" How badly do you want to fuck Dean?" Katherine teased.

"Probably as bad as you wanna fuck Kate." Dean grinned.

Katherine got closer, Dean reached out and touched her inner thigh. They both were enjoying this stand off. Both knowing he was going to impale his cock in her, but just when was it going to happen?

"You smell our scent the muskiness?" Kate said breathlessly.

"Mmmmmm yes I'm reveling in it. Nothing fucking better than a woman in heat. Her scent is wondrous it's the scent of a woman most men can't resist." Dean added.

Katherine shocked Dean she without a wasted motion swung her leg over and placed herself over the top of him.

"Now what Dean?" Kate asked.

Dean's hands went to her hips mindlessly placing her in the perfect position for anal. Katherine reached down got her wetness and swiped her beautiful ass with it. Then she slowly sat down on his crown. Dean moaned so it reverberated off the walls. She took this as he wanted more. Little by little only resting when she felt hesitancy she allowed his cock to impale itself in her tight ass.

Biting his lips realizing he was deep in that white ass, he felt like he could implode at any second. Remembering how she was all bent over, ass bared for him. His lips began to tremble. Katherine didn't stop.

Moving down watching his face, she allowed him to mount her completely before she laid down across his chest. Neither could speak.

A few minutes later she sat upright and started to rock. Dean soared into space. That tight ass was his. It was squeezing his cock, massaging him to the point perfect orgasm. When he felt his cum build she did something with those fucking luscious hips and he was able to slow himself down. They were as though they were melded as one.

Intensity had never felt this fucking great. Dean forgot about his pain in his leg. In fact what leg? Was more like it. He felt her cumming, he only hoped from the onslaught he would be able to hold on for dear life. Just as the thought passed his senses. His own orgasm was ripping through his thighs, screaming for his cock.

"Oh baby, baby it's so fucking hotttttttttt." Shouted Katherine.

"No lying Kate." Hollered Dean.

Dean was going to explode inside of his step mom. He was going to fill her where he was sure his own dad had never been. This brought his hot meter to scorching. His hot cum was going to blast this furnace his cock was living in.

Together they bucked one another, screaming, scratching for anything to hold onto. Nothing was stopping their mutual orgasm. When and only when their bodies gave their best to one another did they collapse into one another. Kate, slipped forward his softened cock still half inside. Neither noticed the sun had gone down hours ago. They were entangled with part of the comforter, no sheet was on the bed and one pillow. Snow was lightly falling as they both slipped over the abyss.

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