tagIncest/TabooIt Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 04

It Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 04

bySatin and Lace©

"Kate. Why don't we have some breakfast? I'm hungry you must be too." Dean said comforting.

"You know I am hungry, too. I make some good crepes, have some fresh fruit. Bacon or sausage?" Katherine asked without caring.

Katherine was just devastated with those pictures. John was looking so content. She didn't seem to be upset by the betrayal. As much as who he had picked. Walking towards the kitchen after putting on robes Dean held Katherine for a few seconds. He opened the front door to see that it had been snowing. From the looks of it snowing for a quite sometime. Stooping over to pick up the newspaper he felt his knee give. Slowly he adjusted his weight and stood up closing the door carefully.

"So Dean is it bacon or sausage?" Kate asked out loud.

"I like bacon myself." Dean said as he entered the kitchen.

Dean looked at Katherine she was so breathtaking. Having already made the largest part of the breakfast she was cleaning off the counters. This house was a gourmet cook's dream. Dean remembered it from his childhood. How he and Steve would sit at the bar and wait for their dad's speciality. Cold cereal with moo juice. Dean smiled to himself, his dad was a good man. Raised Steve and him alone. Had relationships until he met Katherine. Then he rushed her to the altar.

He felt slightly guilty on how he had fucked Katherine, but not enough to feel overwhelmed or to stop. Katherine was made for fucking. She was highly sensual, sexy, and quite a lover.

"Here, is breakfast." Katherine spoke softly.

Katherine was placing a beautiful plate of crepes and fresh strawberries, banana's with crisp bacon. Whole wheat toast with butter, coffee, and cold cream. Sitting down across from him she nodded her head slightly, then picked up her silverware.

"You eat Dean you need to keep up your strength." Laughed Katherine.

Katherine jumped and got the two glasses of tomato juice with a stalk of celery to stir in it. Placing it down on the counter she leaned into Dean for a kiss. Their lips touched lightly.

"So what's up today on your plan?" Katherine asked smiling.

"Well, I'm supposed to get some guys together for some poker. I wonder if this snow will detain dad?" Dean said while looking at the front page.

"What snow?" Katherine said as she used the remote to open her blinds. 'It snowed, Dean. When did it snow?" She asked innocently.

"Perhaps while we were busy?" He grinned wide, winking at her.

They enjoyed eating leisurely replacing calories they had burned. As they were finished she started cleaning. Dean called a few guys up. By the time she was done he replaced the phone onto the counter top.

"No, go for tonight. The city isn't moving. We are apparently snowed in Katherine." Dean casually spoke.

Katherine turned towards Dean looking at a much younger John. They couldn't have been more different, but they were absolutely father and son. She hadn't noticed her robe was loose, she was exposed to Dean's eyes. He broke into a wider grin and motioned for her to come closer. She knew he was getting aroused. Walking towards him she walked sensually straight for him.

"That's the way to get a man's attention. Walk like you own the place. Walk without inhibitions. Sway those hips side to side, walk like you own the world. Fuck! You are a hot woman." Dean growled ever so sexily.

Katherine worked her body for his desires. As she got to him she slipped the robe off her shoulders. Looking him in his eyes, she then lowered her eyes to his half erect shaft. The crown was peeking through the softened material. Easily she slipped upon his lap. Having her legs open and his thighs closed.

"Mmmm, Dean it seems you might be swelling." Katherine laughed heartily.

The phone rang interrupting them. She picked it up kissing Dean erotically as she placed the ear piece to her ear.

"Hell-O." Katherine whispered.

"Are you in bed, darling?" John's voice was filled with energy.

"Oh, John, nope not in bed. Are you going to make it home today?" Katherine said as she took her other hand and massaged Dean's crown.

"Yes, I'm driving in. I want to get home see you and Dean." John said. His phone was breaking up slightly.

Katherine thought if he could see them now, that would be a surprise.

"Good Dean has missed you. Apparently your poker game will not happen though. We are snowed in." Katherine said as she bent down and bit Dean's nipples.

Katherine was enjoying this, Dean was past concerned that his dad would realize his son was fucking his wife. His body was responding rapidly to Katherine's sexual assault.

"You miss me to I hope? Perhaps you can get him to play some games? I don't know exactly when I will be there." John said.

"Yes, John I miss you. I might be able to get Dean into some board game. His knee has hurt him so sitting for any length of time might be to painful." Katherine said nonchalantly as she slipped onto his rock hard cock.

Katherine started out slowly rocking high on his cock, rubbing her clit on each completed rocking motion. Dean was stuffing his mouth with the napkin, his eyes were glazing over. His cock was inside his step mom as his dad's voice could be heard through the receiver. How fucking hot was this? He braced her steadying her full hips as she pleasured them both.

"Kate your voice sounds a little raspy. Must be the connection. Is Dean close?" John asked innocently.

"Yes, John I'm sure he is close. You want me to get him for you?" Katherine barely could get the words out.

Dean was shaking his head not to talk. He wasn't capable of speaking. Especially to his dad. They were out and out fucking while John was unaware what was taking place. Finally the connection was starting to bleed out. John hurriedly said his good-by's and said he would be home. The connection was dropped before Katherine could hear the time.

"Katherine you sexy little wanton lover. You were sure composed." Dean barely was able to whisper.

"Oh Dean, I hope he didn't hear your purring." Katherine broke out into laughter bringing tears to her eyes.

"I don't purr. Men don't purr, women purr. We growl! Like this Grrrr." Dean corrected her. 'Now fuck me hard." Dean said finally able to get at her nipples.

Katherine was amazed at herself fucking her stepson as she spoke with his dad. She found it so erotic, so fucking erotic. Swiveling her hips she crunched herself down further onto his shaft. She felt Dean's teeth nipping on her nipples. They were locked together nothing was going to separate them at this point. She took her legs and wrapped them around his. The chair was made from good quality wood. It had to, they were rocking it on two legs.

Allowing each other to work from one another their orgasm was building to a great crescendo. They were fucking with the windows wide open, the snow was blowing hard in the background. Nature at it's finest, both of them were dripping with sweat. As their mutual orgasm was shattering through them their eyes locked together. Nothing could stop what was coming.

"I dare you to cum!" Katherine whispered

"I'm waiting for you." Dean barely whispered back.

"I'm waiting for you." Katherine coaxed the word you, out before biting her lip.

They were determined to cum together. Hard rocking, cock sloshing wet, clit enraged with passionate eroticism. Exactly at the same moment heads thrown back they rode the curl of the orgasm.

Shouting loudly they came in a hot blast of cum sharing it between their bodies. Both shivering, quaking, quivering every ounce of their well being was expending to share in this moment. Sweating, panting, screaming they finally started to come back to their senses.

"Oh. Oh. Oh, Kate my leg its .. Help me? Please?" Dean helped Katherine off his lap.

Katherine scurried off the leg, it was swollen. Concerned she told him to not move. Running into the utility room she got him a walker. Dean's eyes rolled. How totally embarrassing a walker. Katherine would certainly baby him now. Something he so desperately fought in his everyday life.

"Here place your hands on each side. Place your good leg on the floor, I will help you onto the sofa." Katherine was concerned.

"I can do it Kate." Dean tried to sound level voice.

"Well, you probably can Dean. But you listen to a doctor right now." Katherine absently spoke.

Dean looked her face for a sign of pity. She was all medical, efficient, nothing but concern.

"Kate, you are a doctor?" Dean said shocked.

"Yes, Dean your dad was my patient after his accident." Katherine cringed when she let it slip of his dad's surgery.

"My dad was hurt? I didn't know that. What about Steven?" Dean asked exasperated.

"Nope just your dad." Katherine smiled.

"Katherine I'm serious. What happened? Did Steve know about it?" Dean said firmly.

"No! He didn't know your dad had the surgery. Steve was in school. You were in the service. He slipped and fell. During the MRI, they found he had a tumor in his kidney. Kidney was removed and he is fine." Katherine was matter of fact. 'Anything else you ask him. Just know he is completely one hundred percent."

Katherine squatted and started rubbing down his scar on the knee. Dean felt surreal. His knee was hurting. How could his dad just omit that? Katherine had placed pillow under his leg. By the fire, he was being massaged he didn't allow his dad's secret intrude. His head back, her long graceful fingers were expertly working the muscles and their tightness was releasing their hold. He sure had his secrets too.

Allowing Katherine to expertly bring his knee to relaxing state. Katherine caught Dean fall asleep. She stood up, straightening up. Dean looked like John spread out in his robe. She quietly placed the throw across his body.

She took another quick shower, dressed in a tight wrap around blouse and skirt. Checking on Dean she saw him still sleeping. Going to her computer she read about his leg injury. It wasn't all good. Dean had been keeping a secret.

"What's up doc?" Dean casually said standing against the door jam.

Katherine jumped off the chair. Turning to look at Dean's coloring, he looked more himself. She tried to be stern looking but he was so disheveled, handsome, and looked so much like his dad.

"Dean Edward you scared me. I'm looking up your knee injury." Katherine said concerned.

Dean scuffled towards Katherine reading over her shoulder. Katherine kept reading too. As they were reading their breathing became identical.

"Yep. That's what I have been told. What do you think, doc?" Dean feigned a casual voice.

"Dean you have to tell your dad. He needs to know. I also would get a second opinion. The service has terrific doctors. I know just the surgeon to go to." Katherine said clinically.

Katherine put her arms around Dean's waist, as Dean wrapped his arm around Katherine's body.

"I'm home, anybody here?" John hollered.

Dean jerked from Katherine as though she had become to hot to touch. Katherine turned off her computer, kissed Dean. Straightening her clothes she went out towards John's voice.

"Welcome home, John." Katherine hugged him hard.

"What a hug, you look beautiful. What's the face for?" John said anxious.

Katherine knew John could read her. Actually he only read her when she didn't care if he knew her true feelings. He would never know she was fucking Dean and had fucked Steven. Walking towards the wet bar she poured him three fingers of one hundred year scotch. Handing it to John she turned and sat down on the sofa spreading her long body out.

"I don't know what face you are talking about, darling." Katherine said graciously.

Dean came walking out of the back of the house he had pulled on some pajama bottoms. Seeing his dad he unsteadily walked towards him. They bear hugged one another before releasing one another.

"Son you look like hell." John said sitting next to Katherine.

"Well, thank you dad. I feel like hell at the moment." Dean smiled back.

Katherine could see them both in the same room. They were so much a like, both to manly man to show a lot of emotion. Both very handsome she could see John in his youth. She could see Dean in his fifties. As they chatted about the service, and people they both knew she left the room to get something to snack on.

She decided on cheese and crackers, grilled red pepper dip, dripping in olive oil. She grilled some pineapple expertly, cutting them in mouthful size. Olives and some pita slices. Placing the tray onto the coffee table she saw that Dean had been poured some whiskey.

She thought better of it than to remind him of his med's. She sat back down closer to John. She did love the way he smelled, his energetic air. He reached for a cracker ate it without noticing she returned.

"Katherine this is delicious." Dean said.

Their eyes fell into one another smiling without making a big deal of it.

John walked back to the bar expertly pouring his scotch over three ice cubes. The ice cubes tingled on the crystal glass. Katherine didn't drink.

"Son, how are you really?" John said before his phone interrupted him. 'I gotta take this call sorry." he said leaving the room.

Dean looked at Katherine desire was just on the surface. Her womanly ways, her endearing ways. He wanted to touch her face. She was also looking at Dean with eyes of embers of fanning passions. John came back into the room. They looked at him, yet knowing they would be together somehow soon.

"Made the deal. Quite a coo. I want to celebrate. Let's go out." John said self involved.

"Dad, haven't you noticed it snowed us in?" Dean laughed. Even his dad had to face being snowed in.

John walked towards the wall of windows, seeing his land his possession. He worked hard to be where he was. On top. He made things happen. He was a mover and shaker. Money was his mistress. Absently his mind went to earlier this morning. In his hotel suite he was eating talking on his phone. His phone was always close. It made his world close at hand.

"John?" Katherine said louder.

John kept his face towards the beautiful snow laden hills. He could see her in the glass she was so perfect, he loved her so much.

"Yes, Kate I am sorry I was thinking of the deal I just closed." He said turning back towards Dean and his wife.

"I can make something special right here. Perhaps, somebody could make it over?" Katherine said not figuring anybody really could.

"Sounds delicious, Kate." John sincerely said. 'Perhaps Sean and Jill?" he said without thinking.

Katherine was taken back by the request. It was the first time she thought of Jill. Jill was younger than Sean and John and herself. In the last trimester it was a hard pregnancy.

"Are you going to make the call, John?" Katherine asked.

"Yes, I will. How about dinner at eight? I need to make some business calls, sorry Dean." John said looking at Dean. Walking towards his home office.

Katherine had already walked into the kitchen to get the prime rib out. Hearing the door shut behind John, Dean became emboldened and came up behind Katherine. Slipping his hands around her body snuggly pulling her into him. He was shocked at his dad's self absorbed attitude. He felt Katherine rigid at first start to loosen up.

"What an ass." Dean said without thinking.

"Don't you call your dad an ass. He is your father who loves you, Dean." Katherine said.

She moved her hands down her sides and playfully touched his softened cock. Dean leaned down and kissed her neck, nibbling at her ear lobe. Moving one arm he embraced her breasts as though they were as one. Katherine turned around so she was looking him fully in the face. Their lips met, igniting their passions. This was dangerous, they both knew it. Accepting this was erotic, fucking while only a wooden door was between Katherine's husband and Dean's dad and them. This would take finesse, while rocketing into orbit.

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