tagIncest/TabooIt Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 06

It Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 06

bySatin and Lace©

Katherine and Dean managed to get cleaned up, dressed and back into the living room just as John came out of his study. Kate was finishing the preparation for tonight's celebratory dinner. Looking out at John and Dean as they caught upon old times. Looking at two men that she had, made her feel sensual. Placing the dessert into the oven, the door bell rang.

John shouted, ' I wonder who that can be? It's snowing out there.' his voiced trailed off as he went to answer the door. 'Oh welcome Steven." He said astonished.

"It's Steven. Dean your brother is here. Look Katherine it's Steven. My boy's are home. How about a drink Steve?" John said warmly.

"Okay dad maybe a small one. How's the kid brother? Katherine what a beautiful woman you are tonight." Steve said turning in time to see Dean mouth 'I want to fuck' to Katherine.

For some reason Steve felt a pang of jealousy. Had he gotten to Katherine? Kate was made for fucking no man could deny that. Kate was busy working at the kitchen island. She walked out into the living space to give Steven a warm hug.

"What a marvelous surprise. You must join us for dinner. Now where are your things?" Kate said as she walked to the front door.

"I left stuff in the car. So tell me Dean, how's the states treating my baby brother?" Steve laughed at Dean. 'You been busy around here?" Steven gave him a raised eyebrow.

John was fixing drinks, smiling at his son's. They were both such young men now. He felt a little tension between Dean and Steve. They always had a close relationship but full of competition. His smile was broad as he listened to their talk.

"Yes been busy since getting here. Dad came home today, I got in yesterday." Dean made sure Steve knew he was alone with Katherine.

Kate was quietly laughing two bulls trying to mark territory. She looked upon this as healthy. Seeing Steve again made her get tingly all inside. Hearing them discuss sports she prepared dinner for four. She decided to push some buttons so she went off to change for the night.

"You guys catch up, I'm going to change. Don't touch anything everything is timed." Kate laughed knowing that none of the men would have dared stepped into the kitchen.

Seeing the three of them made her desires awaken. Steven was such a lover, so tuned into her wants her desires. Dean he was a great fuck being up for anything. He had squeezed her hand through out the day. Thanking her for taking him to sub space. Winking of next was her time to trip. John sure raised two wonderful son's. Seeing John she looked at his picture on their dresser. He was standing there on their wedding day. She felt such a depth of emotion looking on his face. John passed on his physique both boys were over six feet. Both had the gentle manners of the mid west. Her fingers started undoing her satin blouse. Back in the bedroom she couldn't hear the guys very well.

Her hands slipped the black satin blouse off her shoulders. Seeing her image in the floor standing ,mirror she saw a woman that could pass for a lady in her thirties. She had closed their bedroom door. Looking at herself as she removed her skirt, she smiled at her image. Walking to the closet she was quickly over taken by the weight of a man on her back. She only felt, hot lips kissing her shoulder. She couldn't tell which one it was. Slipping her hand around she couldn't manage to touch his manhood.

"Miss me Kate? Miss your man? You look so fine tonight. You know you ruined me. So tell me how do you want it?' He said whispering in her ear.

"I want it hot. I want it hard." Kate whispered through clinched teeth.

"You got any lovin lately?" he asked hoping she would say no. 'I know you have me going around with hard on's with lust. You need to be brought down a few notches." He said.

"You think you can do that?" She said teasing him lightly.

"I fucking know I can fuck you inside and out. You are such a hot fucking creature." He said pressing his full body into her's.

She automatically lifted her one leg for his cock to take her. The feel of his tongue took her breath away. He had gotten on his knee's to lick her wet pussy. Her mind went to pieces. The velvet touch of his long tongue lapping on her. Caused her to cum biting onto one of John's suit sleeve. She didn't want to be given away. He wasn't stopping there, he was going to get his rocks off. His body was needing relief. It had been a long trip, long day in the office.

Kate was twirled, shoved to her knee's. Her back was placed on the closet wall. From this vantage point he would face fuck her. Holding his body up by his hands on the wall. He placed his rigid cock at her lips. Loving that moment that he knew he would get his fat cock swallowed.

"Hmm open, that mouth for daddy?" He said hoarse

Kate opened her mouth waiting for her mouth to get full of a rock solid cock. He had his cock on her lip she didn't move. She knew he enjoyed the waiting game. He would play with her lips, cheeks, face until he couldn't wait any longer. Hearing his breathing become erratic made her hotter. His body was possessing her again.

"You fuck my baby brother?" Steven asked slapping his cock on her high cheek bones.

Katherine smiled looking Steven in the eyes. His weight of his cock resting on her tongue. His one hand was clinching her massive curls away from her face. He loved that look of a bulge in a woman's mouth. Especially when it was his bulge. He was enjoying this so much. Taking back Kate. He saw in her eyes she had fucked Dean. Perhaps tonight she might even fuck his dad. He wanted to give her his seed first.

Shoving his cock down her throat in a swift motion she swallowed hungrily. It knocked her head back onto the closet wall. Shoving that fat cock. Up and down. In and out. Deep and shallow. He was so turned on seeing her take his face fuck with the finesse of an older woman.

He wasn't lying when he told her she had ruined other women for him. He always seemed to have her in his mind's eye. The women his age was not great fuck's. Well that one girl had the potential. No woman had Kate's class. Her open willingness to allow him to fuck her. Older woman had it going for them. He shifted his weight to get longer strides into that wet, hot, dark mouth.

His mind went tripping back to some of the pathetic reason's a girl would give not to suck cock. 'My hair I just had it done. It has to last a week. That in my mouth? With horror on her face. Are you sure it likes being sucked? I don't suck cock. That woman didn't know it but she didn't fuck either. He laughed enjoying the momentum. Pelting her throat with his engorged cock. She felt the tremors, she knew he was cumming.

"Nowwwwwwwwww fuckkkkkk Meeeeeee" Hollered Steven. Grabbing her hair as he shoved her face into his body. She slid her fingers in his tight ass massaging him into giving her hotter seed. As he came slowly back he pulled her up. Kissing her mouth deeply. He was gone just as quick as he came.

Stepping out of the closet her bedroom door was ajar. Her body felt so ravished, she went directly into the bath. John couldn't see her face. He would know instantly she had been fucked. Oh the way this made her feel knowing how wrong it was. She was soothed by Steven, she was more assure now that she must wear something tantalizing tonight. There were two more men to have. Washing her body she listened to the music piped into the shower.

This was a night she wanted to remember. It was so like Steven to get in line first. He would always want to be number one she adored his possessiveness. As she stepped out of the shower she grabbed a towel. It surprised her because the towel seemed to be suspended in mid air.

"Good evening Kate." He said calmly.

"John? Is something burning?" She asked alarmed.

"Not in the kitchen. I just came back here to tell my wife how much I love her." John said kissing her fully on her lips.

"You are a very beautiful woman. I don't think I tell you that enough." John continued.

"Where are the boys?" Kate asked pulling on a robe.

"They went downstairs to play some pool. I snuck back here to kiss my wife." John smiled.

"Well John, that's sweet. I missed you on this last trip. I am glad your boy's are home together." Kate said as she walked back to the closet.


The closet looked like a small tornado had came blowing through. Pulling out a beautiful lounge gown. A little risque on the top. A lot of cleavage, backless and two slits up the sides. In a pale green she knew it would drive the boy's crazy. John was enjoying the show. She dropped her robe, standing there nude. Her face was flushed John reached out to touch her velvet skin. She walked near him he pulled her body into his.

Burying his face into her elegance. Inhaling her into his mind. His cock stirred so he unzipped his fly. Kate was instantly very taken by this. John just didn't behave this way. His pulling his cock out so she could see his erection made her moan. He was well hung, thick as hell. She immediately stroked his shaft. He went ahead and undone his slacks. Very rushed he pulled his clothing down. He walked her to the wall, lifting her high. She thought what was this? Walls? Father like son he shoved her back to the wall entering her wet pussy in a deep thrusting motion. Kate bit her lips, needing to feel the searing of his rod opening her wet pussy lips.

"Fucking hot Kate." John said. Taking her lips hostage he kissed her mouth. ' Fucking hot! You are such a great fucking hot woman.' John was totally losing control.

He watched his wife earlier as his son's kept stealing looks at her. Seeing her bend over, stretching for the dishes. He seen his wife looking so startling sexy. He grinned at his son's if they found a woman with one percent of Kate's style he would be happy for them. Handing Steven his drink, he saw the way he looked at Kate.

"Kate?" He said pressing his shaft splitting her lips wider. His eye's were closed biting his lower lip he was focused in this woman's love box. What a fucking sensational, sensual feeling the way her pussy grabs his cock. Massaging the full length listening for the popping sound as he pulled out. Hips riveted to her body. Her staccato breathing, was making him go nuts. Which when his nuts slapped his thighs he could feel the hot wetness running down his cock. Dripping off his hairy balls.

Pounding his wife into the wall. He was losing his inhibitions.

"You like being fucked like this Kate?" John asked raspy voiced. 'You know Steve and Dean watch you they are enjoying your glimpses of your nipples. Your ass, that fucking firm ass of yours. You want something you haven't ever had? You want more than one man at a time? You want a threesome? You want me to watch as my son's fuck their step mom? You want them to watch me fuck you, Kate? You want me to hold you as they take you? I can hold you as they fuck your holes?' John was forcing the words through closed lips.

"Come on Kate give your pussy a workout. Show us what you have. Give us the fantasy for every man alive. Take us all three on. Kate, fuck us one by one. Two at a time. All three of us. Just think of all that hard muscle opening your holes." He was fighting his own desires to scream out. 'Let me watch my wife being fucked. Let me see your pussy hole being pumped hard. Young cock, both studs I hear. I can hear that sloshing wetness. Oceans of cum. You just being fucked every position there is." John whispered more out loud.

"Fuck us Kate. Fuck the men of this house. I could call them from downstairs. I'm sure I wouldn't have to even ask. They could walk in here and know what to do with their step mom. They would see your pussy open and sloppy wet knowing I called them. They would strip down you can see their cocks. You can tease them, but you have to please them. How does that sound? How does that sound Kate?'

~~~~ "Kate?" John said.

Kate realized that John was saying something. She had lost focus as she got the towel from the rack. John was looking at her perplexed. She had just fantasized his fucking her. His asking if she wanted all three. She was so let down.

"I'm sorry John. I lost track of thought." She said as she slipped on her lounging gown. 'Is that dinner burning?" She said running towards the kitchen.

She couldn't believe how real that was. His cock felt so real. She was also surprised that it crossed her mind. Being with more than one man never crossed her mind. As she checked the pots placing the main course on the counter. Her mind went back into the recesses.


John was making long strides as he whispered to her to let him call his boy's. Pushing into her wetness she felt the eroticism boiling over. She was back in the bedroom, guys must have been together. His body weight placing her harder onto the wall. His sweat as he gritted his teeth, shoving his fat cock to its hilt. What a wild fuck John was giving her.

"Thinking about it Kate? Are you wanting my boy's to come to help me? You want me to share you? You know it's hot thinking of them splitting your pussy. I can watch their face as they take you any way they feel. You know you want us all. You already fucked Steven. You must have enjoyed today with Dean. I was busy. So let's get them up here." John mashed his cock in harder with every word.

"Fuck me with the same lust you got my boy's feeling." John's body moved back a little to see her face for her answer. 'Kate you know I wouldn't let you get hurt. Come on?" John begged.

Hearing John beg to have his son's cock buried in her, she felt a sudden rush of warmth spray on John. His offering was so erotic three well developed male organs. Bursting at their length for her pleasure. Her mind went into over drive. Being able to suck Steven's cock at the same time being fucked by John. It sent chills down her spine. Dean grabbing her nipples, as they were free for his taking. Her hands stroking Dean. The four of them moving around enjoying hot sensually erotic sex.

Ever so slightly Kate nodded her head. Without a wasted second John hollered out for his boy's.

"Steven, Dean come upstairs." He hollered with desire dripping in every word.


Kate was startled when she looked up there stood all three men. John was placing the evenings wine on the dinner table. Dean was carrying the salad to the table. Steven was stoking the fire. What was wrong with her? She had to stop this day dreaming. Seeing them she felt a rush of emotions she was seated by John at the head of the table. He took his place across from her. The table could seat twelve comfortable, glass topped frame in wooden rectangles.

"Well dad you said the deal got signed. That is just great. Here's to dad closing the deal of the century." Dean said as he stood up. Their wine glasses clinked together.

"Yes. Dean you and Steven will carry on this company." John said beaming.

"Dad I told you I had to think about it." Steven said a little exasperated.

"That's right Steven you have to still think about being a multi millionaire in your twenties." John laughed loudly.

Kate was enjoying their comradery. They were so close watching the boys talk. Seeing John's pride in his businessmen, son's. Heirs to the empire he was building, thought Kate. She was enjoying the different courses even if she did cook it all. Their dinner went superbly. All passed on the dessert for now. John offered to clean. Kate couldn't let him clean so he and Steven went to the study to talk.

Dean came up behind Katherine. She had bent over to put some dishes away. His eyes were feasting on a beautiful woman bent at the waist. Her lovely hair swung to one side. He put the dishes down. Knelt so he could be at Katherine's eye level.

Softly he brought her face to his. Teasing her lips with a slight brushing of his. Katherine closed her eyes waiting for him to kiss her passionately. She didn't have to wait long. Dean was tender taking his time with his ecstasy. Dean wasn't going to be rushed he could wait. Standing back up he finished clearing off the table. Katherine stood up feeling perplexed. Breaking into a broad smile she shook her head. Dean was going to be quite a lover.

The kitchen got cleared almost the same moment Steven and John returned. All of them sat in the living area. Katherine was setting next to John. Steven and Dean were lying on the floor. The fire was blazing crackling, made them all feel close. Katherine slipped her leg over the other, Dean saw she wasn't wearing panties.

Soon the television came on, Katherine yawned as she lost the guys to sports updates. Kate got up walking towards the back of the house. She was thinking of Steven earlier. Wondering whether John would want to fuck. Now that Steven got here. Dean was quiet after dinner perhaps his leg was hurting him.

She passed the last doorway just as she was grabbed from inside. The closet was dark but she knew Dean's cock it was bouncing from him grabbing her.

"You don't have panties on Katherine. I couldn't help but notice. I wonder if Steven and dad noticed?" Dean whispered as he pulled onto her dress.'Fuck me Katherine, I need to feel you." Dean spoke huskily.

Katherine felt his engorged maleness. It was so rock solid. She was becoming hungry for the thick head to penetrate her. Smiling in the dark she thought how Steven was so deep into oral. Dean liked his cock to get all wrapped into a talking pussy. Katherine knew her pussy was a snapping pussy, she worked exercising it.

"So Dean you need your step mom? Your hot horny step mom? I know I wouldn't mind having you." Katherine slowly drew out the words.

Katherine was feeling sexy. Being John's wife didn't matter she was with a stud. His body was responding to her pulling his ass into her. Slipping her finger into his ass, made his cock grow another inch.

"Ahhhh fuck that's right. Just like that. Show me how it feels to be penetrated? You know my weakness I know yours too." Dean said laughing. 'You just love hard cocks. Steven, dad's mine. I bet if I were to have another brother you would be fucking him too." Dean said taking her tongue into his mouth.

Just as she was to add more rhythm the closet door was knocked on. Katherine pulled from Dean, he stopped to listen.

"Are you in there?" Steven's voice firmly asked.

"Fuck! Steven get in here." Katherine whispered.

The door opened allowing light in. Steven saw what was happening grinning he closed the door behind them.

"She's a great fucking teacher isn't she? Kate you are a naughty step mom, fucking your husband's sons while he is in his office." Steven said. Sandwiching himself behind Kate, he was able to rest his cock, on her small of her back.

In an unplanned move, Kate inserted two fingers in Dean's ass. Steven slipped his hot cock inside of her ass working together they made a perfect trio. Move for move they gathered energy from one another. Moving in unison they managed to rock like rocking in a cradle.

Harder, faster, Dean's cock was enmeshed in Katherine's soft belly. Nothing could have parted them. They were in a serious fuck. The earth could have opened up and swallowed them but they would have gone down as a tight trio. The knocking of Dean's head against the wall, was mesmerizing. Over and over they pounded. Not caring about the noise level. Working hard to cum the sound of the closet door opening didn't alarm them.

Dean and Steven screaming as their hot cum shattered, 'Oh Kateeeee.'


"Kate, wake up. You fell asleep on the settee. Come to bed with me it's been a long day." John whispered in her ear.

Katherine sat up looking around she inhaled deeply. Once again she had managed to lapse into a fantasy. Standing up she puts her arm around John. John pulled her next to him. He saw her face whatever she was dreaming of he would have to ask her in the morning.

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