tagChain StoriesIt Happened One Night Ch. 02

It Happened One Night Ch. 02


Three hours had passed since the final meeting of the quarter for Chox, Inc. and Adam Milligan had been dreading the party that his boss, Theresa, had thrown after every quarter since Adam had begun working for the company two years ago. Thank god it was almost over.

"Milligan?" He heard her voice, seductive and yet annoying, from behind. Turning, he flashed a fake smile in her direction.

"Yes, Chandler?" Responding in kind to her use of his last name. He flashed an equally fake smile in her direction, thinking to himself how great it would be to get away from her, and Chox in general.

"Tres bien. You will be attending mon petite soiree this evening? At my new place, N'est pas?" Theresa reeked of expensive perfume, her face coated in makeup as always. The impression Adam had gotten the first time he'd met the woman had been that she was one who had risen to the top too soon, and her attitude suggested every day that he was right. People like her made him sick, with their snobby ways and almost slutty demeanors…they knew that they were untouchable.

Adam struggled to keep his face in order at her fake accent. "Eh...Oui, of course, wouldn't miss it." It'll be the last one I attend, you stupid cow, he thought to himself.

Theresa flashed a toothy smile up at him and flipped her dark hair over her shoulder before she sauntered away, her full figure jiggling seductively with every step she took. Shaking his head to bring him back to reality, Adam felt an overwhelming urge for a cigarette. Reaching inside his front pocket, he cursed under his breath. Empty. He remembered giving his last one to Darren earlier that day. Shrugging it off, Adam went to find his ride.

* * * * * * * * * * *

In the car Adam felt tenser and more irritated at having to attend the party his boss insisted on. It was just another stupid excuse for her to surround herself with those she thought of as her underlings, and to give her ego another boost.

"Was that tenth street?" Darren asked, looking out the window towards the sign they had just passed.

"I don't know," Adam said, digging the Map quest printout out of his pocket. "I can never read these things."

"You're tense, buddy," Darren said, concerned, as he pulled the paper out of Adam's hands.

"I don't know what's wrong with me," Adam said, sighing. "I wish we didn't have to go to this stupid thing.'

"Hey," Darren said. "You've only been at Chox for two years. I've been there for four. You know how many times I've wished these parties didn't exist? Always the same thing. Theresa walks around in some tiny dress, flirting with all the guys that know she's way out of their league. All the asshole salesmen make passes at the waitresses Theresa hires for the event, and everyone with any sense is bored out of their minds."

"Hey!" Adam said, pointing out the window. "Damn, we missed it!"

"What?" Darren asked.

"I saw a Stop-N-Go," Adam groaned. "I need some smokes."

"Sorry man," Darren apologized. "We're gonna be way late if we stop, though."

"Maybe we should play hooky," Adam suggested, a wry smile on his lips. "I just want to get a smoke."

"We're already late, man. Just borrow one from someone when we get there. Help me figure the route out, okay?"

Adam sighed again and took the paper back from Darren. A few left turns, a right, and they were there.

"This be it, Adam," Darren said, looking up at the dark building. "I'll let you out here and find a space down the street, cool?"

"Cool. Okay. Thanks, man. See you inside." Adam slid reluctantly out of the car as it rolled down the block. "Well," he muttered to himself. "This is it. Two more weeks and this'll just be a bad memory."

The lighted pathway was decorated with expensive looking tropical plants and nicely sculpted landscape. Adam's own apartment had a cement patch about the size of a small basketball court out back where the local kids played. Shaking his head, he wished for the hundredth time that day that he was the kind of guy that lived in a building like this. Someday, maybe. The latest thing on his mind was a job interview he'd had last week. From the reaction of the board who had reviewed him, he was 99 percent sure they were going to take him on. If he got it, it meant financial security, a good position that he could brag to his folks about. It meant that he could leave Chox and never have to attend one of these stupid get togethers again. Unfortunately, there was a chance he wouldn't get it, which was the only thing forcing him down the path towards the gates. Between the stress of wanting the new job and the fact he hadn't had a smoke all day, Adam was really feeling some tension.

A large man in a security uniform watched as Adam approached the doorway. Straightening himself up, almost like a cat struggles to make itself look larger, Adam cleared his throat.

"I'm here for a party in 1278," he said, almost ashamed to hear the shakiness in his voice that the tension caused.

Shaking his head, the guard pointed to his ears, then pointed to Adam's left. There on the wall was a list of apartments, numbers lighted beside them, and a bell for security. After giving the guard a brief thumbs up, Adam went to push the button.

He hesitated, taking a deep breath of the clean night air. For just a moment his shoulders drooped again as he looked up at the building. He didn't want to be here. Chances were he didn't have to be here. Quickly, before he lost his nerve completely, Adam hit the buzzer. A ringing phone was heard, and then loud music as someone picked up.

"Chox Incorp...I mean, Theresa Chandler's residence."

"Amy?" Adam said, a bit startled. "Is that you?"

"Yeah, who's this?"

"It's me, Adam. I'm out front. Can you buzz me in, or else send a lightening bolt from heaven to strike me down where I stand? Either way, I'll be happy."

Amy laughed politely, and Adam wondered if he'd made her uncomfortable. Damn, he was in a foul mood.

"Yeah," she said. "Just a second. Chandler put me to work as soon as I got here, and this isn't quite the same as the switchboard at work."

"Couldn't let anyone have a good time, now, could she?" Adam asked dryly. "Thanks," he added, as Amy figured out the button and a buzzer on the door started to wail. Pushing the door open, Adam began his trek up the stairs, towards the music that seemed to be penetrating the walls. He wondered what the other tenants thought about it.

Too soon he was knocking on the door. No answer. He knocked again and received the same luck. He tried the knob, letting himself in.

Loud music seemed to hit him like a wave. Adam had to stop and let his body get used to the pulsing bass as it shook his body. Laughter could vaguely be heard underneath the noise, and, squinting, Adam made his way into the crowd.

It was the usual bunch of dumb-shits that Adam hated, couples laughing together and hanging off one another, singles batting their eyelashes at each other, and the low life sharks making their way through the rest. Chandler's friends mixed with her employees, but the boss was nowhere to be seen.

Next to the door one of the low-lifes stood staring at the legs of a girl from shipping.

"Where's the bar?" Adam practically shouted in his direction. The man took his attention off the legs long enough to jerk his thumb in the direction of the kitchen. "Thanks," Adam shouted again, walking towards the brightly lit room.

The kitchen was as crowded as the rest of the place, people as thick as the mosquitoes their mindless chatter seemed to mimic. Adam put his hand over his face and wiped the thin layer of perspiration away from his brow, taking a deep breath and trying to keep his calm. He would kill for a smoke right now.

A soft bottom rubbed against his crotch and Adam quickly opened his eyes, staring down at his boss as she turned around. Her large backside looked fantastic in the tight black dress she wore, and the front was almost obscene, her cleavage seeming to pour over the fabric.

"Milligan," Theresa said, a wicked smile on her face. "I knew that was you." Her eyes wandered down to the semi erect bulge her bottom had caused. "Would recognize you anywhere," she laughed. The loud, tasteless laugh killed the brief arousal Adam had felt, and he wasn't sure which pissed him off more. The fact that she had been able to arouse him, or that she had taken it away.

"Hi Chandler." His eyes wandered briefly down to her cleavage, and then back up to glare in her eyes. "Nice dress."

Chandler seemed startled at the coldness in his eyes. No wonder, he thought. He always put on his best fake smile for her.

"Oh," she stumbled. "Do you like it? I just picked this up last week on vacation." She looked down and tugged at the hem of the short skirt. Adam was surprised that the woman would even attempt modesty in such a piece. "Figured I had to wear it before the frost set in."

Theresa almost seemed to be apologizing, and Adam liked the attitude on her. It was nice to see her awkward for once. Adam himself hadn't had a vacation since he'd started at Chox. Three more months and he'd qualify for a paid weekend, if he had to stay that long. He worked harder than that bitch ever had in her life, and look at the tan she had to show for it. Maybe soon it'd start to pay off. He'd get his, but Theresa fucking Chandler would probably not get hers.

"Yeah, Chandler. It's very, eh," he sneered. "Tropical. Kind of goes with the plants out front." The plants outside had been black in the night, but obviously Theresa didn't get his joke. No matter, he wasn't in the joking mood.

"Well, I'm glad you came," she said, backing away slightly. She bumped into another man, in a nice suit, an Italian by the looks of him.

"Ciao, bella," the Italian said, his eyes locked on Theresa's bulging bosom. Adam sneered again and turned away, his eyes finding the bar.

Putting his hands on the bar, Adam looked at his fellow partygoers. They all seemed happy, content. What was wrong with him, to make him so pessimistic and sour? He should be happier than them, escape might be just around the corner. Yet the fear that it wouldn't work out nagged at him, ripping into his flesh like needles moving in and out so easily of cloth. Shutting his eyes again and for the hundredth time that evening, Adam wished he had a cigarette.

"Excuse me," he said to the man next to him.

"Why, did you fart?" the group of assholes laughed hysterically. Adam glared.

"Do any of you gentlemen have a cigarette?"

"Sorry, bud. Clean out."

"Thanks anyway."

Adam looked across the bar for the tender, but couldn't see one anywhere. Cursing his luck, he sought the bathroom, and when he found it heard a strange noise coming from inside...

* * * * * * * * * * *

Adam woke to silence. How he had fallen asleep with the music so loud was a mystery, but it seemed that the wave had passed. Drowsily he picked himself up from the couch and walked towards the door. He pushed it open slowly and peered around the frame, searching the nearly empty apartment.

Sherri's bar was gone, and Chandler was nowhere to be seen. A couple walked through the door, their coats draped around them lazily, their steps indicating that they shouldn't be driving anywhere. Adam blinked a couple of times and scanned the few guests again. Darren was nowhere to be seen.

This was perfect. The sex had been good, and now he just wanted to go home and go to sleep, but he didn't have any money for a cab. Maybe one of the other guests would drive him. Maybe one with a cigarette.

The sex had relieved the tension somewhat, but with the thought of the nicotine his craving was back, and he felt like screaming he wanted a smoke so bad.

"Damnit!" he said aloud. "How the fuck am I gonna get home?"

"You need a ride, Milligan?" a voice said from behind him, nearly making Adam jump out of his skin.

"Chandler!" he exclaimed. "Don't fucking do that to me, okay?"

"What?" she said, smiling almost stupidly and hiccupping. "Don't be so damned hostile, okay? I was just offering you a ride."

"Sorry," he apologized. "I really need a cigarette."

Theresa's nose crinkled. "Nasty habit, smoking," she stated, her voice higher than usual, and more winy. "You should quit."

"It's not your fucking decision, okay? You don't run my life."

Theresa shot Adam a sincerely confused look, her eyes looking as though they were held open by superglue rather than muscle.

"Listen," she said. "I'm not trying to get on your case. I don't know what crawled up your ass and died, but I'm offering you a ride. Want it or not?"

Adam felt angry with himself for snapping at the woman who so easily could make his life a living hell. Better to suck up to the bitch and not have his name brought up during layoff season.

"I'm sorry," he said, trying to act like his 'usual' self. "I would really appreciate a ride home if you could give me one."

"Well," she said, her high-and-mighty attitude back in a flash, although she still seemed a bit strange. "I don't know if you deserve one."

"Please," he said, struggling not to roll his eyes. Inside he was screaming, resisting an urge to strangle her. She was taunting him, the bitch.

"Say it nice," she smiled wickedly.

She wants me to beg, he thought to himself grimly. "Please, Chandler. Will you give me a ride home? I would be very grateful."

"Well okay, since you said it nice." Theresa practically bounced over to the closet, grabbing her purse and jacket. The leather hip length coat wrapped around her tightly, clinging to her curvy figure. She flashed a smile at Adam and motioned towards the door. "Unless you changed your mind and want to spend the night here..." she winked.

"No," he said, almost too quickly. Theresa's eyes just flashed merrily and she walked out the door, Adam trailing her like a little puppy and glaring at her jiggling bottom the whole way.

They went down an elevator into a large garage filled with different cars. Theresa walked purposefully over to an expensive looking red vehicle. Adam didn't know what kind it was, but it looked a helluva lot more expensive than his Yugo.

"I got it from Europe," Theresa said, stroking the slick paint. "Cost me half a years salary, but I figured I earned it."

"Yeah," Adam muttered, waiting like a dunce for her to open the doors. He just wanted to get in, get home, and turn in his resignation. Unfortunately he knew that one out of three of those things was never going to happen.

Theresa opened the door and slid inside, unlocking Adam's door the old-fashioned way, from inside. It seemed to be like a power trip for her, Adam thought, allowing him access to her car this way. Angry but silent, Adam opened his door and slid in next to her, staring out the window and trying to tune her out.

"Now we're all alone," Theresa giggled, and she hiccupped softly again.

Squinting, Adam glared at the woman. "You're drunk," he stated. "You're not driving me anywhere."

"Oh, come on," she whimpered. "I wanna give you a ride…I'm a nice ride, you know," she winked at him.

"Get out," Adam hissed, angry that the woman had gotten his hopes up about somehow getting home tonight. He opened his door and left the car, but Theresa remained in the drivers seat, her arms folded across her large bosom, pouting like a child. Sighing, Adam walked over to her side of the car and pulled her door open. "Get out," he repeated.

"I don't wanna," she said, like the child she resembled at the moment. Adam felt frustrated and amused at the same time. He wished he were in a mood better fit to enjoy his boss's drunkenness.

"I'll give you to the count of three," he said, condescendingly. "If you don't get out of that car by yourself, I'm going to pull you out."

"No," Theresa said, turning her face away from him.

"You asked for it, cunt," Adam said, and smiled wryly when Theresa looked up at him in surprise. Reaching in, he grabbed her by the arm, wrapping his fingers around that expensive coat of hers, and dragged her out of the car.

"Let go of me!" Theresa shrieked, and she started to thrash about, trying to get out of his iron-like grip.

"Fine," Adam said, letting go of her. She jumped about a foot away and stared up at him. Adam had never realized how much shorter than him she was…her presence usually made her seem taller, or maybe it was the high-heeled shoes that she wore, but as he looked down at her he couldn't help noting how small and feminine she seemed. "I'm going to stay with you tonight," he said boldly down to her.

A small shudder seemed to wash through the woman, and she looked away from his eyes. Her hair was falling in front of her face, and with a self-conscious movement she brushed it away from her eyes.

"You can't do that," she whispered, but something in the tone of her voice made Adam think that she didn't mean it.

"It's not up to you," he said roughly, and took her arm in his hand again.

Theresa's reaction was unlike anything Adam had experienced. It was as though she were shying away from him and yet inviting him in further at the same time. Something about the new softness in her demeanor excited him, and he felt a familiar pulse in his loins as he moved closer to the woman.

Half pulling Theresa behind him, Adam walked purposefully out of the garage and up the stairs leading to Theresa's apartment.

"You can't do this," Theresa hissed, but her tone was unconvincing. "I'll call security and have you arrested. I don't want you in my apartment. I'm too good for you."

The last part stopped Adam in his tracks. He didn't know what sort of game this bitch was playing, but it was making his blood boil.

"Look, bitch," he hissed at her, and nothing about his tone could be mistaken. He was angry, and Theresa cringed when she heard it. "You are nothing, do you understand? Nothing. You are a low-life slut and you deserve to be thrown to the ground and raped by every employee you've ever fucked with. I intend to make that happen."

Theresa gasped and yanked her arm quickly away from Adam. "Help!" she screamed, running past him. She was running up the stairs, though, instead of down, and Adam smiled. It was as though she were taunting him further, wriggling that bottom of hers in his direction as she lead him towards his apartment. Her shorter legs were taking her up the stairs much slower than Adam's would, and easily he caught up with her. She screamed again as he picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder.

"Be quiet, slut. No one care's what happens to you." Adam turned the knob on Theresa's door and walked calmly into the apartment, his anger mostly gone. All he felt was the arousal at having Theresa's curvy bottom so close to his face, and he smacked it once just to reassure himself that it was there.

The apartment was almost empty; the only signs that a party had gone on were the cups and bottles left about. Some of her houseguests may have been somewhat well-to-do, but when it got down to basics, they were all drunken slobs.

Theresa wriggled on Adam's shoulder, but Adam wasn't sure she was really trying to get away. He spanked her bottom, his large hand covering most of her plump cheek, and felt a shudder wash through his body as she whimpered practically into his ear.

"Milligan," Theresa said softly. "If you don't let me down this instant, your job is going to be in serious jeopardy."

"Chandler," Adam smiled, smacking her luscious bottom one more time. "I couldn't give less of a fuck about that job. You're what I want right now, and I'm going to make you mine."

"No," Theresa said, thrashing out again. This time she put a little more effort into it, and Adam allowed her to slip away from his body.

Instead of following her tempting form as it jiggled away from him, he walked back to the door and flipped the locks. It would take her an extra few seconds to get out of the door if she tried escape.

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