tagChain StoriesIt Happened One Night Ch. 03

It Happened One Night Ch. 03


Three hours had passed since the agony of yet another quarterly meeting of Chox, Inc. It had been the eighth one he had attended – each as boring as the one before – and now came the ultimate torture … the ‘compulsory’ post meeting party that his boss always threw. Here she came now, looking like some cheap tart in her low cut dress stretched tight over her huge bust. Smile, Adam, he reminded himself, and pasted a toothy grin on his face.

“Ohhh Milligan? You are looking forward to mon petite soiree this evening, aren’t you?”

Adam gritted his teeth. How he loathed the use of last names and the fake French accent that Ms Chandler delighted in using. He swallowed what he really wanted to say and played her game, “Of course, Chandler. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

She swayed away to ensnare another employee and Adam made his way outside. His car was in the workshop and he had to hang about to beg a lift off a colleague. All he wanted to do was go to a bar and maybe pick up a date for the evening. He really felt like a darn good fuck. He quickly lit a cigarette and tried to calm down.

Adam felt somebody shaking him. Ohhh god … he has fallen asleep. He blearily looked around – the room was almost empty. It had been the usual waste of time. Women flirted with him but nothing more. God! How he wanted to screw that redhead from accounts. She was just gagging for it – but the new smarmy senior from sales got there first. He had heard them going at it when he went to the toilet half way through the evening. When he tried to find his coat in one of the bedrooms he had walked in on another couple. Sheeeesh – everyone but him had seemed to get some action that night. Adam had ended up drinking slightly too much and had dozed off in the chair in one of the darker corners. He staggered to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water in an attempt to wake up sufficiently to take his leave.

He made his way slowly back to the main room and looked round for his ride. Blast! He had gone, and Adam didn’t know anyone else enough to beg a lift. He would just have to try and find a taxi. That was not going to be easy on a cold, wet November Friday night. He started trudging down the road, cursing his luck. He wasn’t a bad catch – so why couldn’t he get a woman in his life. All his girlfriends had been more than happy with his performance – but none seemed to stick around long enough. They all complained that he was ‘too nice’ or ‘too gentle’. He couldn’t help it if he had be raised to respect women, could he?

Adam turned the corner onto the main road. The wind whistled down the straight road and he huddled further into his trench coat. It might look the part for a ‘young and rising executive’ but it didn’t keep a body very warm. He was concentrating on avoiding the puddles on the pavement and so didn’t notice the huge lorry speeding through the standing water in the kerbside. Suddenly, a sheet of water washed over him and he stood there cussing his luck. That was all he needed. He glanced at his watch. It was almost 2 am and the chances of finding a taxi were remote.

He walked on, sunk in gloomy thoughts. The traffic was thinning now and he ought to be able to spot the lights of any approaching taxi easily. As he glanced around to check for cars before he crossed the road, he noticed a woman on the other side of the street. He almost laughed aloud. Didn’t she realise that Halloween had been a couple of days ago? Look at how she was dressed! High heeled black leather boots, a long swirling black cape, and what was that she carried in her hand? A riding crop? He was so engrossed in watching this vision striding along that he almost missed seeing the approaching lights of a taxi. Quickly he raised his arm and sighed with relief when it slowed to a stop in the middle of the road.

Adam dashed through a large puddle and threw himself inside. He pulled the door closed and then looked in amazement at the caped woman who was sitting calmly beside him. “Lady – you seem to have got into my cab – do you mind?”

“Not in the slightest, boy”

Her reply took him by surprise and he was speechless as she leant forward and gave the driver an address. He sat there, his mouth opening and closing, making him appear like a fish out of water. He was further amazed as the woman moved the crop (it was a riding crop) under his chin and forced his mouth closed with a snap. He turned his head to stare at her and give her a piece of his mind, but the words died in his throat. The woman was not overly beautiful, but she certainly had a presence about her that made her worth a second look. She met his gaze steadily and then raised one eyebrow as if questioning him. Adam couldn’t help himself and felt his eyes lowering of their own accord.

“That is much better, boy” he heard her say. Her voice was soft, but it bore through his head as if she had yelled at him. He found himself stammering an apology for getting into her taxi and wondered where that thought had come from. He then realised that there was a puddle forming on the floor of the car and stammered an apology for that too. What on earth was happening to him? He was beginning to sound like a complete idiot. He had just better shut up and hope that wherever the taxi was going, it wasn’t too far from where he wanted to be.

Adam was jolted out of his reverie by a strong hand grasping his leg. He looked up quickly and then gasped as the hand moved up his leg and squeezed his balls. Shoot – that bought tears to his eyes.

“Hey lady, what the fuck do you think you are playing at?” he demanded angrily.

A smile played about her lips as she stated quietly, “That’s Milady, or Ma’am to you, boy. I am just seeing if you are ripe enough to bother with? I think you might be amusing!”

Adam found he was doing the fish impression again and clamped his mouth closed. He found his head being pulled towards the woman’s face and heard her breath into his ear, “How would you like to experience the most intense night of your life?”

Adam didn’t have time to answer before the taxi had pulled up before a large imposing house and the woman had opened the door and stood on the pavement.

“Get out, boy, and pay the man.”

She turned on her heel and without really thinking about what he was doing, Adam found himself outside the taxi thrusting a fist full of notes at the driver. He squelched after the fast disappearing cape and found himself stumbling up a dark driveway. He shivered as if he was walking into a deep freeze and then laughed at himself. He was a grown man – he could well take care of himself. It seemed like forever before he found himself standing under a large porch. The woman was standing in the doorway waiting for him.

“Kindly remove your shoes and socks before coming any further. Some of my rugs are very valuable and I do not want them ruined by muddy, wet shoes.”

Adam was about to protest but found himself doing as she bid. It was almost as if he had no choice in the matter. He found himself standing there in bare feet feeling more than a little foolish. She beckoned him forward with a beautifully manicured finger, her nails the colour of fresh blood. He stepped forward and found himself in an imposing room. The walls were lined with floor to ceiling bookcases, the furniture would not have looked out of place in a museum, and the fireplace was enormous. Adam began to feel very small and childlike.

She disappeared from sight and then reappeared. Adam gasped. She still wore her boots, but now he could see they reached to above her knees. Her hair was so black that it looked almost like polished ebony. Black boots, black hair – and the most wonderful scarlet silk corset in between. Wow! Adam stood there with his mouth open until, once again, the crop appeared under his chin and pushed it shut. Ohhh he wanted this woman, this Milady, or whatever she chose to call herself. He could feel his cock give a lurch and glanced down to make sure it wasn’t that obvious.

As he raised his eyes again, he saw a slight smile play about her lips and felt himself flush red. What the heck was happening to him? He hadn’t blushed since he was a kid in high school. What was it about this woman that made him behave like some naughty schoolboy caught doing something he shouldn’t? Adam gave a start as he realised that she had spoken to him and he stuttered an apology and had to ask her to repeat what she had said.

“I suggested that you get out of those wet clothes – you will catch a chill if you stay in them. Put them on that chest there. I will be back in a little while.”

Without waiting for any comment from him, she swung on her heel and walked from the room. Adam stood there and wondered what on earth he was going to do. Half of him wanted to tear his clothes off, but the logical half was telling him to replace his shoes on his feet and get out of there.

Emotion won and Adam began to strip. He usually just left his things in a heap but something made him fold each item neatly. Soon he was standing naked next to a pile of clothes. He wondered what to do next. He felt so awkward just standing there. Normally, he would be prowling the room, looking for clues as to the owner of the house, but he didn’t feel as if he should move from the spot. The seconds turned to minutes and Adam began to fidget. He began to feel the urge to visit the bathroom and wished he hadn’t had quite so much to drink earlier. Then he had a moment of wild panic that it might affect his performance. He was lost in such thoughts when her voice made him jump. How did she move with such utter silence?

He looked up and saw her sitting in a high-backed chair at the side of the fire. Surely she couldn’t have walked right past him without making a sound? She was cocking her index finger at him to come to her, and Adam began to walk forward. He ground to a halt at the look she threw his way. It was as if she had frozen him to the spot with just a look. She gestured again, but, before he took his first step, pointed to the floor. What did she mean? Did she want him to crawl to her? He couldn’t do that, could he? He saw her lean forward and watched as her milky breasts flowed and peeked over the top of the tight corset. Without thinking, he dropped to his knees and began to crawl on all fours.

When he was almost at the chair, he paused and looked in her direction. Again she had the ghost of a smile playing about her lips. He had not yet seen a full smile light up her face, and he determined that he would do all he could to see that. Adam paused, unsure of what to do.

“I want to make sure you are of sound body. I have no wish to hurt you in anyway.”

Her words sent a thrill down his spine and he wondered what on earth she meant. Her hurt him? He was bigger than she was. Once again he reminded himself that he was a grown man, and well able to take care of himself. It was normally the man’s job to reassure the woman. This was almost a total role reversal, and Adam suddenly realised he quite like the idea.

“Please knee up for me, straighten your back. Hold your head up. Eyes forward … come on, look at me.”

Adam found himself kneeling as straight as he could and tried to look her in the eye, but found that after just a few seconds of her penetrating gaze, he wanted to lower his eyes. He tried to think what colour her eyes were and found that he couldn’t say. He tried to look again, but found that she was no longer sitting in front of him. Once again she had moved without making a sound. He was about to look round when he felt her hands on his head. They were exploring his scalp. Now they were moving down his body. His neck, his shoulders, over his upper back, now round and over his chest – it was as if she could feel inside him. Her hands paused for a while to play with his nipples and he felt the first stirring of desire.

Milady continued with her examination. Down to his waist and over his stomach. He tried to suck his muscles in, and wished again that he had not given up so easily on the jogging that lasted all of a week last New Year. As her hands began to explore his arse he felt his cock give a lurch. By the time Milady reached round to explore that area, he was already semi erect. Her first touch sent a shudder through his body and brought a chuckle from her throat.

“My goodness. You are an eager beaver, aren’t you, boy? If you want the intense experience I promised you then you will play by my rules. Do you want to continue? If you say no, I will stop, allow you to dress and have my man drive you home. What is it to be?”

Adam was at once intrigued, but also a little alarmed. What did she mean, ‘her rules’? Well, he thought, there is only one way to find out. He would take her up on the offer. It was certainly better than going home to a cold apartment alone. He gave the briefest of nods and then gasped as his hair was taken in her fist and held tight.

“Have you lost the power of speech? Is that a firm yes? Or a maybe yes until the going gets tough, yes?”

Adam cleared his throat. He felt himself blushing again and hated himself for it.

“Yes” he almost shouted. “It is a firm yes.” At least, I think it is, he added to himself.

Milady released his hair and gave him a pat on the head, like a reward for the family dog. Adam was partway annoyed at this condescending treatment and partway relieved that he had pleased her. He raised his eyes and found that she was again standing in front of him. His face was level with her pelvic area and he caught a hint of her muskiness. He felt his cock give another lurch. A fingernail trailed down his face, bringing him back to the moment. As he raised his head to look at her face he felt something slip round his (next?) and heard the snap of it being fixed into place. He had a collar round his neck. He opened his mouth to protest and found something being inserted in there. That too was fastened round his head. He had been gagged!

“Now that’s better! I cannot abide men who make too much noise, and I get the impression that you are a moaner. We shall see. I have been known to be wrong on occasion, and I may remove the gag if you are good.”

A leash was snapped into place and Adam felt his neck being tugged upwards slightly. He knelt as tall as he could, but the upward pressure continued so he stood. The leash was released and bounced slightly against his torso. The cold metal made (his?) shiver slightly, but not so much as when his cock was grasped and fed through something. Adam tried to glance down but found the collar restricted movement of his head and that he could only move his chin about an inch – not enough to see what was happening to his prized possession. He (bought?) his hands up to feel what was going on and received a sharp slap for his efforts.

This was almost too much for Adam and he put his hands behind him to try and take the blasted collar off. As he reached back, his wrists were caught and he heard a couple more snaps as cuffs were applied. He had been bound! His arms were behind his back and he couldn’t move.

“I can see you need to be taught a lesson. Come here!”

Milady’s voice was commanding and had a quality to it that didn’t broker disobedience. Adam wasn’t sure he like this turn of events and liked it even less when he was lead like an animal over to the chair. Milady sat down on the edge of the chair and applied pressure to the leash until Adam felt himself being drawn down over her lap. He lost his balance, and it was only her hand that stopped him from falling. She arranged his body to her satisfaction and then brought her hand down on his upturned arse. Adam stiffened. If he hadn’t been gagged he would have let out a bellow. Not so much in pain, because, if truth be told, the smack didn’t hurt that much, but a bellow of indignation. He had not been spanked since he was a little kid.

The next blow landed just below the first. This one was firmer and Adam grunted in surprise. Heavens this woman was strong. Soon the blows were landing with regularity. He settled down to get comfortable but found that she rearranged him so that he was again slightly off balance. He wasn’t sure how she did it, but he now found himself having to stand on the balls of his feet to keep them in contact with the ground. The blows kept coming and Adam could feel the heat from his arse begin to really burn. This was now verging on the painful. Still they came. Some harder than others, and although there was a rhythm about them, the placement was different.

Adam began to tense before the expected blows. He had read somewhere that if you clenched your cheeks the smacks hurt less. Ohhh sweet Jesus. What was she doing now? He nails were raking his flaming arse, going in circles, getting close to his tight bud. He could hardly believe the feeling that was coursing through his body. Normally he hated his arse being touched but he found he wanted to push against her hand. Smack. His wriggling earned him another blow and this one had him gasping around the gag. The caressing began again and this time he lay as still as he could. Suddenly he felt a fingertip at his hole, working its way inside. She had a finger in his arse.

Adam was disgusted … no! He was amazed. He had never felt a sensation like it. It was incredible and he needed more, he didn’t want this to stop. He could feel his cock begin to grow and throb. Oh shoot … he needed to come but something was stopping him. He felt her free hand move round to cradle his balls. They felt strange, as if they were being tugged. The ache in his cock was almost unbearable. The finger was still working its magic on his arse and now he felt something new. Something cold and hard and … he was being invaded by something that was stretching him. Tears came to his eyes as a butt plug was inserted. His arse wanted to reject it but he found that as he pushed down it seemed to invade further until it slid home and his muscles closed around it. Heavens, he felt full. Milady’s hands were now stroking his back and he felt himself come back down from the clouds and his head began to clear.

He found himself on all fours again. When did she release his wrists? He hadn’t even realised that she had. He knelt there trying to regain some control over his body, which was shaking like a leaf in a spring breeze. He felt as if he had just had a serious workout. She was doing something at the back of his head and Adam found that the gag was now hanging loose. Should he spit it out? He found he couldn’t. His teeth were clamped down on the thing inside his mouth and it wasn’t until Milady tugged gently on it that he was able to release it.

Adam gasped for breath and worked his jaw loose. He raised his head as much as he was able and found that she was crouching in front of his face. The way she squatted, he was able to catch the merest glimpse of her pussy. He felt the blood pounding through his body. He wanted that. Correction … he needed that. His cock felt full of blood and wanted release. He realised she was speaking again and tried to pay attention to her words.

“I said, are you alright? Do you want to continue?”

“Yes. Oh god, yes!”

“Yes, what? Have you no manners? Must I teach you how to address me? I have told you my name once, I hate to repeat myself.”

Adam gulped and frantically searched his memory. What was her name? He couldn’t recall her saying. She had said something about Milady or Ma’am – but he didn’t remember her saying her name? He took a gamble.

“Yes, Milady. I want to continue. I am alright.”

He must have got it right as she stood up and rubbed his head. He heard her say that he was to follow her instructions to the playroom. He didn’t understand. She hadn’t given him any instructions. As he knelt there, unsure of what he was to do, a prod on the arse made him move forward. Each time he hesitated a gentle kick encouraged him forward. Soon he was in the middle of the room. He had to take it slowly as every movement he made made it feel as if his balls were being crushed and pulled at the same time. If he paused too long, a toe poked at the plug in his arse and sent a jolt like an electric shock up his spine. By the time he was nearing the far wall he could feel the beads of sweat running down his face.

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