tagIncest/TabooIt Happened One Rainy Night Ch. 02

It Happened One Rainy Night Ch. 02

bySatin and Lace©

Morning came fast for Katherine, She thought last night might have been a dream. She decided to take a shower and see what the day brought her. She gathered up her things and brought them into the bathroom, but forgot her brush. She went back to her room to get it. When she noticed Steve's door was half way open. Her curiousity got the best of her, was he really here last night? She peeked in and he was there in bed, sleeping totally naked on his back.

The image of his cock, now was in plain sight. A tingling sensation ran through out her body, She was staring and admiring that wonderful head of his cock, when she started fingering herself and then using the handle of the brush to play with her pussy. She couldn't hold it any longer she came right there in the hall with such intensity that it woke up Steve. She quickly gathered herself and went into the bathroom. Did steve see her orgasm in the doorway? she thought. Her leg was dripping wet with her own juice. Katherine felt such an erotic orgasm that for some reason she reached down and scooped up the cum on her leg. She then licked the cum off of each finger.

She found it so erotic to taste her raw lust for that cock of Steve's. She jumped in the shower, but still couldn't get that ridge of that cock out of her head-before she knew it, she was cumming again in the shower.

Steve woke up while he noticed Katherine in her robe staring at him in his doorway. He had pretended to be asleep, when she started to have an intense orgasm. He admired her large tits moving to the rhythm-which only made him harder. In an instant she was gone. He sat up and heard the shower running then he thought of an idea.

He waited for the shower to stop and decided to act like he woke up and had accidently walked in on her. He put his briefs on and walked right in the bathroom. Katherine was drying off her legs when he walked in. She tried to cover up and shrieked with surprise.

"Steve?" Kate was surprised.

He replied, "I'm sorry, I forgot you were here"

His cock was bulging out of his briefs she knew because that it all she stared at. She liked the idea of showing a little to him. He loved the look of soft, hard nipples that poked thru the towel. Finally, steve turned around and said he was sorry again and closed the door. That only made her even hotter as she thought about fucking him later. She had to have his cock, John, wouldn't be home until tomorrow and he never wanted to have sex anyways. So Katherine thought about how could she seduce him today?

After her shower she went down to the swimming pool changing room and took out all the boxer trunks and left only the speedo style ones. She decided to fix him breakfast in just her thin robe nipples stuck out-very nicely.

She made eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Steve could smell it a mile away. He put on his shirt and shorts and hurried down to the kitchen.

"Want some breakfast, Steve?" Katherine asked excited.

"It sure smells good" steve replied. "Katherine, I'm sorry for coming in the bathroom this morning, I just thought I was alone."

"Steve, you can call me Kate, It was no problem, I understand. I think the bigger dilemma is what happened last Night. I thought you were John and it never crossed my mind you weren't. Otherwise I couldn't see your face and you were wearing his shorts. I had a little too much to drink Your not going to tell your dad?" Katherine looked a little worried not knowing his response.

Steve just replied "Oh, that reminds me, I need to get my suitcase and car from down the road, that is why I was wearing dad's shorts, I was totally drenched in mine. No I won't tell dad, I guess things happen."

All the time they were talking, Kate's nipples kept getting harder and started pressing thru her robe, Steve liked the sight of them but tried not to look but caught himself sneeking peeks. As she moved back and forth, her robe became looser and looser as to show more of each breast. Steve, started to squirm in his chair because he was getting hard, but didn't want Kate to notice.

"You know Steve, after we get your car and suitcase, we should talk and get to know each other. In the last 4 years, we never have talked much."

Steve agreed, so Kate, said " Lets do it by the pool, its such a nice day."

After getting Steve's things, Kate said there were swimming trunks in the changing room. Kate went and put on a very skimpy 2 piece white bikini it made her look like a model. Steve never noticed what a fantastic body she had. Especially for being 15 years older. He came out in a speedo that could barely hold his manhood in. Just the site of it made Kate's pussy twinge with excitement.

They chatted about many things to get to know each other better. Then Steve, just got up and jumped in the pool, Kate followed with anticipation. The water was so refreshing, as Steve turned toward Kate, she splashed him and went under the water as she did this she stared at steve's cock it looked better than before. He cleared his eyes and didn't see her until she popped up from behind and tried to splash him again, but this time he grabbed her arm and splashed her in the face. They both were grabbing each others arms trying to stop the other, when her nipples rubbed against his arm.

It made Steve, loose his grip and grab her body, His cock was now rubbing against her. She could have cum right there, it felt so erotic. After finally agreeing to mutually quit, they jumped out of the pool.

Steve's cock could now be seen right thru the wet material. Kate desires were on one thing, she couldn't stop glancing at it.

"Do you have any girlfriends?" nonchalantly Kate asked.

"No, I've never been serious about anyone. They always seem not to want what I want. It would be great to find someone who cared about pleasing me. All the girls I meet are so into themselves. They just don't know how much I would give in return. But so far I haven't found that girl yet. Besides, I'm not very experienced in the sex department." Steve shyly admitted.

Kate said "You have to be kidding? A good looking guy like yourself, you should have the girls all over you."

"Kate, I don't have the confidence when it comes to the sex thing. I mean I have never had a blow job!" Steve screamed out of desperation.

Kate smiled because she knew the truth. She gave him head last night and it was Fucktastic!

"Steve come here and sit by me?" Kate speaking sweetly. Steve sat down beside her.

"After last night, I want to help you in your sex confidence." She started to put her hand on his groin and it responded by poking its head out of its constraints. Today will be the start of her first lesson for Steve..

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