tagIncest/TabooIt Happened One Rainy Night Ch. 04

It Happened One Rainy Night Ch. 04

bySatin and Lace©

That night with Kate was something Steve had never experienced. She taught him every position you can imagine, He learned how to pleasure her with his tongue. She became like an absolute animal when he brought her to the edge. She tasted so good! Finally, she introduced him to anal. Steve was nervous, he had never done that before. The thought made his cock rock hard. Anal was something taboo, yet something you want to try.

"First, we have to make sure there is good lubrication." Kate softly told him.

Her pussy was dripping from all of Steve's cum. She went on all fours with her ass sticking up higher than her head. She asked Steve to come around to her rear. Steve started out by taking his cock and sliding the shaft up and down over the top of her clit. She started to rock her hips as to grind against his cock. She could feel the ridge of his cock each time Steve moved it over her pussy, it drove her wild.

She yelled out "Steve, fuck me in the ass now! I got to have that cock of yours pounding my ass." Steve, took the head of cock and brought it up to her asshole and slowly pushed it the head in.

Kate yelled for more, all her thoughts were on his big cock being inside of her. She was so tight, but his cock drove deeper and deeper until his balls touched her ass.

"Oh Steve, pump that cock of yours, I want your cum deep inside me!" That put Steve over the edge, his cock was so hard and her ass was so tight. He started up in a rhythm, Kate would push back into each stroke with her ass. She kept screaming for more,

"Take me Steve, Fuck me harder. Your cock is doing its magic the head is so fucking delicious. Kate hollered out.

That is when they both started to experience an orgasm that seemed to shake the room.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkinggggg Greaaaaatttt." They both hollered into the room they were in flight. They both collapsed on the bed together and fell asleep in each others arms.

Morning came fast, John was coming home was expected back by 10:00 AM. It was 9:55 when they saw his car coming up their long driveway. They were both looking out their large bay window on the second floor that over looked the driveway.

"Well, it looks like dad is back home" Steve said.

Kate reached down and felt his bulge in his pants,( oh was there ever a bulge). Kate looked at Steve and lifted up her skirt and bent towards the window. Steve looked at her-she wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was dripping wet.

"Steve, You must learn how to give a quickie, we women want it whenever and where ever." Steve pulled his cock out and moved right in behind her, he immediately slid his cock in that moist swollen pussy of hers.

They saw John stop, get out of his car, and start walking to the house. Kate yelled out before John opened the door," Fill me Steve with your cum NOW!" Steve was pumping hard, but when he heard that, he filled her pussy full of his cum.

John had just walked in the door, but he just gotten a call on his cell, Kate yelled down, "I'll be right there Honey."

She then went down and sucked all of the cum off of his cock. She said she always had to keep him clean because she was his little cum slut." He stroked her hair as she was cleaning him and said, "Yes. You are my little cum slut and you are so good." She smiled and licked her lips. His cum always tasted so good, she finished, put down her skirt and went to greet John.

She went downstairs, she loved the feel of Steve's cum sliding between her legs as she walked. She gave John a big hug and kiss (she had put in a mint before she kissed him).

"John, I've missed you so much, can we just relax today by the pool? Just me and you?" Kate said.

John said it sounded great. He brought all of his stuff in and decided to relax by the pool. Steve came down about thirty-minutes later acting like he just woke up. They both hugged each other.

John said "Hey Steve, its great to see you, everything going OK for you? Still looking for a Job? If you are, I might have a lead for you."

Steve got excited to pursue the opportunity. "I left all the information on the kitchen table for you, so if you want go for it." Just then Kate walked in the room, John said" So did you two get to know each other? I know it wasn't much time, but I was hoping you two would." Kate smiled and said "We had a couple of nice chats and your son is a very nice guy, but we need to find him a girlfriend," then Kate and John both burst out laughing. Steve just smiled because he knew he could have Kate anytime he wanted.

Later in the day Kate and John were laying by the pool, Kate decided to get a drink for both of them. She went into the kitchen, Steve was looking in the fridge. He closed the door and looked at Kate eyes. She had this desire again in her eyes. He started to unbutton his pants, she moved toward him. Steve said," Suck my cock right now!" Before she could say anything she saw it come out of his pants she dropped down and engulfed it with her mouth. Oh she loved how big and perfectly shaped the head was. She also knew that she would suck it whenever Steve asked. Steve took his hands and forced her head to move faster and deeper. Until he shot his whole load in the back of her mouth. She willingly cleaned him up, grabbed 2 drinks and went out to the pool.

John said," boy your quick, usually you end up talking on the phone when you go get me a drink."

Later that night John wanted to watch a movie with Kate, Steve said he was going up to his room to go to bed. They decided on an action movie. John cuddled her for about 20 minutes until he started to get into the movie. Kate felt left out, so she asked him if he wanted any popcorn. She went into the kitchen to make it, the closet door opened and Steve grabbed her arm. He pulled her in the large pantry closet and brought her close to him.

"Steve what are you doing?" Steve smiled, " I'm just trying to graduate."

Steve had moved his hand up her skirt and inserted a finger in her already moist pussy as he said that. Kate responded by throwing her arms around him and passionately kissing him. The next thing she knew was a warm hard cock was inside of her. Steve truly had graduated, he was so smooth in his entrance. She was getting banged again by that beautiful cock, all she wanted was more of it. She came several times in that closet in such a short time. Once they were done, the cum ran down her leg she left it there as a reminder of his cock.

John, didn't even know she had left, he was so into his movie. Kate just wondered, as she watched the movie, when Steve would fuck her next. It made her nipples hard at the thought. After the movie, they both went to bed, as Kate turned in bed she could still feel his cum between her legs. Oh did she sleep well...

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