tagInterracial LoveIt Happened One Summer Ch. 01

It Happened One Summer Ch. 01


Shauna Williams walked into the Cup and 'Puter, a popular WiFi internet café and stopped quite suddenly. The man she saw tapping away on a laptop looked so very out of place. Most people she had always seen here were young, yuppie types or computer nerds. This man was older and looked like an escapee from a bad biker movie made back in the '70's. He was dressed all in black, including a leather vest almost completely covered in colorful patches and pins. He had a bit of a rough look about him and seemed to have a 'take no prisoners' attitude. He was certainly not the kind of person one would want to come across in a dark alley.

She had seen him here before, of course, many times. As it always happened before, it happened again. Her knees went weak. She felt a strange tightness in her chest and intense desire flood through her body. She wanted him! Or, as she reasoned to herself, her body seemed to. This defied everything that made sense to her, Shauna knew. There was no logic in the attraction she felt for this man. This was just some old white biker she thought and Shauna was after all a young looking exotically beautiful black woman.

She certainly was not conceited about her looks. Men had always looked at her; many in ways that made her feel sexy and desirable. Her soft, mocha colored skin and her vivid emerald green eyes never failed to attract men any time, anywhere. Shauna was also very pleased with her 34B breasts. While not considered big, they fit her trim five-foot 100-pound body perfectly. Her hair was black as midnight and long, very long hanging down to her mid-back in soft curls.

She had only dated a white man once before, a boy really, when she was in high school. Joshua had been her first real boyfriend. They were almost inseparable. Shauna remembered all the time they spent together, the kissing and touching, the night they almost "went all the way" in his car, parked by the lake. Then her family found out and ended it quickly and cruelly. No girl of theirs would date a white boy. Shauna's heart was broken and it took her many years to forgive them. She still often wondered what might have been.

And now, as she stood at the door, she was fantasizing about this other white man clacking away at a computer. It was not that he was unattractive. Quite the contrary. She guessed he was right at or maybe a little less than six feet tall and was a lean, yet muscular 180 or 190 pounds. His hair was golden brown with streaks of what looked to be silver or white and was rather long, pulled back in a ponytail down to the bottom of his shoulder blades. His eyes were brown and seemed rather unremarkable from where she stood. His apparent age was revealed in his moustache and goatee, which were mostly white with some of the brown still showing. She thought He had to be over 60...! If he was a day! Still, Shauna wanted him as a lover more and more each and every time she saw him.


David Elfruler saw her again. He had no idea who she was, but what a babe! She was most likely a regular like him. Easily one of the most attractive women he had ever laid eyes on. He had seen her there quite often. She appeared very young and exceptionally beautiful. If only she were about 15-20 years older, I'd take a run at that! He never wished himself younger. David loved his life and would never want to change or leave out a moment. The fact that she was black intrigued him even more. He had always silently preferred women of color. He noticed then, that like him, she was dressed almost entirely in black. Levi 501 jeans that appeared to have been spray-painted on her. A black tank top that looked shiny and was made from a lightweight satiny material. She obviously wore no bra as her nipples poked prominently though the thin fabric. White ankle socks and white Nike running shoes completed her ensemble. He had no chance with her, he thought. Younger guys were surely hitting on her all the time.

Well, he thought, he still had his 'on again - off again' girlfriend in the city. A lovely little half Filipina, half-black woman named Minda. At the moment though, they were in off again mode and had been for quite some time.

David mentally shrugged and went back to work on the charitable web site he and a couple of his friends had designed. The Defenders, David's motorcycle club, had set up the charity to raise money for military veterans and their families. The Defenders were not terribly like or unlike those so poorly portrayed in those biker movies of a couple of decades ago. Everything about them was purely legal and above board. They liked to ride their Harley-Davidsons and look the part. They appeared menacing, but were more like a bunch of big ol' teddy bears. They, like their charity, were all about our country's veterans.

The Cup and 'Puter Café was unusually busy this afternoon. Though at every other table, there had two or more people were sitting, doing their internet thing or just socializing, he was alone at his table. Average folks still apparently feared what they perceived as bad ol' biker types. The lovely young woman that had just entered seemed to be looking for some place to sit down.


Shauna looked around. Damn! She thought. The place was packed. She rarely saw it this busy. After another moment of hesitation, she walked over to his table.

"Excuse me, but...." she stopped, transfixed by his eyes as he looked up at her. She had been wrong. His eyes were not unremarkable, as she had assumed. They were deep and penetrating. The irises were very dark, almost black. Shauna 'just knew' that he could actually see the nearly overwhelming sexual desire she felt for him. She prayed that a hole would open in the floor and swallow her right then and there. Her voiced failed her completely. All she could do was gesture weakly at the vacant chair across from him.

"Sure, park it." He said nonchalantly, pointing to the chair with a nod. "I'm nearly done here anyway."

Her subconscious yelled at her conscious mind Do something! Kiss him! Fuck him!! Don't let him get away! All she could manage was "So, I guess you're a biker, huh?" her voice filled with unintended sarcasm, not even realizing she was speaking at all.

He looked at her darkly. "I hate to break the bad news to ya girl, but scooter trash are people too!" he stated with equal sarcasm.

Shauna blushed profusely Way to go, you big dummy! Her subconscious berated her. She stammered. "I-I-I didn't mean to...I mean...I-I'm sorry." Her subconscious berated her more Aw geez...less than thirty seconds into talking to him and you're already apologizing? She did have a little self-respect...didn't she?

"No real harm done, young lady." he said, then grinned at her. "I confess to being a bit touchy about people getting down on bikers. Contrary to what you might believe, we're pretty good folks. People seem to still believe all that crap they see in those old movies."

"Young lady?" Shauna said "I am not a little girl." She wanted to sound mad, but failed miserably. In actuality, she was quite pleased . The ice was broken and she had him all to herself, at least for the moment.

"Well darlin', I'm 55 and you couldn't possibly be over.... What....25?"

Shauna shivered at his calling her darling. "Try 35" she said.

"That's still twenty years between us, right?"

"And...?" she replied challengingly. This was getting to be fun she thought. She was practically daring him to hit on her and he seemed to know it. "I'm old enough for you." she flirted with him.

"I'm white," he countered, rising to the challenge, though not really knowing why.

"And...? she repeated. She had him now! She would be his now. It was only a matter of time now. She knew she had him. Visions of them naked and making mad passionate love danced through her mind. She wondered if he was thinking same thing or maybe he knew what she was thinking. God! She was so turned on right now.

Something then passed between them. As if they were being drawn together by some powerful unknown force. Neither knew for sure what it was, but both liked it.

"I'm Shauna by the way, Shauna Williams," she said as she offered her hand to him.

"David Elfruler." he said, smiling as he took her hand in his and gently, yet firmly shook it.

It was almost like an electric shock! She was instantly very wet. The feel of her hand in his brought her within one short breath of cumming all over herself. At that point, her hormones took over. "I know it's a bit early, but could I interest you in a drink somewhere?"

David looked deeply into her eyes. The vivid green contrasted very nicely with her brown skin. They were serious 'come fuck me' eyes and David was certainly game for that. So what if she was black, so what if she was 20 years younger than he was? David wasn't sure how he knew that things were heading the way they were, but he wasn't about to complain. Without a doubt, she was far and away the most exotically beautiful woman he thought he actually had a real chance of bedding.

If Shauna had any idea what he was thinking just then, she would not hesitate to put his doubts to rest. Something about him had her so excited and aroused, she might have considered letting him do her right there on table. Fortunately, for both of them, common sense reared its ugly head and took over.

"Got any place in mind darlin'?" he asked her, though any place would be fine with him if she was there with him.

Well...I work over at Cheers. It's really kind of a nice quiet place." Shauna suggested.

"I used to go there quite a lot, but it's been a while. One condition though...drinks are on me."

"Shall we go there together?" she asked, smiling coquettishly.

Was this really happening? Shauna found somewhat to her own surprise that she felt happier than she had in a long while.

"That might just be a little hard to pull off," David said casually. "I'm on my trike today and don't have an extra helmet with me."

"Trike?" she asked, baffled.

"Three wheeled motorcycle." he explained. "The doctors say I should stay off two wheels 'til we can figure what the hell is goin' on with me."

Only then, did she notice, as they moved to the front door that David was favoring his right leg a little.

"Oh my God. What happened to you?" she asked with concern, complete with that cute little hand to the mouth gesture that women seem to use so well.

"Crash a couple of years ago. Me on my Harley and some drunk in an eighteen-wheeler. Musta had a guardian angel riding on my shoulder that day to walk away from that one."

"You walked away from a crash with one of those big ass trucks on a motorcycle?" Shauna asked incredulously.

David shook his head. "Just a figure of speech. I came out of it with only a broken ankle and this banged up hip. I'm walkin' now aren't I?" He then grinned at her broadly. "Besides, bikers have a saying....If you don't limp, you ain't shit!" He laughed.

His laughter was like fine beautiful music to her. It matched a voice that was so deep and resonant, it sounded as if it came from the bottom of a mineshaft. He was soft spoken, but his voice carried nicely.

They arrived at the backside of the parking lot and stopped by something that looked like it belonged on a racetrack. It was long, low and sleek; it reminded Shauna of a Formula One race car though it only had three wheels. It was black and seemed to shine from within from what looked like thousands of tiny flecks of chrome in the paint. The intense black appeared to have a thick clear coating on top also contained what she later learned were chrome metal flakes that made it shine all the more. There was a small squat engine mounted on the back. All nice and shiny and mostly covered in chrome, but was ugly as hell to Shauna.

"That engine came out of a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle" he told her grinning brightly. To Shauna, it sounded like he was bragging. "The brothers and I rebuilt it from the block up." he said. Shauna thought Oh my God, he is bragging .

He continued. "We bored it out close to the max...put a killer new cam in...high compression pistons....." he went on a few minutes longer.

Shauna crossed her arms, resting her chin in one hand appearing to the whole world to be thoroughly fascinated. Smiling, nodding, tossing in the occasional obligatory 'uh-huh' and 'yeah' or 'I see.' In reality, he had lost her when he said 'rebuilt it from the block up.' He might just as well have been speaking Mandarin.

David stopped and looked at her, then laughed softly. He then did something that caught her totally by surprise. He reached out, gently grabbed her shoulders, pulled her close, leaned in and gave her a quick, light kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, Shauna."

It was as if sparklers went off everywhere. Shauna became light-headed. 'WOW!' she thought...And he hadn't even kissed her on the lips. She was fortunately, able to keep herself from staring at him in wonder. "What are you thanking me for?" she asked, hoping the kiss didn't affect her to the point that it showed.

"C'mon Shauna...your little act only fooled me for a for a little bit. You had no earthly idea what I was saying , did you? And yet, you let me ramble on and on."

She grinned up at him sheepishly. "Well ...it all sounded kinda interesting." Her subconscious screamed. Oh my God Shauna, Why are you are acting like a schoolgirl making excuses to her teacher? Her heart started beating faster. She wanted to hold him, kiss him, and make love to him. Never had Shauna experienced what she feeling right now and she wondered if she could be in...No, she couldn't, she tried to persuade herself.

David liked looking at the silly grin on her face. It made her even more attractive. He wondered to himself if there might be a chance for a real relationship with this beautiful creature standing before him. Not a one night stand, not a casual dating thing, but a real serious relationship. For reasons he did not yet understand, it was important to him not to mess this up. He wanted her in his life for the long run. David silently and inwardly chuckled to himself, This might even be love....Yeah, right!

David looked around, then to Shauna. "Where's your car darlin'?"

Shauna looked about, startled out of her train of thought. "Oh! Ummm, It's over there." She pointed to an apartment building across the road and a couple of hundred yards to the south of them. "I live close enough to walk and with gas prices like they are..."

"Which apartment, if you don't mind my asking?" David inquired after a moments thought.

"One twenty-five and no, I don't mind you're asking at all." she smiled at him.

"Me too. I'm toward the back of the complex, #288. So...," he said "...your place to get your car or my place to get another helmet, your choice."

A short while later, after stopping at David'sto get Shauna a helmet to wear, coincidentally fitting as though it were made for her, they arrived at Cheers. David parked in the front next to several other motorcycles of many different sizes and colors. He casually pointed to two of them.

"I know those bikes." He then accompanied Shauna inside without further comment.

They stepped inside and paused just long enough to let their eyes adjust to the mild darkness inside.

Cheers was as Shauna had said, a neighborhood kind of place. The owner some how had had a stroke of genius. The place looked virtually identical to the set on the old TV sit-com. A bit bigger perhaps, it had more tables, a small dance floor and a stage that frequently hosted some of the local talent.

And, in true TV Cheers sit-com fashion, every voice there or nearly so shouted: "Hey Shauna!" It was obvious that Shauna was well known and well liked here.

Shauna smiled brightly and gave all a 'little girl' wave "Hi guys!" It seemed as if she was in her element here, happy and carefree.

"Yo...Dead-Eye! A loud deep voice called out, loudly enough to startle Shauna. She looked for the source of the voice and then stared. The man walking toward her was very easily over 6' 6" tall and weighed more than 300 pounds if he weight anything at all and not a once of fat to be seen anywhere. His head was completely clean shaven and he had thick, bushy, reddish brown beard. With him was another man, nearly as tall, but skinny to the point of emaciation.

David's face lit up. "Tiny! Skeletor! What's up brothers! The human mountain swept David up in a hug shaking him about as if he were little more than a toy. The thin one joined in, turning it into a group hug with a lot back slapping and good natured-cursing.

Shauna started to ease away to give the men 'their space', when David's arm shot out around her and pulled her close.

"Shauna, these are Tiny and Skeletor, a couple of my less reputable 'brothers'." David said chuckling, then his voice switched to a mock formality. "Gentlemen, and I use that term very loosely, may I present..."

David was brushed aside by both men and Shauna found herself wrapped in a similar group hug as David had been before albeit gentler.

"Hiya Shauna, baby." Skeletor said in a mildly flirtatious manner, and winked at her.

Tiny placed an island-sized paw on her shoulder that made him seem even bigger and yet belied his obvious strength. "You been takin' good care of Dead- Eye here?" he said, smiling through bright sky blue eyes

"Dead-Eye?" she asked blankly.

Skeletor grinned and said in a fake south Texas accent. "Why shore ma'am. That's his handle. We call him that because of his ability with fa'r arms. Y'all mean he did tell y'all? Heck, ol' Dead-Eye here is a crack shot. He can take the wings off'n a flea at fifty paces with a pistol. And, with a rifle, he's a god."

"Knock it off bro." David said. He clearly didn't like the praise being piled on him. To Tiny, he said "And no, she hasn't been. We just met less than an hour ago."

Tiny looked down at Shauna perceptively, thought a moment and stated. "She will, don't worry about it." With that, he took David and Shauna by the arm and led them to the table from whence he came.

They arrived at the table to find two women sitting there also dressed almost entirely in black. The one with Skeletor was very lovely. Tiny introduced her as Wanzta. Blonde hair and eyes greener than her own, she was about 5' 5" and maybe 130lbs. Wanzta smiled and seemed to be checking Shauna out. The other, Bo-Bo, who was nearer to 6 feet and big boned, also blonde, but with big brown eyes. Like her boyfriend Tiny, she was very powerful looking with no apparent fat on her body at all. Her breasts were as large as any Shauna had ever seen and were threatening to spill out of Bo-Bo's skin tight cotton tank top. Shauna couldn't help but stare.

Bo-Bo smiled at her, leaned over to her, patted her hand and said "Don't worry about it sweetie. Everyone stares the first time they see 'em." Then she hooked her thumbs in the straps of tank top and pulled them down. Bo-Bo's mammoth breasts fell out for all to see. She hefted them in her hands and said, "See, the best money can buy!" They all burst out laughing as she put her straps back up and carefully tucked her very expensive assets away.

Shauna unexpectedly felt another jolt to her conscience. She looked down and saw David's hand casually resting on her thigh. Not in any overtly sexual manner, but it was there and it burned where he touched her. It burned her oh, so good. More images of their naked bodies entwined in passion played on her mental movie screen. A chill ran down her spine.

"Whoa, Dead-Eye. What are you doing over there?" asked Wanzta, glancing under the table as if to catch him doing something improper. "I don't know what it is but, those nipples..." she pointed at Shauna's chest "... weren't sticking out that far a minute ago. She eyed David and Shauna suspiciously.

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