It Happened One Summer Ch. 03


After another long swig of beer, Shauna calmed a bit. "Okay, I trust you two," And she did trust them without really knowing why.

Their conversation then slipped into inconsequential matters. They talked, joked, and generally had a good time. At one point, two young black men approached them and tried to lay their best lines on the girls. The girls tried without success to politely turn them down and after a few minutes, Wanzta leaned over and kissed Shauna full on the lips, even slipping her a little tongue.

"Sorry boys, this one's mine." she said possessively.

"And I'm Defender property." Bo-Bo told them.

At the word 'Defender' the young men seemed to finally get the hint and departed, but not before making a few nasty remarks at the so-called lesbians. Several bikers began giving the two men hard looks until they noticed and beat a hasty retreat.

Three hours and quite a few beers later, the ladies decided to call it a night. They headed out, pausing for a moment at Wanzta's photo on the wall.

"Ya know, you're very sexy when you're naked Wanzta." Shauna joked. Shauna was thinking. She's incredibly hot, sexy and devastatingly beautiful

And, one day, you'll be right up there next to me." Wanzta replied.

Yeah, right."

They went out and found Bo-Bo's car with almost no help. They climbed in and headed to Shauna's.

They'd all had more than their share to drink, but Bo-Bo seemed to be handling her car with no trouble at all. Until they got to the parking lot at Shauna's apartment. There she nearly sideswiped a dumpster and then just missed Mrs. Rothstein's car as she parked.

"I think I better call us a cab, Wanzta. It was then that Shauna noticed that, Bo-Bo was very slightly slurring her words.

"No way, Bo-Bo. You two are spending the night here with me."

Bo-Bo nodded, but said nothing.

A couple of minutes later, they were in Shauna's apartment. Bo-Bo went straight to the fridge and found more beer. "Well, since I'm not driving anymore tonight...." She brought two more for Shauna and Wanzta. Then she went to the phone to call Tiny so he wouldn't worry about any of them.

After a short time, Wanzta remarked. "I've been sweating my butt off all night. Would you mind if I took a shower?"

"Use the one in my room." Shauna said.

Wanzta stood and left the room.

Shauna got up and unfolded the hide-a-bed in her sofa. It was already made complete with clean sheets and a couple of small pillows. Then she turned and saw a thoroughly nude Bo-Bo setting her tiny thong on her neatly folded clothes on a chair.

Bo-Bo walked to Shauna, hugged her and then kissed her lips tenderly.

Oh no! Shauna thought. Not Bo-Bo too. Have I become some kind of chick magnet? Bo-Bo then crawled onto the bed pulling a sheet over her seemed to be going to sleep.

Shauna went into her bedroom, pulled the covers on her bed well out of the way and began striping her clothes off. In a moment she, like Bo-Bo was naked. In her mildly buzzed state, she gave no thought of Bo-Bo and Wanzta staying the night.

Shauna lay in her bed and closed her eyes. Immediately, images of David sprang to her mind. Her left hand slid seemingly of its own accord to her slit, which was damp already. She started rubbing her clit and let out a sigh, as she knew David would hopefully be home and in her bed soon with her. She wanted to be nice and wet for him.

Shauna heard a slight noise and opened her eyes. An equally naked Wanzta emerged from the bathroom, walked across the room and without a word, climbed into bed with Shauna.

Shauna didn't move. What if Wanzta tried something with her? She knew that Wanzta was interested in having sex with her. She had all but said so. Even hit on her just a couple of nights ago. Shauna had had her so-called experimental days when she was very young and had even had women lovers before, but that was several years ago. She did not consider herself bi-sexual and certainly not a lesbian. Yet, she found Wanzta very attractive, even more so now that she was naked. The picture of her at the bar did her no justice. She closed her eyes again and decided to feign sleep.

A moment later, Shauna felt Wanzta's lips on hers, as Wanzta kissed her urgently and softly. She opened her eyes a little. At nearly the same instant, two fingers from Wanzta's right hand slipped easily inside her and probed deeply inside. Shauna was not able to do anything but respond. She kissed Wanzta hungrily. Her slightly drunken state was wreaking havoc with her common sense.

"Wanzta.... We can't do this.... David." She gasped, as Wanzta's fingers found her G-spot.

"You don't want to?" Wanzta asked sounding slightly hurt.

"I said can't. Didn't say I didn't want to. Shauna whispered. "Wanzta, I haven't been with a woman in almost ten years and now, I have David."

While Shauna spoke, Wanzta fingers never stopped moving inside her pussy and suddenly a huge orgasm racked her body. Shauna whimpered looking into Wanzta's eyes. "Please...."

Wanzta stopped and slowly removed her fingers out of Shauna and sadly moved back to the other side of the bed. "I'm sorry. Really I am. It's just that you're so irresistible." she said to Shauna dejectedly.

Shauna slid over to Wanzta and wrapped her in a tight embrace. "Oh baby, you are too. If not for David, I would be yours all night. I really do want to make love with you. You're sexy and make me want to do things I haven't in so many years. I just can't.... not now." They lay on their sides embraced for what seemed to be a very long time looking into one another's eyes.

Then Shauna kissed Wanzta deeply without even knowing why. Wanzta returned her kiss enthusiastically moaning ever so softly. In Shauna's mind, this was wrong on so many levels. I can't be doing this. She thought We shouldn't.... But, she's so kissable, soft and sweet. I can't stop myself!

Their fingers found one another and began rubbing and stimulating each other. Shauna could feel two of Wanzta's finger inside her and her palm in contact with her clit; Shauna was very close to coming. She was intent on making Wanzta come first. Probing deep inside of Wanzta, and thinking. Oh God! I'm so close. Now, where is it.... She continued probing and searching. Wanzta's hips suddenly jerked spasmodically. Ah, there it is. I am going to make her come first! Shauna smiled inwardly.

A few seconds later, Wanzta's body went rigid. She broke their kiss and panted breathlessly to Shauna. "Gonna come, gonna come, gonna come...." Wanzta's body began trembling and she instantly became a great deal wetter. "Oh, so good...too good."

A second later, Shauna came explosively, gushing all over Wanzta's hand. Shauna loved it. Since David came into her life, she just couldn't get enough. Oh my God! Her mind screamed. She makes me come almost as easily and hard as David does. Oh, shit! Maybe I am bi. That thought almost terrified Shauna.

They lay there looking at one another, still touching and fondling when they heard a key start to open the front door. Shauna slid quickly away from Wanzta. At the same time, pulling the sheet up covering them both to the neck. Shauna heard to door open and a moment later, it closed. Then she heard David's voice.

"You'll never change, will you babe." His voice in the living room said. Bo-Bo's respond was unintelligible.

A moment later, David entered the room without his vest; his shirt unbuttoned. He came to the bed, leaned over and kissed Shauna. She turned her back to him after, her face burning with shame. She'd nearly been caught having sex with another woman. She felt as if she had betrayed his trust; it was breaking her heart.

Wanzta lay silently looking at Shauna. Had David missed her being there? No, it wasn't possible. Light streamed in though the closed blinds from the security lights outside. She could see everything in the room clearly.

David sat in a chair at Shauna's computer desk and removed his boots and socks, than stood and a few seconds was as naked as Shauna and Wanzta was. As he walked to bed, Wanzta stared. She had never seen David without any clothes on. As he got closer, they could both see his member thickening and getting hard. By the time he got to the bed, he was almost fully erect.

"Ooooo, lucky girl." Wanzta whispered to Shauna.

David sniffed the air as he climbed into bed, and said jokingly "I can smell both of you. Wanzta, you silly slut, what have you been doing to my girl?

"I'm sorry Dead-Eye, I couldn't help myself. We've drinking.... I'm buzzin' really good and your Hershey Kiss was just so hot looking and irresistible...."

Shauna spoke up, feeling some need to confess. "Baby...." she said to David. "...I could have stopped her...should have, but when she kissed me...."

"Shhh." David shushed her. "If I were upset, I'd have run Wanzta out of here the moment I got in the room." He reached around her body, cupping her left breast as he nibbled the nape of her neck.

Shauna sighed deeply as she was instantly aroused as much if not more than she was a few moments ago. She breathing quickened as she saw Wanzta throw the covers back and jammed two fingers into her own wet pussy as she watched.

David released Shauna's breast and moved his hand down to cup her mound, slipping two fingers inside her as he rubbed her clit with the palm of his hand. His cock was pressed against her ass. She reached around and grabbed it firmly.

Shauna breathlessly said to David. "Are you going to fuck me...? Are you gonna fuck your...." she thought about what Wanzta had said. "...You gonna fuck your Hershey Kiss?"

"Until she can't stand it anymore!" he replied.

"Oh, please...." She cooed at him.

She looked at Wanzta. Wanzta had moved over a bit closer, wide eyed, watching them and still fingering herself. Her hips started jerking and squishing noises came from her pussy. Shauna was sure she was coming again. Wanzta threw her head back and panted heavily. Her free hand was pulling very hard on her left nipple. Shauna swore to herself she had never seen another woman look so alluring before. She became more excited in spite of herself. That and what David was doing to her pussy set her over the edge once again. The deep warmth she had learned to love so well started deep inside her.

It spread rapidly throughout her entire body. Her breathing ragged, her heart felt as though it might burst. She came again. If it were possible to love David anymore than she did, she would have. He always made her feel like a complete woman.

Shauna rolled to her knees and climbed onto David, straddling him in an effort to get his thick shaft in to her. She was so ready to have him inside her. "David, I love you so very much...please fuck me.... Please! Let Wanzta watch...Please, David fuck me!" Let Wanzta watch? What's come over me? She thought.

David was in a slightly ornery mood and decided to tease Shauna a little. "Patience, my love. Patience."

Shauna continued to move her hips, desperately trying to maneuver His cock into her hot entrance. "Oh, David. Please don't tease me. I really need you inside me...."

She felt another hand on her thigh and saw Wanzta apparently in the grip of yet another orgasm herself. The look of lust and need on Wanzta's face added more to her own need.

Without warning or a word, Wanzta reached in, grasped David's thick cock and guided into Shauna's dripping pussy. Shauna jerked her hips forward and was instantly fully impaled on the cock she had come to love. She mouthed a silent "Thank you." to Wanzta and smiled at her gratefully.

Shauna literally banged her hips against his, taking all of his seven inches over and over again. David, at the same time thrust his hips up burying himself into her. All at time, Wanzta was furiously rubbing Shauna's clit. Shauna knew she would be coming in a few short seconds.

Looking down and seeing all that was occurring, David reached down and roughly, but gently shoved Wanzta's hand away.... He looked at her, frowned and shook his head. She nodded and lay back and tugged at her own nipples, close to coming again herself.

A fire flared deep inside Shauna and every muscle in her body seemed to seize up to the point she feared she might break a bone inside her, as she started to come again. David too, she could feel was coming as well. She was able to feel his seed coating the inside of her. He grunted and gazed up at Shauna. "I really love you darlin'."

Wanzta groaned loudly and her entire body became rigidly stiff as she, like the other's came. It was like she never had experienced before. Her cum was spraying out, some of it landing on David and Shauna... and then came a softer moan from the door. All looked to see Bo-Bo standing in the door way leaning against the door jam. Her fingers were a blur at her slit...she was obviously coming herself as evidenced by the cum trickling down her thighs.

After a moment, she smiled at them all saying. "Wow! You guys are better than porn." She turned and left giggling.

After catching their breath, David said to Wanzta. "Now, Wanzta, you know the rules."

She grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, I was just so turned on, I guess I forgot myself."

"Rules?" Shauna asked.

"She needs Skel's...." He meant Skeletor. "...permission to play with others and she knows it."

I'll talk to him tomorrow and tell him everything." said Wanzta

"I know you will." David said knowing that she meant it.

Shauna collapsed on David and in a few minutes, they were all asleep.


Some hours later, Sandy regained consciousness. She ached all over like never before in her life. Yet, at the same time, she felt a great numbness as well.

She opened her eyes and was stunned by what she saw. She was very literally being dragged through a wooded area by her hair. It was getting light despite the overcast sky and she guessed that it was six or seven in the morning. Sandy tried to scream, but the ball gag in her mouth only permitted A muffled "Mmuff!" She wanted to remove it, but her hands were duct tapped behind her back. And she was still naked. Her pale white skin was battered and bruised badly. Easily the worst of her young life. She could remember part of what happened after Keyshawn hit her. Abraham and Le-Roy, the dummy had brutally and savagely raped her....Had done things to her she could scarcely believe. At one point during the night, Le-Roy had, as he said, skull fucked her. He huge cock had been shoved down her throat to the point that she could not breath. And Abraham had actually used a broom handle on her ass and her pussy. It seemed that causing pain was his greatest pleasure. She knew there was internal damage. However, she had no way of knowing the extent of it. Not that it mattered any more.

Her throat, pussy and ass were all raw and sore from being used violently. She could see the ground behind her as they dragged her there was blood trailing behind her on the ground from her badly damaged vagina and wrecked rectum. She had never hurt as badly as she did now. Screaming or crying would do her no good, she knew.

They came to a deep wooded gully...almost a tiny canyon. It was surrounded by a high chain-link fence, at least ten to twelve feet in height and topped with razor wire. They drug her up some steps to a platform that overlooked the gully. Sandy was then quickly, unceremoniously tossed off the platform into the gully.

She fell through the air, panic seized her heart. Her muffled scream filled her own ears but the sound did not carry far at all. She then somehow landed on her feet, but terribly off balance. With a sickening cracking noise and mind numbing, blinding pain, she knew both of her legs were now broken. Sandy continued rolling down farther into the gully, the pain was beyond belief. She hit her head against a tree and was senseless as she finally stopped on a large bolder with another loud snapping noise. She felt nothing below her shoulders and realized her back was also broken. She tried to look up to the platform. But was unable to move her head. Her neck was broke, not her back!

There was no hope now, she knew that Keyshawn meant for her to die here. She looked around using only her eyes and saw the skeletal remains of at least three other bodies'. There was a decomposing head with what used to be long luxurious black hair. That must be Penny, Sandy thought. She had disappeared last month with no explanation. Another mystery solved.

She tried to look up again. This time her muscles responded and she was able to move her head, a little. Abraham and Le-Roy looked down at her with perfectly evil grins on their faces. Surely, they weren't going to wait until she died of thirst or starvation. That could take several days at least. Sandy was confused. Then she saw Le-Roy point father into the gully and begin to laugh like a young child.

Sandy heard a snarling noise getting closer and was just able to turn her head toward the sound and saw them. There were four, maybe five of them. Timber wolves! They were large, beautiful and painfully thin...starving. Still another mystery worked itself out. She knew exactly how she was to be killed. For the first time in years, she realized that she really missed her parents, since running away at seventeen. Even her asshole brother. She wished that she could tell them how sorry she was. But she would never see any of them again.

The wolves were closer now. She could see their ribs poking through their sides. How could anyone be so horribly cruel to such beautiful animals. The largest of the group, probably the alpha, approached her, sniffing around her. Another stopped at her groin and began licking at the dried blood. Then it tore at the flesh of her mound. She was grateful that she could not feel anything down there. In her delirium, a part of her wanted to laugh. The young wolf was quite literally eating her pussy.

The alpha started tearing at her throat. She could see her own blood gushing out and covering her nakedness. With the sound of the wolves snarling, the tearing her flesh and harsh male laughter from above, Sandy looked up at her last hope for any kind of help in her very short life. Our Father, who art in heav....


Shauna woke at seven. She was mildly surprised that she wasn't hung over. She and the girls had had quite a bit to drink the night before. She smiled at the feel of David's arms around her. As far as she was concerned, everything in her life now was absolutely perfect.

She opened her eyes and saw Wanzta laying next to her in the fetal position, sucking her thumb. She had a very child-like look about her. Then Wanzta opened her eyes and looked at Shauna. She slowly pulled her thumb from her mouth, looked at it and grinned sheepishly saying. "Guess I was dreaming about sucking cock."

She reached out and caressed Shauna's cheek. "I'm so very sorry about last night. I was way outta line."

"Don't let it bother you, Wanzta. To be honest, I rather enjoyed quite a bit of it. I'm pretty sure I mentioned last night that I have been with women before, but that was a very long time ago." Shauna said gently.

"How about for the time being, we just say last night never happened and leave it at that?"

"Fair enough, sweetie." Shauna agreed.

She felt David stirring beside her, and then his deep voice whispered in her ear. "Shower time babe."

David and Shauna slowly got up and padded naked to her bathroom. Just before disappearing inside, Shauna turned and said to Wanzta. "There's a small shower in the other bathroom in the hall way. Feel free to use water is not a problem here."

Thirty minutes later, all four were sitting around the table in Shauna's dining room, sipping coffee deciding what to do with their day. David spoke first. Looking at Shauna, he said. "I was thinking you and I could go over to City Café for a late breakfast, how about it?"

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