tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt Happens All The Time

It Happens All The Time


Part 1

Claire picked idly at her fingernails and her thoughts, sitting behind the counter of OfficeOptions, her current place of employment. A small part of her brain warned her she was ruining a relatively nice manicure, but she was too perturbed by the rest of her thoughts to care. She was genuinely torn, a situation she didn't enjoy. Claire had always been able to make up her mind, and follow it doggedly, regardless of the consequences. She double majored in literature and art history, spending an extra year to finish both degrees, even though she had no interest in writing or teaching either. She broke up with her boyfriend Paul of four years five minutes after she realized he was going to be bald much sooner than she would have liked. Just looked at him shaving in the mirror at his apartment and told him before he had wiped the extra shaving cream off his face that there was no need to rush to brunch because she didn't feel like going, and didn't feel like a lot of things to be honest.

But now, staring at her friend, roommate and coworker Lisa, Claire was wondering about the future. They had been friends for seven years now, good friends. Lisa would swear to anyone that meeting Claire was the best thing to happen to her. They met at a freshmen orientation. Claire couldn't find a building and Lisa, who was always nervous about putting herself into a weird spot, offered to show her around. Claire promised to make it up to her and she did: it was Claire who put Lisa together, replacing her Dial soap with a gentle scrub for the face that finally saved Lisa from acne. It was Claire who taught Lisa how to diet without starving herself, and to exercise her way into an exceptional figure. Lisa, Claire decided, was an attractive girl who was way overdue for a boyfriend. If she would dress like I told her, Claire told herself for what must have been the 100th time, and show off those curves. Claire ended the though with a sigh. She remembered the one time she had convinced Lisa to give it a shot.


Three years ago as Seniors, Claire had managed to talk Lisa into showing off her curves. There was an annual party with a 300 theme, which the girls had been invited to thanks to Paul, a linebacker on the Centurions football team, who had just started dating Claire. Claire had cajoled Lisa for hours to come with her.

"Come on, you never go to anything."

"Possibly for a reason. I'm not walking around in a bed-sheet in public." Lisa's voice fell to a whisper, reddening at the thought.

"What? But you're perfect. You're a more olive-skinned Lena Headley. I'm the one who's going to look out of place with my blond hair."

"Claire, you couldn't look out of place anywhere. You always look great."

"So come with. Please?"

Two hours later, they were there. Claire wore a short tunic style toga more suitable for a boy. She knew it wasn't ideal, but she wasn't about to miss an opportunity to show off her toned legs. Besides, she wanted to spend most of her time beforehand working on Lisa's outfit.

The completed effect was everything Claire wanted, and almost everything that would make Lisa uncomfortable, although, she had to admit, she looked great. Claire had twisted and pinned Lisa's sheet into more of a draped prom dress than a toga. Claire finished the look with some fake plastic leaves on a garland for a laurel effect that also supported the front of the dress. It showed off Lisa's shapely, still firm breasts, and hinted at her hourglass figure.

Claire was thrilled. Lisa looked like a Greek goddess.

"Everyone will love it." Claire assured her.

And she was right. The moment they entered the party, mouths all around the frat house dropped. Lisa blushed at the attention, but kept smiling, enjoying the newfound attention. Boys who had no idea they'd been in class with Lisa were now looking for excuses to go up and talk to her.

Paul sidled up to Claire. "Wow, that's your roommate? You did a great job on her."

"Thanks. I put her dress together myself."

"Some of the guys and I were talking. Do you think she'd present something to Tryon? We want to do something for him. He ripped his knee, done for the season, and he's kind of down about it."

"Sure! Actually, I've got an idea."

Claire called Lisa over and told her what was discussed.

"The hot guy on crutches? Oh God, yes."

"Excellent. I just need some of your laurels. Don't worry, your dress will be fine." Claire took the run of leaves that worked as the neck strap for the dress. Lisa was about to protest, but she didn't feel any shift in the dress. I guess there's nothing to worry about, she thought to herself. There's so many pins in this thing, I doubt it could move if it had to.

A few moments later, Claire had twisted the flowers into a laurel wreath, and Tryon was seated in a chair at the top of the blocked off first landing, smiling and making jokes. Claire whispered a few words of encouragement into Lisa's ear and she began to ascend the steps, locking eyes with Tyron. She kneeled at the step right before him and offered the laurel wreath. As she kneeled, her shoe dressed down on the inside of her dress. He nodded at her, smiling, and Lisa stood.

Her dress didn't. The series of pops were loud enough to be heard across the room as the dress stayed stuck under her shoe. She stood wreath in hand in front of Tyron, naked except for the shoes and thong.

It was hard to tell who's eyes got wider or did so more quickly. For a long second, they both stood frozen. Lisa's yelp was covered by mingled gasps and laughter. For a brief moment she twisted back and forth, unsure of what to do, before covering her ample breasts with one hand and offering the laurels to Tryon with the other. He was too mesmerized for a few seconds to take them, a few seconds that felt like an agony to Lisa. Finally he did.

She immediately bent down and grabbed at the bundle of fabric at her feet.

"YEEOOWW!" She stood bolt upright, rubbing her right hand with her left from the sting of the many pins that had once held the dress on which were now pointing in every direction.

The dawning realization hit her. She was rubbing her right hand with her left. She had exposed her breasts again.

She again yelped, and again covered her chest with her hands. She stood frozen and confused. She then tried with her left hand to pull the sheet from the floor, but a few tugs made it clear that she was still standing on it, whatever pins hadn't stabbed her were now caught in the carpet. Making things worse, she realized she was in serious danger of falling down the stairs if she kept moving.

Claire scrambled looking for a bed sheet, a tablecloth, anything to hide her friend. She grabbed Paul by the shoulder, pulling his eyes from her nearly naked friend.

"Where can I get something to cover her?"

"Oh Damn," Paul said with a laugh. "We keep that stuff upstairs."

A few hours later, Claire was still stroking Lisa's shoulders as her mortified friend laid face down on the bed.


Claire though about that now, three years later. Because, she realized, to help Lisa before she lost her final chance, Claire was about to make life for Lisa make that night a few years ago feel like a holiday.

It wasn't that Claire was cruel. Far from it. She loved Lisa like a sister. But Lisa was a few months away from taking a full time job as a library technician at a local community college. While Claire was thrilled for her friend she knew that this was her last chance to get Lisa a boyfriend. And even though after that night at the frat house, Lisa already dressed the part of a librarian, she still kept her figure and flawless skin, and still caught glances from customers and coworkers. Claire knew that she would have to show off her friend, and there was no way Lisa would do that willingly.

Also, Claire had found the perfect guy for Lisa just two days ago. Ken was new to the store, a college junior. He was very good looking but very shy. Claire had done some digging rig after meeting him at one of the "team meetings" their boss Peter was so enamored with.

"What's his story, Petey?" Lisa said with a smile. Peter was hopelessly smitten with Lisa and would have handed her the keys to the store and the combination to the safe if she ever even hinted she wanted them.

"Oh, Ken? His full name is Kendrick. Smart kid. Finishing his degree in electrical engineering at your college a full year early. Wanted some extra cash to prep for grad school. I know his cousin from..." Peter couldn't bring himself to say Dungeons and Dragons, "...from when we were younger. You know he used to be like nearly three hundred pounds?"

"What? Ken? No way. Look at him." Claire gestured at Ken's figure. "He looks like a boxer or something."

Peter sucked in his gut a little. "Yep. Apparently at seventeen he went on some strict diet and exercise regimen. His cousin said the wrestling team was begging him to walk on last year."

"So he's straight?"

"Yeah, I assume. I mean, he went to an all boys school for high school and apparently works his butt off at college, plus summer courses and I'm told he work some construction as well. He's got a couple friends but I doubt he's been on a date in his life."

He's perfect, Claire thought to herself. He's just like my Lisa, a diamond in the rough.


It was time for step one. Claire watched Lisa circulate the empty store in her light white blouse that Claire had just bought her, tank top and loose, shin-length skirt and boots. This location of OfficeOptions was a glorified loss leader, kept in the mall to put the brand name out there as the company tried to move to from purely business warehouse sales to some retail as well. Lisa was no doubt imagining herself walking through her future library as she straighten and organized. Claire had taken over scheduling duty from Pete and put her, Lisa and Kenneth together on the evening shift.

Lisa watched Ken lift case after case of paper, working on the display she had assigned him to keep him busy as she started her plan. She occasionally caught Lisa shooting glances in his direction. She's interested, Claire thought, so let's see if he is.

"Lisa, got a second? Could you help me with these boxes? I've got Ken working on something else so I don't want to distract him."

Lisa came over quickly. "What's up?"

"We've got inventory next week and I'm hoping to get a head start. Could you grab that other set of boxes for me?" Without waiting for an answer she turned to Ken. "Hey Ken Doll, could you keep an eye on the crowd for us?"

Ken smiled ruefully, thinking that he'd rather be called by his full name than the nickname Claire had picked for him, but he threw her a thumbs up. "Sure."

Claire handed Lisa her stack of boxes before picking up the others. Lisa felt the boxes shift as something was clearly rolling around in them and felt a moment of panic as two slid a bit towards her. She waited for a moment, steadied them and headed toward the back behind Claire. As they entered the backroom, Lisa suddenly felt a dampness spearing across her chest.

"Oh God, Claire, what's in these?"

"Old inks. We're damaging them out because apparently they're incredibly toxic. I had to bag them yesterday before I boxed them up."

"Oh God!" Lisa dropped the boxes and looked in horror at the spreading stain across her shirt.

"Oh no, the shirt I got you! Quick, over here." Claire pulled Lisa to the sink. She turned on the hot and cold water. Lisa was trying to hold the shirt away from her without touching the ink. Claire pulled on rubber gloves and grabbed a scrub brush. "We'll have to get it off of you. I don't want it to get to your skin. She quickly unbuttoned Lisa's blouse and eased it toward her wrists and hands.

"Don't move, I don't want to get it on your skin."

Lisa shrieked again. Claire stared at the tank-top. The ink had soaked to that as well. Lisa began to shake.

Claire shook her head slightly. "This is no good. I've got an idea. I'll have to cut you out of them so I can just it away from you. " She grabbed clippers and began to cut through the tank top as Lisa stood frozen. Expertly, she made sure to cut right up through the middle of the bra as well, before turning left and right with the scissors, insuring to cut the tank top and bra enough to make it into a wide vest, bringing her breasts into view.

Lisa was caught between nervousness and outright panic. She wanted to cover herself so badly, but was afraid to get the ink on her hands. Claire moved to the back and started to cut at the back blouse, intentionally taking her time, slowly murmuring to her, "I'm so sorry, you looked so great it that blouse. I'm not sure how we'll get this around your hands." Lisa kept looking back at Claire, trying not to think about her exposed breasts, praying that this would be over soon.

Claire peaked around her and saw Ken, mouth open, staring at Lisa, who hadn't noticed him yet. Claire quickly grabbed Lisa's wrists. "Don't move, I've got to get it away from your hands."

"Jesus, I'm so sorry." Ken turning away. Lisa went rigid, a mere peep escaped her. Claire would have sworn she could feel the heat from Lisa's skin.

Ken started again. "Jesus, I'm sorry. I finished the paper display and there was no one here so I thought I could..." his voice faltered. "I'll go back out front."

Lisa suppressed a whimper. Claire however, was thrilled. She notice how hard it was for Ken to look away, how heavily he was breathing when he spoke, how red his face was. Claire called after him, "It's no big deal. It happens all the time."

Lisa turned back to Claire. "Oh, God. I'm going to have to quit. I don't think I can ever face him again. And what were you thinking, saying it happens all the time. No it doesn't. Except for, you know..."

Claire laughed. "Are you kidding? Why would you do that? I think he's totally in to you. He could barely walk out of here in a straight line." Claire left the second half of Lisa's question unanswered. She was going to make sure it was going to happen all the time.

Part 3

Claire spent another evening tending to a face-down, mortified Lisa. She hated lying to her friend about the ink and ruining what was a lovely blouse, but it went much better than expected. Claire had originally planned to surreptitiously nudge the delivery bell to lure Ken to the back room. Luckily, he finished early and walked back to help, being the nice guy he is.

Wait a minute, Claire thought, isn't that proof they belong together? Claire's fears and concerns began to melt away as she considered this new thought. It's like destiny is on my side, she thought. I'm like, an agent of fate, Claire told herself. And no matter how painful this will be for my friend, I'm going to make this work.

Claire was happy again, brimming with confidence. The next day, Lisa had off so Claire had a chance to talk to Ken.

When she saw him at the store, Ken was lifting boxes in the back room, readying for next week's inventory. Claire took a second to admire the muscles in his back and shoulders, his sandy blond hair, and his toned butt. Wow, she thought, he's really hot. It's impossible to imagine him fat. She steeled herself. Remember, he's for Lisa. You're just an agent of fate, she told herself.

"Hey Ken doll."

Ken nearly dropped the box. "Oh, hey, Claire. How's...uh...how's Lisa? Peter said you guys were roommates. Is she okay? I feel terrible."

Check, Claire thought to herself. He immediately asked about her. "Oh, she's fine. Like I said, this happens to her all the time." Claire proceeded to tell Ken about what happened in college. As she did, she could swear that she could see his pulse rising in his neck.

"Wow. That's amazing. I can't imagine..."

"Listen, if you're worried, do me a favor. We've got extra hours available for inventory. Could you pick up a half-shift tomorrow when Lisa's here and be super nice to her? That way she won't feel like she's making you uncomfortable."

"Yeah, I'd love to, sure."

Claire told him to be in around 3, and started to set her plan back in motion, carefully setting up things in the back room.

The next day was Sunday, and Lisa and Claire opened the store at 11. It was the late winter/early spring season, so the mall was extra quiet. Lisa didn't seem too enthused about leaving the house, but Claire promised Lisa she would be able to stay in the back room to prep for inventory.

Lisa came in wearing a long summer dress that Claire had bought her over the summer and a hooded sweatshirt of her own. After the other day, she didn't want to look at another blouse. She also felt a twinge of guilt over the whole thing. Claire always bought Lisa lovely clothes and here was an expensive blouse totally destroyed. Claire is a good friend, Lisa thought. Totally impractical and devoid of most logical thinking, but a good friend.

True to her word, Claire set Lisa to work in the back room, moving books and other supplies, readying for inventory. Claire was on the floor. After two hours, Claire came into the back room to check on Lisa.

"Are you warm enough?"

Lisa frowned. "Are you kidding? I'm practically sweating!"

"Really? Damn, there's something wrong with the heater then."

Lisa stepped on the floor. "What? It's freezing out here. It's March and I'd swear the air conditioner's on."

"Yeah, I know. And it's boiling back here. I'll call mall maintenance. Knowing them, they'll get here next week."

"Do you want to switch for a bit?" Lisa asked.

"No, I promised you the back room today. Just wish I brought something."

Claire went back out on the floor, and Lisa went back to inventory.

Nearly two hours later, Lisa was lightly sweating when Claire came back again, who looked like she was on the verge of her teeth chattering.

"OH my goodness, look at you. Let's switch for a bit. I'll be fine out there," Lisa pleaded.

"No, I actually just came here to make your life worse. We've got a huge order in for an elementary school and I need to have you fire up the laminator." The laminator was a massive relic of the 70's, 48 inches wide, with hugely powerful motors to run the heavy sheets of plastic and a scalding heater to melt the seal. It needed to be run for 30 minutes before anything could be actually laminated because the first ten feet of laminate was a crinkled, scalded mess.

"Well here, take my hoodie then. I'm practically burning up as it is." Claire smiled, took the sweatshirt and hugged Lisa. She flipped on the laminator and stepped back on the floor.

Two minutes later the laminator was slowly rumbling out a few inches and Claire came back. "Could you pull some replacement rolls for me? I want to replace ones in the registers before Monday."

"Sure." Lisa turned and went to the shelves right next to the laminator, stepping up on the two foot step stool to reach the top. Claire quickly fell to her knees and clipped a string on the hem of Lisa's dress, and fed it into to machine. "Oh shoot, I left the key in the register." Claire ran back to the floor.

Lisa just stepped down from the stool when she felt the tug. Her dress was slowly being pulled into the laminator.

She pulled as hard as she could against the motor, but felt herself sliding forward on her flats. She felt the searing heat of the machine on her thighs. She panicked, remembering the burn of Peter's hand from accidentally touching the machine when it was cooling down. She ripped the straps off her shoulders and wiggled the dress down her hips, finally stepping out of it and watching it get pulled into the machine.

She stood sweating for a moment looking at the mess in front of her. Then the realization hit her. She was standing in the back room in her bra and panties. She called up front. "Claire, help!"

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